On July 21, I posted on my website a report on the discovery by John Solomon of The Hill magazine that Lisa Page testified to a congressional committee to the effect that the Russiagate probe conducted by Robert Mueller is a cover-up operation to obscure the criminal use of counterintelligence capabilities to spy on Trump’s presidential campaign and then to sabotage Trump’s presidency. 
The evidence is overwhelming that CIA director John Brennan, FBI director James Comey, Robert Mueller, James Clapper, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, and the Democratic National Committee are engaged in high treason against the American people and the President of the United States and are actively engaged in a plot to overthrow the President of the United States. Yet, the traitorous intelligence officials retain their high security clearances and have not been indicted, arrested, and put on trial for high treason. Rosenstein and Mueller haven’t even been fired from their high positions where they continue to operate in behalf of the overthrow plot.
It shows the untouchable power of the military/security complex when its operatives are so far beyond the reach of law and accountability that they can commit high treason with no consequences to themselves.
The US presstitute media works full time to protect these traitors, because the presstitutes hate Donald Trump and the Americans who elected him much more than they love the US Constitution and the rule of law. This makes the presstitutes accomplices to high treason and subject to arrest and prosecution.
Even those who understand what is going on and are willing to speak against it, such as former CIA official Ray McGovern and Senator Rand Paul, speak in muted terms. Senator Paul wants their security clearances withdrawn because they are monetizing them in their roles of well-paid talking heads in the presstitute media and may reveal classified information on the programs.
There is no evidence that Trump is a Russian agent. There is enormous evidence that the above CIA, FBI, DOJ, and national security officials are engaged in treason against the United States.
Yet, we hear only about the fake case that Trump is a Russian agent. We hear nothing about the CIA/FBI/DOJ plot against the president of the United States that is unfolding before our eyes in plain sight of even insouciant Americans.
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  1. "Anon" Continues To Fail For An Argument

    What?–ho ho ho–what "pegging" are u talking about?–where, what? U alleged I was "preposterous," but u don't substantiate–I DO substantiate. "Fixated and fascinated"?–on what?–hoh o ho ho.

    I not only know "words," but also how to putting them together to making sense, unlike u. Do u need a "leg" to standing upon? And u seem to be "bereft of solid thought," for sure, but who's fault is that?

    U never came up w. an argument fm ur first comment, above; my arguments are clear, regardless what u say. I pt'd out and demonstrated that central-bank is logically prior to "security/complex"–u never addressed this.

    And I say ur sort of balderdash and lies is good picture for satanic problems of hubris and "Decline of the West"–u don't do much for rebuttal, do u? But keep talking to us, buddy.

  2. This Mini-Debate Actually Brilliant Reflection Upon Times And Topic

    And now we have "anon" (Jul 30, 2pm) wants to make it matter of "curriculum vitae," ho hoh o ho, further emphasizing her horrendous hopelessness, ho ho ho ho. One sees evermore and -better how we find ourselves in this satanic, hubris-dominated age.

    NEWSFLASH: "curriculum vitae" is typical of mediocrities and time-servers, and in this sad era and phase of Spenglerian "Decline of the West," depends upon Jew-friendliness and -sympathy–which I have too little of, hoh o ho ho ho ho.

    Further, truth doesn't depend upon such irrelevant features–get a clue. Rather, the conclusion rests upon truth/validity of premises–didn't u ever learn that?–ho ho ho oho ho.

    But again, this exchange btwn us here is absolutely PRECIOUS for the light it shines upon the real problems of this satanic age and era, eh? Ho ho ho ho ho

  3. Dr Roberts has written numerous articles on the Fed and its entanglements. To say one of the world's fine economists "just doesn't get it" is preposterous, kindly quote your curriculum vitae as comparison to Dr Roberts'.

  4. Why Not Make An Argument, Then Make W. Smart Remarks?

    What "omniscience," are u talking about, buddy?–why is it "omniscience"?–why not address the specific argument and pt.s made? Which comes first in importance, and what is it that makes way for the other?–the central bank, or the "military/security"?

    If u got rid of "military/security," there'd still be the central-bank, right? But if u got rid of the central bank criminal enterprise, legalized counterfeiting, that would be cutting the head off the snake entirely, and then EVERYTHING else would fall of its own weight, no?

    Ultimately, it's the satanic culture (extreme subjectivism) vs. the Christian society founded upon objective reality, Aristotle, and TRUTH (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6) ideal, principle–the original basis of USA.

    U're one who's easily "overwhelmed," we can tell, hoho ho hoho–a little too clever by half, eh? Ho ho ho

  5. Central-Banking, Hubris And satanism, War And Mass-Murder: We See Here The Real Source

    Thinking yet further about "anon's" Jul 29 5:15 pm remarks, above, one might well wonder about Roberts' knowing about central-banking, which he surely does. But he probably considers it (central-banking) to be inevitable, the people hopeless (as "anon" herself, un-questionably).

    Anyway, when one realizes the effete hubris involved w. "anon's" sort of remark, it does indeed pt.-up the underlying hopelessness for humanity–it's the very thing hubris and satanism are founded upon–and why and how war is inevitable, humanity's survival so questionable. Imagine how many there have to be who are like "anon"–countless, no doubt. Life is truly a CYCLIC struggle.

  6. Roberts Is Accurate, Far As He Goes, But There's Something Behind "Military/Security"

    Roberts writes about "…the untouchable power of the military/security complex…," but how and why is it so "untouchable"? So is there anything behind this "military/security complex"?–well, of course there is, and that's the central-bank. See Mises.org for expo; use their search-engine.

    Thus the central-bank finances and funds everything, including "military/security complex," even though this "complex" then enforces and protects the central-bank criminals. One goes with the other, necessarily, but in terms of cause-effect, the central-bank enables the "military/security complex."

    So Roberts is surely correct and accurate for all he reports and observes, BUT he still fails to FULLY grasp the central-bank problem, a criminal enterprise, literally legalized counterfeiting, which criminal activity gets by, NOT BECAUSE of the "military/security complex," but FIRST by the simple HUBRIS and stupidity of the people, an over-populated mass of goons, scum, suckers, fools, and puke who, like children, don't want to face-up to simple reality–u need gold/silver, AND CAN'T DO WITHOUT IT, morons.

    "Military/security complex" then just ensures this stupidity of the over-populated goons, called "the people," is insulated, not addressed or treated properly, left isolated, so that the central-bank may continue.

    So the stupid goons ("the people") allow the "military/security complex" as part of the deal starting w. the central-bank featuring (practically) INFINITE currency–not real MONEY, commodity-based, hence gold/silver, which real money is FINITE. For the stupid goons prefer the (nearly) infinite currency, the puke being the stupid puke they are and have become.

    Is there any solution?–no, the corruption will necessarily continue until the stupid puke ("the people") are killed-off and begin to seriously dying-out. Such is "the way" of all "flesh." Such is "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler.

    So Christian patriots can only wait and watch, hoping to avoid the worst of the death and destruction WHICH MUST TAKE PLACE (to a certain extent), but hoping to survive the worst of it, praying they won't be totally exterminated.

    In the meantime, Christian patriots can and must speak-out about the truth–and this is their ONLY CHANCE for survival. Thus while the goons and brainless scum continue to using the CURRENCY, the real human beings must use the real thing, gold/silver–let the goons and scum kill themselves off–this is the only thing to be done for survival of humanity.

    Infinite currency DESTROYS and kills; real money, even though limited and FINITE, preserves humanity and even provides for prosperity–but this lesson can only be learned the HARD WAY–such is the human condition.

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