Sandy Hook “Pozner v. Fetzer” Lawsuit: Defendant’s Counterclaim against “Leonard Pozner”

Jim Fetzer

Ironically, for all that has gone before, this might be the crucial development in the Sandy Hook “Pozner v. Fetzer” lawsuit, where I (as a Defendant) have now filed a Counterclaim against the Plaintiff, which turns him into the Defendant of a suit being brought against him by me. I have welcomed this lawsuit as an opportunity to present abundant and compelling proof that the alleged child shooting massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School (SHES) on 14 December 2012 was a FEMA drill at an abandoned school, which was presented as a real event to promote gun control. This Counterclaim may provide the most promising opportunity of all to accomplish that objective, which will have made the whole enterprise worthwhile.

Several developments of late may be worth mention here. On Thursday, John B. Wells interviewed me about New Zealand, the Boston bombing and Sandy Hook for “Caravan to Midnight”, broadcast nationwide on Friday, 22 March 2019, with over 100 slides and videos, including the suppressed footage of the staged New Zealand mosque attacks. Saturday, I was interviewed for 2.5 hours by Michael Decon, “End of Days”, a wide-ranging conversation covering New Zealand, Sandy Hook, 9/11 and JFK, where I emphasized that new research has shown that the Pozner HONR Network appears to be a Deep State, cyber-terrorist organization dedicated to taking down research on conspiracies, so far successfully more than 10,000 times.

Surprise! Surprise! Michael had uploaded the show to BeforeItsNews (BIN) and Sunday he received notice that it had been struck by the HONR Network in another of its ployed to prevent the public from learning of the extent to which it has been scammed by our own government, since Obama nullified the Smith-Mundt Act of 1948, which precluded the use of the same techniques of disinformation and propaganda within the United States that were being used without, by the misnamed “Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012”, just in time for the staged events at Sandy Hook. Here’s the notice he received so very promptly from Lenny via BIN, which was exquisitely timed, since my Third Demand for the Production of Documents was served on him only a few hours before I learned of this strike and demands extensive and detailed records about the HONR Network:

Between Mona Alexis Pressley’s demonstration that the passport for “Noah Samuel Pozner” is a fabrication and that Gene Rosen was an official FEMA employee, the Sandy Hook hoax continues to unravel. And the latest issue of PENN Magazine, edited by Mike Palecek, details a lot about it. My friend, Jeff Hurd, has told me that it’s “death by a thousand cuts”, which may fit the situation rather well. I believe we are onto something major regarding the HONR Network, which appears to be a cash-machine for Lenny and his cohort, where preserving the illusion that SHES was real to keep the money flowing may have motivated the lawsuit against me. Since it would not surprise me if Lenny were to try to take down my latest interview (again) and make it his 10,001st “success”, I also have it archived at and BitChute.


STATE OF WISCONSIN                     CIRCUIT COURT                         DANE COUNTY

LEONARD POZNER,                                                                CASE TYPE: DEFAMATION                                                   


          VS.                                                                                           Case No. 18CV3122








Counterclaim Plaintiff James Fetzer hereby alleges a Counterclaim for damages against

Counterclaim Defendant Leonard Pozner and hereby alleges as follows:






  1. Counterclaim Plaintiff James Fetzer is a resident of the State of Wisconsin, County of Dane and is a Defendant herein.


  1. Counterclaim Defendant Leonard Pozner is a resident of the state of Florida and is a Plaintiff herein.




  1. Substantial and not isolated acts giving rise to the cause of action for ABUSE OF PROCESS asserted herein, have occurred in the State of Wisconsin and within this venue.


  1. This Court has jurisdiction over both the parties and the subject matter because on information and belief a substantial number of events giving rise to this Counterclaim for Abuse of Process occurred in Dane County. On information and belief and with knowledge of the falsity of the allegations in his Complaint, Counterclaim Defendant Leonard Pozner has sued Defendant for having described the death certificate given to Kelley Watt as a “fabrication,” when Plaintiff is substituting a second death certificate, attached to his Complaint, as though they were the same in every material respect, when they are obviously different. Just as an unsigned check could be said to be worthless in comparison to the same check signed, the death certificate Defendant has said to be a “fabrication” is as different from the copy of the death certificate attached to his Complaint as a check that is unsigned is to a check that is signed. Defendant has never seen, much less commented upon, the document attached to the Complaint and therefore cannot possibly be held responsible for defamation for having characterized it, which they had never before seen, as a “fabrication”—though Defendant has observed that, if the death certificate certified by the State of Connecticut is the same “in every material respect” as the certificate Plaintiff gave to Kelley Watt, then the State of Connecticut has certified a fabrication, which is itself a crime.




  1. On December 14, 2012, in Newtown, Connecticut, agents of the federal, state and local municipal authorities conspired to stage an elaborate hoax. Counterclaim Defendant Leonard Pozner was a co-conspirator in the effort to stage the Sandy Hook Elementary School (hereinafter “SHES”) mass murder by an alleged psychologically disturbed young man by the name of Adam Lanza, who allegedly stole several guns from his mother, then shot his mother in her bed and then drove the family car to SHES, where he forcibly entered the school by shooting out the front glass door, and then entered SHES and murdered 20 students and six administrators and teachers. Counterclaim Defendant Leonard Pozner maintains that his son, “Noah Pozner,” was killed in this shooting incident.


  1. Upon closer examination, investigation, and study by concerned citizens, including but not limited to the Counterclaim Plaintiff, it was discovered that the alleged SHES mass murder never actually occurred as it was presented by the mainstream media. This discovery was caused by the examination of a large body of circumstantial evidence, including but not limited to the following:


a) Photographs demonstrate that, although a large hole was blown in the plate-glass window of SHES, it does not appear to have been done by any of the weapons purportedly in the possession of the alleged shooter, nor did anyone actually enter SHES through that hole, although at least 10 Connecticut State Police have signed sworn affidavits of having entered by means of it.


b) Media helicopters taking aerial footage of the event on December 14, 2012, took pictures of the triage tarps on the ground outside of SHES, but despite that allegations that 26 people were struck by bullets and killed, not a single human body was photographed being placed on any of the triage tarps.


c) Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) appears to have managed the event, including placing Porta-a-Potties and signage at the scene, and directing the participants as to where they should report to participate in the event


d) Pizza and bottled water were supplied at the scene, so that the participants could snack and drink, while awaiting their turn to be filmed and photographed at the alleged emergency event, much like at a Hollywood location film shoot.


e) News footage of participant and co-conspirator Robby Parker is seen at first laughing and smiling, before hyperventilating to “get into character” of the distraught parent who suffered the loss of a child, before Mr. Parker gives a speech regarding his sorrow at the alleged loss of his daughter.


f) Photographs of the scene of the alleged mass murder, reveal at least two photographs were taken, one showing parents present at the scene, while a uniformed policewoman is repositioning the schoolchildren being led away from SHES to get “a better shot.”


g) Investigation later revealed that by December 14, 2012, SHES had actually been closed since 2008, and the inactive school buildings were being used to “stage” the alleged SHES mass murder.


h) Wayne Carver II, M.D., then-chief state medical examiner, stated that the parents of the deceased children were identified by photographs, as opposed to direct observation and identification of the bodies of the children, which appears to have been done because the children only existed in the form of photographs, as subsequent research has shown, some of which appears in “Sandy Hook Truth: A Sandy Hook Collected Memorandum for the President of the United States” (2018), edited by Robert David Steele and available online.


i) Other and further circumstantial evidence of this staged event exists and will be developed in discovery, including “The FEMA Manual for Sandy Hook,” published as Appendix A to Nobody Died At Sandy Hook: It was a FEMA Drill to Promote Gun Control, which is confirmed by the presence of the sign, refreshments and restrooms, and participants wearing name-tags on lanyards, which are standard practices for conducting FEMA drills, and by the absence of a surge of EMTs into the building, the lack of a string of ambulances to rush the bodies off to hospitals where they could be declared to be dead or alive, the failure to call a Med-Evac chopper, which is normally done even for drills, and a host of other indications, many of which appear in the publications cited above and elsewhere.


  1. This elaborate staged mass-media event was “produced” to advance an agenda to deprive U.S. citizens of their rights pursuant to the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.


  1. As concerned citizens continued to investigate the alleged SHES mass murder, including the Counterclaim Plaintiff, numerous persons coordinated their investigations to reveal and uncover the “Sandy Hook Hoax,” Counterclaim Defendant Leonard Pozner contacted Kelley Watt in 2015, followed by numerous telephone conversations and email exchanges.


  1. During the course of conversations and correspondence between Leonard Pozner and Kelley Watt, Leonard Pozner provided her with a “death certificate” alleged to be that of his son “Noah Pozner,” which death certificate has, on its face, several material differences and inconsistencies from the alleged death certificate, which Defendant Fetzer has introduced into the records of this case.


10. The death certificate that Plaintiff Pozner attached to his Complaint differs substantially from the death    certificate Plaintiff previously sent to Kelley Watt, insofar as, unlike that version, it has a (handwritten) file number, does not have a bottom two-thirds darker in texture than the top one-third, and the box for decedent’s Social Security number is blank, while the same box in the copy sent to Kelley Watt was blacked out in an apparent effort to conceal that decedent does not have (or was never assigned) a Social Security number. Additionally, the document attached to Plaintiff’s Complaint shows several changes attributed to “father Leonard Pozner,” even though the name of the father on the certificate proper is “Lenny Pozner.” They are not the same.


11. After having investigated the alleged SHES mass murder of December 14, 2012, Defendants James Fetzer and Mike Palecek, published in 2015 a book entitled Nobody Died AtSandy Hook: It was a FEMA Drill to Promote Gun Control (with 13 contributors, including sixcurrent or retired Ph.D. professors), establishing that the school had been closed by 2008, that there were no students there, and that it was a FEMA drill to promote gun control in which nobody died. A second edition of the book was published in 2016 by James Fetzer, Mike Palecek and Wrongs Without Wremedies, LLC.


12. Plaintiff Leonard Pozner claims to have been defamed by the publication of the books Nobody Died At Sandy Hook: It was a FEMA Drill to Promote Gun Control,specifically for Defendant Fetzer having described the death certificate given to Kelley Watt as a “fabrication,” and filed this lawsuit for defamation, when in truth and in fact, Leonard Pozner knows that the SHES shooting was an elaborate staged event, wherein no one was killed on December 14, 2012.





13. Counterclaim Plaintiff incorporates by this reference all allegations contained within this Counterclaim into this cause of action for Abuse of Process as though said allegations have been set out fully and at length herein, and further alleges as follows:


14. On or about November 27, 2018, Leonard Pozner initiated litigation in this Court against James Fetzer, Mike Palecek and Wrongs Without Wremedies, LLC, with alleged causes of action for defamation and conspiracy against the Defendants. Plaintiff Leonard Pozner intentionally filed and served said lawsuit for defamation and conspiracy on said Defendants, despite his knowledge that his son “Noah Pozner” was not killed in the SHES shooting on December 14, 2012.


15. Leonard Pozner’s acts, by filing and serving a lawsuit which he knows contains false allegations regarding the alleged killing of his son “Noah Pozner” and the alleged issuance of a death certificate, was performed and accomplished for the improper purpose of sustaining the false belief by citizens of the State of Wisconsin and of the U.S. that a child massacre had been perpetrated by a mentally disturbed individual on December 14, 2012, who allegedly took possession of his mother’s legally obtained firearms and then went on a killing spree at SHES.


16. The improper purpose of the filing and service of Leonard Pozner’s lawsuit against the Defendants arises from the continuing intent of Leonard Pozner and his co-conspirators in the federal, state and local municipal governments (aided and abetted by the mainstream media) to continue to mislead and deceive the U.S. population, to deprive its citizens of their rights pursuant to the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, including the use of social media giants (Google, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter) to suppress exposure of the facts of the matter to the American people and subvert the First Amendment.





17.  Plaintiff has perpetrated a fraud upon this Court and the public by presenting himself as the grieving father of a child whom, he claims, died at Sandy Hook, when Plaintiff has acted in full knowledge this was a FEMA mass casualty exercise involving children in which nobody—no adult and no child—was shot and killed. It has been reported that the fake families of the alleged 26 victims have received from $27 million to $130 million in donations from sympathetic but gullible Americans, which divided equally between the 26 fake families works out at over $1 million to $5 million apiece for the pretense of having lost a child at Sandy Hook. Plaintiff and others who participated in this fraud upon the public are therefore also guilty of theft by deception, which is a crime under Wis. Stat. § 943.20.





18. Counterclaim Plaintiff reaffirm that Counterclaim Defendant appears to be perpetrating a fraud upon the Court. See Schultz v. Sykesand Jones v. Courtyard Apartments, LLPAoude v. Mobil Oil Corp., 892 F.2d 1115 (1st Cir. 1989), states: “A ‘fraud on the court’ occurswhere it can be demonstrated, clearly and convincingly, that a party has sentiently set in motion some unconscionable scheme calculated to interfere with the judicial system’s ability impartially to adjudicate a matter by improperly influencing the trier or unfairly hampering the presentation of the opposing party’s claim or defense.” See, e.g., Alexander v. Robertson, 882 F.2d 421, 424 (9th Cir.1989); Pfizer, Inc. v. International Rectifier Corp., 538 F.2d 180, 195 (8th Cir.1976); England v. Doyle, 281 F.2d 304, 309 (9th Cir.1960);United Business Communications, Inc. v. Racal-Milgo, Inc., 591 F.Supp. 1172, 1186-87 (D.Kan.1984);United States v. ITT Corp., 349F.Supp. 22, 29 (D.Conn.1972), aff’d mem., 410 U.S. 919, 93 S.Ct. 1363, 35 L.Ed.2d 582 (1973).”


19. On the basis of multiple lines of research, including national searches using two widely relied upon search engines, which have failed to locate any party by the name of “Leonard Pozner” in the U.S., Counterclaim Plaintiff has concluded Counterclaim Defendant has filed this case under a false name and that “Lenny Pozner” appears to be as much of a fiction as his alleged son “Noah Pozner,” who appears to be a fiction made up out of photographs of older children when they were young. Specifically, subject to further investigation, Counterclaim Plaintiff believes “Noah Pozner” is a fiction made up out of photographs of his “older step-brother” Michael Vabner, and that, to the best of Counterclaim Plaintiff’s knowledge and belief, “Leonard Pozner” is actually Reuben Vabner, the father of Michael Vabner, which explains why there are so many photographs of “Lenny and Noah” together, where Counterclaim Plaintiff is engaged in ongoing research to confirm or disconfirm their findings about the true identity of the Counterclaim Defendant in this case, who does not appear to be a person with the real name of “Leonard Pozner.”


  1. Further proof derives from evidence that the U.S. passport for “Noah Samuel Pozner” appears to be another fabrication, where the photograph used to create the document does not conform to State Department requirements with regard to type of photograph (snapshot rather than formal), with the subject looking to the side (rather than fully-facing the camera). In addition, the image is of the wrong size and violates the placement requirements imposed by the government (which is obvious from inspection). Counterclaim Plaintiff believes that faking a U.S. passport represents a far more serious (federal) offense than faking a (state) death certificate. This discovery reinforces Counterclaim Plaintiff’s belief that Counterclaim Defendant has committed perpetrated a fraud upon the Court.




Counterclaim Plaintiff reaffirms his belief that Counterclaim Defendant Complaint has been filed for the illicit purpose of intimidation to prevent public knowledge of the truth concerning the events at SHES, and not for genuine legal relief for actionable harm done and is therefore an actionable abuse of process. Counterclaim Plaintiff requests the Court reserve for Counterclaim Plaintiff the options to Counterclaim for Abuse OF Process, for fraud and theft by deception, and for perpetrating a fraud upon this Court and/or to seek relief under Section 802.05 and/or under Section 895.044 of Wisconsin Statutes.



Counterclaim Plaintiff prays as follows:


A) For declaratory relief, determining that the death certificate circulated by Leonard Pozner in 2015 is not the same as the death certificate Plaintiff attached to his Complaint and, as such, Defendant cannot be guilty of defamation for a document they have in fact never addressed.


B) For damages and attorney fees incurred by Counterclaim Plaintiff made necessary by the defense of the within action.


C) For cost of suit herein.


D) For such other and further relief as this Court deems just and proper.


Date: March 21, 2019


By James Fetzer, pro se













































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72 thoughts on “Sandy Hook “Pozner v. Fetzer” Lawsuit: Defendant’s Counterclaim against “Leonard Pozner””

  1. “That photo is on just about every conspiracy site that discusses Sandy Hook. the photo itself is not banned.”

    Specific examples, please.

    “Why hasn’t Wolfgang or the woman who first posted the photo, given more info about it?”

    Question is nonsensical. You don’t get your questions answered until you answer a few.


    1. Godlike Productions, Reddit, Fellowshipoftheminds, Abovetopsecret DC Clothesline. This is the site of the woman who first tweeted the photos of the alleged Sandy hook kids:

      Halbig has been asking questions for over six years and they have been answered for six years, he just does not like the answers. But when it’s turned around and he is asked questions, like where those photos came from, he does not answer. If Wolfgang wants his questions answered, then he should be prepared to answer some as well.

      1. You and your inane interruptions should be no where near the universe in which Mr. Halbig resides….that place of integrity and honor. You could not shine his boots or kiss his arse.

      2. “Godlike Productions, Reddit, Fellowshipoftheminds, Abovetopsecret DC Clothesline. This is the site of the woman who first tweeted the photos of the alleged Sandy hook kids:”

        Not specific. Give URLs where photo is posted, alive and well now on the site.


        Halbig indicates he is “in communication” with the families, or the legal representatives of the girls themselves. I think we can understand that said communications would be of a delicate or dicey nature. We ought also to recognize that there are entities like you who are working hard to knock down his efforts, employing the same old tired games.

        ” But when it’s turned around and he is asked questions, like where those photos came from, he does not answer. If Wolfgang wants his questions answered, then he should be prepared to answer some as well.”

        Thank you for your perfect example of your defense mechanism of projection. You are doing and have been doing what you are claiming Wolf is doing. You are also employing the same games we see on nightly MSM news.

        Wolf does not have to know or answer where the photo came from. What is important is the veracity and validity and “true and correctness” of the copy of the photo.
        We have to go with what we got.
        It would be nice to know the source of photos and videos and we should seek that out, even if it usually is to no avail.

        “Halbig has been asking questions for over six years and they have been answered for six years, he just does not like the answers.”

        Questions are important. Halbig has to the best of his ability based on the paucity of information we are allowed. I’m with Wolf.
        Again, you make assertions that are meaningless or nonsensical and never backed up with anything resembling facts.

        Again, we need Dr. Fetzer to chime in here and now. Give us the link to the video interview where Halbig says in his own voice and words what he is claiming.

      3. “In communication” can be interrupted in different ways, just sending someone a message could mean you are “communicating” with them. Doesn’t mean that person has answered you.

        The link to the Twitter image was deleted along with Halbig’s account, but others uploaded it elsewhere or put it on their sites.

      4. “In communication” can be interrupted in different ways, just sending someone a message could mean you are “communicating” with them. Doesn’t mean that person has answered you.

        The link to the Twitter image was deleted along with Halbig’s account, but others uploaded it elsewhere or put it on their sites.

      5. I grant that you have provided specific examples. Thank you for breaking your usual pattern, however, it was like pulling teeth. And it still say your comment ““That photo is on just about every conspiracy site that discusses Sandy Hook. the photo itself is not banned.” is a gross exageration.
        I have already provided one example of a URL where the photo has disappeared. I am sure there are many more examples.
        The DATES the photos are having babies and popping up here and there on various sites is also important. Dates would seem to be an important variable to analyze to come to a clearer picture of what is going on here.

        Again, I agree with Toni that we need professional analysis of the photo, something none of us appear able to do.

      6. A lot of it could all be cleared up if Wolfgang or this woman would just give more info on the photos:

        But they will not.

        If the children are now in high school, just buy Ridgefield High yearbooks from the last few years and see if you can find them.

  2. Just came across this on Jim Stone\’s site:
    If Wolfgang Halbig was wrong about Sandy Hook, why is this image banned wherever it gets posted?
    If they had nothing to hide, they\’d laugh at this. But, they do have something to hide so they ban it instead. I can\’t host this from here right now because I can\’t upload it when in \”combat mode\” but someone got this posted to a location that is not so closely watched and killed off. I\’ll get this uploaded later and host it from here.

    I was skeptical about this until I discovered it is banned, and the message Twitter sent was way more nasty than the usual message. I have never seen Twitter do that, someone\’s touchy about this. Anyway, here it is from a different image host:

      1. I would love to see an expert at photo analysis work on that. Just as a layman and amateur photographer, they look damn close to me….

  3. I support your efforts 100%. have never believed the SH story from the moment i watched unfold.
    I’m sure you’ve been inundated with unsolicited advice, but please hear me out
    most people are generally normal. even people who disagree with you, they are deep down just trying to do the right thing. even the people who would have been involved with arranging SH. Some might be pushing an agenda. many would be good team players just doing what they are told. these people could be brought in under what ever cover story, and would be happy to do their jobs to help out. and keep their mouths shut over bribes, NDA’s, and threat of prison
    HOWEVER, a handful are total psychopaths. They would not hesitate to turn a drill live. Wait until the ever so helpful workers have set the stage and moved back to the sidelines. and then turn it real.
    When you demand evidence, they will be able to supply bodies. 1, 5, 10, 20? doesnt matter what the official count was. after the first verifiable one you are painted as the callous, crazed conspiracy loon. and if they didnt do it then, its not too late to “find” some now if they have to
    i HOPE that it was all just a drill, but just saying, it would have been EASIER for them to go real, then to fabricate the whole thing from scratch
    if it hasnt been covered already, an operating school would have food deliveries, oil deliveries, trash pick up, electric bills, staff, payrolls, pensions, orders for stationary, toilet paper, orders for maintenance, repair orders for outside contractors, fire marshal inspections, fire alarm maintenance contracts, bus/transportation vendors, daily sign in logs, credit cards and petty cash allotments, school nurse and health records, new student admittance, a mountain of paperwork with each, and a place in the education departments yearly budgets covering them all. some would still be needed for a mothballed facility, but the lack of usage would be glaring.
    and sandy hook ELEMENTARY would have been feeding students into the next higher grade school. there would be records, and memories, of those incoming students, and when they stopped coming from there.
    good luck digging to the bottom of this.

  4. Once more with feeling.

    Wolfgang Halbig said in an interview by Dr. Fetzer at some interview right before Feb 5 2019, that he, Wolfgang, was in communication with the young teenage girls who were “killed” in the SHES. Needless to say this work by WH is extremely important because if these girls go public and tell of the use of their identity in the false Sandy Hook event, it should permanently put the Lenny Pozner show out of business.

    The YouTube channel where I heard this interview is now banned from YT and the link to the photo of the teenage girls is now also MIA.


    I do not know if this is the best place to post this information but I can identify no place where all Sandy Hook discussion takes place.

    I recently listened to an interview of Wolfgang Halbig by Dr. James Fetzer. Think this copy is a re-upload — Do not know what video platform and channel this interview originally appeared on. I was unable to find this interview on BitChute or 153news,net


    as of March 29 2019
    YouTube gives this message for this video

    This video has been removed for violating YouTube’s policy on harassment and bullying.

    34 minute video
    James Fetzer interviews Wolfgang Halbig
    James Fetzer & Wolfgang Halbig Sandy Hook, False Flags & Government Corruption izWtKwZQGe0

    Published on Feb 5, 2019
    “I’ve got this on my hard drive. YouTube will be deleting Sandy Hook soon.”
    People & Blogs

    SUBJECT: Wolfgang Halbig’s WH recent important work regarding the identify of the “fourth graders” at the time of Sandy Hook, December 2012, approximate age 10. WH stated at 1:43 to 2:45 on this video that he is “in communication” regarding these now just graduated from high school “fourth graders” who are having misgivings about their being exploited to play act in the SH movie and are concerned about their lives and their futures from that experience. If these girls, it seems mostly girls we are talking about here, come forward with how they were recruited and used to participate in the SH deception, it could blow the lid off of all SH-related lawsuits.

    I observe that “Noah Pozner” is a completely separate “person” inserted in the SH deception, separate from these “fourth graders”.” But these girls’ possible official truth telling in the near future would also destroy all “Noah Pozner” lies.

    Here is a separate photo I picked up from another forum I used to participate in.

    Dead sh girls get together for a reunion?


    1. The photo of the girls could be cleared up easily if Halbig would juts give their names or show other, larger photos of the girls to better compare them. All he has said is that he “thanked” Facebook for the photos. He should show the Facebook pages where says he found the photos.

      BTW, another person says she is the one who found the photos. She also will not give anything more than saying she got them from Facebook

      This is her website:

      According to Godlikeproductions, based on the masonry behind the girls in the photo, it was taken at Ridgefield High School in CT. One of the girls is holding as diploma, with four words. Possibly East Ridge Middle School. If it’s middle school graduates, that would make them 13 or 14. So when the photo was taken matters, Halbig and others also think the Sandy Hook kids sang at the 2013 Super Bowl. Those kids looked to be 9-10, maybe 11 for some. So if you’re going to say the graduates are the same as the SB kids, then the graduate photo has to have been from 2015, ’16 or ’17. Which puts the girls in high school now. If the graduate photo is from 2013 let’s say, then those girls could not have been singing at the Super Bowl.

    2. I have located another copy of the video which is also a re-upload.

      Still no info about original date of broadcast and where originally posted on YouTube and where else it may be posted.

      Here it is.


      34:03 length
      James Fetzer & Wolfgang Halbig – Sandy Hook, False Flags & Government Corruption
      hinden berg
      Certain features have been disabled for this video
      In response to user reports, we have disabled some features, such as comments, sharing, and suggested videos, because this video contains content that may be inappropriate or offensive to some audiences.
      Published on Nov 29, 2018
      James Fetzer & Wolfgang dropping bombshells on the Sandy hoax False Flag.
      News & Politic

      WH speaks about the girls who just graduated from high school at two places on this audio.

      1:52 and 16:10

      1. DL…Great find. I have to persist in saying we will very unlikely ever get any satisfaction through any normal judicial process. If this one incident is revealed, nothing will stop a revelation of the others and this is something this government will never let happen. I do not like being so negative, but I am a realist and in this situation, they hold all the cards.

        We need WE THE PEOPLE to demand some sort of special investigation that operates outside the government and/or a strike or MARCH ON DC until we get satisfaction.

        We cannot realistically expect justice from the very system we are attempting to indict.

      2. The photos were first tweeted late 2017, early 2018. So if it’s a high school graduation then the girls were 18 in June 2017. Which would make them 14 maybe 14 at the 2013 Super Bowl. The girls that sang at the Super Bowl do not look 14. So if it’s a high school photo then you’ll have to decide which theory is right. Sandy Hook kids sang at the Super Bowl or were in the graduation photo.

        The diploma the girl on the right side looks like it says “something something middle school”, not high school. If it’s a middle school graduation, then it puts doubt that Wolfgang is “in communications” with the girls.

      3. Bob, you have your “facts foxed”, as Dr. Fetzer famously said on MSM TV news many years ago.

        You need to keep in mind who is saying and not saying what. The photo and the holding of “diploma” in the photo looks staged and false to me and that is why I say the photo needs as much scrutiny as possible

        First of all, I do not believe you know when the photo was “first tweeted.” I also do not believe you know when the photo was first posted anywhere on the web.

        Secondly, Wolfgang Halbig, to my knowledge has had nothing to do with the photo at all. Whoever first posted the photo anywhere, including Twitter, was to my knowledge, NOT WH, and should not be conflated with WH’s claims and efforts.

        The interview of WH under discussion took place some time between July of 2017 and November 29, 2018, and in that interview WH said the girls had graduated from high school at that point in time. I accept WH as telling the truth.

        Dr. Eowyn and maybe Vivian Lee and Dr. Fetzer (THEIR) would know better the age of the girls and boys who performed at the Super Bowl on Feb. 3, 2013, or at least would know the age and grade presented as fact to the public around the time of the event. It is THEIR idea or “theory” that some of those children that performed at the Super Bowl are the about 10 year old iteration of the same “first graders” who were allegedly killed at the SHES false event. I am more inclined to see that THEIR timelines are dependent on “the official narrative” and what was shown on MSM and said in various media news stories of the time.

        WH implies, but does not state explicitly, that the girls or girls’ family members or representatives he is “in communication” with are some of the girls who performed at the Super Bowl. I tend to believe WH as a true and reliable informant and if he is less than specific, he may have good legal reason to be so at this time.

        I can see that IF these young people do want to “go public” and if that actually happens, it would function in a domino effect and knock down not only all aspects of the false SHES story but other false events as well.

        I believe all mentioned here are well intentioned and want to find and shine healing light of truth on the elaborate lies.

        (There have been Sunsteinian layers and layers of false anecdotes and subplots and photos and videos and interviews and guests inserted after the false events to divert and deflect from truth when too many people are getting on the right track and asking the right questions.)

      4. I know Halbig didn’t originally tweet the photo, the woman runs apparently did. She will not answer questions about the photo. When her Twitter was active, several asked her about the photos but beyond saying they were from Facebook, she would not give any other information.

  5. I just submitted an important bit of information re SHES and I see that there is no message about my submitted comment being in moderation and I did complete the captcha thingee. The comment apparently just poofed. I hope not.

  6. I bless and encourage Dr. Fetzer’s counterclaim lawsuit , I pray for success.

    My research shows that only about one-half of one percent of the population knows and believes that Sandy Hook was a hoax.

    I give it about 50 to 100+ years for the knowing-numbers of people to rise above 50%. I hope its sooner but I doubt it.

    Its the same for nuclear 911. Less than 1% of the population knows what really happened that day.

  7. Dr. Fetzer\’s goal and purpose for this counterclaim pro se lawsuit is its being an \” opportunity to present abundant and compelling proof that the alleged child shooting massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School (SHES) on 14 December 2012 was a FEMA drill at an abandoned school.\”

    I sometimes wonder if this counterclaim lawsuit plays out in the most advantageous way and achieves this goal if that will change our situation of decades of many false events on U S soil almost destroying our constitutional republic. This seems analogous to how the president keeps promising to release the \”FISA declass.\” Even if this does happen, the media and the deep state will find a way to turn this bombshell into a nothing burger. Failed treasonous coup d\’é·tat against the president by the DOJ, FBI, Obama and administration, CIA et al. Ho hum, so what.

  8. Wow! This is great, Jim; keep it up!

    I’m excited for this progress: a venue for both our side (truth, justice) and our opponents (psychopathic evil) to play before (and important to legally ensure) a neutral jury.

    Step-by-step, doing what we see possible for truth and justice, we’ll discover what evolves 🙂

  9. Not sure how to contact Jim F. but per the recent news, Avielle Richman’s father was involved in (Marjory Stoneman event in Florida), has committed suicide. Wonder if he was able to get three bullets in before the gun fell from his dead hands?

    1. Another one? A Stoneman father? That makes two kids and two fathers from fake shootings in a week…..either these folks can’t live with their deceit or they might have been about to spill beans … or everyone is getting a warning!
      Thanks Baloney.

    2. Your comment is probing. About a year after the Sandy Hoax affair, I inquired if it would be possible to absolutely insure that the coffins of the deceased actually DID contain the bodies. I was skeptical from the get-go, in other words. It was pretty obvious that the PTB would not allow exhumation and subsequent analysis. But, I did find out that the US government had created a gadget that they patented that would tell the investigators if, indeed, a body was in a coffin. I contacted them, engaged them in small talk, and then tried to see if they’d participate in this electronic exhumation procedure. Oops, I hit a nerve and they backed down and left the scene mighty pronto. No dice.
      I hate to say it, but something just ain’t copacetic and I can’t quite put my finger on it. Too much funny stuff happening and I’m not in my element. Sandy Hook participants have all been trained in subterfuge, I’m sure of it. Look what happened to drug runner Barry Seal. He was contracted to the US government, was determined to “know too much”, next thing he gets bumped off because he “knew too much”.
      Just sayin’……..

      1. Fortunately for Jim, no one will ever accuse him of knowing too much. I expect he will escape this lawsuit by virtue of a diagnosis of paranoia and dementia.

      2. Like so many other brainless attacks from trolls and shills, this comment ignores the mass of evidence that contradicts it, not only including graduating from Princeton magna cum laude and earning a Ph.D. in the history and the philosophy of science, but his record of publication, including 24 academic books prior to his retirement as Distinguished McKnight University Professor from the Duluth Campus of the University of Minnesota in 2006 but the scope and depth of his (collaborative) research on “false flag” events, including Sandy Hook, the Boston bombing, Orlando and Dallas, Charlottesville, Parkland and more–complementing his earlier (monumental) books by the best experts on JFK which shattered the cover-up and exposed the conspiracy! Stupid is as stupid does! Critics like this make the case that the perps are desperate to conceal their acts of deceit and deception.

  10. Great for you Dr. Fetzer!! Courts like to “frown on” pro se litigants to discourage such a thing. But if anyone can do it, you can. Be sure and post any replies so those of us who have fought battles with legal monsters like this can follow along.
    New Zealand surely has to be the snowflake that causes the avalanche. It’s fakery is so blatant!
    Remember, Jim. Most people are not swayed by evidence. If they were the overwhelming amount, and your encyclopedic recollection and analysis would have completely won over the entire world. You’d love to read “Win Bigly” by Scott Adams about persuasion. Funny, informative and a fast read.
    Bennett’s admonition to “get angry” is not correct either. People are not “idiots” who buy in to this stuff, they just do not have your Sherlock Holmes style reasoning powers. I’m no slouch and I was “sickened” by the NZ video the first time, especially the woman’s hair piece being blown off (so was our mutual friend). I forced myself to watch again, and that’s when I contacted you to ask about the few anomalies I caught, and got the chance to listen to you and Scott Bennett rip the scenario to shreds on revolution radio. Can’t wait to see more!
    We all need the best step by step analysis video of the NZ, you know where someone smart gives us frame by frame etc.? This could include the texting plaid shirted hero dad and the “witness” reports with some body language analysis. Then everyone can start to look at Sandy Hoax and the Boston Smoke Bombing for what they are.
    So glad to be back! Still your biggest fan!

    1. Purposo Anonymi says: “…..then everyone can start to look at Sandy Hoax and the Boston Smoke Bombing for what they are.”

      A casual 10 minute look at the evidence will reveal that they’re both colossal hoaxes. This has been known what they are by a few research people for years. I’d be very surprised if anyone on Dr. Fetzer’s blog is unaware of this fact.

      I never watch TV news but I do listen to radio news. Not a day passes that I do not hear something about the massacre at the Sandy Hook school. Lord knows how many years or decades this hoax event will be force-fed to the ignorant public.

      As I have said before, these frauds and hoaxes about gun-control are planned to happen almost monthly for the next 50 to 75 years. Well over 500 are planned. There’s even a secret government office that creates ”dead people” as needed for each hoax.

      1. Don, Wow. I am so not surprised. It’s why I think this NZ thing is such a big deal. It’s so incredibly fake…. and the scrubbing is red-flagging everyone, especially young people. I think it’s our chance to blow the lid off the whole crisis actor thing.
        …If we can keep URL’s going and comment sections protected. I’ve lost Fellowship of the Minds all day today. She was getting too much traffic and attention. I could happen here…
        Glad I have all of you to communicate with.
        Fetzer Fans Forever!

  11. I have zero legal expertise, but this certainly seems well done and complete.

    What type of response would serve this cause best?

    So, it looks like this was filed on March 12st? Is there a deadline for a response?

    1. Hi Willy, I just spoke to Jim and he’s going to talk to his webmaster to see if that’s the person that’s been deleting our posts. I don’t think you lost yours cause you posted a link. Glad we brought this to Jim’s attention.
      My post was critical of an author and “attacked’ their credibility, but did not, in my opinion, rise to the level of “malicious’ which was a term Jim used when addressing what comments might be moderated away.
      JIM! We’d love to hear from you on this.

      1. Happy to say they all finally got posted. Thanks so much for your concern.
        I am impressed I am allowed to post anything re my friend Khalezov. His name is what got me banned from several blogs.

      2. Khalezov huh? Now I’m going to look him or her up!
        Fetzer Fans Forever!!!

      3. Dmitri Khalezov…911-Thology.- The Third Truth..The first book was wiped from the Web back in 2010 or so. He revised it and it’s now a 1096 page tome…a truly remarkable effort. Spent time in a Thai prison on trumped up charges to get him out of the spotlight for a while. A benefactor bribed his way out (twas not a pittance). He’s made a few videos the past months or so. When he first got out, he would report on YT every 10 days that he was alive and well. I had a good friend…since passed….who met with him and helped to edit his book over about a year period….I was lucky to receive parts as it was being written.
        It’s still only an e-book…never had the money to put it in print. Many versions are out there, but the best are the ones with a search engine that allows one top use it as a research tool.
        James and I argued a bit over a particular subject in the book, but eventually, we worked it out.

      4. Maybe Jim and Moonrock books would publish your friend? What was the argument about? Jim does TV shows with flat earthers, (for which I tease him) so he’s open to some of other people’s pretty wild ideas.

      5. I just wrote a long response that disappeared…no link….so I am cooling it for now…that pisses me off.

      6. OK…I found it in my history….so I’ll try again:

        James is very familiar with Khalezov. Actually, Dmitri was a contributor to VT years ago.
        Best to leave that issue buried.
        But…not related to that issue, Khalezov’s idea (and I totally accept it but for minor issues) is that the towers were nuked, but not with what they call mini-nukes, but full-blown multi kiloton nukes that were placed beneath the towers when they were constructed. He presents an amazing amount of evidence and is himself, a witness having worked with Russia in a military division that detected worldwide nuclear detonations. The evidence and information in that book is astounding and worth the read just for the education.
        Consider this: How many skyscrapers exist in the world today? In some emergency …fire……whatever…… could insurers be certain those buildings could be brought down without damaging surrounding VERY expensive real estate? This is the main reason I believe this topic is hush hush. Do our masters want the general public to know all or many skyscrapers have nuclear devices planted beneath them?

      7. Willy, Thanks for letting me know things are still disappearing. This comment section is VERY important to me. We will figure this out.

      8. Purposo,
        The only time my comments EVER don’t post is if I include a link. It must mean I’m not that much of a threat.

        Not cool enough to censor! lol

        I’m gonna test it right now with a comment including a link. Let you know.

      9. Thanks Toni for the test. I don’t know that Jim would automatically prevent links, but I will check. Good to see you! I think you are totally cool enough to censor!

      10. “I think you are totally cool enough to censor!”
        Thanks, Purposo! I’m trying so hard to be edgy.

        You know what else would be cool, long as we’re asking? If links to videos and graphics would show up, not as links, but as content visible in the comment. I think it would be quite diverting.

        Too much?

      11. Tony, Great idea. Comment sections are under serious attack, and hard to maintain. You’ll notice that Disqus and Facebook are working on a monopoly. I’m glad to be working with you so I can take this to Jim. I’ll keep you all posted. I have hope for “Dissenter” from Gab but I can’t get it on my Brave privacy browser yet, so I don’t know who to trust.
        Fellowship Of the Minds has been down for me all day. And Adams and his “Brighteon” has totally caved to the New Zealand satanist bad guy censors. They are coming for whole URL’s now. Let’s see if we can stay one step ahead.
        Great talking to you. Fetzer Fans Forever

      12. Toni…In my experience, there are times the comment will go up with that moderation rider….and times it disappears and shows up later. We need consistency. For instance, that long comment about Khalezov just disappeared after I correctly answered the captcha thingie. I was able to find it by going back and copying it and pasting it into a reply to Purposo. This time there was no captcha and it just posted. No consistency.

        But what bugs me more than anything is a lack of notification. Going back constantly to check for replies is very time consuming. Could be there is something that works better that I do not know. Maybe there is something I don’t know that I don’t know. Damn Werner Erhard messin’ with my head!

      13. Willy, yes, damn Werner Erhard! he who said,
        “Obviously the truth is what’s so. Not so obviously, it is also so what.”

        EST has dispensed such clarity of wisdom for years.

        Erhard also said, “Ride the horse in the direction that it’s going.”
        I wonder if he’s ever ridden a horse, because horses given their head will only go towards home and that doesn’t sound disruptive or edgy enough for EST.

        I agree with every complaint you have about this comment section; in particular, checking for new comments and replies. Comments released from moderation don’t appear at all in an rss feed and the Recent Comments list is so short that it demands constant surveillance to keep up with conversation.

        The fact that there are no graphics or video available in the threads may be less critical but it would make the forum more interesting and visually appealing.

      14. Toni….I did enjoy the Forum (EST, Landmark Education or whatever it may be termed now)……it got me out of myself and for that I was grateful. But the further you got into it, the more they wanted you to be a salesperson. Did not work for me. I will say the leaders were amazingly powerful and engaging. I assisted several and it was an experience I will always remember.

        Everything considered, if I had to settle on one vast improvement on this blog, it would be notification. I really spend too much time going back and forth.

      15. Glad you got something out of it, Willy.

        I always thought that whole scene was rather cult-like, myself. But then I’m way skeptical about cults, being from California. From your description it sounds like they were pressuring you like a multi-marketing scheme or something.

        Notifications Now!
        At least an email or something when a comment is posted.

      16. It IS cult-like and leaving is not easy…they will haunt you….
        My attitude in these things is “take what you can and leave the rest”….OR
        “..a man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest”…

        lie-a- lie…lie-a-lie…lie-a-lie….

      1. the lying snopes Jew working with the law firm and liars admitting just this year she’s a Jew and wrong kind of “white”

        Brooke Binkowski on Twitter: “@pigguface I mean I’ve never practiced or celebrated but I do have some Jewish heritage, I found out last year. And Romani! So I’m almost entirely the “wrong kind of white” hahahahahahahaha” / Twitter

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