Mike Adams, Pelosi’s surrender to the lunatic impeachment fringe of the Democrat party may push America to civil war

Mike Adams

(Natural News) Nancy Pelosi just couldn’t resist the fringe lunatics any longer. Earlier today, she caved to the madness of the Democrat crowds and agreed to pursue an attempted impeachment of President Trump over yet another fabricated, media-hyped hoax.

The “Russia collusion” hoax just won’t die, it seems, as long as the New York Times or Washington Post still has yet more fake “anonymous sources” to dream up. And while the fake news media is fabricating fake treason accusations against Trump, the lunatic fringe of the Democrat party will keep ratcheting up its demands for Trump’s head on a platter. Sadly, Pelosi has just decided to feed the piranha… while she’s wading waist-deep in treacherous swamp waters.

CNN Guest explains Hunter Biden was appointed to a position for which he was unqualified at $50,000 per month. Biden boasts about firing of prosecutor (below).

In doing so, Nancy Pelosi just made a huge tactical error… one that will cost her the Speakership in the House as well as the 2020 presidential election. By caving to the impeachment lunatics, Nancy Pelosi just sealed her own fate and all but guaranteed an electoral college landslide for President Trump, even if Dems manage to nominate a presidential candidate who isn’t suffering from late-stage dementia.

Here’s our analysis:

  • The so-called “whistleblower” accusations against Trump were nothing more than another deep state spy fabricating yet more fake news to hype up anti-Trump hatred.
  • Nancy Pelosi hasn’t even seen the transcript of exactly what was said between President Trump and the president of Ukraine. Once the full transcript gets released, Pelosi is going to look even dumber than she sounds.
  • Whatever Trump said to the leader of Ukraine will pale in comparison to what Barack Obama said to the Russians about de-nuking America; or what Hillary Clinton and Barack O. said to the British about illegally spying on Trump. When it comes to begging foreigners to meddle in U.S. elections, no one can even hold a candle to the systematic criminal schemes of Obama and Clinton.
  • Any determined examination of events regarding Ukraine will inevitably turn up a ream of horrid details about Joe Biden’s criminal corruption, money laundering and bribery schemes involving his son (Hunter Biden) and the Obama administration. The real crook in all this, it turns out, is Joe Biden.
  • The American people are sick and tired of the Democrats’ insane witch hunt against Trump. Instead of fighting for ways to help Americans do well, the Democrats are determined to rip this country apart and cause havoc and hell for as many Americans as possible. For choosing this path, they will be severely punished at the polls.
  • It’s now clear to all intelligent Americans that Democrats would rather see America destroyed than see Trump succeed. Democrats have become, in a very real sense, a political terrorism cartel that actively seeks to maximize chaos, destruction and the suffering of the American people as long as their political opponents control the White House. Democrats have essentially decided to terrorize America until the day comes that they are back in control, at which point they will magically claim to “care about the people” once again.
  • Although an impeachment vote in the House may very well pass, the impeachment hoax will be dropped dead in the Senate, thereby vindicating Trump and broadcasting the fact that Trump is innocent of all the various insane things he’s been accused of by politically-motivated House members, most of whom are merely trying to appease the most vocal lunatic fringe elements of the Democrat party (which has, itself, lurched to the fringe Left with breathtaking speed).
  • Anything less than Trump being arrested or marched out of the White House in handcuffs will spell total defeat for the Dems who have set a heightened expectation among their supporters that Trump would somehow land in prison long before now. Remember the Mueller Report? It was supposed to put Trump in prison. Instead, it largely exonerated him.

Based on current events, I’d say there’s a 70% chance that Trump will be impeached in the House. But it will go no further, and it will only strengthen Trump’s base.

The bigger risk is that even after impeachment is dead, the delusional Democrats will take to the streets and try to force a political coup through domestic terrorism and left-wing violence. This could set off a large-scale backlash as well-armed patriots decide to defend America against the treasonous, lawless lunatics who now define the Democrat party. Civil war is a very real possibility here if the Democrats continue to push America over the edge. (It’s also now apparent to everyone that Democrats are utterly lawless and unethical, and that their twisted demeanor is flat-out incompatible with civil society. So there’s really no point in trying to coexist with Democrats at all. They will never abide by the rules of a peaceful society.)

If such a scenario is sparked, watch for the possibility of regional patriot groups removing treasonous state-level legislators, governors and sanctuary city mayors who have almost universally carried out organized crimes against this nation. If the Left initiates a kinetic civil war, in other words, they may very well set into a motion a kind of “all bets are off” scenario in which a variety of forces across America are likely to see a rare window of opportunity to remove the anti-American traitors operating domestically. This is part of the reason, I believe, why California is so desperate to outlaw firearms and ammunition as quickly as possible… because they know a citizens’ revolt is rapidly escalating there, and the treasonous actors currently running the state will likely not survive a kinetic free-for-all with their power (or their necks) intact. For this reason, they should be careful what they initiate when it comes to stirring up anti-Trump hatred, violence and hysteria among their lunatic base.

Naturally, we hope for peace and civility, since we don’t want to see any violence in the streets. At the same time, it’s not a horrible idea to acquire some 80% lowers, a Ghost Gunner and some off-the-shelf rifle parts that might one day help save your life and your country.

I’ve even posted a video on Brighteon.com that shows you how to prepare an anodized 80% lower receiver for milling in the Ghost Gunner. As always, I encourage you to follow local laws and keep it legal. Ghost Gunners are currently illegal in New Jersey and possibly elsewhere. If they’re not yet illegal in California, they will be soon. Under federal law, it is perfectly legal to manufacture your own firearm for personal use. Unless, of course, you’re a felon… in which case Nancy Pelosi wants to give you voting rights.

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5 thoughts on “Mike Adams, Pelosi’s surrender to the lunatic impeachment fringe of the Democrat party may push America to civil war”

  1. How can anyone take this DRAMA QUEEN seriously? She is SO obviously a drugged tool of the deep state.
    There’s a time for youthful and innocent self expression and emotion. Using a child to convince an audience of an already exposed hoax is NOT THAT TIME OR PLACE. Drama and the obscene use and abuse of a child does not displace facts…..as much as her handlers think it might. Shame on them!


  2. The normal-cy bias prevents most people from thinking the civil war scenario will materialize. That does not mean it won’t. I am not thrilled with Trump. What about the 22 trillion dollar debt? Trump has increased it. Though Trump has let us down, the Demo-O=Crips got nothing on impeachment. While this is going on the debt clock is crushing this country. I dare anyone to watch it for more than a few seconds. 22 trillion… No one can even conceive of such a sum. Forget about every other issue for a moment. Cut off all foreign aid should be number one issue brought before the do nothing Congress. Ending support for the UN and NATO should be included in 100% cut to all foreign aid. That’s the role of private charities. I challenge everyone to see how long they can watch the debt clock. It’s like staring directly into the sun. https://www.usdebtclock.org

  3. Trump won’t be impeached. The votes are not there and even the WSj writes against the possibility.



    And remember these ‘stars’ next time you go to watch a movie or TEE VEE show:


    Here are a few:

    Kathy Griffin, Alyssa Milano, Jackée Harry, Ava DuVernay, Debra Messing, Rob Reiner, ROSIE, Jeffrey Wright, Jon Cryer, John Cusack, Mark Ruffalo ..and more.

    As far as I’m concerned, the entire government should be impeached, since they all bow to a foreign nation called Israel. Impeaching Trump would serve no purpose otherr than covering their own arses. The entire system is corrupt beyond any previous Empire. The only answer I see now is some form of revolution.
    What this country has now become is something indescribable….something horrific and criminal beyond understanding….Trump or NO TRUMP….he’s just the latest political (H)opiate.

  4. Fight a civil war over the words of the likes of Pelosi and her part of the swamp? Surely you jest.

    Here are two good recent commentaries by Ron Paul and Pat Buchanan, who both thing Biden and Pelosi will come up on the losing end of this current scheme.

    Impeachment Hysteria! But Who’s Guilty, Trump Or Biden?
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    Will ‘Ukraine-Gate’ Imperil Biden’s Bid?


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