Robert David Steele: YouTube, Facebook Apple Digitally Assassinate Alex Jones and Infowars

Robert Steele: YouTube, Facebook, Apple Digitally Assassinate Alex Jones and InfoWars — Attorney General Needs to Act or Resign

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Robert David STEELE Vivas
False flag operations are real.  I ran one for the CIA. Obama functionaries admitted to colleagues that Sandy Hook was a FEMA drill with an anti-gun agenda. The digital assassination of Alex Jones is partly motivated by the stark fear of the Zionists in being found out for 9/11. We are now full on into a war for the soul of America. 9/11 Truth is the starting point for winning that war; I pray that President Donald Trump and the National Rifle Association step up to the plate and hit a home run. YouTube, Apple, and Facebook (all of whom use the Anti-Defamation League — the Zionist secret police — as their “trusted flagger”) are on the wrong side of the law (Title 7, Common Carrier) and the wrong side of God. I give praise to God for these corrupt controlled elements of the Deep State and its Zionist underbelly giving the President a chance to shut all three companies down by any means necessary.  This also gives added force to my call for a truth channel — a Trump Truth Channel — that cannot be shut down because as God is my witness, #GoogleGestapo is already shadow banning the President and the day is coming when they will do to the President what they just did to Alex Jones.  This cannot stand!
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3 thoughts on “Robert David Steele: YouTube, Facebook Apple Digitally Assassinate Alex Jones and Infowars”

  1. The other day it was reported that Oliver North, new president of the NRA, running his mouth that drugs were the cause of these school shootings. He provided zero evidence for this. The NRA has clammed up from the beginning on these fake staged school shootings and clammed up on Jim Fetzer's great effort to expose the Sandy Hook Scam. The NRA are the enemy not the friends of Truth. Gov. Cuomo NY has found a good way to shaft them. Perhaps this will bring them into the corner of truth but I doubt it. Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics

  2. Who Could Possibly Fail To See Blatant, Brazen Strong-Arm Dictatorship, Contempt For People, Rights?

    I think this is absolutely amazing how brazenly, in-ur-face these Jewwy satanic scum come-out now for their outright dictatorship and censorship (as of Ajax Jewns,

    And observe how stupidly they do it, giving moronic pretexts in such idiot, meaningless generalities, like "hate-speech" and "bullying"–which all means whatever they want it to mean–SUBJECTIVISM, essence of satanism.

    And people KNOW they (Jew-book, Jew-tube, Jewgle) are all monopolies, having been so heavily funded by tax-payer money, now pretending they're "privately-owned" w. right to do as they pls, the scummy, stinking puke–is there, could there be anything more fascist?

    Lies upon lies, upon lies–is there, could there be any doubt about the satanic level of degeneration for our once vibrant culture?–but what do u expect w. Jews? See,, and for Talmudic expo.

    And it's blatant monopolization, never doubt, beginning w. the topmost criminal enterprise(s) which dominates and rules the culture so absolutely, the central-bank(s), legalized counterfeiting, literally–see for expo; use their site search-engine.

    And the people MUST understand the end and goal, dictatorship and GENOCIDE, in accord w. Agenda-21 and -2030. People have to get brains to save their very lives, I swear.

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