Eric Georgatos, Why Sidney Powell gets the Galileo treatment

By Eric Georgatos

Observers of human history might have to go back all the way to Galileo to find a ruling class as determined to cancel someone as much as today’s is to cancel Sidney Powell in response to her single-minded devotion to bringing the truth of the full scale of the 2020 election fraud to light.

Galileo broke the news/discovery that the earth wasn’t the center of the universe, and in fact revolved around the sun, and that just didn’t comport with what the ruling class, including church authorities, were prepared or willing to accept.  Galileo rocked their world — probably deeply threatening their hold of authority over the masses if they were exposed as so fundamentally wrong — so their solution wasn’t to deal with the truth but to put Galileo under house arrest and demand that he renounce his discovery.

The American ruling class of 2020 is bizarrely opposed to allocating any oxygen to what Sidney Powell has discovered and is alleging about Dominion Voting Systems (and others), about vote-shifting algorithms and partial decimal vote counts, and about vote manipulation showing up throughout the country.  Even Rudy Giuliani, the President’s attorney, and Mark Meadows, the President’s Chief of Staff, seem hellbent on publicly keeping their distance from Powell — and on keeping President Trump from getting too close to or aligned with Powell.

Other elements of the ruling class — such as SCOTUS and much of the rest of the federal judiciary — won’t even look at the evidence Powell has assembled.  They just ‘don’t want to go there’, and so they make up legal excuses — e.g., lack of standing — and wave off the substance of the allegations.

What gives?  Why are they behaving this way?

Common sense says election integrity is fundamental to the survival of democracy in any form, so if there are reasonable grounds for suspicion, why wouldn’t serious adults want to turn over every rock to determine the truth?  If the ruling class is so eager to pronounce Sidney Powell a lunatic fringe conspiracy theorist, why wouldn’t they want the Dominion voting machines fully audited so they can prove once and for all that Powell is crazy and deserves to be mocked and ignored?

Many people in the Dallas, Texas area have been struggling with these ‘what gives?’ questions since at least 2018, when the mid-term election results had an immediate smell of having been rigged.  Yet Texas law enforcement authorities — by reputation so pro-law and order — refused to investigate.

There seem to be three possible explanations for the behavior of the ruling class, and none of them are good.

The first and probably worst is that many on both sides of the political aisle may be in on the fraud.  Rigged elections are an equal opportunity enticement to many if not most politicians.  There would be no desire on the part of anyone in on the fix to encourage any investigation that might ruin the fix for everyone.

Aligned with this explanation is the internet speculation about the remarkable election wins of RINOs and quasi-Never-Trumpers Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham and Susan Collins (and even of moderate, no charisma John Cornyn, whose vote total implausibly exceeded Trump’s in Texas).

All won big despite enormous opposition campaign spending and beat expectations and polls by a sizable margin — in the same election President Trump supposedly lost to a senile old man who couldn’t draw 200 people to any campaign event (and still can’t draw flies to his speeches from the “office of the President-elect”).

These Senate results may not scream fraud to the same degree the Trump/Biden result does, but they have an odor about them.  Yet they reconcile pretty quickly — though to be clear, still hypothetically — if in exchange for unified post-election effort to dismiss the seriousness of election fraud and help usher Trump out of the White House, they were promised re-election, and with margins that might scare off for at least one election cycle the most credible future challengers. (Outraged by the hypothetical?   Then let’s audit the machines and put hypotheticals to rest.)

The second explanation for the ‘what gives?’ is fear and intimidation.  Election fraud on a national scale in the United States of America is the ultimate high stakes global power play.  As is repeatedly noted at the Conservative Treehouse, ‘there are trillions at stake’.  The players are beyond nasty; nothing is out of bounds for the sake of acquiring or holding on to global power.

In this scenario, all it would take is a few threatening calls at the right time to a weak officeholder or judge (or their family members) — and the quick result will be votes or rulings that there shall be no audits of voting machines, or simply dismissals of lawsuits on procedural grounds that permit the evidence to be ignored.

The third explanation is a variant of Galileo’s experience:  the conclusion that follows from the evidence Sidney Powell has put together is so devastating to Americans’ view of how their country is supposed to be governed that it simply can’t be given voice or visibility.  The truth would shock Americans into a complete loss of faith and trust in their government.  The truth would so rock our world — that we’re all being lied to and manipulated so constantly and in so many ways — that we’ll cease to function in any manner resembling law and order.  Under such circumstances, the ruling class would have determined that Americans ‘can’t handle the truth…so they can’t be allowed to know the truth.

It’s easy to see how this explanation can hold together, even in the face of overwhelming circumstantial evidence of election fraud:  ‘experts’ just raise the evidentiary bar of ‘proof’ so high that it can never be met — i.e., unless Sidney Powell can produce Dominion/Smartmatic source code written not in programming code but in bold-font, all-caps English that says “FLIP VOTES FROM TRUMP TO BIDEN HERE”, then the same experts can solemnly announce that the circumstantial evidence is just not enough proof to justify remedial action.

The American people already know what happened in the 2020 election, because they watched Trump haters in action over the last 4+ years.  They saw the Russia collusion hoax; they saw the sham impeachment; and they increasingly see pandemic protocols utterly untethered to science but transparently connected to straitjacketing the American people with a globalist Great Reset imposed by an unelected ruling elite, with the same pattern of lies and liars that brought about the hoax and the impeachment.

A stolen election in 2020 therefore isn’t a shocking aberration; it’s an obvious continuation, a culmination of the ruling class determination to get rid of an outsider who threatened to ‘reset’ America back to its original design — a nation governed not by a hierarchy of ruling elites, but by ‘we the people’.


All three explanations for ignoring or dismissing the evidence of election fraud are plausible, and they are not mutually exclusive.  And they all point to the over-arching challenge of these times:  is there sufficient courage among the American people to demand the truth?

Sidney Powell has the requisite courage.  The coming days, weeks, months (years?) will answer whether enough other Americans of this era are up to the challenge.  If there are, we believe they can force their government to live by the truth.

As President Trump might say, “We’ll see what happens”.

Eric Georgatos blogs at America Can We Talk?

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12 thoughts on “Eric Georgatos, Why Sidney Powell gets the Galileo treatment”

  1. As a layman and not a member of the BAR, I find nothing in the 12th Amendment that says the VP has discretion in counting the electoral votes. I would certainly wish it were so.From what I read, he just counts them. The reps and sinators objecting to the votes is another story. So, Gohmert filing a lawsuit to force Pence to not count disputed states seems to be an attempt to alter the Constitution, so It’s easy to see why the suit should fail. Why Pence has filed a suit against Gohmert’s filing in the face of an obvious attempt to amend the Constitution befuddles me. He may be shirking the responsibility of choosing the next president. It would also seem the founders in their wisdom understood giving the VP this discretion could easily be seen as a conflict of interest since he would be instrumental in putting himself in office. Once again, it seems the only ones benefiting from these moves are the lawyers. There must be something going on here that escapes my perception. Here’s the article discussing Pence’s counter suit (if that is what it’s called).

    Vice President Mike Pence asked a federal judge on Thursday to reject an effort to give him “exclusive authority” to decide which Electoral College votes should be counted during the upcoming joint session of Congress.

    Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) and other Republicans last week filed a lawsuit against Pence, requesting that the court grant Pence power to decide which votes to count on Jan. 6, 2021, when lawmakers will gather to observe the formal certification of states’ electoral votes for the president of the United States.

    Pence argued that he was not the correct defendant to the lawsuit. In a Thursday filing (pdf) to U.S. District Judge Jeremy Kernodle, an attorney representing Pence wrote, “A suit to establish that the Vice President has discretion over the count, filed against the Vice President, is a walking legal contradiction.”

    Plaintiffs earlier said that their counsel had “made a meaningful attempt” to reach out to Pence’s counsel but discussions “were not successful in reaching an agreement and this lawsuit was filed,” according to a filing asking for an accelerated schedule in the case.

    The lawsuit concerns Pence’s role as president of the Senate.

    In seven battleground states, Republican electors cast alternative slates of votes for President Donald Trump on Dec. 14. They alleged that Trump was the true winner in those states, alleging election fraud and contesting election officials who declared a win for Biden.
    Epoch Times Photo
    Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) on Capitol Hill in Washington on June 25, 2019. (Samira Bouaou/The Epoch Times)

    Gohmert and other Republicans argued in the lawsuit that the U.S. Constitution clearly outlines the protocol for when alternate slates of electors are presented to the president of the Senate. They say the president of the Senate has “exclusive authority and sole discretion under the 12th Amendment to determine which slates of electors for a state, or neither, may be counted.”

    The 12th Amendment of the Constitution states that electors of each state have to meet, and ultimately send the signed and certified votes to the president of the Senate, in this case, Pence.

    “The President of the Senate shall, in the presence of the Senate and House of Representatives, open all the certificates and the votes shall then be counted,” the 1804 amendment says.

    Gohmert is among the dozen or so House members planning on challenging electoral votes during the joint session on Jan. 6, 2021. At least one senator is needed to sustain a challenge.

    The power of the vice president to count or reject electoral votes is disputed.

    The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment from The Epoch Times.

    Petr Svab and Zachary Stieber contributed to this report.

    1. This video, through a constitutional lawyer, explains Gohmert’s lawsuit as clearly as possible and presents some very interesting scenarios….even some that could continue AFTER Inauguration Day…please do not miss this…it clears up many issues. Scroll to the end of the article.

  2. It’s Official: Trump Is the Most Admired Man in America, Edging Out the Top Democrat
    By Tyler O’Neil Dec 29, 2020 9:58 AM ET

    President Donald Trump finally defeated former President Barack Obama for the title of most admired man in America in Gallup’s 2020 survey. Trump had tied with Obama in 2019 while Obama beat him in 2017 and 2018. Meanwhile, incoming President Joe Biden came in third, while incoming Vice President Kamala Harris came in second to former first lady Michelle Obama for most admired woman.

    In 2019, Trump and Obama tied, with 18 percent of Americans naming each of them as the most admired man in an open-ended survey. This year, 18 percent of Americans again named Trump while only 15 percent chose Obama, according to Gallup.

    Trump took the top spot arguably because Republicans consolidated around him. While only 39 percent of Americans approve of his job performance (thanks, no doubt, to the legacy media’s attempts to suppress the news of the president’s major accomplishments such as peace in the Middle East), 48 percent of Republicans named Trump, with no other public figure receiving more than 2 percent of Republican votes. Only 45 percent of Republicans named Trump last year.

    Democrats, by contrast, proved divided. Only 13 percent of them named Biden while more than twice that number (32 percent) named Obama, down from 41 percent who named the former president as their most admired man last year.

    Independents evenly split between Trump (11 percent) and Obama (11 percent), with 3 percent naming Biden and 2 percent naming infectious diseases expert Anthony Fauci.

    Gallup has asked the open-ended most admired man question since 1946, and the incumbent president has topped the list 60 of the 74 times. Rather than listing the years the president has topped the list, Gallup listed the years in which presidents did not take the top slot: Harry Truman (1946-1947 and 1950-1952), Lyndon Johnson (1967-1968), Richard Nixon (1973), Gerald Ford (1974-1975), Jimmy Carter (1980), George W. Bush (2008), and Trump (2017-2018).

    Behind Trump (18 percent), Obama (15 percent), and Biden (6 percent) came Fauci (3 percent). The remaining top 10 include Pope Francis, Elon Musk, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, basketball player LeBron James, and the Dalai Lama.
    Gallup most admired man Trump Obama
    Gallup screenshot of the most admired man in America.

    Eleven percent of Americans named a personal friend or family member as the man they admired most.

    The year 2020 marks the 10th time Trump has finished among the top 10 men, including four times before he ran for president: 1988, 1989, 1990, and 2011. Gates has finished in the top 10 a total of 21 times, while Obama has done so 15 times and the Dalai Lama 11 times. Biden had only cracked the top 10 once before.

    The Rev. Billy Graham holds the record for top-ten finishes at 61 times (out of the 74 total). Former President Ronald Reagan took second at 31 times. Former President Jimmy Carter, who made it in the top 10 a whopping 29 times, just fell outside the top ten in 2020.

    While Michelle Obama (10 percent) took the top spot for the ladies and incoming Vice President Kamala Harris (6 percent) came second, first lady Melania Trump (4 percent) took third. Behind them came Oprah Winfrey (3 percent), German Chancellor Angela Merkel (2 percent), former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (2 percent), Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (2 percent), and Queen Elizabeth II (2 percent). Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett tied with Greta Thunberg at 1 percent.

  3. Don’t give up on Sidney…she should have had Barr’s place along time ago.







    Complaint for Expedited Dec… by Sidney Powell
    Fighting to expose the truth.

    Go here to read the actual filing:

    1. The SINate is a lost deal. With McConnell’s “honeypot” betrayal today, it looks like war come the 20th. The year will start off with a BANG….maybe a BIG BANG that will signal a rebirth of our Founders idea. TRUMP WAS NEVER PART OF THE CLUB…Similar to Jesse Ventura when he was governor of Minnesota.

  4. Beaucoup Testimony from election observers… Republicans threatened with expulsion for questioning anything. thousands of mail in ballots observed with no creases. Obstruction at every turn. The witnesses could form a line out to a vanishing point on the horizon. How about stacks of military ballots with no votes for Trump?

  5. ((The third explanation is a variant of Galileo’s experience: the conclusion that follows from the evidence Sidney Powell has put together is so devastating to Americans’ view of how their country is supposed to be governed that it simply can’t be given voice or visibility. The truth would shock Americans into a complete loss of faith and trust in their government. The truth would so rock our world — that we’re all being lied to and manipulated so constantly and in so many ways — that we’ll cease to function in any manner resembling law and order. Under such circumstances, the ruling class would have determined that Americans ‘can’t handle the truth’…so they can’t be allowed to know the truth.))

    There it is!

    No other explanation holds as much weight. It’s the reason the truth of the JFK,. MLK and RFK assassinations, the 9/11 false flag and subsequent false flags like SH will never be revealed. OUR MASTERS have deemed not only that we can’t handle the truth, but that the truth would REVEAL too much of their rotten, putrid underbelly and require accountability, indictments and punishment for treason. They think we will not rise up and DEMAND THE TRUTH.

    For the true patriot (not someone beholden to one party or another…but those beholden to the CONSTITUTION)….there is no choice.

    1. I love Sydney, but the spinning balls hurtling through space is a crock. Earth doesn’t spin or move an inch… just like it appears. It is immoveable just like the Bible says. This realm is all there is. There are no other worlds to “space travel’ to. I am amazed at how many people have rejected the Apollo missions as far out fantasy yet still believe we hurtle through space at break your neck speeds. There’s black holes and white dwarfs, comets and asteroids and look out for that exploding super nova. With that kind of fear, threatening all we hold dear, could they manipulate, control and enslave us? I say not in a million tears, never in a billion tears. They say an asteroid could take us any given second. Is God really that reckless, is he really that feckless to put the Earth is such mortal danger?

      1. Dave, Sorry, but I don’t want flat Earth talk here. I earned my Ph.D. in the history and the philosophy of science, where the history of science is dominated by the history of physics and astronomy. Flat Earth cannot accommodate or explain the hours of the day, the orbit of the moon around Earth, or the orbit of Earth around the sun. You are welcome to discuss this to your heart’s content, but not here. Thanks.

      2. Thank you Dave. The professor is not open to this, and has not seriously investigated it.
        Many of us know the correctness of your position, and that no experiment has ever proven
        the motion of the earth. The Michelson – Morley experiment would have shown this, and was
        designed to do so, among other things, but rather famously did not. Oops, let’s cry ‘relativity’.
        Although it is unrelated to this topic of course, hence the Professor’s presumed objection,
        the fact remains that it is the biggest conspiracy of all and has merit on that basis. The
        “science” of the spinning ball earth is filled with impossibility and preposterous notions.
        It just will not withstand any rigor or scrutiny so ridicule, disdain and emotional refusal
        to disbelieve or contemplate seriously will have to do. Just another lie for us to accept.

  6. I still say that the Sandy Hook fraud is key to this 2020 election fraud. ANY nation that will allow that 20 little kids and a few adults were killed inside a school by a nonexistent person and NOT properly investigate it….then you can do anything to that nation, even hoax a Presidential Election.

    If this Election is allowed to stand….the horror show to follow will shock even the most callus person.
    I pray that it does not and that Trump will be inaugurated Jan 20.



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