Mike Whitney, Trump Just Thumped the Democrats and That’s a “Win” for the Country

Mike Whitney

“Our historic, patriotic and beautiful movement to Make America Great Again has only just begun…I look forward to continuing our incredible journey together to achieve American greatness for all of our people.”

                                                             —Donald Trump, President of the United States


The Democrats approached the impeachment with the same cockiness that they approach everything. They thought they’d stomp their feet and run around with their hair on fire, and eventually people would see the righteousness of their cause. But it didn’t go down like that. Instead, the Trump defense team opened a can of whoop ass on the lot of them leaving the Dems wondering what hit them. They seemed surprised that they couldn’t win a conviction based on vitriol, character assassination and slanted news coverage. And they were genuinely shocked when their doctored videos and fake evidence was exposed to the public as the fraud it was. This was supposed to be the final drubbing of Donald Trump, instead, it turned out to be a revealing window into the degraded soul of declining party. In the end, Trump walked away unscathed while the Dems were left licking their wounds. Hurrah for Trump!


Now Trump is more powerful than when he was in the White House. His following has grown, his reputation as a fighter has ballooned, and his Democratic opposition has been exposed as incompetent, vindictive and thoroughly corrupt. That’s about as close to a total victory as it gets in politics. Trump has effectively vanquished his enemies and made himself the most powerful politician in America. He’s a conservative Colossus, a Republican kingmaker who is now in a position to hand-pick the party’s leaders in the next election cycle and (perhaps) for many cycles to come. As Marjorie Taylor Greene so aptly put it: “Trump IS the Republican party. It’s his party now”.


Who would disagree?


So now comes the reckoning. Already the pressure is building on the backstabbers, dimwits and apostates like McConnell, Graham, Sasse, Romney and the wretched Liz Cheney. Already the exodus of NeverTrumpers has begun in earnest. Soon the trickle will turn to a torrent as the “old guard” toadies and quislings make their way for the exits never to darken the halls of Congress again. Good riddance.


Some readers might recall how Steve Bannon’s top priority in 2016 was to clean out the GOP stables and purge the globalist double-dealers whose only goal was to cling to power by pandering to the Big Money guys who have been selling America down the river for decades. Now they’ll all be shown the door. It’s hard to believe, but the Republican Party has become the party of working people while the Dems are caught in the iron-grip of Wall Street, Big Pharma, Big Tech, the teacher’s unions, China and Israel. The impeachment has helped people to see what’s really going on. The Democrats are not linked to the Establishment. They ARE the establishment, and by establishment, I mean Swamp; the unprincipled, self-serving, namby-pamby meat puppets whose sole goal in life is to accommodate their globalist-oligarch bosses. The Dems have made no effort to reach out to working class people and address their interests. And there’s a reason for this: It’s because they have nothing but contempt and disdain for working class people. But you probably knew that already.


And let’s not mince words, Trump won the election fair and square. He IS the President of the United States, no two-ways about it. Whatever residence he occupies, that is the White House, that is the seat of government. Nearly 100 million Americans do not accept the results of the fraudulent election. These people know what happened and they won’t be bullied or threatened into saying different. Trump won. End of story.


Volumes have been already been written about the Big Steal, so I won’t bore you with the details here. Needless to say, the cognitively-impaired cadaver presently in the White House did not get 12 million more votes than Obama (Biden got 81 million votes while Obama got 69 million), 7 million votes more than Trump (Trump got 74 million votes in 2020) and a whopping 16 million more votes that Hillary. (Clinton got 65 million in 2016) The idea is laughable. The most gaffe-prone, tedious, empty-suit politico of all-time, did not garner 12 million more votes than Barack Obama. That did NOT happen. Which is not to say that Trump won the election easily. No, not at all. He needed the Democrats to help him, which they did quite eagerly.


In their typical ‘circular firing squad’ manner, the Dems tipped the scales in Trump’s favor when they offered their tacit support to BLM and Antifa for rioting and burning down cities across the country. That’s the straw that broke the camel’s back and shoved Trump across the finish line. It’s also why Trump got 10 million more votes in 2020 than 2016, and why he increased his support among minorities across the board. Growing numbers of blacks and Hispanics understand that the charges of “racism” directed against Trump are a pathetic attempt to divert attention from the relentless class war the Dems are waging on working class people of all colors. Now take a look at this excerpt from an interview with pollster Robert Cahaly who explains what happened in the run-up to the election:


“What we’ve seen, is the blue-collar, Midwestern voters that were considered Democrats, for the last 20 something years who had been part of the Reagan democrat coalition, came back. They came back because they felt like there was a candidate who appealed more to regular working class Americans than any Republican ever had. I mean, let’s face it, Mitt Romney was the opposite of a Republican who appealed to working class Americans….


….there are people who are suburban, with upper-middle income, higher educated mothers, who just did not like Trump on a personal level. But, they saw this level of violence, and they saw all the chaos that ensued. And what we hear from them is: I don’t like Trump, but I can’t be for that. It’s almost like they’ve been looking for a reason to hold their nose and vote for Trump and they found it.


On voter motivation:


… Until about six months ago, there were a lot of people motivated to vote against Donald Trump. But then, in the wake of the tragedy of Mr Floyd being murdered, there were protests. And some of those protests turned into violence. That violence turned into a defund the police movement, and a Black Lives Matter movement that went beyond simply protecting black lives — there were calls for statues to be torn down. We got to the point a week before July 4th, where people were suggesting Mount Rushmore was offensive.


All of a sudden, Americans who weren’t even necessarily big fans of Donald Trump said ‘what is happening in my country?’ There became a genuine debate as to whether America’s foundation, its principles, its purpose was good or bad. People still believe in America. If you make that choice, where one side thinks that America has a history to apologize for, and isn’t a good force in the world and the other side feels like America is a good force in the world, and has a history to learn from…That’s not a good scenario for an American get elected President. I think Joe Biden on the wrong side of that.


On the riots:


The slump starts every time somebody shares a video of somebody else. So when a Molotov cocktail is thrown in the street of a town, or people see messages about defunding police, or people talking about killing policemen and how that would be fair — that’s the stuff that also motivates people to vote against. And that stuff is not happening in a vacuum. It took Biden’s campaign a month to actually admit they were against the violence that they saw…. the fact that Biden did a reverse course and sort of criticized the violence after months of embracing it, or suggesting it doesn’t exist, tells me he knows it’s real.” (“Robert Cahaly: how we got the polls right“, Unherd)


Isn’t that a great analysis of what took place before the election? Trump’s stature as a candidate gradually grew–not because he was the best president ever or because everyone loved him– but because the country was under siege by anarchist throng that were wreaking havoc and destruction everywhere they went. For a while it seemed like our traditional way of life, our system of laws, and, yes, our very civilization, was about to collapse in a heap. And the one thin-reed the American people could cling to, was Donald J. Trump, the last line of defense against the Marxist mob that was burning and looting everything in its path.


This is what happened. And this is why people like me–who never voted for a Republican in my life– voted for Trump. It’s because the Democrats forced them to do so by tacitly green-lighting the violent and destructive activities of maniacal leftists run amok.


This bitter experience of the last few months has caused many of us to reassess our political loyalties. It’s also helped us to wash the mud from our eyes and admit to what we actually see. And, what we see is that there’s no place in the Democratic party for working people. None. Ask yourself these few questions:


Who supports the trade laws that off-shore our businesses and outsource our jobs?

The Democrats.

Who sends our sons and daughters off to wars so that Wall Street and globalist oligarchs can seize more of the world’s vanishing resources?

The Democrats.

Who is leading the charge on Internet censorship, basically banning anyone who holds a contrary view on Covid (than the MSM) or anyone challenging the election results?

The Democrats.

Whose governors have shut down their states and pushed the country into the worst recession in modern times, throwing millions out of work, closing the schools and churches, increasing the incidents of drug abuse, child abuse, alcohol abuse, homicide, mental illness, depression, poverty and blanket immiseration the people in their charge?

The Democrats.


The Democrats have made it perfectly clear that they despise Americans who work for a living, who go to church on Sunday, who own guns, and who put out the flag on the 4th of July. They despise us. They call us “deplorables” because we scrimp to get by from paycheck to paycheck, and because we pay our bills on time and because we try to raise our kids with real values. We are not “enlightened” like our Democrat friends who cry “equity” as they tear down statues of our founders and war heroes. 


We don’t think that wearing a mask is a sign of moral superiority. We don’t think that slashing funding for police departments will improve security for ordinary people, shopkeepers or the elderly. We don’t seek to erase our borders in order to abandon our sovereignty so that we can be subsumed into their globalist “reset” plan in which the biggest “stakeholders” (the global monopolies and multi-nationals) will control all the levers of state power. We don’t want any of that, which is why we are glad that Trump defeated the Democrats once again, giving us hope that the Republic will eventually be restored and we can get back to business.


So, this should be a happy day, a day for celebration. The Democrats have overplayed their hand and come up Snake-eyes. They lost in stunning fashion which paves the way for more victories in the future. Sure, they’ll disparage us and call us “white supremacists” and “domestic terrorists” because we don’t share their enlightened “liberal” world view. But their hatred will only make us stronger. 


We know who we are. We are the Deplorables, we are the glue that holds this country together. We won’t be crushed, we won’t be exterminated, we won’t be silenced, and we won’t be told what to think by CNN, MSNBC and the rest of the propaganda networks.


We see through their lies and we will hold-fast to what we believe. And what we believe is that the country is now in the hands of an imposter president who will not act in the interests of the American people, but will do the bidding of the powerful elites and foreign oligarchs who hold his puppet-strings. These are the people who want to destroy our country, depose our leaders, and impose their own dystopian New World Order on us. We can’t let that happen.


This second impeachment proves that these people can be beaten, because they were beaten. They lost and we won.


If that’s not reason to celebrate, I don’t know what is.


Hurrah for the Deplorables!


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14 thoughts on “Mike Whitney, Trump Just Thumped the Democrats and That’s a “Win” for the Country”

  1. This is a smoking gun, IT’S THE BULLET MATCHED TO THE GUN OF THE PERP.
    In this case, the perp is CNN!

    BREAKING: CNN Paid Antifa Agitator at Capitol Riots — Now We’ve Got Receipts to Prove It

    Go here for supporting images:


    The radical Antifa/BLM agitator who infiltrated the Capitol Riots and was charged for his role in provoking criminal acts was paid off by CNN.

    “John Sullivan, charged for his participation in the Jan. 6 riots, was paid $35,000 apiece from CNN and NBC for his footage inside the Capitol,” Kyle Cheney reported.

    Politico reported that Sullivan, who had captured the death of pro-Trump demonstrator Ashli Babbitt on video after what appeared to be a staged event, and then uploaded the video and several others incriminating himself, would not be banned from social media usage.

    A federal magistrate judge has turned down prosecutors’ effort to block a man accused of participating in the Capitol riot from using Twitter and Facebook, but ordered him to end his involvement with a business he founded that the Justice Department says promotes and glorifies violent protests.

    The defendant, John Sullivan of Utah, has maintained that he attends raucous demonstrations as a journalist, sharing videos through his Insurgence USA website and social media platforms. Sullivan’s defense attorney even filed invoices with the court showing that CNN and NBC each paid Sullivan’s firm $35,000 last month for rights to video he filmed of chaotic scenes outside and inside the Capitol, including the deadly shooting of protester Ashli Babbitt by a U.S. Capitol Police officer.

    CNN went beyond merely ignoring a BLM/Antifa sympathizer’s role in inciting the mob. The network invited him on as a mouthpiece.

    Is this who everyone is talking about… on… CNN? pic.twitter.com/IP6Szo58Bz

    — Tim Young (@TimRunsHisMouth) January 15, 2021

    Now, we have the receipts via Kyle Cheney:

    This is a copy of the ACH deposit from NBC:

    Let me say as someone who has worked for a top cable news show, these bookings do not happen without a basic background check. CNN had to have known.

    BREAKING: CNN’s Jade Sacker penetrating the Capitol with a member of BLM/Antifa cheering, “We did it!” And then asking her conspirator if he was filming, he said he’d delete it, he lied. CNN was in on it. pic.twitter.com/FVhotiAwcP

    — @amuse (@amuse) January 15, 2021

    The Politico report also highlights the role that Sullivan played in agitating the mob:

    However, prosecutors contend that Sullivan is not a mere bystander or chronicler of protests. Instead, they say, he actively encourages violence, telling viewers how to make Molotov cocktails and evade identification by police. He was arrested last month on charges stemming from the Jan. 6 riot, including interfering with police during a civil disorder. Sullivan was later hit with an additional charge: obstruction of Congress.

    John Earle Sullivan, a radical self-described “revolutionary” who literally founded a group called “Insurgence USA,” was arrested and charged in January for his role in helping to incite a riot amid the heavy pro-Trump crowd that had gathered at the U.S. Capitol.

    John Earle Sullivan had shouted several incendiary statements during the storming of the Capitol building, including “we about to burn this shit down.”

    Here he is posing as a Trump supporter to infiltrate the crowd.

    On January 6 at the Capital, John Sullivan from Antifa on camera saying “we gotta burn this.” https://t.co/f0djdnRWTepic.twitter.com/uuRDIqggZZ

    — Jess 🇺🇸 (@jessiprincey) January 13, 2021

    If you haven’t had a chance to watch them, check out his own damning treasure trove of Youtube videos. Below are some select videos to watch.

    Sullivan was also on the wall. There are plenty of things suspect about this video as well, including evidence of coordinated tactics, like passing up shields, water bottles, etc.

    If you haven’t seen it, I *HIGHLY* recommend watching this video breaking down what appears to be a coordinated action that led to the death of Trump supporter Ashli Babbitt. It is an analysis of Sullivan’s own video footage.

    There is also this video on the aftermath of the Babbitt shooting. Sullivan was heard after Babbitt was shot yelling several times “she’s dead!”

    KSL asked Sullivan after the incident if he was a part of Antifa, this was his response:

    When he was asked if he was a member of Antifa, as he has used the hashtag in his social media posts, he said he understands where there could be confusion.

    “If people are saying I’m Antifa, as far as a terrorist organization, I’m not,” he said. “Am I anti-fascist? We all are anti-fascist. And that’s what we should all strive for being. I have my own organization, Insurgence USA, and that’s what it is for. That’s really what it is.”

    The U.S. media have gone beyond refusing to ask critical questions about Sullivan, due to his noticeable associations with the radical left. They literally paid a leftist agitator who had worked to frame Trump supporters for inciting an “insurrection” and gave the criminal an open platform to spread his propaganda.

    This is what the U.S. media has come to in its open bid to destroy Donald Trump.

    As seen on Becker News. Follow Kyle Becker on Twitter.

  2. If you can’t see that Nov. 3rd was one of the most rigged elections in US history, and Jan 6th was the finale of a Uniparty / Deepstate Color Revolution, you will not realize Biden is simply a brain dead puppet dictator who was installed, not legitimately elected. Democracy is a myth in the US and provably most everywhere else in the world. The Dominoncrats are a really sick bunch.

    1. In the language of Gematria … I think we prove what you are saying here … we connect … “Tuesday, November Third” = 248 = “Manipulated Elections Date” = 248 = “Corona Virus Outbreak” = 248 <<< In the U.K., that is August 24th … Let's look at the News for August 24th, 2020 … and what do you know … It is the Breaking News Day of the Jacob Blake Shooting, the Day Before on August 23rd, 2020 … We Connect … "Coded Jacob Blake Shooting Hoax" = 248 = "A Jacob Black Shooting Hoax Date" = 248 <<< August 24th Breaking News? … Maybe coordinating with CNN ? … we connect … "Blake" = 13 = "C.N.N." = 13 = "C.I.A." = 13 <<< Illuminati Card Title … They even told us the Day of 8-23-20, that the Jacob Blake Shooting was Bullshit … Let's reference the Illuminati Card Titled … "Local Police Departments" = 238 = "A Jacob Blake Paid Crisis Actor" = "238 <<< Wasn't he supposed Killed by Cops on this Day? … I call Bullshit … I think it is safe to assume this was a Scripted Event.

  3. Notice how the Center Picture is a ‘Message?’ … It says … “The Battle Isn’t Over” = 215 O, 269 K = “Protest Signage Signal” = 269 = “S.C.O.T.U.C Justice Symbols” = 269 = “Justice John Roberts” = 269 = “Future Agenda Messages” = 269 = “Decode Date Numerology” = 269 <<< Instructions? … What is the Date Numerology for February 15th ? … [2 + 15 + 20 + 21] = 58 = "Freemasonry " = 58 = "D.O.D." = 58 = "They" = 58 = "Agenda" = 58 … Very Interesting Stuff Here … What about the original #215 ? We see this #215 on February 15th <<< Hey, Like 215 ? … Let's Review … "The Battle isn't Over" = 215 = "Chief Justice Roberts" = 215 = "Decode Q Post Numbers" = 215 <<< Let's Decode Q Post #215 … Q says … "Focus on his Wife" = 73 = "Undercover Agent" = 73 = "Saturn" = 73 K … Something tells me to 'Focus on his Wife' …

  4. There’s a question I have presented many times here to which I have yet to receive a reply or at least a response that was logical. Some here use Facebook, Twitter and You tube knowing they censor, de-monetize and in general make it very difficult to speak the truth. Why? In the case of other consumer products, not purchasing whatever the commodity may be is the consumers form of control of price, supply etc. Yet, we fail to do that on social media when there are alternatives that would serve the purpose better and are much more user friendly. How can we change anything by continuing to use the very service or product we are trying to bring around to fair standards…not standards that have an agenda?

    1. I have become my father…we love to tell stories but can’t for the life of us — remember who we told what story to. Sorry if this is a repeat. When I was asked to join Facebook… it was from an old school chum, Steve. His dad worked for NSA his entire career… they lived in places like Swaziland. When Steve asked me to join… I said “are you kidding me… it’s a government wet dream… getting us to surveil ourselves far better than they could ever dream to do”… He said “yeah I know…fuck big brother – do it anyway”… this from an NSA brat drumming up friends for a school reunion. I couldn’t argue with logic like that. I made a decision to stay away from political or conspiracy related posts on my timeline. If it’s not fun, funny or awe inspiring beauty I stay away from posting it, but I do enjoy commenting on other people’s posts. When the censoring started I didn’t like it. If people want to do political activism on their page it’s fine with me, but it’s not my trip. As I write this I was killing time watching the Terminator again… they were about to kill the inventor of Sky Net

      1. Thank you for the response, dK…But I have to say we will never make progress if we continue to fight them using their own tools. As most here know, I do not have a TV or radio nor do I participate in any social media. I really believe my quality of life is better for it. I watched my own daughter attempt to sue her daughter for posts made on FB…..that solidified my boycott of FB .

  5. Although there is now A TON OF OVERWHELMING EVIDENCE that Trump actually WON the Election with 80,000,000+ votes and MASSIVE Election FRAUD by Domestic [DemonicRATS] and Foreign [China, etc.] ENEMIES [Rudy and Mike Lindell], the STOLEN ELECTION truth has become another TABOO story, with the MSM and ALL politicians avoiding it like the plague! Mention it publicly and you’re branded a DOMESTIC TERRORIST and TRAITOR! You have to subscribe to KlowdTV to see the STUNNING Lindell video! The “Pillow Man” seems to have BIGGER BALLS than any other man in America – except, of course, our very own man Jim Fetzer!

      1. Thanks for the link, Will! Now we have to pray for a few USMC Patriots to find their cojones and kick off “Seven Days in May” and REMOVE the DemonicRATS CRIMINALS and TRAITORS from Office – and we don’t have 4 years to wait for that! Every day, Biden and the LUNATIC-LEFT DemonicRATS are digging a deeper hole in which to BURY America[ns]!

  6. The NYT (the paper of record my arse) has retracted the Sicknick (fake name?) story that he was ht with a fire extinguisher and died from the injuries. Too little and too late….buried some damn where.Their motto used to be “All the news that’s fit to print”. Later on, it became “all the news that fits we print” (joke). Now it could easily be “All the lies that fit, we print”. That paper is good for one thing…lining my bird cage.


    1. ‘Sicknick’ is definitely a Manufactured Name for the Pre-Planned Hoax on January 6th … The ‘Name’ they have given us is … “Sicknick” = 34 = “Murder” = 34 = “Lie” = 34 … Aren’t they saying he was ‘Murdered?’ … What is the Full Name we have been given … we connect … “Brian David Sicknick” = 163 = “Previous Death” = 163 = “Paid Victim Actor” = 163 = “Paid Capitol Actor” = 163 = “Make America Great Again” = 163 = “Crisis Actor” = 163 R = “Deep Fake” = 163 R = “Fake” = 163 S = “Scammed” = 163 J <<< 38th Prime Number … "Death" = 38 <<< Didn't they say he Died ? … The Date Numerology of January 6th is … [1 + 6 + 20 + 21] = 48 … Write 48 Out, we connect … "Forty Eight" = 163 K = "Deception" = 163 <<< 38th Prime Number … "Lied" = 38 Jewish Cypher … Isn't 38 kind of Like (3) 8's ? … In conclusion, Yes … Brian David Sicknick is a Manufactured Character in the Movie.

  7. It sure as hell is a reason to celebrate. Trump has more followers now than ever. …and more respect. He was never desperate. He ran a clean campaign and never stooped to their level. So, now we wait. Here’s a vid from yesterday from the celebration of TRUMP on Federal Highway in West Palm Beach…a hop, skip and jump from Mar Largo. Patriots came from all over the country to celebrate President’s Day with Trump. I know that area well. I actually had a job reading gas meters for all those elitist mansions in Palm Beach along AIA (Floridians will recognize that designation).

    Here’s the video that was live yesterday on the RSBN network. Can you imagine a rally like this for Biden?…never would happen!!

    With shouts from the crowd of “WE KNOW YOU WON!!


  8. Great article … spot on about how the riots turned a lot of folks Trump’s way. But, I’m still not celebrating a victory in a farcical impeachment until all those responsible for the election theft are arrested and convicted.


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