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Stephen Francis

The First Amendment and Censorship
Alex Jones has returned to the center of the free speech debate with a vengeance. It is vitally important to dig into the fine details of why the major social media and content sites suspended and then banned him. All sides of the arguments contain evidence of hidden motives and agendas.
At first glance, this whole episode seems to somewhat mirror the efforts of the anti-Trump forces (#Resistance) to connect him to the Alt-Right, neo-Nazis and (staged) anti-Semites as they did in Charlottesville. None of their varied attempts to do this have worked mainly because the rank and file Trump / Jones supporters are mainstream non-radical conservatives who see through the ruse. Trump has cozied up to Jones and attempts to make this an issue are ongoing.
If the Dems / Left / deep state is successful in smothering Jone’s audience with some underhanded censorship, it could impact to some degree the midterm elections and help render Trump’s remaining tenure a nightmare if Republicans lose their total control of Congress. We will probably see many more similar attempts like this before November.
Facebook and YouTube (Google) proved their allegiance to the Left in the 2016 election cycle. There is no doubt that they censor conservative content, much the same as it is censored in academia. They created the platform for Jones to amass his audience and now face a torrent of protest from all sides over what they all produced. They have no choice but to invoke some sort of controls which has no good outcome. Jones’ threats on Mueller paved the way, but double-standards and bias confound all. They’ve helped to create the tarnished martyr Alex Jones.
We should support Jones’ right to say what he pleases, but be wary of the true motivations behind his message. He is basically a sensationalist where content rules over ethical and legal judgment. His over-the-top antics are a large part of his success. He has tapped into a vast chasm of populist discontent in advancing the cause of anti-globalists, but supporting him should be enclosed in well-defined parameters of constitutionality and the First Amendment. We can support his right to free speech and also tune him out.
A quick read of the Fontaine lawsuit confirms much of the general skepticism of Jones. He settled in favor of Chobani, and ongoing suits including Marcell Fontaine and Brennan Gilmore, where, at first glance, Jones appears to be completely irresponsible. See link to lawsuit pdf below. Reports of six more lawsuits abound.
Jones’ reported Muslim bashing is completely antithetical to the reality that Islamophobia is a hoax spawned from the false flag 9/11 nuclear demolition of the WTC, which itself was the seminal event transitioning the world from the Cold War to the War on Terror. US, British, Saudi and Israeli conspirators are the progenitors of this horror, not Muslims.
The terrorism meme is far more about enabling state surveillance. The Patriot Act was signed into law with weeks of 9/11 because the emotional fear generated out of that was required to get it passed. Mass surveillance has been a part of our lives ever since. Censorship is routinely used to shut down anyone exposing all these correlates. Alex Jones did contribute to this unveiling.
Cultural Marxism and the deep state
But there’s a deeper layer that Jones occasionally alludes to but inconsistently promulgates, that being Cultural Marxism (CM). It is at the core of this censorship debate. It receives rare press review and is branded the usual ‘conspiracy theory’ status. It’s the grand underlying scheme that targets the traditional family and white nationalist males among a long list of like concepts. It disingenuously foists fringe groups like LGBTQ to the fore and takes advantage of ordinary citizen’s fears of being branded a racist or misogynist to exact cultural change. In this case, the methodology is gradualism and subversion of the system through infiltration rather than confrontation and revolution.
The Democratic Party is infused with this ideology. They have lost power and are pulling out all stops to regain it. Its Political Correctness wing is somewhat familiar, but recent illegal activities (Fisagate) and this full-bore double-standard censorship is a new development and a sign of desperation.
There is a political path in a route to power which CM is an unseen member, that can be described with a succession of “isms”, that being Fabianism, Socialism, Communism, American Left, Liberals, British Labour, and the American Democratic Party. Upon Googling this string, Wikipedia’s ‘American Left’ page is found at the top of the search results. CM should be in this list, but it is not because of its Jewish roots and inherent clandestine character. Left theoreticians consider it a ‘conspiracy theory’ aligned with the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.
Because of its Jewish roots, the coverage of Cultural Marxism within the Democratic party is a taboo subject in all the major MSM publications and a search on “cultural marxism” or “new left” on results in 0, nothing. but some second tier outlets will entertain it but most with a soft pedal.
There is one relatively mainstream Medium website article entitled: ‘Cultural Marxism, How this idea is destroying the Democratic Party’. The pertinent paragraph is:

There was a need for societal reform. Cultural Marxism did provide a vehicle for this. However, the need for cultural Marxism should HAVE ENDED when equality was reached. The seminal moment of the election of Obama should have been the end of the progressive movement. Instead, the Democratic Party has doubled-down on cultural Marxist ideals and now is more in the game for retribution than equality”. 

That retribution is the ‘Saul Alinsky’ effect. He was an important proponent of Cultural Marxism and a mentor to Hillary Clinton. All major university social science departments are bastions of Cultural Marxism hiding behind monikers like Critical Theory, Queer Theory, Feminist Studies, Black Studies and the majority of professors in these fields are either Jewish or Jewish apologists. 
These social science departments strictly censor any mention of 9/11 Truth, JFK assassination or Holocaust examination. Any attempt leads to immediate career destruction because they all can be traced back to Israel if closely examined.
CM’s Jewish roots go back to the beginning of the 20th Century in Weimar Germany. The failure of the Communist revolution led to its creation as a cultural attempt to the same ends, where Western / Christian cultural destruction is a prerequisite. The West has been in the grips of this phase for decades if not millennia if you consider the Christianity / Judaism rivalry. Far more Christians have suffered than Jews.
Hitler ejected CM’s principal Jewish figures from Germany in the early 1930s in concert with the German people who feared and loathed Jews for their greed, perversion, and atheism. They landed in the US, first at Columbia University, then on to all of academia in America. It clandestinely permeates Liberal Democratic think tanks throughout the political and social studies landscape.
The Clintons / Saul Alinsky brand is a thread of CM.  Colin Kaepernick’s taking a knee is CM. CM’s Social Justice Warriors permeate modern politics from Black Lives Matter to Same-Sex Marriage. Its overreach and subsequent backlash created the opportunity for Trump to challenge this tide. Trump called out Political Correctness in his successful campaign for President.
CM was born out of the realization that Communism’s economic revolution has failed, but in reality, the chances of a cultural revolutionary path to Communism are no better. Capitalism and free markets are not vulnerable to existential threats, thus other motives must be behind this cultural revolution. Since CM is a Jewish construct, it just logically follows that the real goal is a Jewish world domination. This is confirmed in a close study of the Talmud (Tanakh).
At the highest governing levels of secular Judaism is a criminal syndicate masquerading as a religion, namely Netanyahu and the Internationalist Jabotinsky Zionists whose supremacism is unmatched. The recent Jewish nation-state law passed in Israel confirms all of this. They, through AIPAC, have an iron grip on Congress, like no other lobby.
Alex Jones has been vociferously been accused of being a Zionist shill and a raving antiSemite which supports the theory that his sensationalist clown mentality has a higher calling than his stance on Jews, so his views on CM have to be interpreted through this filter.
Notice the wolf in sheep’s clothing
The Fabian Society, a precursor to CM, presents a crest that depicts a wolf in sheep’s clothing. It’s the cultural rather than economic revolution that clandestinely, gradually and relentlessly guides the Left’s grip that was unexpectedly short-circuited by Trump’s election. Understanding modern politics is difficult without knowledge of CM.
Alex Jones depicts it as a globalist tool for world domination but never connects it to Jews per se. This is a common occurrence in CM discourse. There is any number of groups that hijack CM, including Fundamentalist Christians, that use it for their own purposes and specifically omit its Jewish roots, because it complicates the message. Jews don’t want to be conflated with Marxist Communism in any form mainly because it attaches them to their murder of tens of millions of Christians in the Bolshevik / Russian revolution.
Benjamin Netanyahu with Breitbart and staff is billed as a leader in exposing CM in American culture, but they too never mention its Jewish roots because it’s Zionist controlled opposition. A search of their site on the term “Jew” results in hundreds of articles, none critical of Israel or Jews. None mention CM’s Jewish roots. For Breitbart, it is primarily a tool to bash Liberals accusing them of cultural subversion, diversity, pro-immigration and political correctness, without including the revolutionary component.
All major Jewish organizations promote Multiculturalism except its application to the Palestinians.
Alex Jones occasionally mentions CM but only superficially and with his usual carnival barker mentality. Behind CM’s sometimes unintelligible academic-speak is the destruction of Western traditional culture through subversion and deceit. Anything taboo becomes acceptable. Perversion is the norm.
From a Forbes article on one of CM’s principal figures is the following paragraph: “Marcuse’s “liberating tolerance” essentially prescribed that any view or behavior formerly considered anti-social or un-American must be tolerated – maybe even encouraged. However, anything reinforcing tradition, patriotism, biblical morality or capitalism should ultimately be denounced. “Transvaluation,” transformed virtue into sin and sin into virtue.”
William Lind, Donald Trump
Donald Trump met with William Lind (above), a paleoconservative and one of the recognized leaders in the promotion of CM theory. He asserts that Marxists control much of modern popular media and that political correctness can be directly attributed to Karl Marx.
A Rothschild is known to have supported Marx, the Frankfurt School, and other CM entities.
The book in their hands is Lind’s The Next Conservatism, co-written with his friend and close working colleague the late Paul Weyrich – who is generally credited as one of the top three co-architects of the contemporary American religious right.
CM’s weapon, called “Identity Politics” is billed as a struggle for social equality but in reality is just another cynical bid for political power. Jones knows that his audience is well aware of this. They know that deep state Liberal leaders are attempting to carpet bomb them into Cukeservative oblivion. Deleting all his videos may have the opposite effect and invigorate them.
CM, Multiculturalism, and Political Correctness ooze censorship. This happens when powerful people get scared.
One of their reactions to the fear was to deliberately create a new ‘Fake News’ phenomena. It has all the makings of Hegelian dialectic. Bombard your target with well-chosen fake information (thesis), observe the confusion created (antithesis), then offer a preconceived remedy (synthesis).  Facebook chose the Atlantic Council as the synthetic entity, a think tank steeped in deep state credentials.
But Trump, to his credit, has effectively hijacked this plot, successfully branding the MSM as Fake News.  It must be working because they’ve validated his success with a nation-wide ‘collusion’ of dozens of major news outlets attacking Trumps (justified) assault on the MSM.
With the inclusion of CM in this analysis comes the inevitable “Jewish Question” which has dogged, for valid reasons, the media ownership controversy for decades. Volumes are dedicated to validating the fact of Jewish control over the media. Many of the sources are Jews who brag about it including Nahum Goldmann (president of World Jewish Congress) in his since 1978 unobtainable book ‘The Jewish Paradox’.
Facebook and YouTube cannot escape this subject for their leadership is inextricably linked to this issue because of their being Jewish (irrespective of brand) and the most vocal backlash to Jones (and Trump) is led by Jewish organizations, ie. the MSM
Trump’s characterization of the press as the ‘enemy of the people’ probably best exemplifies his relationship to the Jewish elite that controls the MSM. Wolf Blitzer, a former AIPAC spokesperson, and CNN are at the fore of the anti-Trump movement. Trump’s alignment with Jones squarely defines his opposition to that cabal.
The Jewish Question
In the broader view of the Jewish Question, vast slices of US culture is permeated by their influence but is effectively obscured by an undoubtedly Jewish controlled press.
The election of Donald Trump has, like never before, rattled the fully entrenched Left in America and they have pulled out all stops and even resorted to illegal actions to remedy their plight. They will continue beyond rational means.
It may seem somewhat odious to list past Jewish behaviors that they have resorted to in order to sustain their inordinate position of power, but I believe its necessary to reiterate them. Certain elements will stop at nothing including assassination to attain their goals. It’s been going on for centuries.
The list is long and telling and needs to be reiterated. It begins historically with the well-documented Jewish dominance of the African slave trade, the American Revolution (Rothschild Zionists funded British Crown mercenaries), War of 1812 (correlation between closing of [First] Bank of US and Rothschild funding of the war), Rothschild banks funded both sides of Civil War (see Belmont, Erlangers), Lincoln assassinated because of Greenbacks, Garfield assassinated in 1881 for warning about Jewish banks, JP Morgan engineered Panic of 1907 that led to Aldrich’s Federal Reserve Act of 1913, WWI (1914) could not happen without fiat finance of that Act, JP Morgan (Rothschild controlled) engineered 1929 panic leading to Great Depression, NY Jewish bankers (Schiff) financed Bolshevik Revolution and industrialization of Soviet Union, bribed Wilson into entering WWI, Jews instrumental in creating Treaty of Versailles that led to WWII, Jews controlled the NAACP for decades for PR purposes, Lyndon Johnson (Jewish mother) and Israel complicit in JFK assassination to continue Vietnam War and their nuclear weapons program,  Israeli spies including the Rosenbergs (nuclear weapons secrets to Soviet Union) and Jonathan Pollard (US secrets for Jewish emigration from Russia)are the most infamous among dozens, Malkin (Jew) leader of banking cabal in Savings & Loan scandal), Jews created the Las Vegas gambling empires, Jews have a secret relationship with Saudi Arabia to control ME oil, Jews were leaders of LTCM scandal, they did 9/11 and its attendant and contrived Islamophia, Jewish controlled banks engineered 2008 housing meltdown.
To minimize Jewish influence on American history is a bald-faced lie. To suspect its influence today is prudent. What is mentioned above is mostly concerned with military and financial concepts, where CM is obviously cultural but no less important. Another list could be developed from this perspective.
Smut peddling began in the late 19th century with Jewish books being the first. In the 1970s, according to the DoJ, Reuben Sturman controlled the entire US adult bookstore industry with over 200 shops. Linked to Sturman is Jew Steven Hirsch who modernized the industry. Then Al Goldstein’s Screw Mag entered the picture. Introduced was the view by some porn stars viewed themselves as frontline fighters in the spiritual battle between Christian America and secular humanism. Their aim was to defile the authoritarian Christian culture much the same as CM’s nihilism seeks to destroy Western culture in order to rebuild it under Jewish control. This was all earlier manifested in Weimar Germany with the attendant Christian backlash to the Jewish subversion of their society. Fast forward to Stephen Cohen’s, according to Reuters is worth $250 million. All this is just the tip of the iceberg. The liquor (Annheiser-Busch created by Jews, in 1916 80% of National Liquor Dealers Association members were Jews) and gambling industries (Adelson) were started and now dominated by Jews. Funk & Wagnalls: in 1916 85% of tobacco industry controlled by Jews. Until the last few years, Tel Aviv was a world center of human and organ trafficking. Catholic priest sexual abuse is matched by Rabbis but this news is buried. Volumes could be written on these subjects. We are dealing with the most egregious political and moral disease of humankind. Like no other group of peoples, they have been expelled from well over 100 countries. History will continue to repeat itself until we wake up.
The latest attempt to remove Trump from power has been dubbed Fisagate, where the Liberal / deep state has weaponized US intelligence agencies, Dept of State and the Dept of Justice to exonerate Hillary Clinton and frame Donald Trump in order to impeach him. This makes this censorship of Alex Jones incident or Charlottesville look like childs play, but they fit the pattern is clear and they fit historically into the above list of horrendous black ops. We have to wonder who and what’s next if they don’t attain their goals.
Sources: How Jews Gained American Liquor Control
Stephen Francis is the author of established in 2002, he is a graduate of the University of Illinois with a BA in Sociology. He was an in-uniform Vietnam War protestor jailed for disobeying direct orders in a 1969 Veteran’s Day protest. He has been a facilitator and speaker at a number of 9/11 Truth and Academic Freedom conferences since 2014. New in-progress projects include the creation of a ‘conspiracy theory’ MySQL database with cryptocurrency, bounty, and fundraising features attached to the domain name
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  1. Alex Jones is a right-wing nut job and explicit supporter of President Trump; a neo-fascist white-supremacist. Much of Alex Jone’s work to is provide propaganda and to provide the conspiracy theorists a constant supply of material to talk about. This is by design. The majority of his work is completely baseless and is engineered to be a distraction. I know 911 was an inside job, that’s obvious. Alex Jones once said that the government in the USA is out to turn the population gay; this is insane. People in the USA are committing genocide against gays; not promoting them. Missing persons reports in the USA from the 1980’s until now have gone up WELL over 600%. Few in the USA seem to care; in fact, people from the USA are one of a few primary actors in promoting homicide as a solution to the ‘gay’ problem. Some people went to Uganda to help them write the ‘kill the gays’ bill; which failed to pass, but they continue to do the same in other countries. Most of the people doing this work are not exposed, sometimes videos from whistle blowers makes it out of a country that people from the USA are encouraging to kill gays. It’s not political; Alex Jones has NO credibility. His work is meant to distract those who follow and investigate real conspiracies. He is a right-wing piece of crap and devout follower of President Trump. They are both Confederates and support fascism; not seek to destroy it.

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