Jack Mullen, FBI Agent found “Not Guilty!” of lying in Lavoy Finicum shooting

Video Shows Forensic Proof of Assassination


Jack Mullen


In these times of Enemy occupation and Usurpation of the US
Constitution, Federal Agents and their State infiltrated accomplices are not
reprimanded for murder and assassination, or the unleashing of militarized
“agencies” for purposes of stealing land and water rights, they are
FBI special agent Joseph Astarita was acquitted of charges of lying
when he claimed he did not shoot twice at Lavoy Finicum; Astarita not
unexpectedly was acquitted by in the court of his employer, a Federal Court, on
August 9, 2018, in Portland. The actual officer who shot and killed Vinicum, Casey
Codding, was recently promoted to Captain, as Investigators in 2016 had already
called the shooting “justified.” 
Lavoy Finicum, was an Arizona farmer who participated in saving
the Bundy Ranch, in Nevada, in 2014, also tried to save his own ranch from the
Bureau of Land Management in 2015, you can see his side of the story here, ‘LaVoy
Finicum – Stood Up for The US Constitution & Natural Rights’
Finicum later went to Oregon to help Dwight Hammond save his
land and water rights
, it was in Oregon where Lavoy Finicum fought
his last fight. 

This video explains the likely truth about the manner in
which Lavoy Finicum’s life was taken. Watching the video and the supporting
materials below, it’s clear the Executive
Branch Agencies are actually a militarized mafia in service of a
Federal Government operating outside of Constitution Law and continue to
serve an agenda to intimidate to buy and, if not possible, steal valuable land
and water rights in the western States. The Federal Government now “
owns nearly half the land in the 11 coterminous
western states, as well as more than 60 percent of Alaska
” and 80% of Nevada. 

To view how the assassination was set up and carried out, click here.

The plan to run all people off the most valuable lands and into
soft prisons called smart cities was recently called Agenda-21 and now called
Agenda-30. For a short discussion of the plan to change forever into a single
world government, while downsizing the population and forcing mass movement of
remaining people off their lands, please listen
to Australian politician Ann Bressington
, former Member of the South
Australian Legislative Council, explain how the Club Of Rome planned to create
fabricated crises to motivate people to support a “profound reorientation
of all human societies.”  

In 1992, Maurice Strong, Secretary General of the UN Earth Summit and
member of the Club of Rome said:

“It is
clear that current lifestyles and consumption patterns of the affluent middle
class involving high meat intake, consumption of large amounts of frozen
convenience foods, use of fossil fuels, ownership of motor vehicles, small
electrical appliances, home and work air conditioning and suburban housing are
not sustainable.(ibid)

Dixie Raye, former Washington State Governor and Assistant Secretary
for Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs stated:

“Agenda 21 seeks to establish a mechanism for transferring the
wealth from citizens to the third world.  Fear of environmental crisis
will be used to create a World Government and UN central direction. From a
report in the 1976 UN’s Habitat One Conference:    “Land cannot be
treated as an ordinary asset controlled by individuals and subject to the pressures
and inefficiencies of the market  . . . Private land ownership is also a
principal instrument of accumulation and concentration of wealth  . . .
therefore contributes to social injustice (ibid) 
Lavoy Finicum was an American, with Constitutionally protected
rights to own property and accumulate wealth and act independently of the
wishes, whims, and control of a mentally ill authoritarian dystopia. State law
in Nevada and Arizona and Oregon does not support the arbitrary taking and
redistribution of land, but the Federal Government pretends it has authority to
do so and to do so violently if necessary. Lavoy Finicum was shot and
killed by a Lawless and criminal Federal Government for believing his rights
could be defended. 
In the final moments of Lavoy Finicum’s life, the FBI pursued
him at high rate of speed into a blind-curve roadblock killing zone, shooting
up his car, even before Lavoy could see the roadblock, terrorizing the
occupants of his car and then shooting unarmed Finicum in the back as he
walked outside the vehicle with hands up. Finicum was set up to be murdered, as
the scholarly video below indicates, and the Oregon Federal Court system finds
FBI agent Astarita not guilty of lying, which the video below disputes,
and previously the state of Oregon pressed no charges against Codding.
This case indicates the extent to which the US Federal
Government and the Executive Branch with its military agencies are corrupt to
the point of being a hostile enemy force, willfully operating lawlessly, outside
the bounds, by thousands of miles, of the US Constitution.
In these times of Enemy occupation and
Usurpation of the US Constitution, Federal Agents and their State infiltrated
accomplices are not reprimanded for murder and assassination, or the unleashing
of militarized “agencies” for purposes of stealing land and water
rights, rather they are promoted.
The Case of Lavoy Finicum, an American hero, who operated
peacefully invoking Constitutional Law to stand his ground, should not be
dismissed and forgotten. Lavoy’s story should be taught to our children and his
fight against the hostile take over and take down of America should be
immortalized by repeating his efforts; we must all stand against the cancerous
occupation of the United States by agents of the Zionist-Communist mafia
working to finish the task of destroying America and transferring its wealth to
the East for purposes of establishing a New World Tyranny.
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