Dave Hodges, 1992 Bosnian Holocaust Survivor Warns America: Never Give Up Your Guns

Dave Hodges

Friend and colleague, Kathy Rubio, sent me a biographical account of a document written by a person who survived the holocaust conditions in Bosnia between 1992 and 1995. According to Kathy, the man has had a stroke and obviously would not be available for interviews. Subsequently, I went through the 8 page document and extracted information that related to the importance of having guns in a crisis. Not one word, or one sentence was altered in any way, even down to the conjugation of verbs. 

After I extracted the word-for-word- account of the this person’s experience in Bosnia, related to the importance of having guns, I organized his answers in accordance to the questions that he was answering that we are currently debating today in America as the government is doing what they can do confiscate our guns and leave us defenseless.  For people who think that gun confiscation is a good idea, please shove this article under their nose and insist they read this account. 

A Courageous Tale of Survival

You say you survived hell on earth. In general, how prepared were the people for this crisis? When all hell broke loose, how helpful was your government and/or local authorities?

I am from Bosnia. You know, between 1992 and 1995, it was hell. For one year, I lived and survived in a city with 6,000 people without water, electricity, gasoline, medical help, civil defense, distribution service, any kind of traditional service or centralized rule.

Our city was blockaded by the army; and for one year, life in the city turned into total crap. We had no army, no police. We only had armed groups; those armed protected their homes and families.

When it all started, some of us were better prepared. But most of the neighbors’ families had enough food only for a few days. Some had pistols; a few had AK-47s or shotguns.


After a month or two, gangs started operating, destroying everything. Hospitals, for example, turned into slaughterhouses. There was no more police. About 80 percent of the hospital staff were gone. I got lucky. My family at the time was fairly large (15 people in a large house, six pistols, three AKs), and we survived (most of us, at least).

Why do people need guns and ammunition?

Today, me and my family are well-prepared, I am well-armed. I have experienceIt does not matter what will happen: an earthquake, a war, a tsunami, aliens, terrorists, economic collapse, uprising. The important part is that something will happen…I have four weapons and 2,000 rounds for each… You should choose the simplest weapons. I carry a Glock .45. I like it, but it’s a rare gun here. So I have two TT pistols, too. (Everyone has them and ammo is common.)

There have been 19 democides (slaughters of whole societies) duding the 20th C. each of which was preceded by gun confiscation. Don’t let America become #20.

What did you need to survive?  

Arms, ammunition, candles, lighters, antibiotics, gasoline, batteries and food. We fought for these things like animals. In these situations, it all changes. Men become monsters. It was disgusting. Strength was in numbers. A man living alone getting killed and robbed would be just a matter of time, even if he was armed.

From the above paragraph, we can certainly conclude that guns are not the only factor that aid in survival, but after food and water and alliances, which capitalizes on the fact that there is strength in numbers, guns and accompanying ammo are most important. 

When you needed something and had to go out and obtain it, what dangers existed? How important were the guns to your survival?

Never travel alone or in groups that were too big — always two to three men. All armed, travel swift, in the shadows, cross streets through ruins, not along open streets.

There were many gangs 10 to 15 men strong, some as large as 50 men. But there were also many normal men, like you and me, fathers and grandfathers, who killed and robbed. There were no “good” and “bad” men. Most were in the middle and ready for the worst…

In America, the government is incrementally trying to take the guns. Did that happen in Bosnia and how did the people respond?

After the war, we had guns in every house. The police confiscated lots of guns at the beginning of the war. But most of them we hid. Now I have one legal gun that I have a license for. Under the law, that’s called a temporary collection. If there is unrest, the government will seize all the registered guns. Never forget that.

You know, there are many people who have one legal gun, but also illegal guns if that one gets seized. If you have good trade goods, you might be able to get a gun in a tough situation. But remember, the most difficult time is the first days, and perhaps you won’t have enough time to find a weapon to protect your family. To be disarmed in a time of chaos and panic is a bad idea.

Do you have any final advice for Americans who would allow their government to disarm them?

I think defense is very important, but it must be carried out unobtrusively. If you are in a city and SHTF comes, you need a simple, non-flashy place, with lots of guns and ammo.

How much ammo? As much as possible…

It was a “dirty” business.

Let me give you a piece of advice: You need guns and ammo first — and second, everything else. Literally everything! All depends on the space and money you have.

If you forget something, there will always be someone to trade with for it. But if you forget weapons and ammo, there will be no access to trading for you.

I don’t think big families are extra mouths. Big families means both more guns and strength — and from there, everyone prepares on his own.


It is very clear that HB 1296 constitutes a major step which will result in the confiscation of all guns except those controlled by the government and the ones that the criminals won’t turn in as well as the enemies of our nation and their soldiers. The people of Hong Kong are about to learn a valuable lesson about standing up for your rights without the arms needed to back up the words and protests. 

During Katrina, how long did the police stay on the job? Other first responders? Medical personnel? Wasn’t it 3-4 days and people were on their own? It was the same in Bosnia and it will be the same here. 

If the liberals and their Deep State puppet masters were not planning to do something bad to the American people, then why do they want to disarm us?

Thomas Jefferson knew these facts all to well. He was very clear in his subsequent writings. He did not write the Second Amendment to protect America from the British or the French. He wrote the Second Amendment to protect us from our government. And if we look at the beliefs being expressed by the Democratic Presidential candidates, we are a short hop, skip and a jump away from living in genocidal Bosnia. 

The Common Sense Show is dedicated to peaceful and nonviolent change as expressed at the top of the page. However, self-defense does not disappear from a peaceful construct related to social change. Every human being has the right to defend themselves, despite what they are doing in the UK and Canada.

On the contrary, and unlike these misguided nations, we do not need less guns, we need more guns. Every American who is of sound mind and body needs to be armed and trained to fight. Why? There are two reasons why gun ownership should be universal. First, in counties where gun ownership is high (eg Georgia), the crime rate is low. In cities where gun control violates the Second Amendment, the crime rate, and especially the murder rate, is astronomical (eg Washington DC, Chicago, etc.)!  Remember, all genocides are preceded by gun confiscation. All gun confiscations are preceded by registration. Remember, you are your own first responder. FEMA has admitted that they can protect and/or rescue you. You are on your own and when you finally come to realize this fact, then you will plan accordingly, just like the people of Bosnia were forced to, or they perished. 

Before the government takes away your guns, you need to acquire multiple guns with 2,000 rounds of ammunition each. Find hiding places for your guns. Learn how to conceal and carry without being obvious and the next time a would-be Manchurian candidate shooter walks into a mall or a theater, there will be someone there to take. Then the Deep State will be forced to come up with new false flags. But never, never, never give up your guns. The lessons of history speak loudly and clearly.  The ties that binds our society are thin and they are weak. We are an event away from being Bosnia. Chicago is already in a state of 1990’s Bosnia.

Arm up, train up, and defy this criminal government that would violate your Second Amendment rights and put your life and the lives of your family at risk. If there is a 2020 election, we must perform an electoral genocide against the political careers for all who support gun confiscation and putting your family at risk. If the government moves against our guns, it is an act of war against the safety and welfare of the people. 

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2 thoughts on “Dave Hodges, 1992 Bosnian Holocaust Survivor Warns America: Never Give Up Your Guns”

  1. Hollyweird warns of every bad thing coming our way in allegory form; what I call “Hollywooded Up” … hyper dramatized for maximum entertainment quality. But the underlying message is clear: we are warning you what’s coming, fail to heed the warning at your own peril. The concept of Pre-crime was introduced to us in Minority Report with Tom Cruise. Because it was too far out from our contemporary reality, people thought it was pure fiction. Negative Ghost Rider, the pattern is full ! When I heard “the Donald” talking about pre-crime gun confiscation, I remembered Minority Report. It won’t be based on psychic visions from Pre-Cogs floating in a pool, It could be your neighbor’s paranoia and dislike of your gun collection. There’s a well known un-official gun range on BLM land not far from here. It’s littered with spent cartridges everywhere and old target remnants. My pal drove out there to shoot and people were camped there, oddly enough… oblivious to the mountain of spent rounds. When my friend and his dad pulled out guns, these zombie campers called the Sheriff ! The confrontation was taylor made to become a red flag law enforcement. All the zombie campers had to do was accuse my friend of pointing the guns their way. Luckily they did not do that and the Sheriff just laughed off the bizarre encounter. Imagine this happening on the outskirts of Parkland Florida with Scott Israel as Sheriff. Might not have been laughed off.

  2. Hard to believe that so many politicians, filthy as they are, are ultra-gun control fanatics. Why is my senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut NOT recognizing that confiscation leads to total tyranny? Because he has a penchant for denying the truth of the matter, that’s why. What about the communist, Elizabeth Warren, who wants total governnment control of large businesses? The senator is proud of her beliefs, down with democracy, up with tyranny. Only a country filled with blithering idiots fails to recognize that many of the 20 fools running as Democrats are totally happy with communism.


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