PaidGovernmentShill: A list of “crisis actors” and other hilarious misfits

by PaidGovernmentShill

Maybe this will wake em up a little:

So many smiles, so little tears and sadness from the Borderline “mass shooting.”

Robbie Parker, smiling and laughing, and “getting into character” while hyperventilating.

Gene Rosen, whose entire story makes even less sense than his hilarious acting.

Thousand Oaks supposed father of a supposed victim… no tears, ZERO sadness, no emotion… brings up gun control, naturally… says his son was (impossibly) also somehow at the Las Vegas shooting.

Thousand Oaks supposed mother of supposed victim… this one speaks for itself… she also says her son was a Vegas “mass shooting” survivor. Does anyone with a triple digit IQ believe this crap?

Pulse Night Club… Pay very close attention at the 1:10 mark: 3 people are carrying a supposed victim passed the camera… once they think their job is done, they literally DROP THE GUY THEY WERE CARRYING, as if he wasn’t injured at all. One of the guys even does a little dance, and the black dude with dreads turns to look at the camera to make sure they didn’t mess up. (They did.)

Important side note: they are carrying victims TOWARDS the Pulse Night Club. There are tons of videos that have proven this to be the case. You’d think they’d be carrying them AWAY from where the event/“mass shooting” supposedly just took place??? Hmmm… what we they doing down the street from the night club????

Sebastian Gorka played by Orlando staged shooting: to watch, click this link

The supposed mother of the supposed Charlottesville car attacker. She’s just told her son is being accused of murder and she DOESN’T CARE AT ALL. She proceeds to bring up the usual talking points and buzzwords, such as “alt right,” as if it was scripted. Zero emotion over the fact that her son may have just killed someone, literally doesn’t care.

David Hogg makes gun grab video AS SHOOTING is supposedly happening…. later on, he literally claims he rode his bike home after the shooting (or during???) to get his camera to interview people… but why would he need to do that when he clearly already had a camera to begin with when he was filming the gun grabbing video???

David Hogg conducts fake interviews at Parkland; to watch, click this link.


More David Hogg: He has no idea how many of his sister’s friends died. Can’t get his story straight.

Limo crash from October 2018 that supposedly killed 20 people…this woman supposedly lost 4 of her nieces in this event… again, no tears, little emotion, somewhat strange responses/body language… but the real KEY here is: why does she say “I’m just so nervous”??? Is nervousness something any one on earth should feel after losing 4 loved ones???

One of my personal favorites: Supposed mother of girl who supposedly died at the Parkland shooting…

At 1:10, she is CLEARLY seen stopping what she was about to say to continue reading off the script. Couldn’t be more obvious. Even if her kid really did die, then why is CNN having her read off a script??? Because GUN GRAB, that’s why.

Then, at the 2:10 mark, the robotic fake news CNN lady starts her fake sadness BS, and Congressmen (((Ted Deutch))) can’t help but start laughing.

See, the fake CNN news lady is somewhat of a pro when it comes to lying/propaganda. She can kinda fake cry if she needs to, in order to further brainwash her already braindead audience… but the congressman is NOT trained to that that, so when he tries to, he can’t. So he subconsciously can’t help by smile/laugh. It really is THIS ridiculous.

And NEVER forget, they used an actor to lie about “dead babies in incubators” in order to start wars. This is one of those end-all, be-all type ones. If they lie like this to start wars, then what else will they lie about???

There are so many examples I can’t even remember which ones I’m forgetting. If you have any “crisis actor” type videos I have forgotten, please comment them down below… and remember, when you search things on YouTube/google, you WILL get only main stream news sources. Lot of NBCs and CBSs and CNNs. If they don’t delete the videos talking about the subject of false flags and crisis actors, then they simply bury them with the algorithms. They want the truth to be as hard as possible, if not impossible, to find.


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8 thoughts on “PaidGovernmentShill: A list of “crisis actors” and other hilarious misfits”

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  2. Isn’t it odd that the Sandy Hook parents were the oldest group of parents of 6 year olds in the US? Their average age was way over the expected norm for 6 year olds. Red flags flying.

    1. Problem Is Satanism

      Ralphie ralf–what happens when a “successful” civilization continues to reproduce offspring who don’t have to work and fight as hard as the original heroes, founders, and pioneers? Do u think it would be similar to Romans?–the people suffer evermore HUBRIS (look it up). The civilization corrupts and “declines,” according to Oswald Spengler, “Decline of the West.”

      History is CYCLIC, and USA is now Jew S A, captured (psychologically) by the master exploiters of HUBRIS. Indeed, Jew S A is now positively SATANIC society. Ever hrd of “agenda-21”?–pop. reduction–that’s what they’re going to do, and stupid people are notoriously subject to victimization of that sort–it’s what’s happening, the people now submerged in cognitive dissonance.

      Observe people are ALREADY being murdered on massive scale by means of legal drugs, like fentanyl and others, not to mention GMO foods, poison vaccines, poison glyphosate herbicides, etc., and now they’re going to introduce “5G” electro-magnetic effects which are understood as quite destructive and harmful–but no one cares–and that’s the penalty for not caring–U DIE, sucker–it’s way of the world, only in little more elaborate guise. It may be “disgraceful,” but never forget humans are sinners–it’s way cookie crumbles.

      Trick is how to extricate humanity, at least for those who might survive. One easy, obvious recourse is to get more anti-Semitic (anti-satanic)–which was magnificent religion, called “Christianity,” given us by Romans and Greeks, and which served Western culture and people for well over a millennia. Isn’t it genius how the Satanists have prejudiced the suckers soooo brilliantly against Christianity and anti-Semitism?

      So WHAT exactly is Satanism?–well, it’s really very simple: it’s extreme subjectivism, idea reality is mere creation of consciousness/mentality, making oneself God, the creator. Cognitive dissonance is designed to divert people fm simple ideas and solutions. Lots of fools and scum are going to have to be culled, evidently, I’m afraid.

      1. The problem is that people ARE stupid and proud of it. Learning and knowledge is scary to their atrophied brains.

      2. Having plural nouns usually requires an ”are” in the verb place. But one cannot make corrections in their comments in this blog, so there you have it. OMG, I haven’t diagrammed a sentence in half a century. I hope they don’t have sentence structure lessons in the hereafter. But Jim is doing the best he can with what we have.

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