Paul Craig Roberts, Trump Is History and So Is the USA

Paul Craig Roberts

When I read this evening in The Hill, which I mistakenly thought was a legitimate news publication rather than a weapon against President Trump and the Republicans, that the documented fact that Joe Biden and his son received between them $1,750,000 for preventing any Ukrainian investigation of the corrupt firm Burisma was mere unsupported “allegation,” and that the Trump Department of Justice had indicted two associates of Rudy Giuliana, President Trump’s most fervent supporter, for “campaign finance violations,” a very elastic term, it became completely clear that Trump’s own Justice (sic) Department is part of the Deep State’s plot to destroy Trump.

Where is the Justice Department’s report on the felonies committed by the Democrats, CIA, and FBI in the effort to use the orchestrated hoax of Russiagate to interfere in the US presidential election by overturning the voters’ will and driving Trump out of office? Where are the indictments for these felonies? Why is the Trump Justice (sic) Department drawing out the expected report and indictments until the Democrats have had all the chance they need to finish off Trump?  Why is Trump’s Justice (sic) Department helping the Democrats to destroy Trump?

The former prosecutor general of Ukraine has himself testified that he was fired on Joe Biden’s orders, reinforced by the orders of the US ambassador to Ukraine.  

We have the report that Ukrainian MP Andriy Derkach has released documents proving the Bidens’ corruption. We have the letter to the Democrats from the White House legal counsel pointing out that there is no such thing as an ongoing “impeachment inquiry” that denies the accused the ability to contest the evidence and to cross examine accuser witnesses  

It is completely obvious that by avoiding a vote to begin an impeachment process, the Democrats intend to throw mud right through the next election without having to produce or confront any evidence or facts.  The “inquiry” is not an impeachment.  It is an illegitimate use of the concept of impeachment to conduct a propaganda campaign against Trump for which no evidence needs to be produced.

Al Green (D-TX) said it bestL “If we don’t impeach this guy, he will get reelected!”

Trump is so far over his head in Washington waters that he is incapable of realizing that the criminal George W. Bush and Obama regimes put powers in the hands of the president that enable him to destroy the plotters of the coup against him.  Instead, Trump “distances himself from Giuliana.”  In other words, his enemies have Trump on the run. Has it ever occured to Trump that every real whistlebower, people protected by statutory federal law, was completely destroyed by the executive branch, and no one said a word? Yet, here is Trump twisting in the wind on the basis of an unknown CIA agent who orchestrated the whistleblower complaint with Democrat House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff.  In US law there is no such thing as an unknown whistleblower, much less one that has more power than the president of the United States.

We are going to lose a president, who intended to mend America and restore peace, and our country along with him, because American peace and prosperity does not comply with the agendas of the elite who rule us.  

The American people are so stupid, having demonstrated their unlimited capability for utter and total stupidity by buying in to the Gulf of Tonkin, 9/11, Saddam Hussein’s “weapons of mass destruction,” “Assad’s use of chemical weapons,” “Iranian nukes,” “Russian invasions,” “Russiagate,” ad infinitum, that the Deep State and their media whores take for granted that the dumbshit Americans will equally accept the latest lie.

America is already in the trash bin of history.  Most other countries will say, “good riddance.”

Compact summary of what really happened. Ukrainegate = Russiagate 2.0
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18 thoughts on “Paul Craig Roberts, Trump Is History and So Is the USA”

  1. The deep state is going beyond the pale now….and when that happens, they get ridiculously careless.. Seems like desperation and arrogance are running the show.

    First, we have this from J. Stone….

    I was awful skeptical of Erdogan’s actions against Syria that happened the moment Trump announced a troop withdrawal from Syria, which up to now has only amounted to the moving of 50 troops within Syria. They have not even left, yet we suddenly get this conflict to justify them being there to make Trump look ridiculous for ordering their withdrawal.

    It is therefore quite obvious Erdogan is a tool and nothing more, AND WE NOW HAVE A VIDEO WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS.

    I don’t know what the scumbags drug the kids with, (they do this in Mexico so they can sit with a “disabled kid” and beg, ) but I have seen this here lots, and know exactly what it is. And it looks like at least one Kurdish woman did this for a camera op. NOT GOOD

    In this Twitter video a “Kurdish” woman who is probably on a stage somewhere in the bowels of CNN fakes holding her perfectly clean perfect skin tone obviously good health child, who looks just like they do when they are drugged, and curses Trump for her “almost dead” baby. BUT THERE IS A PROBLEM: The kid blinks just over half way through the video and it is the exact same blink the kids will do in Mex when they are drugged.

    If someone had to do this for a photo op, the current crisis in Syria is probably just B.S. being fronted to damage Trump.

    With the way the kid is being handled, it is not likely the mother’s child either, it is likely a stolen or purchased kid that was drugged and used. No one jostles a truly sick kid like that, or any kid at all that is cared about.

    AS A RESULT OF THIS VIDEO EXISTING, I’M CALLING IT: THERE’S NOTHING HAPPENING IN SYRIA BEYOND WHAT IS NEEDED TO BASH TRUMP. This sudden “flare up” is obvious hoaxing beyond the pale, and they are using the typical “women and children” tactic communists always use to get a manipulative sympathy established. Don’t fall for it.

    FACT: If it is making Trump look bad, it has been hoaxed. When has that ever NOT been hoaxed? Hoaxing is the only way Trump is ever put in a bad light, at a ratio of about 50:0 up to now, which overwhelmingly probably makes this attempt 51:0.
    In no way is that girl deceased…. and not a wet tear from the mother.

    And this from ZH. The first vid is down on my browser (trying to cover their arse, I imagine…but we know someone kept it) but the second is still up.

    It’s a circus, friends…..anyone who buys this is brain dead.

  2. The USA has been killing itself since 1973, the date of Roe v Wade, made murdering babies legal. Talk about suicide. You turn your back on God, you reap what you sew. Look at Venezuela, that could be the USA in a few years.

  3. “The American people are so stupid, having demonstrated their unlimited capability for utter and total stupidity … that the Deep State and their media whores take for granted that the dumbshit Americans will equally accept the latest lie.”

    Anyone railing against Americans is my enemy. I mean, why not just join Antifa, Paul?

    If I’m on a jury, and hear testimony from a number of eyewitnesses that this guy couldn’t have robbed the bank since he was on the other side of town leading a Bible study, then am I “so stupid” for voting Not Guilty? Or is PCR saying I should hire my own private detective to corroborate this exculpatory testimony?

    We believe what we’re told. I’ve never personally visited Indonesia but people have told me it’s there.

    I notice Paul never mentions the Jews running our political and cultural narrative, but he’s only too happy to rip us apart. Why is that, I wonder? Who’s signing his checks?

    1. I also do not appreciate PCR’s resignation, BUT……..”we believe what we are told” would seem to be exactly what he is saying just beneath the surface. Therein is the problem. VERY FEW look further than what they are told.

    2. PCR has mentioned the involvement of the Jews a million times over. I have read his columns for 40 years, he’s totally consistent and calls ’em like he sees ’em. Sounds like you are bummed out, call me if you need to talk.

  4. While this bogus witch hunt is happening, the country is literally burning to the ground. California’s PG&E preemptively cut power to God knows how many people due to bogus wildfire danger. Meanwhile more gun confiscation laws were passed and SMART fire Weapon was again deployed with the tell tale signature of cars melted next to untouched trees and structures dust-i-fied next to untouched forest. Did anyone watch the Hunger Games? Remember the fires that came from nowhere? They appeared to have a programable AI intelligence about them. Hollywood warns us about every bad thing coming our way in movies. Remember Geo-storm? A laser came down and cut a swath through Florida. Ice chunks fell from the sky like boulders. These warnings come in allegory form… they are “Hollywooded” up which means they are hyper-dramatized to deliver maximum entertainment value. The softball size hail was wide spread over Earth this year in places not known for it, as were simultaneous floods on all inhabited continents and wildfires also in places not known for them. They warned us what was coming with the Hunger Games, Minority Report, Geo-Storm, Enemy of the State, the Matrix, Capricorn One and the list goes on and on. Has anyone seen the compilations of all the clocks and digital readouts in the background of movies that read 9-11. I just noticed another one the other day. 9-11 is foreshadowed in so many movies it will make your head spin.

  5. Now that the US has fought all of Israel’s wars and is ready to collapse, the parasites (think dual national Adam Schiff) will have to move on to a more robust host. But since it won’t be China or Russia, and the entire West is worse off than the US, where will they go?

  6. The main reason for the state of mind of 99% of Americans is that the news media is controlled by the CIA Operation Mockingbird.
    The article above mentions several historical events that were reported by the news media as fact. The author of the article state that the American people are dumb. When the news media is controlled, the people are made to be dumb. When there is no free and honest news, that nation is defunct.

    The author laments that people “buy into” various events because they’re “stupid”. The facts are, that ALL of the news outlets at that time were reporting those events as factual reality. I ask you, how can people know the truth when their only source of information is controlled by entities who’s goal is DECEPTION and the destruction of the USA?

    When Jim Fetzer’s book about Sandy Hook was banned by Amazon, we know that freedom of speech and investigative new reporting are dead in this country. A week does not go by that I again and again hear how awful was the event at Sandy Hook and all of the other shootings [all of which were fake…of course that fact is never mentioned].

    1. Excellent points Don, but again it goes back to education. Remember the concept of nature of nuture. If your parents or guardians, school teachers or church ministers aren’t teaching the difference between false or truth. How are you going to know the difference?
      And if these same people are telling you to believe the government ,so we see there is going to be a minority that knows the reality of what’s really happening in America.

      1. I doubt truth can be ‘taught’….it”s inherent in all of us and can only be nurtured through example…..what would the source be?….schools that offer conditioning , media that offers lies and books that are chosen while many are ‘burned’ and/or censored?

      2. I sat through all of school and church. Not one word was ever mentioned that the news media was lies and deception. Why??? Because it was TOP SECRET that the news was CIA controlled by Operation Mockingbird.
        No one knew about it until it was investigated by Congress in the 1970s and later said to be ended.

        NO NO NO folks it was not ended…the CIA’s black budgets were increased by billions and Operation Mockingbird was shifted into high gear. All of this was TOP SECRET from the masses.

        Less than 1% of the population has any idea how deceptive TV-Radio news is, due to it being throttled by the CIA.
        Roberts says that people are stupid. They are not stupid, they are purposely being lied to. People are snowed by massive government propaganda operations that are SECRET and its been going on for over half a century.

        JFK said that the 3 letter organization needed to be abolished. Look what happened to him?!

        Well Salty, its a lot more than just knowing about true and false.

      3. Hey Don & Will ,I’ll try to reply to both of you and give you both a synopsis of of what I’m thinking and my many years of research into mind conditioning thru propaganda.
        1. Truth can be taught -informally and formal. The example i love to give is that of parents telling their children that santa Claus bring them presents for Christmas and he’s a fat jolly old guy from the North Pole. Bull shit!
        But those same children become parents or not and pass on this false narrative to their children or someone else’s child.
        2. History is written by those in position of assumed power and as long as think or are conditioned to think they have power over us ,we as humans or Americans are mind raped everyday.
        3. Operation Mocking bird is old news and the alphabet agencies are just fingerprints on one finger that many are looking at or distracted at the time. The American civil , WW1,2 and all the others that followed were major distraction. Many Americans will say that this was hidden knowledge but it wasn’t and most humans choose to believe what make them feel comfortable and not challenge their core belief system.
        4. Yes Mr. Roberts was right for calling American’s stupid, because the Oxford dictionary meaning of that word is ” to be stunned or amazed ” and when you choose to believe in falsehoods and don’t question what is being narrated to you, hence the label.
        4. Before I go there are three books I’ll recommend from my library..
        Propaganda by Edward Bernays
        The Rape of the Mind by Joost Meerloo
        Non Dare Call it Conspiracy by Gary Allen.

        And the above linked YouTube video for additional thoughts.
        Just imagine if we thinking adults believe that if we’re nice all year we will get Christmas present by a fat jolly old guys from the North Pole delivered down our chimney… Think about that for a minute . And that’s how mind conditioning starts at a impressionable age. Happy weekend fellas.

      4. Hey Salty and friends, sorry but Operation Mockingbird [and its many other names] is very much alive in 2019. CNN is a CIA news company. Its secretly funded by CIA black money through fake front companies. The CIA controls any news anchor of importance. Anderson Cooper admitted in a magazine article that he was trained at the CIA.

        I don’t know that truth can be taught but I do know that ”critical thinking” can be taught.

        Yes, one might very well be called ”stupid” if you have zero critical thinking abilities. People who follow the news without questioning are stupid.

        The USA is not a so-called free and open society. Its a heavily controlled and propaganda dominated nation. There is no free press in the USA….except in instances of very rare Internet news outlets. Speech [the 1st Amendment] is now controlled by private companies such as FBook, YouTube and Amazon. I was kicked off FaceBook because I wrote that Sandy Hook was a hoax about Gun Control. Dr. Fetzer’s books have been banned by Amazon. The Federal Government did not come to our defense and protect our Constitutional Rights. Why? Because the government of the USA is corrupt.

      5. Can you in your wildest dreams imagine tens of millions of voters that would actually vote again for HIllary Clinton, crime record and all? Hey, forget the rub-outs, the Vince Fosters, anybody who was a potential whistle blower. The American voter would en masse elect Hillary Bitch without a second thought……and they’re not stupid????

  7. I have nothing but respect for PCR….but, his resignation does not bode well for our future. We the people are not waking up in the number and the speed we need to stop this hell in its tracks. Friends, we are in deep trouble and no one seems to have a solution.
    It’s getting scary.
    With all his faults, we had better have Trump’s back. Get your marching boots on or get on your knees…

    I know my choice.

  8. Well said Mr.Robert. I disagree with you and many other conspiracy realist on this notion that President Trump was supposedly our saviour in these dire times.
    But I truly agree with you that our fellow Americans are blatantly stupid and it has a lot to do with the dumbing down of our education system. C.Anthony Sutton in his book “How the Order Control Education” stated clearly who is in charge. And General Smedley Butler bare it all for the world to see in ” War is a Racket”
    The book burnings has been ongoing in our America and only true believers will save us. But hey who am I to say, just an old Navy sailor who use his GI Bill to go to a Ivy league college and had an awakening.


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