PENN Magazine, A SPECIAL EDITION: “It’s Aways “Russia-Russia-Russia!”

A Special Edition 
Penn Magazine 
Now Available

Also here in flip-page format:

Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump should get the Nobel Peace Prize. 

If you give the Nobel Peace Prize to people like Henry Kissinger 
and Barack Obama for killing people, why not give it to these guys for trying 
to save the world from nuclear destruction?

Here in the United States we don’t really care all that 
much about nuclear destruction. 

It doesn’t seem like that big a deal to us. 

As long as it happens AFTER I get the lawn mowed 
and finish off the rest of that 48-pack in the frig then I’m good.

Yeah, well, in any case, it still seems like something that should be on our radar, 
at least on the back burner, something for the bucket list.

Penn Magazine is named in honor of Penn Jones, Jr., 
one of the first honest researchers 
into the John F. Kennedy murder, 
a newspaperman who did not lie to us.
Mike Palecek

Chuck Gregory
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3 thoughts on “PENN Magazine, A SPECIAL EDITION: “It’s Aways “Russia-Russia-Russia!””

  1. Answering "WTF?"–Grasp satanism, Suckers

    The Penn Mag has Putin's face on the cover w. a big, "WTF?" So I'll tell u (again) wtf:

    (a) As reality is objective (Aristotle), a necessary assumption (metaphysics), it is DETERMINED in accord w. absolute cause-effect; there's no perfectly "free" (God-like) human will, no "good-evil," which is for children and dogs.

    (b) Thus reality, hence history, is CYCLIC in accord w. "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler. Thus history, culture, society, and economic systems DEGENERATE, fail, and collapse, and now we're in a SATANIC stage.

    What's satanism?–it's simply extreme SUBJECTIVISM, the idea reality is product of mentality/consciousness–which makes subject God. And pretext for this subjectivism is, in accord w. Immanuel Kant (for just one example), moral virtue. For only w. subjectivism can one be "good" w. a perfectly "free" will–such is the pretext.

    But this fore-going about "good-evil," etc., is only the beginning pretext for the suckers, morons, and over-populated goons of the evermore corrupt culture. The real pt. of satanism is POWER, as we see fm the foremost satanists–Jews (see,, and also has good material, as on Zohar ["Cabala"]).

    Satanic "power" then is achieved, as we see fm Jews, by means of a shared, common, COLLECTIVISTIC subjectivism, by which satanists all co-operate and collude upon particular ends and goals–esp. then the central-bank, literally legalized counterfeiting, which thereby gives satanists their supreme existential (practical and worldly) power. See for expo on central-bank; use the site search-engine.

    So "WTF?" by Penn Mag is answered–we're presently enmired in gross satanic conditions, culturally, the central-banking and -bankers absolutely dominating, owning, controlling, and manipulating everything and everybody, beginning w. all politicians and judges.

    Regarding the emphasis upon Russkies, well obviously, it's attempt to divert and distract fm Israeli terror-state, the tail wagging Jew S A dog.

    Do Russkies control the central-banking?–of course not, "it's Jews, stupid." Do Russkies get all Jew S A data fm NSA sent to them for the basic, un-sifted raw material?–of course not–it's Jews in Israel, stupid. Do Russkies control the Jews-media, complaining about Russkies?–ho ho ho ho hohho. How many kikes are on US Supreme ct.?–there's Breyer, Ginsberg, Kagan, and Sotomayor–Sotomayor's mother's name is Baez, a Jew name. What's percentage of kikes in population?

    So it's all very strong INDUCTIVE evidence, suckers, as to "WTF?"–try to getting a clue.

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