YouTube now scrubbing older videos about SANDY HOOK shooting as content purge accelerates

Mike Adams

(Natural News) As you may be aware, YouTube is on a censorship rampagegutting all content (and shutting down all accounts) that dare to question the “official” story on the Parkland, Florida shooting. Today, I’ve learned that YouTube is now going back in time and issuing strikes against videos questioning the Sandy Hook narrative from 2012.
Mere hours after I publicly called for the regulation of Google, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, YouTube issued a strike against my account for a 2012 interview with a controversial book author named Jim Fetzer. That interview, which has now been banned by YouTube, focused on why banned Fetzer’s book. (Yes, YouTube bans an interview about a book being banned by Amazon. This is the new Orwellian tyranny put in place by the tech giants… you can’t even talk about censorship without being censored.)
Fetzer’s provocative book title is, “Nobody Died at Sandy Hook,” and in the book, he claims the entire event was staged in an abandoned school that had no active students or teachers to begin with. Before you render an opinion about that, perhaps you could download Fetzer’s book here (PDF) and see what evidence he presents. Regardless of whether you agree or disagree with Fetzer’s theory, the fact that banned the book was fascinating news. That’s the news I covered in interviewing Fetzer. sells all sorts of outrageous books making all kinds of ridiculous claims… but a controversial book on Sandy Hook gets priority censorship

Keep in mind that sells books that claim the Earth is flat. They also sell books that promote Adolf Hitler’s genocidal philosophy. But when someone questions the official story on Sandy Hook, they get blacklisted. That’s news! (And that’s why I interviewed Fetzer about censorship.)
Crime Scene vehicle present before the crime has been committed
Before it was banned, the book received numerous five-star ratings on Amazon. After the book was banned, Fetzer decided to distribute the entire book for free as a PDF. We saved a copy and posted on Natural News servers, so in the interests of free speech, you can download the full PDF of that book at this link. Note that just because we are hosting the PDF file doesn’t mean we endorse the book’s entire content. But unlike YouTube and Google, we believe you have the right to think for yourself. So download the book and see whether you think it makes any sense.
In my interview with Fetzer, by the way, I never endorsed his conclusions. Instead, I focused on asking him questions of why he believes Sandy Hook was a hoax and why believes thought his book was so dangerous that they had to ban it. The interview, of course, is now memory holed by YouTube in yet another desperate attempt to erase history and silence dissenting views. This is another dark demonstration of why YouTube/Google censorship is so incredibly dangerous to a free society. YouTube is picking a side and brazenly silencing all opposing views, even when those opposing views may have legitimate questions, criticisms or skepticism about the “official” narrative.
It also brings up the question of why the establishment believes a book with photos is so incredibly dangerous to begin with. If the book is complete nonsense as officials claim, then why not let people see it so that Fetzer can be fully shown to be a complete fool? No, the truth behind the censorship is that many people find the book stunningly convincing, and that’s why the book had to be banned. The official story, in other words, is so fragile and full of holes that the merest questioning of it all could bring down the entire narrative. Censorship is used to protect the false narrative, and the weaker the narrative, the more censorship has to be used against those who question it.
Even more alarmingly, this is a six-year-old interview. Why is YouTube suddenly scrubbing interviews from six years ago? The answer, of course, is that YouTube has only recently decided to pursue wholesale tyranny and suppression of dissenting views that dare to question the “official” story on mass shootings. There’s no question this is all about YouTube pushing a gun control narrative by making sure no one awakens to the truth that certain elements of mass shootings are engineered to maximize the carnage. For example, even in the recent Parkland, Florida school shooting, we now know that armed deputies were ordered to stand down. Yet YouTube was deleting videos precisely for claiming that exact thing.

Why YouTube’s brand of totalitarian censorship is a threat to free society

Even in a world where most people likely disagree with Jim Fetzer’s conclusions, YouTube is practicing a very dangerous style of totalitarian censorship that declares Jim Fetzer has no right to speak at all. Even more importantly, YouTube is telling other independent journalists that if they talk to Jim Fetzer, they will have their channels shut down.
Windows before and after event / perps drilling fake bullet holes
Thus, any association with Jim Fetzer now gets you blacklisted. This is how YouTube transforms an intriguing, controversial figure like Fetzer into a persona non grata, ensuring that no one dare talk to him ever again, for fear of being banned and blacklisted forever. Granted, Fetzer is extremely controversial, and I haven’t had any interaction with him since that 2012 interview. But regardless of what you think about his books, should a tech giant like YouTube really have the power to declare an individual to be “out of bounds” merely because that’s the opinion of YouTube employees? Doesn’t Jim Fezter have the right to express his views, even if they are unpopular? After all, YouTube hosts millions of videos that feature complete lunatics spouting utter nonsense and babble. Yet those videos aren’t banned. Ever wonder why? The clear answer is because those people don’t threaten the official “narrative” of school shootings and gun control.
We have now entered very dangerous territory with these tech giants like Google, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Each one of them is being run by left-wing lunatics who are deciding what’s “true” or “false” based on their own extreme biases and indoctrination. They are actively deleting and blacklisting all content with which they disagree, and in doing so, they are turning the internet into an echo chamber of liberal talking points about important events, including mass shootings which obviously deserve full public participation in terms of debates, discussions and scrutiny.
But YouTube, you see, disallows any scrutiny that counters the official narrative. And that’s practically proof that the official story is completely fake. YouTube is accidentally confirming, it seems, that Jim Fetzer may have a point.

Meanwhile, YouTube protects Antifa terrorist groups because they’re left-wing

Note carefully that YouTube almost never bans pro-Antifa videos, even though Antifa is a radical left-wing domestic terrorism group. But they’re quick, of course, to ban videos that show how violent and dangerous Antifa really is. As Jim Hoft writes from The Gateway Pundit:
On Thursday, June 2, 2016, peaceful supporters of Donald Trump gathered at the San Jose Convention Center for a political rally in support of the Republican nominee. The Trump supporters were all smiles as they waited to see candidate Trump on the rope line. Little did they know that outside the center radical leftists, Bernie supporters, Muslims, Mexican nationalists, anarchists, SEIU members and several hundred angry thugs were waiting to spit on them, chase them, assault them and beat them bloody.
The days of interrupting speeches are over. Democrats escalated their tactics on Thursday and will now beat skulls.
One young Trump supporter was followed and cold-cocked and left bleeding as he walked to his vehicle.
On Wednesday conservative pundit Mike Cernovich posted video of Antifa activists threatening to murder conservatives.

ANTIFA chants in D.C. via @N2Sreports.

“The revolution has come, it’s time to pick up a gun.”

“You want a red pill, how about a lead pill.”

The far left is now making open calls for violence and murder, and the media refuses to report on this.

But Google-YouTube would not allow the video on their platform. YouTube does not want the truth of radical far left violence to be broadcast on their channel. It does not fit their narrative.

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37 thoughts on “YouTube now scrubbing older videos about SANDY HOOK shooting as content purge accelerates”

  1. Frankly does not more censorship lead to more suspicion on the part of readers that something is amiss? Most duped Americans would not even consider other scenarios of these mostly contrived events if alternatives were not proposed anyway would they? While we have not turned the corner of truth by any means yet, still the truthers have made their mark and the phrase "false flag event" is now much more common in the discussion. People are beginning to realize they have been lied to over and over again by government itself. The simplest way to illustrate it is to point out that millions of Americans own billions of guns and weapons of all sorts. Most are honest law abiding tax paying citizens who cherish what is left of the gang raped original Constitution, gang raped by our own Government and Congressional whores. It is very obvious even to a mentally impaired person or child, that these responsible gun owners are NOT the criminals shooting up schools or other areas and institutions today; because, if they were, we would have anarchy everywhere in the land. These shooting events are very limited with an obvious evil agenda to promote gun control to make it easier for the government Gestapo to impose martial law when the time arrives, which it looks like it will very soon in America. Whatever one's personal beliefs of all this, most people today are adamantly against any and all censorship. This is the good news. All these efforts to deny claims of others or censor information or censor books like Jeff Bezos has done with the book "Nobody Died at Sandy Hook" which sold briskly for a month before he banned it, do is to encourage more questioning which is always a good outcome. All they accomplish by censorship is like shooting themselves in the foot while cleaning a gun! Let them censor all they want; they are aiding the cause. Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics

  2. there is also a torrent for the book, which is ok as it is free anyway… donate if you can.
    we are on a googlebot blogspot here too, no?
    take jim stone's advice and do it with raw IP, iceland host, and raw html coding.

  3. OK, so nobody has sued over asbestos. Knowing that this event is a false flag, we can expect it to be spattered with voluminous lies. I think it's well know that asbestos was a great concern here and if it is universally accepted as fact, what does this make the Newtown school administration look like? How about the stuttering maintenance foreman? His blabbering at the FOIA court relative to the poor condition of the school along with no inspections of same make him look very, very bad and complicit. The Newton gang has pushed themselves into a tiny corner with little or no wiggle room. Still, our rabid senators make out this event as still being constructed of only the highest truths. Yet, the majority of ignorant citizens of the state take the word of the establishment as they swallow whole the entire farce called Sandy Hoax, er, Sandy Hook. Should the truth ever come out for all to see, the State Police of this state along with their complicits will be dealt a death blow. This is a very bad state to live in following SH, people are starting to realize there is no integrity left whatsoever. Adding insult to injury, the Hartford Courant has dropped its Comments section on virtually all articles. The Courant was taking a merciless pounding, their allegiances are a disgrace. All part of the politico-media machine that has made this state carry a nasty stench. It's really a disgrace.

  4. Jim, I would listen to every program that had you on.

    I also respect the brave woman "Louisa". That being said, yesterday's GoldFish report at 39:00ish, someone should have interrupted and clear the logic of Mutually-Assured-Destruction with an updated view.

    "Louisa" said first that due to MAD nuclear war's not gonna happen, then went on and asserted that the "elite" have a way of not being affect by one. See the problem?
    It gave the impression that the details behind arguments are not clearly thought out. And her "belief" and "hope"-based speculations are constantly getting in the way of truthful information.

  5. At Least We Know Bigfoot Is Real …

    March 2018

    … Because we have lived in The United States of America for years and years and decades we realize that when something like the Parkland school shooting occurs we must inherently question the account given of the event by our government and our media because they have demonstrated time and time again they are totally untrustworthy … …

    But TODAY we are talking about Bigfoot (and aliens), and at least we know they are real

    Welcome to the March Edition
    of Penn Magazine

    Mike Palecek, editor
    Chuck Gregory, publisher

    Also here in flip-page format:

  6. I am wondering if they will remove old Newtown Bee articles.

    This one flat out states there was asbestos in SHE… yet shocking… no parents of the some 500-600 students has sued over this.

    I think we all know the lawsuits would be flying in if these kids has been in that school.

    And imagine guns hitting walls and breaking that crap up and making these kids more at risk.

    Yet no lawsuits?

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  8. "A private entity such as Youtube has every right to do whatever they want with their property/site."

    But they are using the public airwaves. They need to be held accountable for such use to the federal government's regulatory policies regarding such use.

  9. It's not just videos about school shootings, YouTube has just deleted JFK-researcher Gary King's channel "The New JFK Show", including around 200 one-hour episodes of the show. I cannot believe this has happened in 2018!

    The truth about the JFK assassination has been suppressed for more than 50 years, as well as meticulously studied by some of the most brilliant minds in the world, including Nobel prize winners. How could anyone be offended by serious research into one of the most important events of the 20th century?

    As a European citizen who doesn't fully understand the whole gun control debate and it's important historical background, I prefer to stay away from the issue as much as possible, though in general, I'm against censorship of any serious video regarding this topic.

    What really makes me angry though (as well as extremely worried!), is YouTube's current ban of groundbreaking new JFK-research, such as the stunning research done by Larry Rivera, who is/was a regular guest on The New JFK Show. I wish Gary King would upload all previous episodes of his show to one of the many YouTube-alternatives and continue the show there.

    Let's just ban YouTube for their insane new censorship policies and their destructive, insulting and ignorant actions towards the JFK research community!

    Jerome V.

  10. The US CONstitution is garbage, nothing but a framework for systematic violence. The bill of rights isn't really about rights, but rather a means of managing them as is convenient for the state.

    You don't have an inalienable right to keep and bear arms, you have an inalienable right to keep and bear whatever the hell you want to, including guns, or a tank or whatever.

    You do not have a right to protect the state with a militia. You have a right to defense of yourself family community and property by whatever means necessary, to include forming a militia.

    The fourth is just a legal avenue to violate property. It basically says that you have a right to be violated if government has a reason and someone who says magic words describes it on paper. That is not protecting your rights. That is violating them. You have a right to privacy and property regardless of any reasons to violate you, and your rights are not dependent on a bunch of bullshit on paper. They are inalienable.

    The first amendment doesn't really protect speech either. It simply says that congress has to stay out of it, that it cannot legally violate. It's not really protecting rights but rather inhibiting congressional participation.

    The whole things is double-speak violent nonsense. That is how the USA became a police state; via the US CONstipat…err..umm CONstitution. They tell you it is to protect rights, when it is not.

  11. Government is a false reality dictated on paper and forced with weapons. It's been that way for a LONG time.

    Anonymous, you are not obligated to obey those(or any) laws. Law is unethical, systematic violence.

    A police officer is just a man with funny clothes who says magic words at a ceremony. He doesn't really have authority. That is a fictitious idea. He only has funny clothes and a gun and belief he can tell you what to do. That makes him/her a criminal.

  12. Adams has no training in Thermodynamics, radiation Physics, climate, structural engineering and only limited history knowledge. He extrapolates beyond reason, maintains position by arrogance. Sad, as he would be far more effective by being objective.

  13. Agree with all you say, Win, but we all need to start naming those behind the travesties of multiculturalism, loss of freedom of speech and amendment 2, and now the latest scourges of social media and their attack on freedom of speech which we must answer. The big boys at NWO headquarters are going for broke now, throwing out false flags at an alarming, yet fully understandable rate. The tempo has picked up and even though many of us detest Trump, the elites hate Trump even more, far more. They detest him for his attack on them and the fact they stand to lose power and money thanks to Trump. That's why they are putting on the full court press as we speak.

  14. Pauling also found out, with Dr Matthias Rath, that atherosclerosis is related to low Vit C levels and that high dose Vit C prevents formation of the waxy plaque inside blood vessels. Does the modern medical press cover this or sponsor cardiology research on this topic? Seek out Tower Pharmaceuticals and read the story about Pauling and his theories and practice on prevention of heart disease via Vit C. We've been had by the medical establishment, those altruistic darlings who laugh and spit on Pauling and his work.

  15. I find Mike Adams' analysis of Fetzer's motives and motivations to be quite shallow and almost demeaning. How does Adams suggest that "most people in the world likely disagree with Fetzer's conclusions"? One could only disagree by first, FIRST, reading Fetzer's very convincing text. Did Adams say this directly or indirectly? No. I like Adams' work and find him totally legitimate, but this job on Fetzer is pretty shallow for a star like Adams.


    I am very well train in science and history, believed in 'Nat News' until I tried to post comments, which were factually correct, deleted by his semiliterate gatekeepers. When Fetzer posted this missive I commented….

    "Unequivocal 9/11 Nukes" by Dr James Fetzer is being purged. Download now to upload after Freedom Day

    This has been in moderation for over 14 hours. Adams knows nothing about climate, Thermodynamics, radiation Physics, structural engineering or history. I live a short drive from Austin, offered free education, Adams is too arrogant to reply except to say

    "Send PDF article" to a semiliterate staff that cannot understand a paragraph in a comment section.

    "The FDA issued a news release Friday reminding consumers that there are no legally marketed over-the-counter drugs to prevent or cure influenza. The severity of the year's flu season, the agency said, raises new concerns about the risk of consumers buying unproven flu treatments or purchasing counterfeit antivirals from illegitimate online pharmacies.
    "We understand the toll this year's flu season has taken on peoples' lives," said FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb in a statement. "As the flu continues to make people sick — and even cause deaths — unscrupulous actors may also be taking advantage of unsuspecting consumers by promoting their fraudulent products that have not been reviewed by the FDA to be safe and effective.""
    Here is what the FDA Commissioner did not say:
    1. Many people had the so called “flu shot” and either paid for it themselves or their insurance paid for it, yet many also got the flu despite this mostly worthless approved scam.
    2. The late Frederick R. Klenner, M.D. cured all viral diseases up to and including polio before 1949. Influenza is defined as a viral disease. There is no reason to believe it can’t cure it also. However the corrupt FDA has obstructed studying high dose Vitamin C for almost 70 years. Klenner used high dose Vitamin C injected mainly intravenously to get quick amounts into the bloodstream to do its great work. He treated thousands of patients but never had a single instance of any harm to a patient. The FDA is totally corrupt and bought and paid for by the corrupt Pharmaceutical companies whose GOD is MONEY. Gottlieb is a liar. Shame on him Even the world’s greatest Chemist, the late Linus Pauling, who earned two solo Nobel Prizes,Chemistry, 1954 and Peace 1962 took up to 18 grams of Vitamin C per day without any negative consequences other than possible acid stomach. He died at age 93 which is not bad. Most medical doctors die long before that age.
    3. If you don’t believe the corrupt FDA and NCI and NIH are corrupt cesspools, faking and lying about so called “scientific studies”, read the books by Ralph W Moss, Ph.D., “The Cancer Syndrome “ and “The Cancer Industry” from about 1980 to1989 to 1996, each with 500 references and 500 pages. If you do you will discover the “Summerlin Painted Mouse Affair” at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York where a corrupt lying cheating medical doctor painted spots on the backs of laboratory test animals to fool his boss and a gullible public about so called “cancer research”. The FDA, NCI and NIH are all criminal rackets operated by our criminal government. They lie, cheat and steal. Everyone is on their own today because our government is totally corrupt. Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics

  18. This excellent article also highlights the intelligence of the genius level Founders of America. They had seen all of this over two centuries ago and sought to do something about it in the design of a new system of government where the human rights of an individual were placed above the tyrannical rights of government for a change. While they were not perfect either, this was a sea change in the way governments of the world were designed. Now look at how these worthless traitors seek to destroy everything the great Founders created. If those Founders were alive today to see the gang rape of their valiant efforts to improve mankind, they would say, "You deserve to lose because you were too busy to be bothered from entertainment and brainwashing instead of increasing brain function so you would know the difference between lies and truth from a tyrannical government. We did out best to leave you a legacy but you allowed it to be destroyed. Shame on you; you deserve your plight into oblivion."
    Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics

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