Judicial Watch, Most of Facebook Censorship Board Has Ties to Leftwing Billionaire George Soros

Judicial Watch

The recently appointed Facebook oversight board that will decide which posts get blocked from the world’s most popular social networking website is stacked with leftists, including a close friend of leftwing billionaire George Soros who served on the board of directors of his Open Society Foundations (OSF). Judicial Watch conducted a deep dive into the new panel that will make content rulings for the technology company that was slammed last year with a $5 billion fine for privacy violations. The information uncovered by Judicial Watch shows that the group of 20 is overwhelmingly leftist and likely to restrict conservative views. More than half of the members have ties to Soros, the philanthropist who dedicates huge sums to spreading a radical left agenda that includes targeting conservative politicians. Other Facebook oversight board members have publicly expressed their disdain for President Donald Trump or made political contributions to top Democrats such as Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren. As one New York newspaper editorial determined this month, the new Facebook board is a “recipe for left-wing censorship.”

Among the standouts is András Sajó, the founding Dean of Legal Studies at Soros’ Central European University. Sajó was a judge at the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) for nearly a decade. He also served on the board of directors of OSF’s Justice Initiative. Sajó was one of the ECHR judges in an Italian case (Latusi v. Italy) that ruled unanimously that the display of a crucifix in public schools in Italy violates the European Convention on Human Rights. The decision was subsequently overturned. Sajó’s deep ties to Soros are also concerning. Through his OSF Soros funds a multitude of projects worldwide aimed at spreading a leftist agenda by, among other things, destabilizing legitimate governments, erasing national borders and identities, financing civil unrest and orchestrating refugee crises for political gain.  Incredibly, there is a financial and staffing nexus between the U.S. government and Soros’ OSF. Read about it in a Judicial Watch special report documenting how Soros advances his leftist agenda at U.S. taxpayer expense.

Real Deal Reports (29 May 2020) with Dean Ryan in LA and Mike Bara in Seattle.

At least 10 other members of the Facebook oversight board are connected to leftist groups tied to Soros that have benefitted from his generous donations, according to Judicial Watch’s research. Alan Rusbridger, a former British newspaper editor and principal at Oxford University, serves on the board of directors of the Committee to Protect Journalists, which received $750,000 from OSF in 2018. Rusbridger also served as a governor at a global thinktank, Ditchley Foundation, that co-hosted a conference with OSF on change in the Middle East and North Africa as well as understanding political Islam. Afia Asantewaa Sariyev, a human rights attorney, is the program manager at Soros’ Open Society Initiative for West Africa. Her research includes critical race feminism and socio-economic rights of the poor. Sudhir Krishnaswamy, an Indian lawyer and civil society activist, runs a progressive nonprofit called Centre for Law and Policy Research that focuses on transgender rights, gender equality and public health. The group is a grantee of a justice foundation that received $1.4 million from OSF between 2016 and 2018. Krishnaswamy’s Centre also received money from a radical pro-abortion group, Center for Reproductive Rights, generously funded by the OSF.

The list of Facebook judges connected to Soros and the organized left continues. Julie Owono is the executive director of a Paris-based nonprofit, Internet Sans Frontieres, that advocates for privacy and freedom of expression online. In 2018, Internet Sans Frontieres became a member of the Global Network Initiative, an internet oversight and policy consortium handsomely funded by Soros. Nighat Dad is a Pakistani attorney and the founder of the Digital Rights Foundation, a nonprofit organization based in Pakistan that has received $114,000 in grants from OSF. Dad’s group also gets funding from Facebook Ireland. Ronaldo Lemos, a Brazilian law professor, served on the board of directors of the Mozilla Foundation, which collected $350,000 from OSF in 2016 and was also a board member at another group, Access Now, that also got thousands of dollars from Soros. Tawakkol Karman, a journalist and civil rights activist, sits on the advisory board of Transparency International, which gets significant funding from Soros’ OSF.

Real Deal Reports (30 May 2020) with Mike Bara in Seattle and Blake Walley in LA.

Rounding out the Soros-affiliated field on the new Facebook censorship board are Helle Thorning-Schmidt, Catalina Botero-Marino and Maina KiaiThorning-Schmidt, Denmark’s former prime minister, sits on the board of the European Council of Foreign Relations, which took in more $3.6 million from OSF in 2016 and 2017. She is also a trustee at the International Crisis Group which has collected over $8.2 million from OSF and includes George and Alexander Soros on its board. The former Danish prime minister is also a member of the Atlantic Council’s International Advisory Board, which received approximately $325,000 from OSF in the last few years and the European Advisory Board of the Center for Global Development, which got north of half a million dollars from OSF in 2018. Botero-Marino is the dean of a Colombian law school called Universidad de Los Andes that obtained more than $1.3 million from OSF between 2016 and 2018, the records obtained by Judicial Watch show. Botero-Marino also sits on the panel of experts at Columbia University’s Global Freedom Expression Project, which gets funding from OSF, and she was a board member at Article 19, a group that got about $1.7 million from OSF between 2016 and 2018. Kiai is the director of the Global Alliances and Partnerships at Human Rights Watch, which accepted $275,000 from OSF in 2018. He is also a member of OSF’s Human Rights Initiative advisory board and was the founding executive director of the Kenya Human Rights Commission, which got $615,000 from Soros in the last two years.

Others on the Facebook board have slandered President Trump in social media posts and donated money to high-profile Democrats. Taiwanese communications professor Katherine Chen’s Twitter account includes retweets of numerous anti-Trump and pro-Obama posts and articles. Nicolas Suzor, a law professor in Australia, retweeted a column implicitly comparing Trump to Hitler and Columbia University law professor Jamal Greene has made campaign contributions to Obama, Hillary Clinton and Warren. Pro-Trump impeachment Stanford law professor Pamela Karlan, who took a cheap shot at President Trump’s teenage son during the Brett Kavanaugh impeachment hearings, has also contributed money to Obama, Hillary Clinton and Warren. The new board has only a few token conservatives such as Stanford law professor Michael McConnell, a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution. The overwhelming majority of those making Facebook’s “final and binding decisions on whether specific content should be allowed or removed,” are leftists. They represent a new model of content moderation that will uphold “freedom of expression within the framework of international norms of human rights.” Facebook’s economic, political or reputational interests will not interfere in the process, the company writes in its introduction to the new board. Eventually the board, which will begin hearing cases later this year, will double in size. “The cases we choose to hear may be contentious, and we will not please everyone with our decisions,” Facebook warns.

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  1. I always liked V for Vendetta…. because the people won in the end through their numbers. Remember, this is the movies that introduced the Guy Fawkes mask. In any case, just watch this intro to the latest Dollar Vigilante vid….I had forgotten this incredible incident of predictive programming….mind boggling as to the specifics!


  2. The George Floyd Memorial fund just blew past 12 million dollars to $12,010,000 , an outfit called Blackcraft Cult donated $166,633 in the last 6 hours. it’s an online slut and gangster apparel company that made 4 donations, one for $33,000. This needs to be exposed. https://www.blackcraftcult.com

  3. 11.6 million reasons (dollars) to help stage your brother’s murder by cop and my post keeps getting instant censored here unless it’s just a line or two. That’s how much the memorial fund has raised for the victim’s funeral. Average cost of a funeral 7 – 12k, average 4 year tuition at Harvard 200k. 285k to raise a child to age 18 from birth. That’s enough money to educate 58 kids at Harvard. That enough money to bury 967 people with a high end funeral. At what point to they stop cashing in on tis engineered tragedy

    1. Dave, you are not being censored on this blog. The software can only handle one comment at a time. When your comment vanishes that means that someone else is commenting. Always copy your comments to a safe file and wait until the blog is free and then re-comment. This can go on for hours.

      1. Don…I likely comment more than anyone here, so my chances of commenting at the same time as someone else are pretty high…yet I rarely lose a comment. I am not saying it isn’t possible, but considering the number of comments I make with 99% going through…well, it may be something else ….just an observation.

      2. I know it was not Jim. What I have experienced is anything more than a few lines vanishes most of the time and most of the time if I put in hyperlinks. No hyperlinks and or short comments work fine

    1. BUT, if it gets to the point of martial law……never, ever give up your weapons under ANY circumstances. PERIOD! There is no gray area!

  4. Notice that a boarded-up stores mean nothing to the looters in NY city and elsewhere. They easily tear down the boards and enter with ease to loot. In many cases the doors are already broken.
    Maybe things have changed but the NY Gov and NYC Mayor refuse to call in the National Guard. This is madness.
    The local police cannot handle the violence and looting.

    The riots of 1992 in Los Angeles MSM said that ”hundreds” of buildings were burned [that’s a CNN lie]….the REAL number was over 3,000.

  5. Now, this looks authentic. How the hell is this possible? LOOTING A MOVING TRAIN?? I am not one to jump to hasty conclusions, friends, but this country seems to be going down. There is no explanation for this other than mob rule and madness. If I was living in any city, I would get the hell out and/or find an M-60. Law enforcement is ABSENT!


    1. And where are the supposed militia members and patriots? DO NOT look for Trump for any help…the last thing I would want is martial law. Get armed and protect yourself and your family.

    2. I am still getting censored as soon as I hit post on anymore than a short message. The memorial fund will for pass 10 million before day’s end. This is insane

    1. This guy is telling it like it is. The NYPD got duped by some outsiders OR they are in on it. By in on it, I mean Cuomo gave orders for them to stand down. Which would you choose? Here’s the best comment under this vid:

      I like your stuff so far, it looks like the Gaurdian Angels got dupedand they are a worthless cult, like the police they were nowhere to be found only until after tha mayhem ended, but I belive your 2nd choice for NYPD is more likley, they stood down and got paid to do so. The intelligence of their departments is akin to that of any of the governmental alphabet law enforcement agencies that are all intertwined. All major cities have similar Resilient City Action Plans that will adhere to a UN agenda. Along with the Coronavirus Plandemic these orchestrated riots are paving the way and are part of Agenda 21/30 and the Rockefeller Lockstep plan and if the police want to keep their jobs till a UN police force takes over they have to participate.


    1. Remember that millions were raised for the Sandy Hook ”victims” where No one was killed or even harmed.
      The ignorant masses are easily fooled. Each ”Crisis” family got over $1 million.

      During the 1930s the citizens of Austria thought that Adolf H. was the greatest person on the planet by 95%.
      In 1945 they thought he was the worst human to ever walk the earth.

      Interesting how love can go sour. First you love’em and then you hate them.

  6. So, we all know Soros is behind censorship, the riots and most other discord in the US, INC. and yet, the FBI is clueless….just as they were after the JFK, RFK and MLK assassinations. Just as they were after 9/11 and every false flag since then. Does the FBI actually stand for the Federal Bureau of Ineptitude? Maybe so. Or possibly, the Federal Bureau of “In-On-It”. I lean toward the latter. With an outfit formerly led by a cross-dresser, I would imagine anything is possible. I keep having visions of Comey in high heels. Is that a bad thing?

    1. It’s crazy what’s happening… the biggest story today should be the George Floyd Memorial Fund. It’s gone up $33,000 in the last 10 minutes. This needs investigation. It just jumped another $15,000 in the last few minutes. This is obscene at $9,192,000 I started watching at 8.9 million maybe 3 hours ago

      1. How would anyone know for sure it was coming from individual contributors….could be Soros and his son are putting in the bucks…No way to tell, eh?

      2. Go Fund Me has a link to the names of contributors or they can remain anonymous. I asked a couple of the top contributors if they had actually made these contributions. Have not heard back from them yet. The fund is up to $9,945,000 … about a million bucks since early this morning. This is nuts !

      3. With all those in real need, it outrageous and demonstrable of the absolute gullibility of many Americans.


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