Patrick J. McShay, The Biden Crime Family

With Trump’s impeachment appearing to be winding down, the Democrats are still crying about a cover-up and not being allowed to call witnesses including John Bolton, who the Dems were sure would contradict the President’s version of events. I say, what does it matter? There was already public interest in Biden’s nepotism, clear conflicts of interest, and the appearance of criminality for over a year before Trump mentioned it to Ukraine’s new President Zelensky during their July 25th phone call.

Joe Biden entered the 2020 Presidential race on April 25th; 2019 over a year before. Peter Schweizer’s bestselling book, “Secret Empires: How The American Political Class Hides Corruption And Enriches Family and Friends”, released in March of 2018, quickly became a best seller. Schweizer’s book revealed that Hunter Biden flew on Air Force 2 to with his father to Ukraine and soon after was placed on the Board Of Directors of Ukrainian energy giant Burisma. He also noted that Biden business partner Devon Archer, and former CIA agent and Mitt Romney campaign advisor Cofer Black, were also placed on the board.

The President’s counsel pointed out that the low standard used to impeach Trump could have been used to impeach the majority of the Presidents before him. Republicans had better hold off their celebrations because as Steve Bannon told Maria Bartiromo, this investigation is not ending anytime soon because there are no personalities that can beat the President, and their policies are so radical that Nancy Pelosi knows the only way to take down Trump is to destroy him, so we can expect more subpoenas, more leaks, and more lies from Schiff and his mendacious impeachment henchmen.

Michael Sainato from the Observer said “Schiff’s record shows he has an ulterior motive to pursue these investigations and his record in Congress provides little inspiration to Democrat voters. Schiff also has strong ties with weapons manufacturing companies.”

Schiff also has a relationship with Ukrainian arms dealer Igor Pasternak, who has deep ties to George Soros. Pasternak hosted a fundraiser for him in 2013. Schiff pushed Obama in 2015 for sanctions against Russia; was he pushing for conflict? That would have certainly benefitted him and Pasternak considerably. Is this Jackass really someone we want in our Congress?

Considering the mountain of lies from Schiff, why is the media not asking if the entire Russia collusion hoax and the impeachment hoax weren’t carefully contrived and executed by Schiff and his handlers in Ukraine to drive Trump from office?

Rand Paul’s question during the impeachment hearing about two former White House employees, Sean Misko, who now works for Adam Schiff and CIA analyst Eric Ciaramella, the so-called whistleblower and former Joe Biden asset working on Ukraine, were overheard plotting to remove the president just 2 weeks after taking office. Roberts refused to read Rand Paul’s question. But why? He’s not supposed to know the whistleblower’s name!

*Why haven’t the American people been told about the inappropriate and criminal relationships our politicians made in the country we overthrew, and is it appropriate to impeach the new President for looking into those activities? It sounds like a law and order guy like Trump might get in the way of all of that graft and corruption.

Former Florida Attorney General and a member of Trump’s team of defense attorneys — Pam Bondi — made a presentation on Ukraine and Burisma corruption involving Joe and Hunter Biden which was just the tip of the iceberg.  It should really concern Americans that the most prominent mainstream media’s big 3 networks, NBC, CBS, and ABC blacked out Bondi’s entire presentation on the Bidens! Why is the media covering up the for the Biden’s criminal activity in Ukraine? It’s likely the reason we haven’t heard more about their dealings in China and elsewhere.

What the Senate didn’t address is the evidence and witness testimony that Rudy Giuliani gathered on his trips to Ukraine. Giuliani claims that he has evidence proving:

  • Ambassador Yovanovich perjured herself twice during her testimony to Congress.
  • He possesses documents proving his accusation that Ambassador Yovanovitch denied visas to witnesses who could prove Biden and Democrat corruption.
  • He also possesses clear documented evidence of money laundering by the Bidens and Burisma.

Peter Schweizer has a new book, “Profiles In Corruption,” where he does a more in-depth look at the Biden Crime Family involving Senator Joe Biden, son Hunter, brothers Frank and James Biden, and daughter Ashley and her husband Howard Krein. Again, this, too, is just the tip of the iceberg.

Ashley Biden

In June of 2011, Joe Biden asked Barack Obama to meet with some company executives from a new company “Start Up Health.” They didn’t have a website or a business plan yet but no problem, the meeting took place in the Oval office. Pictures were taken with the President and posted to their new website and the company was featured in the Obama administration’s “Health Data Conference”. This startup’s chief medical officer is Ashley Biden’s husband, Dr. Howard Krein.

James Biden

In 2011 a Biden family friend, Kevin Justice, visits Joe Biden in his office at the White House. He set up a construction company called Hillstone International and just 3 weeks later James Biden, having no experience in the construction business, is named an Executive Vice President at Hillstone Construction Company. Within 6 months, this new start-up a company of Biden family and friends, got a government contract to build 100,000 houses in Iraq.  They also got additional government contracts through the State Department to build houses in several other countries.

Frank Biden

In March 2009, Joe Biden became Obama’s point man in Costa Rica and met with President Oscar Arias. Just months after his visit, the US signed a multilateral partnership to reform real estate in Latin America. Enter Frank Biden. Frank had always wanted to do a development in the jungles of Costa Rica including houses, a golf course, and a casino. Soon Frank met with President Arias and members of the Costa Rican Government and despite his complete lack of experience in this type of development, he inked the deal.

In 2016 the Costa Rican government signed a deal with Frank Biden’s “Sun Fund America” to allow a company called “GoSolar” to provide solar power in Costa Rica. Obama’s OPIC authorized a $6.5 million taxpayer-backed loan for the project. Frank Biden later received a $47.5 million loan to build a 20 megawatt solar facility in Jamaica. It’s good to be related to Joe Biden.

Hunter Biden

Everyone should know by now that after Joe became Obama’s point-man in Ukraine, he and Hunter traveled to Kiev and shortly after Hunter Biden was named to the board of the aforementioned Burisma Energy group. In 2013 Joe Biden took Hunter with him on an official trip aboard Air Force 2 to China to talk about trade and issues over rights in the South China Sea, but not very successfully if memory serves. Not long after that trip, a company controlled by the Chinese National Bank signed a $1 billion private equity deal with Rosemont Seneca, a company owned by Hunter Biden and Chris Heinz, John Kerry’s stepson. In 2016 Hunter Biden was gifted a 2.8 carat diamond worth $80,000 from a shady Chinese business tycoon for help with contacts in the liquified natural gas industry.

While Joe Biden was Vice President, a Ukrainian company Burisma deposited $3 million into his son’s Rosemont Seneca Inc. account, A Chinese company — Bohai Harvest — a Shanghai investment equity fund controlled by the Chinese government deposited $650,000 and their total investment would rise to $1.5 billion.  $1.2 million was deposited by an unknown LLC through a Swiss bank that’s been charged with money laundering, and $142,000 from the son-in-law of the former Prime Minister of Khazakstan to name a few deposits.

Investigative journalist George Webb has linked Hunter Biden to a Chinese arms dealer named Patrick Ho and his boss Chinese oil tycoon Ye Jianming. Webb says the Bidens, Peter Strzok, Imran Awan and others are involved in a DNC money laundering, arms selling, and a pay-to-play influence-peddling scheme that they were afraid Trump was figuring out. Webb believes former 50-year CIA operative Cofer Black, still on Burisma’s board, is likely running the operation.

It looks like Congress should launch an investigation into everything Joe Biden touched during Obama’s reckless and lawless administration; the question a lot of people are asking is when will the investigation into Obama begin?

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16 thoughts on “Patrick J. McShay, The Biden Crime Family”

  1. Both parties are totally corrupt. The late Wayne Barrett documented con artist Trump long before he became President. Tragically he died at age 71 about the time he was elected. Here is a brief quote upon his death. Many of his articles are archived. by JON CAMPBELL
    JANUARY 19, 2017
    “Wayne Barrett, a legendary investigative reporter for the Village Voice, who for 37 years served as a tenacious check on New York’s powerful, died today in Manhattan. He was 71.
    During his time at the paper, (see the archive) Barrett came to define a kind of big-city muckraking that relentlessly challenged the political class and wealthy business interests alike. Among his many targets was a young developer named Donald Trump; Barrett’s 1979 expose, which dissected, in minute detail, two formative land deals in Manhattan, was the first substantive reporting on Trump’s then-nascent empire. Republished last year, it details how the now president-elect established himself through nepotism, nearly unprecedented government subsidies and second-hand political connections gained through his father. Barrett continued to follow Trump’s career, and his 1993 book, Trump: The Deals and the Downfall, had a second life during its subject’s seemingly improbable rise to the presidency.
    Barrett was born on July 11, 1945, in New Britain, Connecticut and grew up in Lynchburg, Virginia. He got his start with the Voice as a freelancer, before moving into a staff position in 1973. He was a tenacious chronicler of five New York City mayors, from Abe Beame in the early seventies, through the Bloomberg years. His book City for Sale: Ed Koch and the Betrayal of New York set the tone for the kind of meticulous and adversarial journalism he would practice over the decades….
    Barrett was among the first to see Trump as a significant figure in New York, but even he was surprised by Trump’s success in the campaign. When we spoke to him in July of 2015, he wasn’t sure Trump was even serious about the run, speculating that it was more of a branding exercise.
    But perhaps no one understood the man better. And even during Barrett’s earliest reporting in 1979, Trump was still Trump; he both threatened Barrett with a lawsuit and subtly attempted to bribe him. At the time, Barrett lived in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn, where he’d been a schoolteacher. As Barrett recalled it last summer: “He says to me, in the interview, ‘You know, Wayne, you don’t have to live in Brownsville. I can get you an apartment.’ So he had the bribery and the threat thing flowing full scale.”
    Later, when Barrett was reporting his book, Trump had him arrested at his hotel in Atlantic City. Barrett had snuck through a back door, to get access to a party the developer was throwing.
    “I’m not there five minutes and they slap the handcuffs on me,” Barrett told us in 2015. “Defiant trespass, I was charged with. Not just trespass, man, I was charged with defiant trespass….”
    Even the Wikipedia article TrumpTower documents how Donald lied about saving priceless historical artifacts and mistreated poor Polish workers for over 20 years.

    1. Good post.
      I have to agree that a lot of people seem to be just as blinded about Trump as they are about Hillary.
      But then again, most people also believe in the fiction of the two party politial system.
      It’s all tailor made for the Jew World Order.

  2. The Clintons have set the standard for corruption in the US for decades now and one might expect their spectacular success to be emulated. So, the fact that Biden sold his office is not surprising. The real problem as I see it is that EVERYTHING in the US, including politics, has become a racket. Brazen corruption of all different flavors in the US has made the political variety seem quaint.

    These Rackets are HUGE:

    1. The medical business.
    2. The legal business.
    3. The education business.
    4. The banking business.
    5. Organized religion.
    6. Sports and gambling.
    7. Law Enforcement.
    8. Military Industrial Complex.
    9. Big Tech.

  3. Bill Clintons Federal Assault Weapons Ban and Sandy Hook

    Barack Obamas Gun Control Task Force and VP Joe Biden

    The Sandy Hook funerals and Barack Obama’s VP, Joe Biden.


      1. What About The When ?


        The Hypothesis

        Kabbalistic WMD

        The Rosetta Stone

        The Number 37 and Triplets 111 to 999

        Prime Ordinals or Sequence Numbers

        A Novel Form of Date Arithmetic

        Date Arithmetic Methods


        After having read all of that, if you have any further questions, I will do my best to answer them.


      2. MG….THAT is a helluva lot of info to sift through. It will take some time.
        Your posts are now making a bit more sense….though still (at least for me) a bit abstract in the presentation.
        Regardless……..and I have asked this frequently….is there a method in all this that will help us predict the next event?

      3. Will says:
        February 8, 2020 at 11:39 am

        MG….THAT is a helluva lot of info to sift through. It will take some time.
        Your posts are now making a bit more sense….though still (at least for me) a bit abstract in the presentation.
        Regardless……..and I have asked this frequently….is there a method in all this that will help us predict the next event?


        Stop for a minute …
        Think for a minute …

        There are root events, say Biden’s birth for example.

        While testing an hypothesis, if it is assumed that a suspect event could be a root event to other, future events, then if potential event relationships are discovered, using one set of WMD values, then to add weight to the hypothesis, other relationships from the same suspect root event should be found to other future events, using other sets of WMD values. The more incriminating relationships between a root event and future events are found, then the stronger the hypothesis. That generally describes the testing method.

        Many folk ask about the utility of the method in predicting future possibles.

        It should be clear from the above description that this is possible, to a degree. That being a likely future possible event date. The nature of that future possible remains elusive. Only the perps and the script designers know if that date will in fact be used or not and if so, what type of event they have in mind.

        So, thinking for a minute, after having read and understood all that is posted at the above links, would imo have lead a thinking person to the same conclusion.

        The next part of the “future possibles” fascination, should also become obvious, after some thought.

        What would be the benefit of publicly announcing a future possible date ?

        Given the huge dissonance which needs to be overcome, when describing events past, why would anyone attempt to predict the future ?

        To me, that would just be silly.

        The next part of the “future possibles” fascination, can only be answered by those who insist of repeating the question.

        You will of course also be aware, after having read and understood all of the above links, that nowhere is it claimed that this script & event analysis method can be used to accurately predict future events, so …

        What drives the obsession with predicting the future rather than understanding the past ?


      4. MG…My sense of your postings is that you have some big secret that you choose to make difficult to understand. IF you are genuine in your posting and wish (like many others here) to SHARE that information so it’s generally understandable and not some complicated puzzle using jargon to which only you are privy. You’ve been doing this for months, Why not use your somewhat obvious intelligence to do so?
        Simply put, stop beating around the bush and say what you wish to convey in common terms. You have made the point yo are smart. I get it. Now, stop playing games.

        Thank you.

      5. Will

        You first asked me to clarify the meaning of the links I posted illustrating the contrived kabbalism in the event relationships evident from Biden to script nodes in the the Sandy Hook production.

        In reply and to assist you, I posted the Introduction link to my site, showing you all of the sections to read along with my commitment to try and answer any questions after you have read the links.

        You then state that it “is a helluva lot of info to sift through. It will take some time.” and then try to move the goalposts with another objection / question about the utility of the method to predict future events. Something which I have never proclaimed.

        I post my considered reply.

        You then try to move the goalposts once again into ad hom territory by accusing me of playing games.

        Once again, I advise you to read the Introduction link posted and follow the pages.

        That way your “sense of your postings” will not have to rely on some imagined obfuscation, but would instead be considerably clarified by reading and understanding plain english …

        Hence my suggestion that you read the links.

        Suggestion for Will : Read the links.

        Start here :

        What About The When ?


        After having read the links which follow from the above, if you have any further questions, I will do my best to answer them.

        I will not be responding you to you further until you have done some reading.


      6. Same song, second verse… or third or fourth …

        What good is your information for obtaining justice or accurately predicting future false events so as to prevent them?

      7. Dachsie….Thank you for the validation. I am fairly sure this same question has been asked several times. The new info MG presented is interesting….but it just seems to be more data through which to sift that ultimately takes us no where without some reliable element of prediction that would pay for the time spent in that effort. Unfortunately, this seems to be the problem with so much of the information we ‘truthers’ hace accumulated.

      8. Apologies, my clicker went nutz and posted that comment before I was finished.
        …….we ‘truthers’ have accumulated. We have all the data, but none of it is leading us to even a minor correction of the madness we face on an almost daily basis.

      9. “Terrorism is theatre”

        and staged, theatrical productions,

        require scripts and actors …

        Mark Gobell


        The events described in the narratives are scheduled to form allegorical references or relationships to other events and it is these allegorical relationships which reveal :

        – the complaints which form the motivations & reasons for the main event
        – the faction which is likely responsible for the main event


        Dachsie says:
        February 8, 2020 at 1:55 pm

        Same song, second verse… or third or fourth …

        What good is your information for obtaining justice or accurately predicting future false events so as to prevent them?


        What good is your information for obtaining justice ?

        No good whatsoever.


        What good is your information for accurately predicting future false events so as to prevent them?

        See above response to Will.


        Rhetorical, back at you …

        What good is there in providing an exposition of, for example, nodes in the Sandy Hook script and the event relationships around which the perps’ computers build the narrative, to people who have no idea who, for example Shlomo Dragon is and who are also ignorant of the nature of the complaint he represents and of the allegory represented by the event relationship to the script entity known as Adam Lanza ?

        Sandy Hook : Adam Lanza : Raising Shlomo Dragon


  4. It’s way past time for Trump (Dionysius?…not really, but it fits my comparison) to take that sword and hold all the information in this article above the heads of the corrupt Democles and see how they like it for a nice change. At the end of today, he’ll be in one hell of a position to do just that. Nice to dream, but I doubt it will happen considering:


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