Miles Mathis, Despinning Tucker Carlson

Miles Mathis 

[Editor’s note: I am a huge fan of Tucker Carlson, but also of Miles Mathis. So I share this without implying that I agree with everything he has to say about Tucker, whom I esteem. But, agree or disagree, Miles is always worth reading.]

I will start off by pointing out that I published 17 articles last month, 13 of them written by yours truly. That’s more than three a week. Some of them weren’t very long, but I believe it was a personal best.

To pre-empt some opposition from the beginning, let me admit that I actually agree with a lot of what Tucker Carlson is saying these days. Although I think of myself as a liberal—as I have tried to explain many times—I can’t even listen to the talking heads on the left any more. I agree with pretty much nothing at CNN, The New York Times, The Washington Post, NPR, The Daily Show, and so on. So I don’t even go there. I know it is 100% propaganda, and not even clever or entertaining propaganda, so why bother. But Tucker has been instructed to appeal to people like me right now, and he is often pretty good at it. His scriptwriters are doing their best to move me to the right, making me think I am a conservative. And in part, they are finding some success. I am moving to a Red state, and I find I have more in common with those people these days. I will never agree to call myself a conservative, but that is almost beside the point. The point is, who are my potential allies. My potential allies are not, in general, people watching CNN or reading the New York Times and believing them. My potential allies are the audience at Infowars, NaturalNews, Zerohedge, Gateway Pundit, and Fox News. I find it very strange to say that, but it is true. Those are the people questioning and fighting back. Notice I say “the audience” at those places. Not the writers or speakers at those places, who I believe are controlled opposition. But the audience there. Those are the people that are really waking up, though they aren’t fully there yet. The writers at those places want to wake them up halfway, then put them back to sleep with some diversion. I see my job as grabbing them at that halfway point and waking them up even more. Hence this paper.

Tucker on Frank Luntz on “The Tucker Carlson Show” (3 May 2021): Brilliant!

Tucker’s longest segment yesterday was devoted to outing Republican operative Frank Luntz (Jewish, of course, and an obvious psychopath) and he did a pretty good job of it. Tucker cut both of his legs out from under him, and he should never get on his feet again. Tucker proved Luntz was actually not a Republican operative, despite being one of the party’s top idea men. Tucker showed Luntz was a mole from the left, supported and supporting Big Tech and Intelligence. However, I don’t think Luntz will break stride much despite that, and we should ask ourself why that is. It is because, as usual, Tucker takes us only halfway in, begging many questions but not answering them. But let’s start at the beginning. Tucker opens this segment by telling us he thinks Luntz is a nice guy. We aren’t told why he thinks that, and it may just be a dodge. But it is fabulously clear Luntz is the opposite of a nice guy, so we wonder why Tucker bothers saying it. I guess he wants to get across to you that people can fool you. Yes, Tucker, they can. Tucker then tells us that Luntz is a compelling speaker. But he plays us several clips of Luntz, and Luntz doesn’t seem compelling at all. After about five seconds, any honest person comes away with an image of a squishy, duplicitous creepazoid. So, one wonders, why would the top dogs in the Republican party sit and listen to him, pretending to find him compelling, and why would they follow his lead? You are about to find out.

Next, Tucker tells us that the Republican party’s sole job is to represent its voters. He goes on to show it is doing a terrible job. But is that really the Republican party’s sole job? In a perfect world maybe. In this world, not even close. In fact, in outing Luntz as a mole, Tucker proves the Republican party’s job is to spin its voters, telling them one thing while doing the exact opposite. The same thing pretty much every other major institution in this world does. And that is obviously not a corruption of those institutions: it is why they were founded. That is how Modern institutions work, and it is no accident. “Representation” has been an empty claim from the very beginning, as we saw in my paper on Thomas Jefferson. Our governors never intended to represent us in any way, they only intended to make us think we were being represented. That applied to Congress in 1770 and it still applies to Congress. And it also applies to both political parties, who don’t represent us and never did. They were created only to give us two flavors of ice cream, while giving us no real choices beyond that. They have always picked both candidates, and owned both candidates, so voting was never anything more than a vast theater project, with the script pre-written.

Tucker’s segment on Luntz proves that beyond any doubt, though—strangely—Tucker doesn’t draw your attention to it. If anything, he draws your attention away from it. If the Republican party platform and talking points are coming from the left or from above—via the CIA—then that alone proves the two parties are just smokescreens. If the same puppet master is pulling the strings of both parties, we must have a de facto tyranny just posing as a democracy.

And if that is the case—and it is—then it proves what I told you in my long paper on the fake election: both parties were in on the steal, including Trump. Like everything else in the news, the election was scripted, including Trump’s early lead and the late-night shift of votes. In other words, the early lead was just as fake as the later steal. Neither the early votes nor the late votes were real. All were made up in some conference room and posted by computers.

And that means that all the hocus-pocus in Arizona right now with the audit is also theater. Theater to what end? To keep your eyes off other things. They want you continuing to follow this election theater as long as possible, because it keeps your eyes off the Federal Reserve and the trillions being stolen from the worldwide treasuries. The looting is greater now than ever before in history, and almost everything else in the news is there to keep your eyes off that. The greater the looting, the more numerous the diversions.

If you are following the Arizona audit, it is because you still have hope the election steal will be proven and reversed. That hope is your worst enemy, because it keeps you on the couch. It keeps you thinking someone somewhere is going to ride in and save you from all of this. But as I keep telling you, they aren’t. The only person who can save you is YOU. The Government is not going to overthrow itself. Yes, the Phoenician Navy may be split to some degree, but the less evil side of that split is also not going to save you. They aren’t fighting for you, they are fighting for themselves.

Only the citizenry can press their interests, since they are the only ones who have those interests. If they do not stand up they will continue to be run over. Unfortunately, that is the way this world works. So in times like this the only real hope is collective action. The huge protests in Europe, with tens of thousands of people on the street, are a move in the right direction. So why isn’t it happening here?

I have told you why: the CIA has scared you off the streets with all this Antifa/BLM/ProudBoys theater. People are afraid of getting gassed or thrown into solitary confinement. That was the main point of these manufactured riots. They want you to think Antifa is going to rough you up. But they aren’t because Antifa doesn’t exist, except on TV. They are just Hollywood extras, and they aren’t going to rough up anyone.

These Antifa/BLM riots are actually very small and limited in total numbers. The CIA hires as few people as it can, then inflates the events with camera angles and exaggeration. Real protests by real people—as in London this week—would utterly swallow and overwhelm any fake ones. The best way to deal with Antifa or other actors is to out them on the spot. The crowd should point and shout “CIA”, while drawing attention to their earpieces, wired backpacks, and other spook paraphernalia. At that point there is nothing for them to do but slink away.

Absolutely the last thing you should do is attack these agents/actors, or the police around them. That is what they want. They would love it if these real protests turned violent, since it gives them an excuse to escalate. But you should definitely be out there. Collective action is your number one card.

Also, I remind you again that you don’t have to petition the government to drop mask mandates or anything else. Don’t ask permission, just stop wearing the damn things. I am getting tired of seeing video of parents demanding things from school boards, for instance. School boards have no legislative authority, and can’t override existing laws. There are many laws on the books outlawing masks, including both state and federal laws. See OSHA, 1979, as just one example. A lady quoted Texas law in video last week to a school board, proving the state had outlawed them long ago. School boards cannot override state and federal laws. So parents have to unionize. They all have to take the day off on the same day, walk their kids to school without masks, and tell the administrators the kids will not be wearing them again. The school can either agree or shut down. The teachers and administrators can find other jobs. They can become programmers.

Actually, I think most teachers will join that strike, and many administrators, too. They are as tired of this crap as you are.

I will be told that such a plan isn’t feasible, because school is like daycare. These kids can’t rot at home all day, and one parent can’t quit work just to stay with them.

That’s what it really boils down to, doesn’t it? Most parents can’t be bothered to protect their kids, even if the kids can’t breathe. It isn’t convenient to fight this fight. So they petition the school board to fight it for them. Which ain’t gonna happen, since the school board is bought, by Bill Gates or someone else. So, parents are going to have to fight this one themselves, one way or the other. As I tell you, petitioning isn’t ever going to work. It has never worked. It is the way they stall you. Only direct and collective action will work. Don’t ask permission to do the right thing, just do the right thing. I learned that from Thoreau decades ago. See his Civil Disobedience, which should be required reading right now.


In a tack on, I wish to comment on the progress of Solar Cycles. Some readers who have been struggling with health issues are asking if they shouldn’t be feeling better. They have heard the Sun is becoming more active, with more spots, flares, etc. Yes, it is waking up, but slowly. Flux is around 75 now, up from 66, but still very low. We have been in the longest and deepest minimum since 1810, and we are still in it. Three years at near zero. So it will take us a while to recover from that. Our bodies have been starved of charge for a very long time, and for many of us—especially the older folks —the damage has been permanent. We will improve, but we may not be what we were before. The good news is that we are on a long climb to higher charge, lasting for several years. So energy levels will continue to go up, meaning you should get better and better. But until flux rises above 100 and stays there, you may not really feel it. You are operating on a big charge deficit, and it will take at least another year to recharge you. So continue to hang on: relief is coming

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22 thoughts on “Miles Mathis, Despinning Tucker Carlson”

  1. Mathis is an enigma to me.

    His contributions in the realm of physics are frankly breathtaking. I cannot conceive of a greater physicist in world history with the possible exception of Tesla. It really is off the charts. As just one example, he has completely revolutionized the structure of elements, the periodic table.

    But, he seems to spend an inordinate amount of his resources on illuminating his readership about historical events that are other than we have been told. So while the entire world is getting derailed, his prioritization is to let us know that Natalie Wood’s murder was staged and she is really alive.

    For a man of his off the charts brilliance, I am unable to accommodate his astonishing lack of priority.

    He has also written that the bad guys are mainly into what they are doing because it is profitable. I speculate that either he is unaware of such atrocities as the mass murdering campaigns of the Jewish Bolsheviks in Russia and China (over 100 million lives murdered?) or he is a gatekeeper. (And how does a man of his resources not know of those atrocities and that the idealogical descendants of such mass-murdering psychopaths are alive and seemingly well? I mean…they have almost all the central banks. They own so much of the media. They have so many of the major corporations. And so on.

    How can a man of his brilliance spend so much of his resources on the details of ant hills (read: let’s do Natalie Wood this time) while standing next to Everest (read: a recently deployed bioweapon that may kill millions, trans-humanism, etc. etc.)?

    I don’t get it. Or maybe I just don’t want to get it as I think ignorance as the reason for his mis-prioritization seems quite unlikely. How can he possibly not know better?

    I guess I just don’t want to go there.

    1. I likewise find Miles Mathis difficult to discern. Here’s a review of his expose about the Chauvin trial, which I did with Danny Cirrus, who has an exceptional background in law enforcement. We were very favorably impressed:

      On the other hand, I am being told that Miles thinks I am some kind of agent of disinformation, which I find puzzling. If I work for the government as a propagandist, I must be the least successful in history, since my collaborative research has revealed the role of the government in JFK, 9/11, Sandy Hook, the Boston bombing and more. (Six of my books have been banned by, which some would take as a sign that I have been “over the target”.) So I find that more than a little strange.

      1. Jim, whoever said that Mathis believes YOU are disinfo….did they present any link or evidence for that accusation or is it just hearsay?

      2. Will posted a link to a video where I was being attacked and someone posted that both Mathis and Weisberger, whom I have regarded as a friend, both regard me as disinfo, but with no links or specifics. I have invited Allan to come on my show LIVE to discuss it, but he has not replied–and I will be surprised if he takes me up on my offer.

      3. Jim…kocothegr8 replied to that Matty video with a pdf from Mathis (, but for the life of me, I do not see where anything in that pdf applies to you. This is typical of dis-information. They will inundate us with pdfs and such, but none of it applies to the topic at hand. They do this knowing most will not take the time to actually investigate.
        And of course, Matty had not returned to defend his attack on you and likely never will. That hit and run technique is also typical of these type of agents.

      4. Mathis has stated on many occasions that James Fetzer is a disinfo agent. To me, this is more proof that Mathis is a liar and some kind of intelligence project. Here are the titles of the Mathis papers where he trashes James Fetzer (download a PDF file and search for “Fetzer”):
        I am Being Actively Censored, Feb 12, 2020
        Las Vegas Hoax, Oct 10, 2017
        Interview request, Mar 2, 2017
        On Chemtrails, Apr 15, 2015
        So What is Really Going on behind the nuclear programs? Feb 10, 2017 [here he trashes Catherine Austin Fitts as well]
        Most notably, Mathis claimed in one of his papers that Amazon’s banning James Fetzer’s book about Sandy Hook is an elaborate ploy by the powers that be to establish James Fetzer’s street cred in alternative media. I can’t find this paper now, perhaps Mathis has deleted it from his website.
        I find nothing brilliant in Mathis’ physics writings. He correctly states that officials physics is corrupt and correctly dismantles some theories that have no practical significance such as string theory and virtual particles. But he also promotes false theories that have enormous practical significance, such as the theory of relativity, and he trashes good alternative physics theories, such as those from the electric universe community. Not suprisingly, Mathis labels them as government plants, as he does for all alternative science/media personalities, except himself. Mathis has repeatedly stated that he is the only one in alternative media that you can trust, all others are intelligence projects. Obvious poppycock and disinformation. (Well, Mathis trusts the author of the website “cutting through the fog,” a very obscure blog with very few visitors)

      5. ((This video does not exist)). Oh, it exists for damn sure….that just means it’s not here because we censored it in Orwellian double speak. IF it did not exist, what would be the purpose of saying it does not exist….another way they just love to indicate THEY are running things.

      6. Will, go to mileswmathis d0t c0m, section “Updates,” or use a search engine

      7. Concerned…Thank you. I had, of course, tried that. All I find on that site are his physics discoveries. There is no problem posting live links on this blog. I am just looking for the site which has those stories re Fetzer that you posted.

        I am Being Actively Censored, Feb 12, 2020
        Las Vegas Hoax, Oct 10, 2017
        Interview request, Mar 2, 2017
        On Chemtrails, Apr 15, 2015
        So What is Really Going on behind the nuclear programs? Feb 10, 2017 [here he trashes Catherine Austin Fitts as well]

      8. OK, I perused all those links from Concerned and found mentions of Fetzer being some kind of agent …along with Smallstorm, Adams and others, but there is NO SUBSTANTIATION whatsoever…just baseless slander as far as I could tell. If interested, check them yourself….they are all fairly short reads.

  2. Miles Mathis is definitely a fake personality pushing all kinds of disinfo. He presents some truth, perhaps one-third of his statements, for believability.
    1. He keeps blaming the CIA for almost everything. The CIA lost its relevance in the 1980s and most likely no longer exists as a real organization. The premium intelligence agency in the 1990s was the NSA, and it is difficult to say which intelligence organization is currently at the top. I am 99% certain it is a joint intelligence agency of China, Russia, and USA.
    2. He keeps blaming Jews for everything and claiming that Jews control everything. This nonsense is evidently intended to confuse those who reject the mainstream media. For a “brilliant researcher” he is remarkably ignorant of secret societies, such as Freemasons, and of obvious controllers and conspiracies, such as the UN Security Council, where five countries (Russia, USA, UK, France, and China, permanent UNSC members with veto power each) exercise arbitrary rule over the rest of the world. Only a total fool or a disinfo agent such as Mathis would not see a collusion among the governments (intelligence agencies) of these countries. The founding fathers of the USA were almost all Freemasons and founded this country for Freemasons. The US Constitution has been a fake law just for show from the beginning, real laws are hidden. Freemasons enjoy a special legal status in English-speaking countries; for example, all laws of the USA are suspended in a Masonic lodge in session. A Freemason above the third level can pretty much ignore criminal law because most police chiefs and judges are Freemasons and all intelligence officers above a certain level are Freemasons in the United States. Do Jews have a special legal status in the US? Nevertheless, while analyzing Jewish names and pedigrees day and night, Mathis does not touch the myth of Holocaust and who created it (hint: it was not Jews).
    3. His “physics career” does not hold any water and makes no sense. He rejects the electric universe community but embraces the theory of relativity. This alone means that he is some kind of disinfo project. The amount of his physics writings is fantastic and was supposedly produced without any remuneration and was not intended for publication in peer-reviewed journals, a total illogical waste of time. There are quite a few peer-reviewed physics journals that publish unconventional stuff, but supposedly Miles Mathis does not know about these journals and rejects all peer review. Obvious nonsense.
    4. He recently posted close-up photos of his arms, legs, and torso, supposedly. At the advanced age of 57 he has a remarkably young and fit body and no sign of varicose veins or other visible vascular aberrations on the skin. He claims that he does not follow any diets and does yoga occasionally. His secret of fitness? “I don’t get fat, and therefore I don’t need to lose weight.” This is such an obvious lie for anyone trying to be fit and to lead a healthy lifestyle.
    5. Without any good arguments, Miles Mathis rejects Pizzagate as a “distraction” and dismisses Catherine Austin Fitts as a government agent pushing propaganda. This suggests that Mathis is either extremely stupid or dishonest. With her help, Mark Skidmore has published in scientific peer-reviewed journals the evidence of $21 trillion missing from Pentagon’s accounting statements (as of 2015). At present, the missing money is close to $34 trillion. They also discovered a remarkable fraud in the Treasury bond market: about $16 trillion’s worth of bonds have been sold, but there is over $90 trillion of Treasury bonds in circulation. This discrepancy cannot be explained based on the data available from the government. Another gem of their research is FASAB 56, which allows all federal agencies to steal money without any limits starting in 2018. The well-hidden person who heads the US national security apparatus must have a net worth of at least $10 trillion, and the rankings of rich people presented in the media must be fake. Well-publicized “billionaires” and owners of media organizations in the US must also be fakes and intelligence projects.
    6. The types of proof that Mathis presents, based on genealogy and photo analysis, are rather weak and far-fetched. His logic is usually poor. On the basis of this flimsy evidence, he draws far-reaching conclusions, e.g. “Hitler was Jewish” or “nuclear weapons do not exist.” His photo analysis is laughable because it is subjective, inconsistent, and arbitrary. I bet that 90% of the photos that Mathis claims are fake are actually not fake.
    7. Allegedly, his income has been low and unstable for decades, but he owns a house somehow. Hard to believe. I could go on. Miles Mathis is a fabricated personality all around.

      1. You’re welcome and yes, I agree with your analysis of Pizzagate. Very good research on Pizzagate has also been done by David Seaman.
        Mathis has written some truthful papers, such as the one about Derek Chauvin, but their purpose is to establish some credibility with readers and to sell them loads of disinfo. The bulk of Mathis’ writings is disinformation.

    1. I have reservations about Mathis, but you definitely underscore the impact of international jewry. Freemasonry is Judaism for the goy.

      As to who created the holocaust, Ilya Ehrenberg wrote of 6 million Jewish murdered before WW 2 was even over! But, THEY weren’t involved in advancing the myth? Seriously?

      It is interesting that Mathis advances relativity.

      It’s not that I don’t share your sense that Mathis is disinfo, just that it seems to me some of your examples are a stretch if not altogether untrue.

      1. note the difference between the words “created” and “was involved”

  3. Can’t say I agree with much of it but certainly a few things. I know there was an early reputation not long after DC became a thing that if you went to work for the federal government, you were marked for life as a no-good-nick in the surrounding areas of DC. That government service was scoffed at as any kind of resume builder in the private sector. It’s no wonder, with the layout of the streets forming owls and pentagrams…. people are literally driving themselves to evil ! I remember one good thing about DC was once in a while we would drive drive down to the wax museum (the nightclub, not the actual museum) from Baltimore (the county) where I saw Albert Collins play the blue in his prime. What a great scene there.

  4. Tucker or Mathis I could care less about ,limited hangout and shrills both of them. Both CIA trained.
    Now as to what was stated in the article… so damn true. I’m a parent of two little ones and haven’t wore a mask since the start of this scamdemic. Don’t ask for permission and be a parents with a spine and do not put on a face diaper on your child or yourself.

  5. OK….My second comment on the article itself. I cannot disagree with a word. It’s that simple. Some of Mathis’ theories are off the wall. This is not. It’s spot on and brilliant.
    Once again……..
    ((Don’t ask permission, just stop wearing the damn things.))

    THAT is all it takes. And until we all get that into our heads, we are fighting a battle that is un-winnable. We do not need their permission to do a damn thing. We’re born with those rights.

    Once again…….Wise up!

  6. Just a quick comment having viewed the video of Tucker. He states that fair market price for an APARTMENT (not a room) in that area of DC is $5K/month. He then goes on to state that a fair price for McCarthy would be $5K/month for a ROOM?…..otherwise he would be violating ethics rules about gifts. Now, I do not know how many rooms are in that $5K/month APARTMENT, but I think it would be fair to say there must be at least 3 or more rooms which of course would mean possibly 1/3 or the $5K. It’s not clear from the video if he renting the entire apartment, although he does mention Luntz and McCarthy being roommates and a room being rented. I like Tucker and he makes some damn good points, but he should be a bit more careful to protect his status as one of the few, if the only one, who we can trust on the MSM. Maybe I am too picky and it’s certainly not the most important part of the video, but what was said was said.


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