WI State Rep. Joe Sanfelippo, Push for Gun Control both Hypocritical and Unwise

This meant that an honorable person with good intentions will respect the fence and leave the property alone, while a dishonest person up to no good will simply ignore the fence, rendering it useless.

None of these laws in Maryland stopped a shooting there. And look at Chicago: strongest laws, worst gun violence!

I could not help but be reminded of this life lesson as Gov. Tony Evers and legislative Democrats turned the recent mass shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, into a political opportunity to prey on the emotions of Wisconsinites sympathetic to the victims and their families. They did so by recycling worn-out ideas they knew would have little chance of preventing similar tragedies in the future.

So why, you might ask, would Democrats propose solutions that they know would not work? The answer is simple: They are trying to hide their culpability for the erosion of public safety that we are experiencing throughout our communities.

Why Americans would be idiots to give up their guns. The Founding Fathers knew what they were doing.

We are all moved to tears whenever such tragedies occur, and it is easy for Democrats to exploit these events to divert attention from the crime epidemic sweeping the urban centers of our state. Democrats seem to have plenty to say about mass shootings that occur in the suburbs, yet they remain silent on rampant inner-city crime. Those proposing stricter gun laws that would primarily burden law-abiding citizens are the same people advocating for summarily reducing our prison population and releasing violent criminals back onto our streets.

Over the past several legislative sessions, Republicans have proposed numerous bills to keep our citizens safe by cracking down on crime, stiffening penalties for repeat violent offenders, and requiring mandatory revocation hearings for convicted criminals who commit new offenses while out on parole or supervision. Democrats in the Legislature fought us every step of the way on these reforms.

World-wide, gun ownership and homicide rates are inversely related: the more guns, the fewer homicides.

Sadly, the problem does not lie solely with liberals in state government. Our criminal justice system, which is composed largely of Democrats in more populous urban areas, goes out of its way to avoid holding criminals to account for their crimes by ignoring even the most clear-cut offenses.

For instance, from 2011 to 2015, while over 3,600 felons were arrested for illegally possessing a firearm — a felony in its own right — an investigation by Fox 6 News found that three out of four of these criminals were never even charged. More recently, two West Allis police officers were injured while apprehending a felon caught with cocaine, heroin and marijuana. As it turns out, the suspect already had an outstanding warrant for bail jumping from a prior arrest, having skipped out on a $1,500 bond, never showing back up in court, and continuing his life of crime. Nevertheless, a court commissioner recently and inexplicably set bail for the new charges at a mere $2,000, teeing the suspect up for a continuation of his criminal career.

Another old saying about the definition of insanity comes to mind.

When guns are banned, homicides go up. Democrats are ignoring the facts.

Democrats are advocating for greater protections for criminals at the expense of the rights of law-abiding citizens. Ask yourself who is more likely to undergo a background check prior to purchasing a gun: a person who goes through legal channels or one of the 3,600 felons arrested for possessing a firearm that they already were not allowed to have? Which one is the real threat to public safety?

The mass shootings that occur are horrific, and we should honestly consider proposals that will have a meaningful effect and a real likelihood of averting future tragedies. Unfortunately, an individual here in Wisconsin has a greater chance of being killed driving through certain parts of Milwaukee than in a mass shooting. Until Democrats stop ignoring the crime epidemic destroying our urban neighborhoods and start treating criminals as criminals rather than victims, I have a hard time believing they are serious about protecting our citizens.

We can work together to address both issues, but we will make no progress when tragedies such as these are used as a pretext to target law-abiding citizens’ rights. Politicians can grandstand through press conferences and releases advocating for tighter gun controls, but those tighter controls will merely serve as fences respected only by the law-abiding and ignored by criminals.

Jim Fetzer, a former Marine Corps officer, is McKnight Professor Emeritus on the Duluth Campus of the University of Minnesota and co-founder (with Mike Palecek) of moonrockbooks.com.

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16 thoughts on “WI State Rep. Joe Sanfelippo, Push for Gun Control both Hypocritical and Unwise”

  1. Something quite urgent that needs our immediate attention. PLEASE send this around!

    An important message from Gun Owners Of America
    Things have taken a turn for the worse since we asked you to email the White House…


    This Red Flag Gun Confiscation bill, based on a prototype drafted by the anti-gun Giffords Organization, would send SWAT teams to your door to steal your guns with NO REAL DUE PROCESS WHATSOEVER.

    This is our promise to you – we will fight until the very last vote is cast to destroy this atrocious bill, but we’re going to need voters like you to help turn up the heat on the Senate GOP.

    But early reports are that the anti-gun Left is generating THOUSANDS of phone calls into the offices of weak-kneed Republican Senators.

    We need your help countering the Left’s efforts and turning up the heat on Republican Senators. They need to know that America does NOT want these dangerous gun control proposals that will be considered any day now in the Senate!

    Please send our pre-written letter to EVERY SINGLE Republican Senator’s inbox telling them that if they vote to end the Second Amendment, American voters will NEVER FORGET it.


    1. I could swear that Gabby Giffords “head injury” was totally phony and never existed. Casual carrying of Giffords by the EMT’s was blatantly obvious, they just took their time and were themselves gabbing while they carried a supposedly gravely injured Giffords. I’ve read recently where Giffords, who subsequently faked brain damage as she talked allegedly took some music therapy course and now she has no further speech impediments. Isn’t that a wonderful story with a blissful ending? Plus, she doesn’t have to use that phoney baloney speech pattern anymore. Sacre bleu!, the miracles never cease.

  2. Here’s an interesting lead in to the following article:

    Following the arrest and subsequent death in prison of alleged child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, a little-known Israeli tech company began to receive increased publicity, but for all the wrong reasons. Not long after Epstein’s arrest, and his relationships and finances came under scrutiny, it was revealed that the Israeli company Carbyne911 had received substantial funding from Jeffrey Epstein as well as Epstein’s close associate and former Prime Minister of Israel Ehud Barak, and Silicon Valley venture capitalist and prominent Trump backer Peter Thiel.


  3. Just posted on Stone’s site.

    President to set up a “social credit” score?
    There was an article in the Daily Caller that stated President Trump was going to approve the use of devices such as cell phones, Amazon’s Alexa and the Iwatch to spy on citizens to determine a mental health score. Ominously, the phrase “HARPA” has been coined as an acronym for an all new government agency that would specifically seek ways to spy on people to determine mental health. None of this has come to fruition yet, but it does look ominous. There’s not a whole lot more information than this now, but it does appear the entire world is going straight towards a Chinese style “social credit score” and you can safely bet the communists will be in charge of it.

    Question: What if someone refuses to use any of the spy devices or Google or anything else? What then? Will such people be punished for “fleeing investigation”? This is obviously an enormously dangerous path to go down . . . .


    Well, personally, I do not have a cell, Smart phone or a TV…..am I now a criminal fleeing investigation?
    This is outrageous.
    Now, as is sometimes true in regard to Stone’s site, I could not find verification on the Daily Caller….maybe it’s there and I missed it….not very familiar with that site.
    Use your own discretion.

  4. Off topic:
    Just a few words about Dorian since I live in Florida. I went to Lake City Sunday to pick up some materials. It’s a hub for FPL and other power companies, so it was literally inundated with emergency vehicles and bucket trucks from all over the country…including Canada. I’m talking about at least a thousand trucks…maybe more…parked everywhere….Speaking to the drivers, they’re making 150/hr and all expenses paid. They get on Rte 75 and disperse to all areas south. Quite a gathering for a hurricane that so far, despite the hype, probably did not make a category three…barely a 2. Here’s a vid from the Bahamas where they said it was a category 5 bordering on 6 (whatever that means) with winds of over 240 MPH. IF so, not a building would have been left.
    YOUR tax dollars at work!


  5. Dierks Bentley’s Seven Peaks Country Music Festival was a Constitution Free Zone last night in Buena Vista, Colorado.
    As we entered the parking area everyone was greeted by the following : Do you have any Guns? Explosives? or bullets in your car? Then the security dick asked us to open glove compartments, center console, doors and the rea lift gate while he searched every car. It was the most blatant violation of the Bill of Rights I have ever seen. Remember the part about illegal searches without a warrant or proboble cause? That’s toast at Dierk Bently’s festival. Then we had to endure a long wait to go through metal detectors. It so destroyed my desire to attend this event because it said America is gone as we knew it. All because of the Vegas staged shooting at the country music festival there. Now we have to endure the Nazi Police state no matter where we go.

      1. It was because I was designated driver for my pal’s birthday, Originally I was just going to drive his party there and go fishing, swing back to get them at the end. But there was a snafu in the comp tickets, it looked like only 2 out of the 3 were getting in, then unexpectedly… one of girls sweet talked the will call people and wound up with 4 comp tickets ! The only reason I attended… modern country ain’t my thing. So there was no asking for a refund. I forget to mention the bomb sniffing dogs. The only thing missing was guard towers and barbed wire! After the Nazi shake down, they had the nerve to charge $20 just for parking… in a ranch field. Beers were $14… un-real. The eye candy was mind blowing… the music was too popcorn country to me except Nitty gritty dirt band was cool.

      2. Well, just to complete the conversation…I iunderstand. This is the world in which we now live. It’s quite disheartening to say the minimum. When I was in the bar biz, I used to pay 14 bucks for a whole damn keg. The “times they are a changin’….and not for the good.

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