Parkland: Top Ten Reasons we Know it was a Staged Political Event

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Parkland: Top Ten Reasons we Know it was a Staged Political Event

Jim Fetzer

The Parkland, FL, school shooting was one more in a (seemingly endless) string of fabricated events that appear to be designed to instill fear into the public to make it more amenable to manipulation to promote a political agenda, which, as Dave Hodges of The Commonsense Show has observed, has three stages:

First, a massive assault on the 1st Amendment, covered by the use of private companies–namely, the Social Media Giants: Google, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter–to remove critics of “official accounts” from publicizing and sharing their research;

Second, a correlated attack on the 2nd Amendment, where the University of Hawaii’s Democide project has shown there were 19 genocides during the 20th Century, each of which was preceded by gun confiscation, leaving the population helpless to resist; and,

Third, the extraction of dissidents–the critics, those who speak out against “fake news”, propaganda and censorship–who must be removed because they pose a threat to the Deep State and can inspire others to stand up for their rights and transferred to American gulags, which we know as “FEMA camps”.

That the removal of guns from law-abiding citizens is not in the interest of the American people follows from studies that have shown that gun ownership and homicide rates are inversely related, which means the greater gun ownership, the lower the homicide rate, as multiple studies have shown. John Lott, The War on Guns (2016), makes a very good read about what’s really going on. Consider:

This means that we confront the choice between high gun ownership and low homicide rates or low gun ownership and high homicide rates. Why call the police in a threatening situation? Because they have guns. Egad! Are we incapable of learning from the Chicago experience, which has among the most stringent gun control laws in the country but also the highest gun violence and homicide rate?

Parkland is only the latest in a series of staged events, which are intended to undermine our rights under the 2nd Amendment, which were inspired by Barack Obama’s nullification of the Smith-Mundt Act, which precluded the use of the same techniques of disinformation and propagand within the United States as were being used without. For substantiation, here’s a review of the latest on Sandy Hook, the Boston bombing, Charlottesville, Las Vegas and Parkland, about which much more below:

Here are ten reasons for concluding that the Parkland Shooting was a staged event, planned long in advance, which included the use of student “crisis actors” faking wounds they did not incur and even teachers and doctors making false claims about the death of a fellow teacher (who was no longer at the school) and about wounds that healed in record time (in violation of the laws of physiology and medicine). See how many more proofs you can discern. We begin with location, location, location:
(1) It was staged in the immediate vicinity of Mar-a-Lago to as a challenge to President Trump:
(2) The timing was exquisite on multiple grounds, which were to benefit the Democratic Party:

          (2a) Changing the narrative from the crumbling Russiagate 
                  scam to gun control: 

          (2b) Diverting attention for Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-
                  FL) from the Awan trial:
(3) The school was named after an environmentalist who opposed draining the Everglades:
(4) The Florida State Legislature was considering broadening concealed-carry laws that day:
(5) The Secret Service came to the campus and changed security protocols two weeks earlier:
(6) A key surveillance camera was removed from the entrance to the freshman building:
(7) Army personnel were directing students not to look at bodies they were concealing under mats:
(8) EMTs were anxious to go in to aid the wounded, but were held back by “law enforcement”:

(9) There were students faking wounds, teachers and doctors lying, and phony student activists:
      (9a) Aaron Feis, who was hailed for giving his life to protect his students, attends a funeral: 

     (9b) Student shot in the right leg turns out to be wearing a prosthesis with no toe nails:

     (9c) Maddy Wilford, shot 3 times, has miraculously healed from her most serious wounds:

      (9d) Samantha Fuentes covers wounds inflicted by an AR-15 a week earlier with band-aids:

       (9e) Another student “in holocaust class” said she defected a bullet with a book, “a tiny book”:

       (9f1) A teacher said she confronted the shooter, who shot and killed another across the hallway:

       (9f2) But Alex Scott, a 25-year police officer and 15-year general detective isn’t buying her story:

       (9g) The only “live” footage shows an apparent mannequin lying in a pool of fake blood:

(10) The father of student activist David Hogg turns out to be an FBI “Crisis Management Specialist”: 

      (10a) David was outed by a fellow student in an earlier exchange caught on tape:

     (10b) Surprise! His father, Kevin, turns out to be an FBI “Crisis Management Specialist”:

WOW! What are we to conclude from the evidence? Using inference to the best explanation, I would suggest that the hypothesis,  

(h1) Parkland was yet another staged shooting event,

is overwhelmingly better supported than its alternative,

(h2) Parkland was a real shooting where 17 died. 

What, after all, is the probability of doctors and teachers lying, of multiple students faking wounds and of a deceased coach attending a funeral after his demise if it were a real shooting? Approximately zero. What is the probability of that same body of evidence if it were staged? Approximately one.

Here’s a comprehensive review of virtually every aspect of the Parkland shooting, including how they appear to have arranged to have a cooperative coroner in place, just as they have in Las Vegas. If we can’t see through these staged events, they are going to vitiate the 1st Amendment and take our guns. We will then be helpless to defend ourselves against the tyranny of the Deep State enveloping us. Who better to write the script than an FBI “Crisis Management Specialist”, the father, Kevin Hogg?


My inference is that this was done in collaboration with the local authorities, including the Broward County Sheriff, Scott Israel, where David Hogg was planted in the school to be a spokesman for gun control in accordance with the agenda of the DNC and Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who desperately need to change the narrative from the crumbling “Russiagate” story and FBI/DNC/DWS collusion to the more DNC-friendly gun control agenda, using students as stooges and unwitting DNC activists.

Yes, even the students, for the most part, have been played. They don’t know enough about the issue to have a rational opinion about gun control, especially when it turns out that rates of gun ownership and homicide are inversely related. We have another example of a popular, widespread belief–that the more guns, the more homicides–being exploited by a political party to advance its interests at the expense of the interests of the American people. Don’t be played! They are out to steal our country.

Jim Fetzer, a former Marine Corps officer, is McKnight Professor Emeritus on the Duluth Campus of the University of Minnesota and co-editor of

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63 thoughts on “Parkland: Top Ten Reasons we Know it was a Staged Political Event”

  1. Your lack of understanding for the 2a and what an alienable right is, is pretty scary. The fact that you even have to question it shows you lack understanding for who we are. The 2a was not written to give anything to anyone it was simple put there along with the other 9 amendments better known as the BILL Of RIGHTS…NOT THE BILL OF SOMETHING THE GOVERNMENT GIVES YOU.put to outline and establish what our new Republic would be built around. "These Inalienable Rights, to be self evident"… Inalienable:adjective incapable of being conveyed, incapable of being sold, incapable of being transferred, nontransferable, not able to be conveyed, quod abalienari non potest, secured by law, unable to be bought, unable to be disposed of, unforfeitable, untouchable.

    Can you forfit driving a car? Can driving a car be bought? But you are right… the right to protect oneself( being god given) and driving a car(man given)are the same thing. (note the heavy sarcasm) A licenses is just a way for the state to monitor and tax you. DL, Registration, traffic violations are all just ways to make money. period. if im not mistaken I didnt have a license when I learned how to drive,yet i did it anyway. in fact if you wanna get technical a license is only required if you are transporting persons or hauling goods. I dont remember ever having a background check done when i bought a car. Dont get me started on the whole PROHIBITED POSSESSOR bit and how you can still drive under every single thing that could prevent you from owning a firearm.

    Thomas Jefferson who said to James Madison in a letter “What country can preserve it’s liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance. Let them take arms.”

  2. Steve 12
    I see by your content as it applies to sanity, that moral outrage is your default setting.
    The fact that you think any God, or Government can confiscate a half billion firearms in the hands of law-abiding citizens, you know the people that aren't running round shooting people. Singularly, or enter masse.
    Think of the event that occurred just before the Bolsheviks murdered 70 million people. There's 19 more events just like this in history. Mr. Left wingnut extremist.

  3. For all serious researchers, if you haven't figured it out yet, I'll help you. Steve12's goal is to fill up the comments completely with BS, pushing out real constructive feedback and discussions. That's simply the "paid shill's" job is to do that. He's only here to disrupt conversations, steer them away – it's misdirection in action. Simply look at how many times he posts in a day – he/she/it has no other job but to be here causing as much chaos and interruptions as possible.

  4. "Well, have you missed other blogs about Sandy Hook? I have dozens and dozens. The cover virtually every aspect one could ask for. Why are you not responding to the Crime Scene Vehicle there before any crime has been committed? or to the photos of the windows of Classroom 10 before and after?"

    I admit not having studied the school shooting conspiracy theories in too much detail. I've watched a few videos, but not really dug into it too much.

    "You have cited nonsense about a tiny hole in one of the windows, but that's not what I am talking about. The second window is completely shot out, which is not the case in the CSV photo. And the flag is at full mast, not half mast. It's handing down. But what is that supposed to mean? That they put it at half-mast after the shooting?"

    The point is that the flood thing is not really convincing, but the window thing is peculiar as hell, presuming the photo is of damage from a alleged massacre.

    Put yourself in the position of a crazed gunman shooting through a window at students. You're going to shoot through the glass, aiming and firing, maybe a few multi-round bursts.

    What you aren't going to do is pop multiple rounds into a window frame a few inches apart in a straight line. Even if you tried, it's not going to work like that. The pattern is different, rifles kick. That means the gunman is an idiot, that he would have had to stand there and aim-fire-aim-fire at the window frame, ..or someone tried to make it look like a massacre, someone who is an idiot and doesn't know better or wasn't thinking.

    "And how about the proofs the faked the kids using photos of older kids when they were younger? "You never talk about the demonstration that Noah is a fiction made up out of photos of Michael Vagner as a child. Or Wolfgang's photos of 8 of the girls who are doing great juxtaposed with photos of them as dead Sandy Hook kids. You are not serious but a liar here to obfuscate the truth."

    Again, I admit not having dissected it like you folks. I am simply checking it out, pointing out my observations.

    Have you ever cleaned car stains from concrete or asphalt?

  5. Excellent article, Mr. Fetzer. You are consistently the only alternative news that stays on target with the issues, rejecting the fluff and in-fighting,all the time. You should get a new blogger template.

  6. Steve12: With all the anomalies to the ‘official’ versions of these evens that Dr. Fetzer has reported on, and you have found a couple of things to nitpick him on? I’m impressed. That takes real, er, skill.

    Jim: With all your good work in putting the pieces of the Parkland affair together, don’t overlook the video of some cops at the scene loading something in a duffel bag into the back of a pickup truck and having it taken away.

    Disturbing a crime scene? A crime.

    And no reports of the shell casings at the scene, to determine/confirm a) the type of weapon used, and b) if there was more than one shooter, as some students attested to? And no photos of the crime scene? bullet holes, shell casings, blood?? And no reports confirming the number of dead and wounded?? Except, of course, the shot of the kid with the prosthetic leg…

    Shades of the Boston Marathon Bombing, er, drill……

    P.S. I couldn’t access your iv w/Kerry Cassidy on Parkland, to see if you mentioned the Cops & the Duffel Bag business, because it wouldn’t load. Curious, that. Or not……

  7. Steve12 cannot have read the blogs, watched the videos or read the books to make these asinine and baseless claims. Something is profoundly wrong with this guy. Only an op or demented guy would make these allegations when so many of us have contributed so much proof about each of these events. He is either corrupt or deluded.

  8. What are you, a complete idiot? I not only study them myself but collaborate with others and edit books to bring together our findings. NOBODY DIED AT SANDY HOOK (2015) features thirteen contributors, including six (current or retired) Ph.D. college professors. I have only so much time to study these cases, but we have published books on Sandy Hook, the Boston bombing, Orlando and Dallas, Charlottesville, 9/11 and JFK. Go to and check them out.

  9. Well, have you missed other blogs about Sandy Hook? I have dozens and dozens. The cover virtually every aspect one could ask for. Why are you not responding to the Crime Scene Vehicle there before any crime has been committed? or to the photos of the windows of Classroom 10 before and after?

    You have cited nonsense about a tiny hole in one of the windows, but that's not what I am talking about. The second window is completely shot out, which is not the case in the CSV photo. And the flag is at full mast, not half mast. It's handing down. But what is that supposed to mean? That they put it at half-mast after the shooting?

    And how about the proofs the faked the kids using photos of older kids when they were younger? You never talk about the demonstration that Noah is a fiction made up out of photos of Michael Vagner as a child. Or Wolfgang's photos of 8 of the girls who are doing great juxtaposed with photos of them as dead Sandy Hook kids. You are not serious but a liar here to obfuscate the truth.

  10. One thing has always bugged me about that theater incident. Supposedly the shooting was sparked by the showing of the Batman movie. But if Cruz was trying to make a twisted reenactment of Heath Ledger's Joker, why wasn't his hair GREEN instead of adopting Ronald McDonald's hair coloring instead? I don't know the significance of that detail or even if there is any, but that's a glaring inconsistency that everybody just seems to ignore.

  11. Steve12March 18, 2018 at 5:59 PM
    Cunt, I'm actually a scientist who's trained in actually evaluating evidence. I know that you supposedly did work in philosophy of science, but I think it's pretty clear that you must've EATEN that Jim Fetzer and took on his identity.

    "Why don't you find a better and more constructive way to spend your time?"

    No. Cunt.”
    The above statement is quoted from this blog. The unidentified individual who uses a likely phony name
    Steve12 is not identified. People who are not identified can and often do activities or say things which would be embarrassing to them if they were identified. This is why they hide behind the veil of anonymity.
    Criminals do this every day. They often steal at night when they can’t be observed. They may wear masks to hide their faces or gloves to hide their fingerprints. Criminals in our CIA commit unspeakable criminal acts every day under the cover of secrecy hidden by the full military armed force of government all in patent violation of our own Constitution. Secrecy is the enemy of the truth.
    If a scientist were to report a new discovery no one would pay any attention to them if they were not fully identified because it would not be possible to see if they had conflicts of interest or axes to grind. It is vital that a true scientist does not have conflicts of interest in order to look at facts and information objectively.
    People who hide behind the veil of secrecy have nothing to lose if they are wrong. They can say anything about others while not risking being ridiculed themselves. This is a form of cowardice.
    If one examines the purported contradictory claims of professor Fetzer’s book, the same problem exists. No names or identification of the authors or their qualifications is presented. All are anonymous, phony, fake. They could and likely are the fake parents or a member of the Connecticut Police or Wayne Carver the phony medical examiner or the lying lawyer who obstructed Wolfgang Halbig and Professor Fetzer’s request for simple public information about the school. They could even be President Obama or lying lawyer Holder who likely planned the entire hoax, or Governor Malloy who directly lied to Wolfgang Halbig about what he said on National Televison!
    Who could Steve 12 be and why is he spending so much time and energy seeking to disparage professor James Fetzer, Ph.D., who has spent a lifetime studying the rules of science and scientific investigation, ridiculing him on his own blog, while cowardly refusing to identify himself and his qualifications if he has any beyond high school or even grade school? For example he could be Sheriff Israel. He could be a member of the editorial board of the Sun Sentinel newspaper which did a hatchet job on Professor Tracy in patent violation of the U.S. Constitution. He could be one of the cowardly lying administrators of the cesspool Florida Atlantic University or one of their lying lawyers or even the federal judge who shafted professor Tracy in a public courtroom. He could be a person with the name Posner.
    Professor Fetzer is a citizen with guts and gumption to expose gross corruption at the highest levels of our government today. Obviously he has made many enemies. All are gutless cowards, like the coward above who has not identified himself or herself but expects us to believe the nonsense in his claim above. Observe professor has not censored your speech like Jeff Bezos did or You Tube is routinely doing today. Do us all a favor Steve 12 whomever and wherever you are in the world, and identify yourself or shut up. You have made your points. Professor Fetzer has indulged you. You have repeated yourself enough.
    Winfield J. Abbe, A.B., Physics, UC Berkeley, 1961, Ph.D., Physics, UC Riverside, 1966. Awards for superior or outstanding achievement in mathematics, physics and chemistry. Pasadena High School, Pasadena, California, 1956, Born Cleveland, Ohio, 1939. Raised Sierra Madre, California 1943-1966, Citizen Athens, Georgia, over 51 years.

  12. I hate to break this to you, but the 2nd Amendment is ALREADY GONE! How so? Courtesy of the background check, that's how. The background check amounts to asking an anonymous gov't bureaucrat permission to buy a gun. If you go to a gun shop, you fill out your 4473, then the guy calls to run the background check on you; the answer is either yes or no. If the answer is yes, then you can complete the purchase; if the answer is no, then you cannot. Well, it's axiomatic that, if you have to ask permission to do something, then you do not have the RIGHT to do that something!

    We can go back to our driver's license. What is it that DMV always says? That driving is a PRIVILEGE, not a right, correct? And what is a license? It's a fancy form of permission, nothing more. Consult Black's Law Dictionary (i.e. look up what 'license' means), and you'll see. Ergo, we ALREADY LOST the 2nd Amendment, folks!

  13. Jim, thank you for not allowing fear to deter you from revealing falsehoods and exposing truths. Americans must know they are being lied to and the media does it all day. The evolution of the world requires individuals to take a stand against hate, lies and criminals.

    I will continue to read this blog and and support the information being presented. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see through the deceit.

    All whistleblowers are brave and fearless…I walk with the greats whose lives were taken to help evolve this world…JFK, Walter Reuther, Martin Luther King Jr., John Lennon…thank you for your service to mankind.

    Thank you Jim for taking a stand.

    Do not allow hate and ignorance to rattle you.

  14. It's so I interesting the people who cause the most trouble come and read this blog. I think fox news is rubbish and that is why I do not read it. If you think this blog is rubbish why are you hear? Your disturbing texts and hatred will not change the minds of open conscious people…

  15. "Instead of calling us shills repeatedly, why don't you actually address all the points Fetzer got wrong about Sandy Hook in his atrocious book? Still defending those whoopers of lies and misinterpretations?"

    I'll bite.

    It's things like qualifiers of what is actually 'evidence'. For example; Stating that a flood washed away the oil stains from the parking lot, then presenting a picture of a clean parking lot. You are seeing a clean parking lot and being told to associate it with a flood. You are not being presented with actual evidence of anything. Furthermore, if you've ever had to clean car stains from asphalt or concrete, you know you need a bit more than water to make them that clean. …as in Muriatic Acid or similar and a hard bristle broom and/or a pressure washer.

    Perhaps a before/after or several pictures of the parking lot, records or whatever evidence of a flood and other claims would convince better. At least you have a body of information to work with if you want to verify it independently.

    However, things like the bullet hole markers in the window frame, wherever they came from, is suspect. It lends legitimacy to claims. Indeed, why such a pattern? It doesn't look right. ..and why fire into a thick window frame if you are trying to shoot people up? That's stupid. Doesn't make sense.

  16. And before they were discovered?

    Those programs were exposed, ultimately because of a doctor noting patterns and peculiarities, anomalies in his patients. He was curious enough to check into it and confer with his colleagues. It eventually led to the Church Hearings.

    Maybe you should go tell those kids bitching about the guns to study what they were doing to their grandparent's and great grandparent's generation when they were children.

    Tell them about how they would torture young children into a dissociative state and jam a bunch of garbage into their head, or how they would covertly inject harmful substances into pregnant women all over the usa, or any number of violent acts.

    Tell them about COINTELPRO and the kind of shit the FBI was doing to Dr. King.

    Do you think they would still trust the political bullshit?

    Maybe those kids should have been doing their homework instead of protesting to get themselves enslaved.

  17. I wonder how many people are actually aware of the things that are done with their tax dollars, how much research and experimentation, has been done, how many COINTELPRO type programs of government and their gang friends and the like.

  18. Haven't "studied" them all. OK. How many of these that you HAVE "studied" ended up being FFs? Are the ones you list above all those that you've "studied"?

    I assume so, as you would have noted that you "studied" one of the others and concluded that it was NOT a false flag.

    My point stands. Everything is a conspiracy – everything is a false flag. Wouldn't you occasionally come upon one that was not?

    So can you confirm that EVERY shooting that you "studied" ended up being a FF?

  19. I'd change the subject too if I was in the position of defending that the school being named for an environmentalist is evidence of conspiracy.

    Or a "look alike" being at the funeral. Or hearsay form a student. Or routine police procedure. ON and on and on.

    No actual hard evidence. No people on the inside (here, or on any other false flag) turning. All you have is a big, fat, NOHTIING.

  20. "I cannot WAIT to take all of your fucking guns away. Sane people will be able to keep some guns of course – which means that you guys can't have them. Look at some polling of younger people and their political views. Look at what's happening with kids across the country now."

    You're a fuking idiot. And so are those kids bitching about the guns. It demonstrates a gross negligence in their education, be it history class and what happens when the people have their guns taken.

    "Enjoy you precious guns while you can! We are ON THE WAY."

    No you aren't. Sit down and STFU.

    "And PLEASE tell me about how you're going to shoot the cops and everything else, You people are meek and you'll meekly comply and then write really angry shit on your blogs that nobody reads."

    I prefer a flame thrower, mostly because it is asymmetrical and more painful, more torturous. You can wipe out a whole bunch of them rather quickly too. Fire grows, is very messy, destroys anything, is very efficient. And most swat teams are unprepared for being lit on fire. Their gear becomes fuel to kill them. I imagine it's a beautiful sight to see, to listen to them scream and gag an whatnot.

    I was also thinking of a concrete man-trap that essentially works like an oven, roasts people. Make it big enough to fit a swat team, maybe even put a microphone in their and amplify their panic through a speaker system, just to terrorize the other pigs.


  21. Fetzer thinks he's doing groundbreaking research but, in reality, he almost always takes other people's ideas and presents them on his blog. What original contribution has Fetzer provided in the last 5 years?

  22. Why don't you respond to the evidence I present in this blog instead of taking cheap shots at those who are more principled and honest than you? It's such aa waste of time to have you here making brainless comments. I am sorry, but you are a waste of time.

  23. Steve12, you have demonstrated that you are unable or unwilling to address or even read the comments by those who are more intelligent and informed. You must live an empty life to post all of this rubbish.

  24. Why does Fetzer keep believing that his Sandy Hook stuff hasn't been debunked when has done a chapter by chapter demolishing of the book he edited. I wonder why Fetzer hasn't trotted out the infamous Allan Powell to tell us what happened at Parkland lol

  25. Those that I and my many collaborators have studied that turned out to be staged include Sandy Hook, Las Vegas, Orlando, Sutherland Springs, Parkland, San Bernardino and Umpqua Community College. I haven't done enough on the others to address them.

  26. The shills are out in force on this blog, no doubt because it gets so much exactly right. Why don't they contest anything I present in "Fake News on Five Fronts" about Sandy Hook? That's a nice distillation of some key proofs it was staged.

  27. As a former intelligence operative, I maintain connections to current sources who pass on the hidden facts so they can be revealed to the public who have the right to know. I admire Jim Fetzer's tenacity in speaking out about the many false flag events the American people have had to endure from the criminal NWO gangsters. The Parkland event was organized by Hillary Clinton, and carried out through Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Sheriff Scott Israel. Schultz is representative from Broward County always ready to please Clinton. Israel, a worshiper of Schultz and Clinton, was given direct encouragement by Clinton to use this event to further his political ambitions. Cruz was selected as the patsy based on his medical history and location. Douglas HS was selected for being a white upper middle class community with very little crime who would show outrage and be suggestable to supporting gun control. Cruz was isolated and given psychotropic drugs to confuse him into doubting his own reality. He may have even been coached to believe he was the shooter. CNN was on the scene as fast as law enforcement to promote their pre-planned anti-gun agenda with Sheriff Israel.

  28. I cannot WAIT to take all of your fucking guns away. Sane people will be able to keep some guns of course – which means that you guys can't have them.

    Look at some polling of younger people and their political views. Look at what's happening with kids across the country now.

    Enjoy you precious guns while you can! We are ON THE WAY.

    And PLEASE tell me about how you're going to shoot the cops and everything else, You people are meek and you'll meekly comply and then write really angry shit on your blogs that nobody reads.

  29. SAid the person using a pseudonym…

    The burden of proof is not on us to show that there is NOT a conspiracy (that's not possible) – it's on you to show that there IS a conspiracy

    Wanna take a stab at my question above?
    (didn't think so)

  30. Instead of posting under Anonymous grow some and post with your name and tell us what you think happened and lay it out with evidence. If you think the official story is correct I'd like to hear this one.

  31. If you’ve ever gotten stuck at a party sitting next to some bore who won’t shut up about the Trilateral Commission, or UFOs, or some other crackpot subject, and thinks he’s scored some major points because you’ve simply nodded politely and then beat a hasty retreat without having rebutted his assertions, then you have an idea of what it’s like to engage in an online exchange with Jim Fetzer

  32. Instead of calling us shills repeatedly, why don't you actually address all the points Fetzer got wrong about Sandy Hook in his atrocious book? Still defending those whoopers of lies and misinterpretations?

  33. Hmmmm… another false flag! It seems like they're ALL false flags, but that can't be – right?

    Which of the following are NOT false flags:

    Las Vegas shooting
    Orlando nightclub shooting
    Virginia Tech shooting
    Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting
    Sutherland Springs church shooting
    Stoneman Douglas High School shooting
    San Bernardino attack
    Columbine High School massacre
    Binghamton shootings
    Camden shootings
    Fort Hood shooting
    Washington Navy Yard shooting
    Aurora shooting
    Geneva County massacre
    Red Lake shootings
    Umpqua Community College shooting

  34. Great summary Jim. Additional points – Cruz's bright red hair was the same color as James Holmes, who was never seen in the Aurora theater, but was probably waiting outside in a parked police car zonked on a pharmaceutical. So same hairdresser from the feds. Also Officer Scott Peterson at first laughed off the event and said he thought they were actors. Later fired for this statement which was scrubbed and for not going in building to see no one getting shot.

  35. The argument Jim is making is the same as lawyers make every day in courts. "preponderance of evidence". He has not addressed every possible contradiction. For example, while he has indicated evidence a few of the alleged victims are still alive, others remain for investigation. Interested parties could help in this. For example, is Meadow Pollack still alive? If you live down there try to observe her or any of the others. Get their pictures and time and place stamp them. A picture is worth a thousand words. Perhaps she moved out of the house to go away to college somewhere else to avoid detection. Are there some sleuths out there? Private investigators are expensive. Do the same for all the others.

  36. Important investigators like Jim Fetzer naturally attract a better grade of shill. There are the coarse, stupid Alinskyite wannabe types, there are higher paid shills that are more arrogant and a bit more clever but still blatantly obvious. In today's Internet world, Shill Analysis 101 is a mandatory course for all students of treachery to study. To makes things a little more worthy, I wish shills would be less stupidly obvious and throw us a few more wrinkles to keep the game a bit more enticing. The profane shills are societal dregs who actually think their level of obviousness won't be discovered. Wrong! So, for all you dregsters out in the cosmos, Hi! and gotcha.

  37. " We've pointed out all sorts of things Fetzer has wrong. Just see here for a sample: "

    I have no loyalty to the Fetzer following or need to defend it. And I myself have noticed a bit of hastily presented and/or ill-researched unconfirmed points of contention.

    However, it doesn't necessarily negate the theory or overall general unnatural nature of these things.

    With any crime or lie or what needs to be covered up, most people are going to come up with about 10-15 areas or points to focus, things to do to promote and protect the lie. A genius will come up with about 20-25. But there are literally BILLIONS of things to detect it. The more expansive the research, the more it will demonstrate inconsistency.

    It comes in the form of things like the construction worker who visited the building prior to the events or the bullet holes that are completely inconsistent with the patterns of a rifle being fired in rapid succession. Conspirators have too much other things to worry about to be able to account for things like that. They simply cannot keep track of that many things or control the environment to the necessary level to prevent those types of things. All they can do is damage control when it happens, when some unforeseeable wildcard shows up on the radar. This is also why the media are so vital in controlling the narrative.

    The trick to catching criminals and conspirators is by massing as much factual data as possible, then sifting through it all, verifying information and noting inconsistency. Enough of them and you will have effectively 'proven' that the accepted truth is something else.

  38. I watched "Fake News on Five Fronts", and I know that is only a piece of it.

    If even a fraction of those anomalies and inconsistencies are legitimate claims, it says a lot.

    People are so stupid. It boggles the mind sometimes.

    What if it is all a big project to demonstrate to the people just how stupid they are, just how easily manipulated they are?

    What would happen if the conspirators all got together and made a public confession explaining in detail how they did it, thus confirming folks like you?

    Now THAT would make a difference. It might actually even bring about real effective change.

  39. "If you have seriously…"
    As a graduate student in Mathematics, I am serious enough about Jim's statistical argument against these cases to believe that he's firing in the right direction if not spot on.

    I also have first hand experience with corrupt law enforcement in the FBI to know the extent they would go to piss on the U.S. constitution for self-promotion.

  40. If you have seriously investigated Fetzer's so called "research" on Sandy Hook you will know he's a complete bumbler. He makes dozens of factual assertions that are flat out false and spins so many ludicrous theories based on those factual errors that it's actually quite amusing how deranged his mind is.

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