After Pushing COVID Fear and Public School Closures, Berkely CA Teachers Union President Takes Daughter to Private School For In-Class Teaching


Watch what they do, not what they say.  Remember, in order to continue advancing their ideological positions leftists have to pretend not to know things.  Those who are pushing COVID panic and fear are not worried about the Coronavirus.  COVID fear is a purposeful fraud presented by elites to control the lower class.

CALIFORNIA – Parent groups are crying “hypocrisy” after a video surfaced showing the president of the Berkeley teachers union dropping off his two-year-old daughter at an in-person preschool.

Matt Meyer, president of the Berkeley Federation of Teachers, has fought for what he called the “gold standard” for the teachers he represents — saying Berkeley schools should only reopen to in-person learning when educators are vaccinated, among other criteria.

[…] Looking to prove a double-standard by the Berkeley Federation of Teachers union president, they followed Meyer and his 2-year-old daughter to her preschool, camera in hand. The footage they captured has ignited the ire of parents groups fighting teachers unions — and Meyer in particular. (read more)

Remember, this is not hypocrisy in the traditional sense… The two sets of rules and standards are part of the ideological outlook of an elite ruling class of leftists who believe themselves to be above the rules and regulations they are pushing on others.

It is not a sense of boundless hypocrisy that drives them to showcase their disconnect, the disconnect is purposefully part of the ideological advancement of their goal.

“Elitism” in its most raw and brutal display is a system of people who are beyond reproach according to their own outlook.  They must not be questioned; they are in ultimate control of society, outcomes or (fill_in_the_blank) as an extension of their self-proclaimed magnanimity.

Essentially they are projecting their position inside a club and all those not in the club are outsiders who do not get to provide input or judgement on the club rules.

This might sound like a DUH statement from the literal definition of “elitism”; however, it must be accepted this outlook is one of consumption, not determination.  They believe they represent the ‘greater good’ and by extension control moral authority.  Thus, within their mind, they are above reproach.  The visible outcome is they operate outside the systems they push upon others who are not in the club.

Elites do not have to wear masks (Pelosi hair salon); or elites do not have to abide by group and social distance rules (Newsom at restaurant party); or elites do not have to concern themselves for carbon emissions (Kerry private airline travel); or elites do not have to worry about the justice system (Clinton emails, Comey FBI lies); or elites do not have to subject their children to the same COVID rules on eduction, etc.

This is NOT hypocrisy, this is a fundamental part of creating a classist society.

Those within the club, in this example the DC club or the Union leadership, want those outside the club to accept there are two systems of rights and responsibilities.   The club members have all powerful rights and no responsibilities for consequences; the non club members have lesser rights and full responsibility for consequences.  This is the cornerstone of a tiered or classist society outlook.

“Rules for thee and not for me” is more than a catch phrase; it is an actual worldview with a history in political control.  They are not hypocrites, they are living out their creed.

The outlook gained popularity going all the way back to the formation of the Fabian Socialist society.  You might remember George Bernard Shaw saying “at a certain point those [outside the club] will have to justify their existence.”  Shaw was advocating for a genetic cleansing of those undeserving people who take more from society more than they provide in value.

This Fabian Socialist outlook is the most extreme form of “elitism”, the actual extermination of undesirables, but it is essentially along the same continuum as believing their are two sets of rules depending on your place in the hierarchy of society.

This outlook has been modernized to include the latest industry of Big Tech.  Those who control technocracy have merged with those who control the politics of society.  The outcome is also displayed by elites deciding which voices are allowed to participate in the national conversation, and which voices must be ostracized because they are not compliant to the elitist worldview.

It is critical, actually beyond critical, that people start to accept what they are witnessing is not some misplaced system created by bad actors.  Those bad actors are actually leftist elites who benefit from numbing society to the sheer audacity of their ideology.

Again, we return to this image….

Those who understand big picture dynamics are still comfortable sticking their heads in the sand about “motive”. Most people are still clinging to actual beliefs around a principle of ‘rule of law’ that applies to National Leadership.

We’d better change that thinking quickly – or we’ll be asking ‘what happened’ far too late.

It’s more along the lines of “We see what’s happening, but it’s scary and complicated and confusing, and if we admit that we see it, we will become responsible in a way that we are not if we keep pretending we can’t see it or hear it or maybe we don’t understand it.”

Why don’t we dare say what is so? Are we a bit afraid that if we give up the willful blindness we will perhaps start screaming and not be able to stop?

Do we think we have so little courage? Do we really believe that we have no resources to bring to the battle? Or nothing more to contribute to the turning of the battle?

There are patriots who some might say resemble one of those slightly mad orchestra conductors who keep yelling, “More trumpet! More TRUMPET!” Many of you are such slightly mad orchestra leaders. Don’t be alarmed by some of the strange looks you are getting these days.

We Need More Trumpets !”

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13 thoughts on “After Pushing COVID Fear and Public School Closures, Berkely CA Teachers Union President Takes Daughter to Private School For In-Class Teaching”

  1. This is an aside from all that’s happening in the US today, but no less important as it is a current example of the absolute corruption, criminality and fraud that is NASA. I’ve heard Dr. Fetzer mention his disbelief in the Perseverance landing. Jim Stone is not always right (who is?), but he pegged this one right on target. Scroll down considerably to get to his analysis of the fake pictures from Mars….
    (BUT, I would say to Stone who still believes the moon landing was reality…use the same technique to examine the pics from the moon, eh?)

  2. The Teacher’s Union president should resign, just like the Oakley Union School Board in California did for mocking parents. Of course, a whole host of politicians caught in such hypocrisy should also resign but won’t, although it looks like some may be forced out. The sad thing is most Americans have already figured this out and many millions more will in the coming months. But what does it matter? Trump won by 10-20 million votes and no one in law enforcement or the courts even bothered to look at the evidence. If he had won by 30-40 million votes, would the outcome have been any different? There would have been big rigs full of fake ballots pulling into voting centers instead of vans, and where there were rigs–i.e., in Pennsylvania–there would have been backup rigs. As Pelosi said, it didn’t matter who truly won on election night … the fix was in long before.

  3. Nice essay. Jim…. the premise is there is an untouchable class that literally get away with murder. Is there evidence that is no longer true?…. the list of the Hollywood elite supposedly arrested and executed or arrested and awaiting tribunal is driving me out of my mind. It reminds me of the Clinton Body Count list a little… So many you think it can’t possibly be true. But when I read Johnny Depp’s name… Robert Redford, Meryl Streep, Jack Nickelson, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck and especially Kevin Cosner… can it just be a list someone made up? Perhaps. What is your take on the who’s who of Hollywood being taken down or out? Replaced by clones or body doubles? Plausible stories of their sudden death from illness when they were really executed like Opium Poppy Bush? I keep going back to Poppy’s memorial service and those infamous envelopes… the most terrified recipient appeared to be Jeb Bush. What’s real? What’s a movie? I am baffled at this point what to think. Please weigh in guys.

    1. I’m weighing in. Pre and post election, the Internet has inundated and saturated with one rumor or another. As far as I know, none of them have panned out. They love creating one rabbit hole after another in which we all get caught up. That way, instead of focusing on the evil creature who are attempting to pull off world domination….Fauci, Gates, Biden, Pelosi, Soros, Swab…on and on……and hanging them in the damn streets. Without solid proof, I would ignore most of it and work on exposing who and what’s beneath it all.

      1. There’s rumor that Trump will occupy the Oval Office in March. I wonder if this will be a reality or just wishful thinking. Someone here did say that we might have to reassess things if this does not happen.
        Is there still a piece of pie waiting to eat?

      2. Indeed, Don…Jim said that…and I have to agree. A day or two will tell the tale. Jim may have a bet to pay off to Paul from CA and I will eat a piece of imaginary pie. We will see shortly. In the worse case scenario, I got the better deal, since money I do not have, but I do have plenty of ego to spare.

      3. I figured as much Will. There is something more and I know it. How about another famous person showing up with a black eye? Mittons Romney, the biggest RINO to ever live. His explanation is a fall, yeah sure. The Back Stabber quipped it happened at CPAC ! Of course he was as unwelcome as Pence. I think that Mike Obama has definitely been replaced. She looks nothing like the original. When I first saw the Barry’s family… something looked wrong with them. I couldn’t put my finger on it. They looked too perfect to me. Call it Spidey Sense, whatever.


      4. “I figured as much Will.”….hmmm…not sure how to take that….but you did ask…And I find it fair to respond to those who put forth the effort to place intelligent comments.
        I am simply saying fake news…even on the Internet is rampant and is obviously being used against those of us searching for truth. I find it important to look for substantiation lest we become those we disdain. As an example, that story re Trump and Melania getting the vax. Even if there was a vid, how would we know it was not a placebo?

      5. Not dismissing you, already knew how you felt, I was hoping to get several others to reply.

      6. Here’s another example. Very short. One could watch this video and say…oh, crap we are in trouble. but it’s important to listen carefully and not fall into the hype….So, they are going door to door, but no where did I hear the governor say it’s mandatory. It’s a pretty good bet it was done this way purposefully. Anyone who cares to buy into that fear, go right ahead…but not me. And in the case of the mandatory scenario (which will never happen in Florida) I also have a 12 gauge that says not me!

      7. Dave … I’m quite confident what we are seeing with the The Black Eye Club, is explained in the Numbers. For Example, In the Simple Cipher, we connect … “Blue Neck Ties” = 126 = “White Hat Agenda” = 126 = “Black Right Eye” = 126 = “Kill Switch” = 126 = “Riddle Me This” = 126 = “Going to Rat” = 126 = “Pedo Symbol” = 126 = “Not Re-Elected” = 126 … I would avoid any future Fishing Expeditions with Senator Romney. The Quiet Moments when the Fish aren’t Biting could be Awkward. So …. Did you see that Bears Game Last Night ?

      8. That’s “SCHwab…..correcting the spelling…even though ‘swab’ seems more appropriate.

    2. ‘Poppy’ was Buried 12-6-18, with Date Numerology of [ 12 + 6 + 20 + 18 ] = 56 = “Staged” = 56 = “Q Team” = 56 = “Funeral Trolls” = 56 = “Shot in Heart” = 56 … The Funeral Date, December 6th could be written as 126 … we Connect … “Scripted Agenda” = 126 = “Warn Enemies” = 126 = “Poppy Death” = 126 = “A Firing Squad” = 126 = “Demonic” = 126 … The most Interesting connection is in the Reduction Cipher … we connect … “President Forty One Executed” = 126, 126 <<< Funeral Date?


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