PIZZAGATE – 24 Of The Nastiest Characters & Locations Made Up Of Nightmares


[Editor’s note: On 5 July 2020, I published “Pizzagate: Reality or Illusion? The American Francise of Pedogate”, which you can access here. Would that Pizzagate were an illusion, but the evidence suggests that it’s all too real, where many children appear to have been sexually abused and murdered by fiends such as those recorded below.]


Kudos to the person that created these incredible graphics in card formats of 24 of the nastiest characters and locations involved in Pizzagate all connected to D.C. enjoy!


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13 thoughts on “PIZZAGATE – 24 Of The Nastiest Characters & Locations Made Up Of Nightmares”

      1. On March 10th’s Need to Know, Fetzer discusses the document you linked to, Will.

        Fetz’ criticism is that the guy’s academic resume is too overblown. Instead of his focus becoming narrower the way academic careers usually proceed, the whistleblower’s interests become wider and wider eventually including disparate disciplines. The Need to Know guys all agreed that it’s probably the old 80% true – 20% false strategy.

        But doesn’t that necessarily obviate the document as a deposition that can be used in court? 80% truth – 20% lies. In court, if someone lies in one thing, you can discount their entire testimony. I can’t imagine that Lin Wood is that dumb.

      2. Toni’s on the right track. There’s a common practice of revealing truths in ways they can be debunked, where what he is reporting about Rosenstein, Roberts, Hillary, Pence and Biden all have the ring of truth to me (corresponding to other sources and background knowledge), including other data from Lin Wood.

      3. It’s not a sworn statement, where I may have made a mistake about that previously. So it’s like a proffer of what can be proven. That it came from L. Lin Wood suggests to me that he can provide evidence substantiating its contents. My inference is its contents are provable.

      4. Jim…while I have your attention…I hope….have you heard any follow-up on that Mikovits arrest mentioned by Giuseppe a couple of days ago on NTK? I cannot find anything in a search.

      5. I am not a legal eagle, but I did think most depositions are taken under oath. I see no indication of that in the documents….just the transcriber swearing what she wrote is a true rendering.

  1. Notice how the Card #13 is for Comet Ping Pong … In the Language of Gematria … in the Simple Cipher … “C.I.A.” = 13 = “C.N.N.” = 13 <<< 7th Fibonacci … Ut-Oh, something is 'Fishy' here. Staying in the Simple Cipher … "Comet Ping Pong" = 154 = "Human Trafficker" = 154 = "Ritual Sacrifice" = 154 = "Family Blood Line" = 154 = "Human Cannibalism" = 154 = "Pizza For Sale" = 154 = "Young Boy & Girl" = 154 = "Fishing and Camping" = 154 <<< Doesn't James Alefantis own another Pizza Location called … "Buck's Fishing and Camping" = 210 = "Use Illuminati Cards" = 210 , 911 … Very Interesting! I wonder what 'Game' they are Fishing & Hunting for over there at 'Buck's' Place ?


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