Chuck Correll, FLOYDgate: George Floyd’s murder was either a pre-planned public execution or completely staged hoax!

Chuck Correll

The Floyd event was staged.

Staged Event?

These officers were involved with something, I’m not sure exactly what, but something is just not adding up.

I think there is at the very least the “possibility”, that this was a filmed public execution of a black man by a white cop, with the purpose of creating racial tensions and driving a wedge in the growing group of anti Deep State sentiment from common people that have already been psychologically traumatized by COVID-19 fears.

Historically, in election years and in politically contested areas or in groups, racial or gun violence incidents are becoming more common place. Considering the rising approval rating of President Trump in the black community, an event like this was unfortunately “Predictable”.

Consider these points and contrast them to every other police brutality incident you’ve ever seen.

The filmed portion of the incident was about 10 minutes long. In that amount of time, three officers are holding one handcuffed man down. You only know that because of the pictures taken from across the street. You can’t see the other two officers in the video because they are behind the vehicle. During 8 minutes of the entire video, the officer has his knee on George Floyd’s neck, which is not taught or approved by any law enforcement agency.

Additionally, other than the Asian officer speaking occasionally to the crowd of bystanders, there is no communication from any of the officers to Mr. Floyd. No talking, no shouting. When have you ever seen a police brutality video without police shouting?

Real Deal Reports (3 June 2020) with Dean Ryan in LA and Mike Bara in Seattle.

Additionally, the police had no goal. They weren’t trying to subdue him for arrest; he was already handcuffed and all they needed to do was place him in the back of the car. There is no plausible explanation for taking him to the ground and having three men on top of a handcuffed man with a knee placed on his neck. Mr. Floyd presented no threat and was not resisting. The only goal that there appeared to be was exactly what happened: “To be a filmed brutal killing a black man”.

Think about this: these officers did not care about being filmed, in fact the officer stared into the camera with soulless eyes and an emotionless face, reminiscent of an assassin, as he knowingly killed an American Citizen.

None of the officers spoke among themselves or did they speak to Mr. Floyd. They did not respond to his pleas for life. They just sat and kneeled on him until he was passed out and then waited an additional 4 minutes after Mr. Floyd lost consciousness to ensure that Mr. Floyd was dead and could not be revived.

The bystanders are verbally communicating to the officers that he isn’t breathing. Unlike any other similar incident, you never see the officers getting on police radios. You never see or hear them calling dispatch for backup. No other police units arrive on the scene and strangely enough, the crowd does not seem to grow either.

The scene does not end until an ambulance arrives and they unceremoniously flop him on a gurney. At no point does anyone in a uniform ever check his vitals. “As if they aren’t remotely curious about the situation they are in” BTW.  Who called the ambulance and for what reason? Because if the reason was that Mr. Floyd was having a medical issue, they wouldn’t have still been crushing his neck.

Shortly after the video went viral, a fake Facebook page supposedly belonging to the officer at the center of the murder appears and pictures are uploaded that say “Stand your Ground” and “Trump 2020”.  A picture of the cop with a red ballcap that says “Make America White Again” is among the suspicious photos. A friends list populated with obvious sock puppet accounts and people clearly not his friends also apeears. This is the same kind of fake Facebook stunt that happened with a group made to look like support for the men involved with the Ahmed Aubrey case.

Real Deal Reports (4 June 2020) with Dean Ryan in LA and Mike Bara in Seattle.

Is it mere coincidence that this happens the week after “race” becomes a major political issue after the Biden “You ain’t Black!” gaffe started to threaten the black vote the Democrats so desperately count on?

Additionally, there is substantial video evidence to arrest at least one officer now. Why would the local authorities not charge him immediately, unless there was a political advantage not to!

Is it mere coincidence that this happens right about the exact moment the COVID-19 fear campaign falls apart, and after it has psychologically traumatized the entire country and got everyone at each other’s throats and suicide attempts are spiking?

Is it mere coincidence that this happens right after the Auhmed Aubrey case… which somehow eluded the mainstream media completely until two whole months after he was killed?  When has that ever happened?  Timing issue? Is it mere coincidence that Supreme Race Baiter Obama was making videos a couple weeks ago connecting COVID-19 with “Systemic Racism”?

FINALLY….‼️‼️ this entire scene plays out with the cop car and license plate that says “POLICE”. The plate was perfectly framed for maximum subliminal impact. This also means he was literally just 1 foot away from the back seat of the police car and these cops thought it was smarter to kill a black man on camera than to pick him up and move him one foot into the back of the police car.

You can draw your own conclusions, but this appears to have all the earmarks of George Soros. Please open your eyes!!!!

Thanks to Chris Tanner for photo and research.


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28 thoughts on “Chuck Correll, FLOYDgate: George Floyd’s murder was either a pre-planned public execution or completely staged hoax!”

    WE KNOW THAT GEORGE. As I have said all along, your kid, Jonathan did so your excuse does not cut it. Seems to me the cops “took a knee” on the wrong George . . . . . . oh wait, nevermind and you know why.


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    1. Well, Don…if this blog has gone to the point of that type of distastefulness and filth……adios.
      Freedom of speech or not, allowing this to post on the blog finds me greatly disappointed in Dr. Fetzer’s judgment.
      It’s been fun.

      1. OK. I found it and deleted it. I know why it was posted but it IS porn. So I have removed it. No strike. No foul.

  4. the epic fail at EMT 101 to save George Floyd is being edited out. You can’t find it anymore. Once you have seen it, it’s real obvious it’s missing. You can see where they edit it out at the 6:33 mark of this video. That’s where they “conveniently” change camera angles to across the street and after he is loaded! The missing part shows the absolute abandonment of protocols for status assessment, attempts at revival and utmost care taken to move him… none of that happened , that’s what these devils are hiding… No pulse check, no revival attempt and all the care a butcher would use to move a side of beef when they move him !

  5. Who was the man in the red ball cap and track pants? He was in the passenger seat and was later questioned by the police on the sidewalk next to the SUV.
    If Floyd was drunk, I can understand why they wanted him out of the SUV. Drunks can be difficult to handle.
    This is a superior video of what appears to have happened.

    Link below for more of Floyd’s activities:

  6. Once again, we have Soros usurping what’s left of justice in the US. Can you imagine the signal this sends to the other Antifa bastardz?? Looks like we are now in an atmosphere of “ANYTHING GOES” if you work for Soros.

    Hello…hello, Trump….how long will you allow this to happen….especially since BLACK LIVES MATTER is now written in bright yellow paint in DC along with renaming a street BLM…..It just keeps coming! Of course, none of this was planned…it’s all spontaneous.

  7. The junkie stunts work like a charm. So they get more and more brazen.

    I wonder what will come next…… another nuclear event?

    1. I watched your link Will. Now i have two different versions from the same outfit, Washington Post. Strange things are happening here. In my version, they cut out the mishandling of the unresponsive patient and jump cut to a reverse camera angle of him already loaded, in the your 153news version there’s no reverse angle jump, and the EMT checks for pulse. But It’s very different from the first version I saw the day of the death on Facebook. In the original Facebook version, the camera never looks away from George and there was no pulse taken by the EMTs, they just rolled him onto a gurney carelessly. In your version the pulse is taken. I am baffled by this because there is not a jump cut or camera angle reversal like my Washington Post version. I am almost feeling the Mandela effect. Never put much stock in it, I always thought the original Mandela effect of people remembering him being killed in prison with no memory of his Presidency were misremembering him for Steven Biko who did die in police custody. But it goes further with many people absolutely convinced Mandela never rose to be President and died a long time ago.

      1. Wow Salty, super cool you got to meet Nelson. I don’t have the same reverence for him like many do. I was taught how evil Apartied was since elementary school so no one ever dared doubt that programing. No one ever reported that what replaced it was their own brand of crony communism. Instead of lifting the Blacks out of poverty, they lowered half a million whites into living in shacks with no utilities with reverse affirmative action on steroids. If it’s midnight in South Africa, somewhere a white farmer’s family is being tortured, raped and murdered in the most barbaric ways you can nightmare up.

      2. I watched your link Salty, very intriguing. thanks for posting. I know one thing. You can’t trust the news to tell us what happened. But average Joes digging and digging for the truth, they might not always have the answers, but they are searching… unlike the news which is nothing more than a picture framing company

      3. dK…I go along with your take on the Mandela effect (as mis-remembering)….but I have found incidents of the phenomena that had no explanation. One is in regard to that 007 movie with the girl and her braces. If you remember the scene in which she smiles at “Jaws” or whatever his name was and he smiles back. It would have made no sense without her braces, but the present version (and I have seen BOTH) have her without braces. My guess is, as with the present Floyd ff and as with C’ville….they made two versions. There are times I think there is something called “mass memory” or mass mis-memory in which the media repeats an error so many times, that the memory and not the reality replaces what actually happened. The classic case of that is “mirror mirror on the wall….when i reality, it was “magic mirror on the wall”.

      4. Hey will, I have felt the mandela effect quite a few times over the years before it had a name. The mass mis-rememebering… I don’t know. You are the one who does not have Tv or netflix? Too bad because there is one flick I saw that just blows my mind and that’s called Rememory. It’s one of the best I’ve seen in a couple years. A shrink invents a device that extracts and records for playback – exact memories as you saw them – as a therapeutic tool for healing from traumatic events and for people with Alzheimer’s. It’s brilliantly done. I highly recommend it

      5. Oh, I watch movies…probably too many. I watch them on the movies…sites like that. If I remember correctly Rememory is the one with one of my favorite actors…Peter Dinklage. Excellent movie.
        It’s more than amazing how our memories can be influenced by subsequent events or other peoples versions. But the 007 flick has me baffled. The only explanation is two versions…unless one chooses to believe time has been played with…which I do not.

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