Jim Fetzer, Impeachment Half-Time: Assessment of How Things Stand

Jim Fetzer

“Even if we impeach this guy, he will get reelected”—Contra Rep. Al Green (D-TX)

Watching the House present its case against the President, it became apparent why Nancy Pelosi had stalled for nearly a month before sending the Articles of Impeachment to the Senate. As a retired professor who has thousands of hours of public speaking experience, including hundreds of PowerPoint presentations, it was obvious that the mode, style and timing of the presentations by the House Managers were too slick, too smooth and too professional to have been their own work. My best guess is that this was a scripted-by-Hollywood production, where, were I to hazard a guess, my candidate for producer would be Rob Reiner, with input from anti-Trump zealots such as Robert Di Nero, where his role in “Taxi Driver” served as preparation for shooting up Donald J. Trump. This was an extremely well-written text where each presentation was rehearsed, counting on repetition to have a powerful effect, like The Force, upon the weak-minded.

Fabricated Allegations

While claims of Russian hacking have been debunked by our country’s leading experts on cyber-security, such as Bill Binney and Ray McGovern, the Democrats continue to plead the case for Russian intervention in our elections, making that claim a pillar of their argument that Trump represents a threat to national security on the ground that, having enlisted the assistance of Russia to steal the election of 2016, unless he is booted out through impeachment, he is going to do it again—offering a pretext in advance for why they are likely to suffer an humiliating defeat in 2020, even though there was no Russian involvement. The files were downloaded directly from the server by Seth Rich, an IT guy for the DNC, who supported Bernie and was disillusioned at the brutality with which Debbie Wasserman Schultz sabotaged his campaign, shifting 13 primaries Bernie won to Hillary’s column to guarantee she would be their candidate.

What Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS) discovered was that the files had been downloaded in real time directly from the server at a rate that would have been impossible for distant hacking. Moreover, the familiar internet personality, Kim Dotcom has explained how he assisted Seth Rich in performing this task, where Seth appears to have transmitted these files to Julian Assange via Craig Murray, the UK Ambassador to Uzbekistan. Based upon my research, John Podesta appears to have wanted to make an example of a whistleblower and didn’t care if the evidence was not airtight and arranged to have him shot, where he survived the shooting with three non-life-threatening wounds and was treated at Washington Medical Center. According to a fourth-year resident who was there, he was doing fine until LEOs swarmed the facility and cut off treatment. He can’t guarantee Seth was allowed to die, but it looks that way.

So the very idea that Trump used Russia in 2016 and was now using Ukraine to set up his opponent, Joe Biden, in 2020 was based upon a false premise. The Democrats are not explaining that the US has a treaty with Ukraine in relation to criminal investigations; that asking for its government’s assistance to investigate Joe Biden and Burisma, a gas company where Joe’s son, Hunter, was on the Board of Directors with remuneration of $50,000 a month (with no discernible qualifications), was therefore appropriate and that the matter of withholding foreign aid did not even arise during the conversation. Indeed, the Federal Elections Commission has ruled that information about an opponent does not qualify as something of value under election campaign laws and where the request was entirely proper and within the scope of the President’s authority. Indeed, the U.S. Constitution invests the conduct of foreign policy in the nation’s chief executive officer.

Phony Whistleblowing

While we have abundant proof of sleights-of-hand and abuses of authority and position, they were not committed by the President but by those who have sought, first, to deny him success in 2016 and now have continued their “resistance” against him in relation to 2020. Even the complaint form for whistleblowers was changed in advance to allow a party with no first-hand knowledge to subject their opinions, which was clearly an ad hoc move to initiate a campaign of disinformation against the President. The “whistleblower” has been identified as Eric Ciaramella, who was a member of the National Security staff who had worked for and supported Joe Biden in the past. He appears to have made his initial contact with Adam Schiff’s staff and, in all likelihood, even met with Adam Schiff himself, even though Schiff has repeatedly denied it. As many as two dozen staffers were listening into the call, the transcript of which has been released leaving no room for serious doubt that Trump had done anything wrong for any objective observer.

But it was perceived as an opportunity to attack him. Even though there was no bona fide basis for the whistle blower’s complaint, which was based upon second and third-hand information he was given by partisan holdovers from the Obama administration, many of whom were involved in the abuse of the FISA court to justify warrants for FBI surveillance on his campaign. Indeed, the third and fourth of the four FISA warrants that were issued to justify surveillance of Carter Page, initially, and others associated with the Trump camp have been declared to be invalid, where they were supported by fake citations. The first and second are likely to succumb to review as well, which means that the investigations and convictions (of Paul Manafort, Michael Flynn, and Roger Stone, for example), which were justified on their basis, are going to be thereby tainted and ultimately reversed as “fruit of the poisonous tree”, an abuse of process that parallels the abuse of process in bringing impeachment charges against a president because they don’t like his policies.

The Founding Fathers feared that impeachment could be abused, which they sought to counter with the requirement of a 2/3 (67) vote to remove a president from office. Not one of the Senators on either side of the aisle appears to have been swayed by arguments of the House managers, who even included Trump’s joke about Hillary’s missing emails at a rally, “Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing,” he said. “I think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press”, as if it had been serious. And Schiff severely damaged his case by concluding remarks claiming to have a source who reported Trump had threatened Senators that, if they voted to oust him, he would have their ‘heads on a pike”. Several Senators were grossly offended, but no more so than when Schiff parodied Trump’s conversation with the President of Ukraine without acknowledging that it bore no discernible resemblance to the actual conversation, which we can all read for ourselves. The defense has begun and, without any doubt, it will prevail.

James H. Fetzer, Ph,D., a former US Marine Corps officer, is McKnight Processor Emeritus on the Duluth Campus of the University of Minnesota and co-founder of moonrockbooks.com.

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21 thoughts on “Jim Fetzer, Impeachment Half-Time: Assessment of How Things Stand”

  1. A MOST important article….which many here will ignore because they believe WE the People, as a MASS of and for truth, have NO POWER or will be infiltrated. To that I say rubbish. The time has come!

    From the article:
    The unelected power establishment has ways of ensuring its dominance amid the comings and goings of America’s official elected government; they are perfectly capable of dealing with one man being a less than ideal steward of the empire.


    That is what they are really fighting against when they try to sabotage populist candidates: not the candidates themselves, but populism itself.

    Me…..And we had better damn well do it soon.


    1. Rubbish? Ha. Only people who have never ‘gone to the streets’ would call for it.

      It diffuses populist energy and puts participants in danger. You don’t think every person who attended the Richmond Lobby Day wasn’t ‘facially recognized’ and put in a government database? Wasn’t identified for Homeland Security? Lobby Day was a rich learning opportunity in crowd control for the Fusion forces; ever heard of them?

      “A cyber fusion is an intelligence gathering, analysis and dissemination state or major urban area center, which is owned by state, local, and territorial law enforcement and Department of Homeland Security entities, many of which were jointly created between 2003 and 2007 under the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Office of Justice Programs in the U.S. Department of Justice. The DHS Office of Intelligence and Analysis (I&A) and Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) provide Fusion Centers with resources, training, and other coordinated services. The goal of such centers are to strengthen National anti-terrorism networks within the U.S. Federal government.”

      As is widely apparent, there are no ‘domestic terrorists’ as the government defines them. They are targeting us, citizens with populist notions.

      I suggest again, Will, that you go out yourself and March on Washington and find out. Or are you just going to keep complaining that not everyone else will do it first?

      1. Toni…….What is there about the term “numbers” that escapes you?
        WHY do you choose to ignore the essence of my comment and place the onus on me to be a lone protester?
        The very treasonous surveillers you fear in the case of a MASS protest are listening and watching you this moment on this blog. Actually, this blog is likely more revealing since you are sharing your own words and ideas right out in the open ….you are not just a facially recognized body in a crowd. If the Dr. and Halbig and Eowyn and Mullen and Rebecca and whomever had that same fear, where would we be now? And where would they be without those who support them? Why do you think there is such curtailment of this activity through various laws and propaganda? Because it worked. But they do not want you to know that. They want you in fear of them and that is precisely what you give them by your concern of possible harm and being deemed a domestic terrorist. Anyone, right now, on this blog is a domestic terrorist. Are we to live in fear of freedom of speech and assembly because of the consequences?
        If you have better ideas, please present them. I will listen and I would imagine others will, too. And, personally, I would never dream of saying…”go ahead, do it on your own and report back when you get results. I have more respect for my fellow traveler and blogger.

      2. It doesn’t matter what ideas I present; you will stubbornly refuse to consider them. It’s the most frustrating thing about debating with you. You tend, instead, to veer off into emotional rhetoric.

        I have first-hand experience with street protests. It’s a whole other type of surveillance. It’s not just where infiltrators are inserted, it’s where the intelligence services get their patsies and set up the event to falsely frame the protesters. Why give them that?

        Fusion centers are designed to exploit organized protest. We have to be smarter than that, more creative.

        I have always said it’s time to think up ways to show our collective power other than organized protest in the street.

        You continually call for it, yet never mention doing it yourself. So I question your experience.

      3. ((It doesn’t matter what ideas I present; you will stubbornly refuse to consider them.))
        Well, you leave me little if any place to maneuver.
        Remember that little conversation we had in regard to “already listening”.

      4. One way to circumvent the dangerous part of organized protest, namely the organized part, is to protest spontaneously. These protests could spring up in workplaces, or in public, as an immediate response to any issue. As long as the participants don’t break any obvious laws it would take the police awhile to contain the protest, by which time the protesters could disperse voluntarily. Temporary disruption would be used to get the attention of all the different kinds of people at the location. As a model, it could then spread until people were used to resorting to it for social statements.

        Imagine if people were so attuned to the issues affecting them that, in the moment, they were able to collaborate in a Protest-in-Place.

        This would necessitate a change in mentality, which you, Will, have argued takes too long, but it’s one way that public protest could become viable again. I believe this is the way protest started out, before governments created rules to control public gatherings.

      5. Toni and Will, you are both exceptional commentators. Differences of opinion are welcome here. No more personal attacks on either other. OK> I am glad you are both here. Thanks!

    1. I am stunned. Just did an interview with Nick Kollerstrom, an historian of science, about the background to the Wailing Wall and history of the Jews, which places in perspective how abhorrent and misguided is Trump’s “Peace Plan”. Nick referred to it as “a catastrophe” and, after our interview of today, I have to agree with him. Completely outrageous! It will be rejected outright.

      1. No doubt it will be rejected. The Palestinians will have no part of it and even in that rejection, it will likely cause more strife for them….
        Trump’s hubris is off the scale.

  2. Great summary!
    No doubt they will prevail. If by some strange set of circumstances the defense does not prevail, we may as well bend over and kiss our butts good-bye….because absolutely insanity has overcome justice.
    What haunts me is how long will this mess be allowed to persist. And the longer it continues, the more the illusory mind of the masses will accept the prosecution nonsense as true. “Look, Joe….it’s gone on for so many months, there must be something to it”.
    It needs to be brought to a head quickly and THEN heads need to roll. A precedent should not be allowed to be set. Someone or ALL need to pay for this farce.

    1. Stand by. The have to play the video of Biden at CFR boasting of having had the prosecutor looking into Burisma fired by threatening to withhold $1 billion in foreign aid and speaking (admiringly of himself), “Son of a bitch! They did it!”, before he made his plane in six hours. It is disgraceful and blows the case out of the water. There’s a giant billboard in Times Square showing it now (24/7).

      1. It would certainly be poetic justice if that billboard is in the old NYT headquarters….One Times Square!

      2. Thanks Jim for this rich info !!!

        This blatant case of quid pro quo, the same thing the Democrats accuse President Trump of doing, should be enough to completely derail Biden’s campaign, but not enough Americans have seen the ”Well, son of a bitch” clip yet.

        This new billboard, located at 1500 Broadway and 43rd Street, aims to remedy that issue by broadcasting the footage on repeat 24/7 for all the world to see until March 1st.

        People who see the billboard are also instructed to visit SubpoenaBiden.com where they can sign a petition urging Senate Republicans to subpoena Biden over the Ukraine scandal.


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