Ryan Parry: Tech Giants Clampdown on Alex Jones Backfires

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Tech Giants Clampdown on Alex Jones Backfires

EXCLUSIVE: Thank you Apple, Facebook and YouTube! Alex Jones claims 5.6 million people have subscribed to Infowars newsletter in 48 hours as he calls ‘bull***t’ on tech giants who have blocked the conspiracy theorist’s content

Alex Jones pleased

Ryan Parry — Daily Mail Aug 9, 2018

Infowars motor mouth Alex Jones has issued a ‘never surrender’ battle cry to his army of alt-right followers after a string of tech giants hammered him over his controversial views.
And underfire Jones – accused of spreading bile and hatred as America’s leading conspiracy theorist – says he isn’t taking the attack lying down.
In an exclusive interview with DailyMail.com, he launched an expletive-laden rant claiming the Democratic Party staged the ‘desperate’ onslaught and says he’s a ‘sacrificial lamb’ who has been likened to Hitler for the purposes of a wider attack on free speech.
What’s more, he claims the publicity surrounding the action taken by the likes of YouTube, Facebook and Apple – who have blocked his content and removed his channels – has gained him millions of subscribers – not lost him followers.
Jones claims 5.6million people have subscribed to the Infowars newsletter and free podcast in the past 48 hours
Branding what’s happened ‘bull***t’, the 44-year-old Texan said: ‘Why not say I’m flying a Nazi flying carpet. I sit up in the morning and I s**t Hitler out of my a**. It’s bull***t.
‘Because I play devil’s advocate because I play both sides, they’ve taken me out of context, they are using me as a test case to try to bring an EU style web censorship.
‘They’ve got mainline Democratic senators saying they ought to restrict Fox News, Tucker Carlson, Matt Drudge, the President himself.
‘They are misrepresenting what I’ve said and done and are using that to set a precedent for internet-wide de-platforming, censorship beyond what Russia does, what China does, ahead of the midterms (election). The whole thing is fake.’
Jones even likened the ‘censorship’ to Nazi Germany putting Jews in ghettos.
‘It’s very dangerous for everybody else, but for me, who has been chosen as the sacrificial lamb, there’s a big effect,’ he explained
‘This is very anti-free speech, this is very deceptive.
‘The Democrats are trying to demonize free speech, set the precedent to try to restrict free speech and so it’s a very villainous overall program.’
Jones was left reeling when YouTube, Facebook and Apple became the latest Silicon Valley companies to bring the hammer down on Infowars.
But the veteran broadcaster isn’t giving up.
Quoting [inaccurately] from Winston Churchill’s famous ‘We shall fight on the beaches’ speech in 1940, Jones told DailyMail.com: ‘In the words of Winston Churchill we will go on until the end, whatever the cost may be.
‘Even if I was ever defeated, from other places around the world victory is going to come, this fight for human liberty is unstoppable…people understand what’s happening and we’re gonna go on to the end whatever the cost is. We’re gonna never surrender.’
Facebook announced Monday that it removed four pages belonging to Jones for posting content that violated its policies around hate speech and violence.
It came just hours after Apple revealed it removed the entire iTunes library for five of Jones’s six Infowars podcasts, including the shows ‘War Room’ and the daily ‘The Alex Jones Show.’
Not long after Facebook and Apple took action, YouTube removed The Alex Jones Channel, which counts close to 2.2 million subscribers.
Spotify also announced Monday it was taking further action against Jones, removing every episode of the Alex Jones Show from the streaming site.
Stitcher, LinkedIn and Pinterest have also removed Infowars content.
In recent weeks, Facebook and other tech giants have faced repeated backlash over its inaction against the conspiracy theorist.
But despite the onslaught rambunctious Jones claims little damage has been done to his brand or his ability to reach his legions of followers.
‘The good news is Infowars has had the highest traffic it’s ever had – 5.6 million new subscribers in the past 48 hours – and so has my radio show,’ he claims.
‘De-platforming doesn’t do anything, we already have the subscribers, it doesn’t do very much.
‘And so the loss we’ve had of new subscriptions…on various platforms, has been way compensated by millions of new subscribers and visitors to our website, the mobile app, to our free podcast.
‘We’ve never had this much people signing up for our newsletter, podcast, video feeds, they’re all hitting subscribe, subscribe, subscribe.
‘This is good for me but not good for the free internet.’
Jones, whose YouTube channel has received over a billion views and 2.2 million subscribers, is famous for propagating far-fetched and erroneous conspiracy theories.
He once suggested the Sandy Hook school shooting of 20 young children was staged, that the September 11 attacks of 2001 were an inside job and that the bizarre reports about Hillary Clinton being part of a Washington pizzeria child sex abuse ring warrant serious investigation.
He has also claimed the US government puts chemicals into the water supply to turn people gay so they do not have children.
On his radio show, Monday Jones used similarly strong language to call on his Infowars followers to rise up against anti-Trump ‘sociopaths’ who he says are behind the removal of his Infowars programming from most major social media platforms.
‘We knew this was coming,’ Jones said on his broadcast Monday. ‘They tried to break all the Republicans, persecute people. Trump broke through their bullying and lies. We stood beside him, and now they want to take out the press from under him, and they want to use me as the distorted poster child to do it. They think you’re weak.’

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    All this Jew stuff is a divide and conquer thing, sure there are bad people in all races and religions. Anyone of Jewish descent who is a gangster does not deserve to be called a Jew, they are not practising the Jewish religion, ie. the ten commandments.
    It is noteworthy to see how the father will not appear. As James Fetzer says, the father cannot appear, he is a fictional character.
    Why has Alex Jones changed his mind and claims he believes the Sandy Hook hoax?

  8. On your radio show, I liked the last show. Paul is a bit racist when it comes to Jews and marrying outside your own race. It OK to marry any race. There are plenty of bad people from all races & religions, and good, and average. George Bush isn't a Jew, but Larry Silverstein claims to be. Both should be in jail.

  9. The Tech Giants [especially Apple] are controlled by ALIENS and THEY will increasingly and openly act in concert to promote the ALIEN AGENDA. Part of that AGENDA is to suppress truth and only allow open publication of the "Big Brother" Party Line. Remember, THEY are Control Freaks [William Pawelec].

  10. Anyone who calls someone a "conspiracy theorist" is intentionally trying to discredit that person and is intentionally trying to suppress the Truth.

    I will NEVER call someone a conspiracy theorist because I want all Truths revealed about our World and about our lives.

    Be careful with using the conspiracy theorist term against somebody as it will more than likely expose yourself as a suppressor of the Truth for using it.


  11. satanic Monopolist Consolidation Behind Same Old "Good-Jew Vs. Bad-Jew," fake "Left Vs. Right"

    So Ajax Jewns (InfoWars.com) was "de-platformed," deleted fm Jew-tube, etc., and what is the effect?–has actual info been suppressed?–NO. In truth, Ajax Jewns is just a paid gate-keeper for the "neo-con" "right," cheap FLACK for Jews, Trump, and Israel-first–these are the facts.

    Jewns was a novelty a few yrs ago, but he's gone quite stale, and he'll peak here momentarily, as noted by Parry, and then fade away as flacks and liars like himself always do.

    Who and what are Jewns's fans and supporters?–basically, the same neo-con suckers and "evangelicals" who follow the old Judeo-Christian (JC–see Whtt.org and TruthTellers.org for expo) "right" who support terror-state of Israel. Jewns' has a slight, added angle consisting of "libertarian" flavor.

    So we see an interesting thing: a serious and significant falling-out among the Jew-supporters, featuring the "leftists" of the "Tech" monopolists, Jewgle, Jew-book, and Jew-tube (owned by Jewgle), and some others, against the "rightist" (neo-con) supporters of Jews and esp. Israeli terror-state.

    Most of all, we observe a HUGE power-play by the monopolists of big "Tech" pretending they're "privately-owned" when easily verified fact is they began w. tax-payer funds giving them a HUGE head-start against everyone else, they then going "private," and now using that excuse to censor and suppress what had been grown-up along w. the tech giants themselves by means of the gov. funding.

    So we see the over-all power-play by the top MONOPOLIST, and gross criminal enterprise, the central-bank (see Mises.org for expo; use their site search-engine), continuing to consolidating their over-all control of the entire culture, society, and economy, along w. "Big Pharma" monopoly, Jews-media, public edjumacation, etc., the end-goal being GENOCIDE and mass-murder of Agenda-21 and -2030.

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