Paul Craig Roberts, The Democrats Have Stolen the Presidential Election

[Editor’s note: Paul Craig Roberts’ Interview with the European magazine Zur Zeit (In This Time): in English Translation:]

A few months ago it looked like the re-election of Trump was almost certain, but now there was a close race between Trump and Biden? What happen during the last months?

In the months before the election, the Democrats used the “Covid pandemic” to put in place voting by mail. The argument was used that people who safely go to supermarkets and restaurants could catch Covid if they stood in voting lines. Never before used on a large scale, voting by mail is subject to massive vote fraud.

There are many credible reports of organized vote fraud committed by Democrats. The only question is whether the Republican establishment will support challenging the documented fraud or whether Trump will be pressured to concede in order to protect the reputation of American Democracy.

For those influenced by a partisan media that is denying the massive fraud that occurred, here is an overview of the elements of the fraud and the legal remedies.

It is difficult to know or to ensure that the ballots are actual ballots from registered voters. For example in the early hours of the morning of November 4 large ballot drops occurred in Michigan and Wisconsin that wiped out Trump’s lead. State officials have reported that people not registered—probably illegals—were permitted to vote. Postal service workers have reported being ordered to backdate ballots that suddenly appeared in the middle of the night after the deadline. These techniques were used to erase Trump’s substantial leads in the states of Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Georgia.

Digital technology has also made it easy to alter vote counts. US Air Force General Thomas McInerney is familiar with this technology. He says it was developed by the National Security Agency in order to interfere in foreign elections, but now is in the hands of the CIA and was used to defeat Trump. Trump is considered to be an enemy of the military/security complex because of his wish to normalize relations with Russia, thus taking away the enemy that justifies the CIA’s budget and power.

People do not understand. They think an election has been held when in fact what has occurred is that massive vote fraud has been used to effect a revolution against red state white America. Leaders of the revolution, such as Democrat Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, are demanding a list of Trump supporters who are “to be held accountable.” Calls are being made for the arrest of Tucker Carlson, the only mainstream journalist who supported President Trump.

In a recent column I wrote:

“Think what it means that the entirety of the US media, allegedly the ‘watchdogs of democracy,’ are openly involved in participating in the theft of a presidential election.

“Think what it means that a large number of Democrat public and election officials are openly involved in the theft of a presidential election.

“It means that the United States is split irredeemably. The hatred for white people that has been cultivated for many years, portraying white Americans as “systemic racists,” together with the Democrats’ lust for power and money, has destroyed national unity. The consequence will be the replacement of rules with force.”

Mainstream media in Europe claim, that Trump had “divided” the United States. But isn`t it actually the other way around, that his opponents have divided the country?

As the German newspaper editor Udo Ulfkotte revealed in his book, Bought Journalism, the European and US media speak with one voice— the voice of the CIA. The very profitable and powerful US military/security complex needs foreign enemies. Russiagate was a CIA/FBI successful effort to block Trump from reducing tensions with Russia. In 1961 in his last address to the American people President Dwight Eisenhower warned that the growing power of the military/industrial complex was a threat to American democracy. We ignored his warning and now have security agencies more powerful than the President.

The military/security complex favors the disunity that the Democrat Party and media have fostered with their ideology of Identity Politics. Identity politics replaced Marxist class war with race and gender war. White people, and especially white heterosexual males, are the new oppressor class. This ideology causes race and gender disunity and prevents any unified opposition to the security agencies ability to impose its agendas by controlling explanations. Opposition to Trump cemented the alliance between Democrats, media, and the Deep State.

It is possible that the courts will decide who will be sworn into office at January 20, 2021. Do you except a phase of uncertainty or even a constitutional crisis?

There is no doubt that numerous irregularities indicate that the election was stolen and that the ground was well laid in advance. Trump intends to challenge the obvious theft. However, his challenges will be rejected in Democrat ruled states, as they were part of the theft and will not indict themselves. This means Trump and his attorneys will have to have constitutional grounds for taking their cases to the federal Supreme Court. The Republicans have a majority on the Court, but the Court is not always partisan.

Republicans tend to be more patriotic than Democrats, who denounce America as racist, fascist, sexist, imperialist. This patriotism makes Republicans impotent when it comes to political warfare that could adversely affect America’s reputation. The inclination of Republicans is for Trump to protect America’s reputation by conceding the election. Republicans fear the impact on America’s reputation of having it revealed that America’s other major party plotted to steal a presidental election.

Red state Americans, on the other hand, have no such fear. They understand that they are the targets of the Democrats, having been defined by Democrats as “racist white supremacist Trump deplorables.”

The introduction of a report of the Heritage Foundation states that “the United States has a long and unfortunate history of election fraud”. Are the 2020 presidential elections another inglorious chapter in this long history?

This time the fraud is not local as in the past. It is the result of a well organized national effort to get rid of a president that the Establishment does not accept.

Somehow you get the impression that in the USA – as in many European countries democracy is just a facade – or am I wrong?

You are correct. Trump is the first non-establishment president who became President without being vetted by the Establishment since Ronald Reagan. Trump was able to be elected only because the Establishment thought he had no chance and took no measures to prevent his election. A number of studies have concluded that in the US the people, despite democracy and voting, have zero input into public policy.

Democracy cannot work in America because the money of the elite prevails. American democracy is organized in order to prevent the people from having a voice. A political campaign is expensive. The money for candidates comes from interest groups, such as defense contractors, Wall Street, the pharmaceutical industry, the Israel Lobby. Consequently, the winning candidate is indebted to his funders, and these are the people whom he serves.

European mainstream media are portraying Biden as a luminous figure. Should Biden become president, what can be expected in terms of foreign and security policy, especially in regard to China, Russia and the Middle East? I mean, the deep state and the military-industrial complex remain surely nearly unchanged.

Biden will be a puppet, one unlikely to be long in office. His obvious mental confusion will be used either to rule through him or to remove him on grounds of mental incompetence. No one wants the nuclear button in the hands of a president who doesn’t know which day of the week it is or where he is.

The military/security complex needs enemies for its power and profit and will be certain to retain the list of desirable foreign enemies—Russia, Iran, China, and any independent-inclined country in Latin America. Being at war is also a way of distracting the people of the war against their liberties.

What the military/security complex might not appreciate is that among its Democrat allies there are some, such as Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who are ideological revolutionaries. Having demonized red state America and got rid of Trump (assuming the electoral fraud is not overturned by the courts), Ocasio-Cortez and her allies intend to revolutionize the Democrat Party and make it a non-establishment force. In her mind white people are the Establishment, which we already see from her demands for a list of Trump supporters to be punished.

I think I’m not wrong in assuming that a Biden-presidency would mean more identity politics, more political correctness etc. for the USA. How do you see this?

Identity politics turns races and genders against one another. As white people—“systemic racists”—are defined as the oppressor class, white people are not protected from hate speech and hate crimes. Anything can be said or done to a white American and it is not considered politically incorrect.

With Trump and his supporters demonized, under Democrat rule the transition of white Americans into second or third class citizens will be completed.

How do you access Trump’s first term in office? Where was he successful and where he failed?

Trump spent his entire term in office fighting off fake accusations—Russiagate, Impeachgate, failure to bomb Russia for paying Taliban to kill American occupiers of Afghanistan, causing Covid by not wearing a mask, and so on and on.

That Trump survived all the false charges shows that he is a real person, a powerful character. Who else could have survived what Trump has been subjected to by the Establishment and their media prostitutes. In the United States the media is known as “presstitutes”—press prostitutes. That is what Udo Ulfkotte says they are in Europe. As a former Wall Street Journal editor, I say with complete confidence that there is no one in the American media today I would have hired. The total absence of integrity in the Western media is sufficient indication that the West is doomed.

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27 thoughts on “Paul Craig Roberts, The Democrats Have Stolen the Presidential Election”

  1. From Sgt Pat on Whatfinger: ( )

    The worst thing that could ever happen to me is for my son one day, hungry and at the Left’ mercy asks ‘Dad, why didn’t you do something while you could?’ Don’t know about the rest of you but I would rather die fighting for freedom than to let tyranny sneak in by big tech and fake news media right before our eyes. If they want to fight, we will fight and we will win. And God help so many of these smug leftist pigs. They will not know what hit them if this ever goes violent. We pray it never does. For now – legal avenues exist and will most likely prevail. But understand that if they do not, a time to sacrifice will be here. I just put much $$ into Trump’s legal team. Some say too much since we’re not wealthy. I hope you join me doing the same. All of the clicks you do here on this site as well on advertisers, much goes to helping the cause. We are helping Trump… dollars before bullets. CLICK HERE for Trump’s site, yeah same link as above, I would post it everywhere if I could… Sgt Pat

    1. Will, I am with you 100%. If Joe Biden (actually, his body double) were to be inaugurated on 20 January 2020, that would be the trigger for a second American Revolution. There is no point living as serfs or slaves. Stock up on supplies and ammo. As the saying goes, lock and load! The is for our children and our grandchildren.

      1. Well, Dr,….If you will not put your life on the line for your family and country…what’s left?
        It’s been a good life….I have full intention of leaving on my own two feet….not on my knees or in some damn Camp Walmart.

  2. I feel much of this debate here is being mitigated by the post you just released regarding Trump laying a trap for the globalist fraudsters in advance of the election. Everything is changing very fast nowadays. Judging by the large rallies including the Million Maga March on Washington D.C., 72 million or more Americans are now ready to fight the fascist takeover of our country by the New World Order including the CV Scamdemic and Voter Fraud and upcoming Reset. These are the people who must be reached, educated, and mobilized. All else is window dressing. I recommend much more outreach by this wonderful blog. I know of a number of people who would love to promote it more, and I am sure there are THOUSANDS more out there who would also work together to promote this blog if properly reached and managed. The forces for Truth need to work together as effectively as the forces for Falseness. I recommend all those who support this blog work together on this. A program could be set up to do this. Jim. Something for you to consider.

  3. The great Paul Craig Roberts has it partially correct. The democratic party is now just a tool, the golem if you will, of the Satanic Globalist Parasites. That is who stole the election. That is who props up the demonic color revolution frontman George Soros. That is who drives the destruction of the American Economy through the traitors in Government via the Great Reset. That is who seeks to eugenically destroy the American population via their narcissistic, megalomaniacal frontman Bill Gates (who seeks to be the vaccine messiac) by terminally poisoning the health of the American populace via a vaccine holocaust known as the Covid-19 Scamdemic. That is who seeks to bring down the sovereign republic of the United States via their traitorous installed puppets Groper Joe Biden and Satanic Succubus Kamala Harris. The Devil is winning people… WAKE UP!

  4. Everyone must keep these complex discussions in perspective. Trump has a long and well documented history of shameful activities well documented by the late Wayne Barrett and long before he became President. He may have gotten shafted himself this time. But who knows, this could be a blessing in disguise if he fails to serve another term? These elections also serve to divert attention from the many constant evil shenanigans going on constantly around the world, almost always involving that small but powerful country over there which country name has 6 letters beginning with I and ending with L. While Trump may be given some credit he has also been a devout follower and doer for the powerful country mentioned. Nothing will change if others are put in power. Either way that country wins and we lowly citizens lose. If we lose now, just remember we did not lose as a result of Trump’s downfall, but our downfall many decades ago when we surrendered to the small country named above. However I think this was another great article posted by Jim. Thank you Jim for having the guts to post it.

    1. Oh dear, Winfield has played the name-game again. Has he not the nerve to name Israel in his screed above?

      If Biden is inaugurated, Trump will give him the coldest icey shoulder in world history. He will not attend any events of that day and exit the WH premises with dignity….having been evicted from the house he rightfully won but was cheated out of by criminals with Federal felonies on their conscious. That fact will destroy Biden forever and his illicit squat in the Oval Office will disgrace the USA in the eyes of the entire world.

  5. Paul rehashed everything this crowd knows and more or less agrees with, nothing wrong with another summary. As per usual I am sure I will learn many new things from the commenters. Always excellent here. For those that don’t check the links the commentators post, you are missing some real gems. Thanks Jim for your tireless work.

    I find it endlessly fascinating your Flat Earth post still has the record for comments as far as I can remember. But I’m not surprised. I have a friend who runs a hot air balloon site seeing business near Boulder, Colorado. He regularly posts pictures showing 50 to 100 miles of the continental divide. This time of year when the snowline is high, like 10,000 feet… you can take a ruler to the snow line and it is laser straight. In fact if you did not own anything but round pieces of tracing paper, you could trace a perfect straight edge from his photos. That’s impossible on a ball Earth because you can calculate exact drops behind the theoretical curve and it does not jive with this observation. Instead of just acknowledging this fact, people will throw down the gauntlet of reasons why the picture lies! It reminds me of the Trump haters that say he is a racist. I can pull out a picture of the US Fish And Game Bureau Director – Aurelia Skipwith and they still stand by the wicked lie. Aurelia is Black as night, brilliant and charismatic and by the way – gorgeous! Trump hired her based solely on merit, passion and deep knowledge of her field. Being totally hot, never hurt her chances!

    Fox News has shown their true colors when covering the massive Trump Rally in DC yesterday. They purposely broadcast images of the fringe of the crowd to make it look like a fringe movement. Check out the photo and ask does that look like a minor event? The other despicable thing FOX keeps doing is prefacing every mention of voter fraud with ‘there is no evidence of wide spread fraud’ … the juxtaposition of Jesse Watters show right after they said that… digging into massive voter fraud allegations. Fox is trying to have it both ways. No wonder people are so confused, that is purposeful.


      1. Will, would you mind not turning my blog into a flat earth debate? I have engaged in some and brought an expert surveyor on to deal with arguments like this one. You should be able to find them at or BitChute. Having earned a Ph.D. in the history and the philosophy of science, I can assure you (through I know it won’t matter) that Earth is an oblate spheroid (a globe slightly larger at the Equator), where the distinctions between night and day arise because of Earth’s rotation on its axis once every 24 hours; the months are defined by the orbit of the moon around Earth about every 28 days; and years are defined by Earth’s orbit around the Sun. Every celestial object is spherical. A flat Earth is physically impossible, because of the role of gravity. So you can only subscribe to a flat Earth by opposing the findings of physics and astronomy. Please don’t go there. Indeed, I am so upset at the very idea that I am declaring an injunction against a flat Earth debate on this blog. You are a splendid contributor. Let’s not muck it up here. If you want to debate it, do it elsewhere. I hope you and others will understand.

      2. Galileo was cleared of charges of heresy, but was told that he could no longer publicly state his belief that the Earth moved around the Sun. Galileo was sentenced to life imprisonment in 1633. Because of his age and poor health, he was allowed to serve his imprisonment under house arrest. Tough toenails in those days.

        Galileo had the nerve to say that the earth revolved around the Sun. The mighty authority of the Church said otherwise. Galileo went to jail. Occasionally people get science wrong….very wrong.

        Once I flew in a 747 jet up to its commercial flight altitude….45K feet. OMG, you can actually see the curve of the earth. Yes, the earth is a sphere and lo and behold, so is the moon.

      3. You would have better served your purpose by simply ignoring my scientific statement, but I will not engage even though I will give you the last word.

      4. Seymour…Yes, I am. But a man must take a stand for what he believes despite any consequences……just as Dr. Fetzer. But, I told the good Dr. I will not take it any further and I won’t…but silence has a price. I’ll miss this place. We have all had some good discussions. But, conversations that are bridled and censored are no longer discussions…they MASK open discourse. I blame no one. After all, this is Dr. Fetzer’s blog…not mine. And I respect that.

        What I plan to do now, is simply pray with all my heart that Trump can turn this election around and thereby this country that is rapidly going to hell.
        I would advise those who believe to do the same.

      5. Christ Almighty! I don’t want you to leave, Will. Go ahead: Blast away with Flat Earth absurdities. I would rather have you here with Flat Earth nonsense than not have you here at all. I am stunned. Where else can you say your piece? GO FOR IT! Unreal. I’ve seen what Flat Earth can do to otherwise reasonable men. But if you simply have to say something, DO IT HERE. Just know that, in the process, you are also TOSSING PHYSICS AND ASTRONOMY OVERBOARD. I would have thought that was a high price to pay. OK. Now tell us your explanation for the hours of the day, the timing of months and years, the dimensions of your Flat Earth and more. Your curvature argument is flawed. And, as I implied before, the laws of gravitation do not support flat objects in space. So what else do you have in your arsenal? As soon as I have some of my past shows about it, I will post the links here. HAVE AT IT. UNREAL.

      6. Will has threatened to quit several times. People then flitter and flutter, wiggle and waggle over his threat.
        Next week or so Will is back on….as if nothing happened.

      7. You make a good point, Don. I like Will, but I feel this is rather like extortion. I really don’t want to debate Flat Earth here. So if Will decides to leave, I shall have to accept his decision. I have made my position clear. I really don’t want that debate here.

      8. Don, that is because I am intelligent enough, human enough and flexible enough to reconsider my position after taking a closer look at a decision based on information I knew at that time. I reserve the right as a thinking and reasoning being to be able to change my position; something Dr. Fetzer touts repeatedly.

        I will not be discussing fe again…minds here are not open enough for such a challenge.
        BUT, remember, It was not myself that initiated the conversation. I was only responding to another comment by one of my favorite contributors.

  6. It’s quite difficult to disagree with a word that PCR has written. But, underneath that truth is a resignation the fight is over. I cannot and will never accept that. We the People MUST support whatever Trump decides to do ….in any way possible. IF a fraud as obvious as this is allowed to stand, this Republic is DEAD. Have no doubt. If we sit on our arses and allow this to continue, we deserve what we get. BUT, do our children, grand children and great grand children deserve that same fate? This cannot stand under any circumstances. Get ready to fight the fight of your life.
    There can be NO COMPROMISE…not this time…never!


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