William de Berg, COVID:   The Wrecking Ball to Scientific Integrity

William de Berg

While huge swaths of the American public have lost faith in a host of prominent institutions, including the mainstream media, major political parties, politically biased nonprofit organizations, the FBI and other law-enforcement agencies, and the judicial and electoral systems, most Americans have at least until now maintained faith in the integrity of our scientific establishment.  But COVID-19 and the scientific malfeasance it has spawned may be the wrecking ball that tears down even that pillar of faith.

The litany of scientific sins committed in the name of COVID-19  fear-mongering includes but is not limited to the publishing of false data in a leading medical journal, the publication of intentionally misleading articles masking the laboratory origins of the SARS-2 coronavirus and the subsequent deliberate withholding of evidence to the contrary, the smearing of lauded scientists who have questioned the severity of COVID-19 and/or the treatability of the disease, and the arrogance of medical authorities such as Robert Fauci that now-validated criticism of him and the official COVID-19 narrative is “anti-science”.  The end result of all this is not merely academic, for hundreds of thousands of lives may have been lost and children not been born due to the scientific  malfeasance.

One of the most egregious scientific acts was the article in Lancet in May of 2020—just when COVID-19 was ramping up—that argued that hydroxychloroquine (HCQ, sold as Plaquenil) was both ineffective and dangerous in treating COVID-19 symptoms.[1]  This contradicted the fact that HCQ had been sold safely for decades to millions of people over-the-counter in many nations for anti-malarial and other purposes and that leading virologists were already using it effectively to treat early COVID-19 symptoms.  By the time the bogus study was retracted, its results had already been trumpeted by the mainstream media and by leading health officials in their attacks on HCQ.  Despite later meta-analyses indicating some treatment efficacy in the early stages of COVID,[2] the damage had already been inflicted.  HCQ was pulled off the market in many nations and is still banned for treating COIVD-19 in many, such as Australia.

Equally damaging were the outrageous predictions of over 500,000 dead Britons and two million Americans due to COVID-19 by epidemiologist Neil Ferguson of Imperial College in London, who back-pedaled his predictions after his conclusion led to the draconian lockdowns that have so greatly damaged Western society.[3]  By contrast, an important study disputing the official COVID-19 narrative, such as Briand’s epidemiological one in the Johns Hopkins News-Letter that questioned the lethality and accuracy of COVID-19 statistics[4], was retracted by the university in an unprecedented act of scientific censorship.

Lancet later figured in another important repugnant scientific action—the publication of a letter signed by over two dozen scientists condemning speculation that the Wuhan version of the SARS coronavirus might have been created in a laboratory.[5]  It was surreptitiously written by Peter Daszak, the very scientist conducting dangerous gain-of-function viral research that was banned in the United States and who was attempting to create synthetically souped-up versions of the coronavirus—in Wuhan itself.  It is now widely accepted that the SARS-COVID-2 coronavirus was unnaturally cleaved at a furin site, but what is equally shocking is that many virologists knew this but refused to report it because they deemed it would support President Trump’s statements on the origins of the virus.[6]  Some scientists have expressed regret at their actions, such as those behavioral scientists who collaborated with the British government to scare the public into accepting the COVID-19 lockdowns.[7]  But the hit to the credibility of the scientific research community had already been taken.

Contrary to what much of the Western public believes, a large number of top medical professionals have questioned the severity of COVID-19, the advisability of lockdowns and masks, the benefits of COVID-19 vaccines, and restrictions on drugs such as HCQ and Ivermectin as treatments.  Almost 60,000 medical practitioners and researchers have signed the Great Barrington Declaration, which rejects lockdowns and masks in favor tried-and-true herd immunity.[8]   Some of the medical experts who have challenged the COVID-19 orthodoxy include:  Didier Raoult (the most well-funded virologist in Europe) and Harvey Risch (a prominent  epidemiologist from Yale), who both argued for the benefits of HCQ; Rodger Hodkinson (former president of the Alberta  Society of Laboratory Physicians and head of a company producing the COVID-19 PCR diagnostic test) and John Ioannidis (a widely respected epidemiologist from Stanford), who both argued on the basis of multiple sources of evidence that COVID-19 is akin to the seasonal flu in terms of lethality; Knut Wittkowski (former professor of epidemiology at Rockefeller University) who questioned the value of lockdowns and masks and has personally refused to wear a mask or be locked down; and Robert Malone (the inventor of the mRNA technique used in Pfizer and Moderna vaccines), Luc Montagnier (a Nobel prize-winner who discovered the HIV virus), and Michael Yeadon (a former top scientist and vice-president at Pfizer) who warned of the dangers of the mRNA vaccines, particularly in terms of infertility.

These prominent scientists and many others have been subjected to a litany of slanders and smears including monikers such as “witch-doctors” and “pseudoscientists”, removal from YouTube and other social media, misleading “fact-checking”, and attacks on Wikipedia sites in some cases.  Some scientists have come to their defense,[9] but even some of those who rallied in public defense of these individuals have been smeared.  While most of the slander in the media has come from nonscientists in the media, academic colleagues and medical associations have occasionally joined in, as in the case of Yale faculty condemnation of Risch for his HCQ stand.[10]   But what is most disturbing is the larger scientific community’s deafening silence in defense of the scientists who opposed the official COVID-19  narrative.

Even more insidious is the notion that anyone who disagrees with the official COVID-19 narrative and policies is somehow “anti-science”.   This arrogant view has been promulgated by Anthony Fauci on several occasions,[11] yet the great founders of modern science including Galileo, Descartes, and Newton emphasized the need for skepticism  and humility in scientific thought.   Genuine scientists recognize that scientific orthodoxy is constantly being revised, that theories can never be proven, and scientific debate should never be silenced.     Most of the renowned scientists being denigrated are not being done so because of faulty data—after all, who can deny the low-lethality of COVID-19 when only one sailor of ~6000 on the USS Roosevelt presumably exposed to the coronavirus died or that only 14 of over 3700 mostly elderly passengers and crew members on the Diamond Princess line died, in both cases in confined spaces with minimal treatments available.  These two examples represent to date the only controlled evidence of COVID-19 lethality, but there is additional solid evidence that Ioannides and others have marshalled to support the low mortality threat of COVID-19.

Of course, the scientific pillar that COVID-19 smashed had already been slowly crumbling.  Almost every scientific field is currently riddled with controversies and criticisms.   While outright fraud among scientists is officially less than 5%,  more subtle dishonesty, misreporting of data, and deliberate over-hyping may be greater than 50%.[12]  Failure to replicate results is a huge concern; for example, in a study specifically designed to test this issue only 39 of 100 results in prominent psychology journals could be replicated,[13] and the replication rate for other scientific fields may be even worse.[14]   The editors of two of the most “widely respected” medical journals—Lancet and The New England Journal of Medicine—have even doubted the reliability of the results in their own journals.[15]   Failure has been an increasing part of modern science—failure to prevent and/or treat Alzheimer’s disease, autism, obesity,  heart disease, and many cancers; failure to lift humans past low-Earth orbit, despite a half-century after Apollo; failure of fusion-energy efforts; failure to develop other truly sustainable technologies to support billions of humans; etc.   Issues that plague modern science go beyond the biomedical and behavioral sciences and extend into climate research, paleontology, and even physics, the demise of which has inspired a whole genre of critical books.[16]  While many of the above scientific problems may have intractable elements, progress has also been hindered for the  same reasons, listed below, that leading anti-COVID-19 narrative scientists have been isolated by the mainstream community.

The failure of most scientists to condemn the corrupt and defend the courageous in the COVID-19 debate is reminiscent of the silence fellow journalists in defense of Julian Assange.  It has further precedent in the treatment of Truther scientists like Stephen Jones (who countered the official narrative on the destruction of the World Trade Center on September 11) and James Tracy (who questioned the official Sandy Hook shooting narrative), who were forced out of their universities, with in some cases little outcry from fellow academics.    What explains the failure of scientists to stand up to the scientific bullying and quackery?    Part of it may be timidity—after all, who dares question the grand poobahs at NIH like Dr. Fauci when to do so would almost certainly mean losing one’s scientific funding?   Part of it may be the herd mentality, with our present graduate and postgraduate training with their long mentorships failing to develop truly rebellious and revolutionary scientific thinkers.  Part of it is the effect of big money spent on science research —over $500 billion in the U.S. alone, mostly from industry with strings attached.  And part of it may be that way too many scientists nowadays are simply dishonest, self-promoting, and agenda-driven—far beyond the few percent that are officially accused of fraud.

Science and the search for truth are arguably the noblest of endeavors, as they are the basis for knowledge and morality.   But science as it is practiced today is far from the ideal, and the travesty that has unfolded involving COVID-19 research has tarnished scientific credibility still further.   Soon modern science may merely represent one more fallen pillar of society in the eyes of the disillusioned American public.

William de Berg is the pen name of an American scientist and author of four conspiracy/truther fiction novels: Serpent and Savior, White Spiritual Boy, Divided We Stand, and Shield Down.    


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  6. This is the first I heard that the UN had set a compound in Salt Lake City. They were telling people they had no right to film. I think the UN has no idea who they are fucking with coming here. Especially Utah. I know Before its News pushes the envelope and gets a bit over their skis, but there’s a few videos about the UN presence and the last one is the video from Salt Lake City.

    1. I’ve been to Tijuana Mexico many times in the recent years. There are thousands of Chinese everywhere. Thousands of Chinese could invade CA in one day. The Chinese already have a huge port area at Los Angeles [a former Navy base].

  7. Anyone hear noise about an invasion of the USA ? I have heard this noise before and it’s starting to be like the boy that cried wolf. We all know how that story ends. There’s a recent video of UN armored vehicles in Toronto. I am sure some of you saw the video of the Battalion of UN armored in Hagerstown, Maryland (That’s on the narrow neck of the panhandle) in western MD. But that was a few years back. I heard the Health Ranger stating there are Chinese troops in Mexico near the border and that was a while back. Then the story of US War ships staged along both coasts from a while back. Another story today of trucker traffic and food shipments slowly diminishing along several interstate corridors. Didn’t I hear the Creepy Joe was inviting the UN here to provide law enforcement? Anyone care to comment? Thanks

      1. MORE re the UN…..This is astounding. How is this possible. IS there really a US any longer?


        Jim Stone:

        THE U.N. has taken over the Salt Palace in Utah
        They appear to have been given the ability to write and implement fully enforceable local law. They were granted the right to declare the premises international territory and deny anyone’s rights on that basis.
        The Salt Palace is on I-80 westbound out of Salt Lake City and is near the Dugway proving grounds. The U.N. was allowed to occupy the salt palace, which is a failed tourism venture that was wrecked when someone threw sea monkeys into the salt lake, which multiplied and created a disastrous brine shrimp problem.

        I am at present attempting to get the details on this takeover, but they do have the ability to tell anyone they want to shut up and leave them alone.

        A well done video on this event is HERE (above). I will have to get the details to make sure this is actually permanent, and if it is, I’ll say right now that the salt palace is a TOURIST VENUE that failed. NOT a military compound, which could be quite advantageous if the people of Utah do the right thing and oust these bastards.

      2. Thanks Will. I lived in Utah for about a year. Moab and Park City. There are some strange things there and some really awesome things like Lake Powell, Zion, Bryce, Arches and Monument Valley. I could go on all day.

        One of the weird things is in Salt Lake you can find dozens of churches that don’t appear to be operating, however they are newly build and/or are meticulously maintained. They have been “prepping” forever.

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  9. What is missing here William is the authentic “science” that has been left out of most discussions.

    1. A “virus” called COVID-19 has never been isolated in spite of German journalist Samuel Eckert’s ONE MILLION dollar reward for proof using Koch’s postulates.

    What has been offered in microscopic photographs are Exosome Sacs, the body’s natural cellular secretions from Respiratory insult, Stress, Fear, and even electromagnetic fields (5G) and renamed CV-19.
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    2. Kary Mullis, the Nobel Prize winner and inventor of the Real Time Polymerase Chain Reaction test (RT-PCR) repeatedly stressed it shoud not be used as a diagnostic tool as it is incapable of that function.

    The test seeks genetic sequences matching viral genomes, not specifically CV-19 and the small snippets must be amplified/cycled to become discernable. Over 30x cycles is viewed unusable yet WHO reccomends 45 cycles. Thus creating false positives. (To “increase” the “positive” numbers all they then need do is increase the cycles. To “prove” the toxic injections are working they simply reduce the cylcles.
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    3. *Surgical and cloth masks, bandanas, etc. are NOT prophylactic with viruses.
    *Properly fitted N95 masks block down to .3 micrometers.
    *A surgical mask blocks breath particle/droplets down to 100 micrometers, stoping large droplets from people coughing with evident symptoms. In other words, the holes/pores in the masks are 30 times wider then the virus they are supposed to catch.

    To visualize…a hula hoop (mask pore) is about 30 inches, a ping pong ball (a virus) about 1 inch.
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    4. No “vaccine” can work/be made without proof OF a virus. Vaccines do not get FDA approved blind studies. No demonstration of effectiveness is required.

    5. In 2017, WITS (World Integrated Trade Solution) a company that tracks sales world wide had Product code 902780/COVID-19 “Instruments and apparatus” (Masks) for sale.

    The next year, 2018, the World Bank website has an active record for the same “COVID-19 Instruments and apparatus [Masks] (902780) exports by country even though WHO did not name the event “COVID-19” until February 2020.

    World Bank predicts CV-19 program ends March, 2025: https://tinyurl.com/wke2a7sz
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    In January, 2019, Representative Joe Courtney named a bill: Coronavirus Aid Relief and Economic Security Bill??
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    The “Social Science” fact..

    Zbigniew Brzezinski
    (From 50 years ago) Between Two Ages: America’s Role in the Technetronic Era

    “Shortly, the public will be unable to reason or think for themselves. They’ll only be able to parrot information they’ve been given on the previous night’s news. The technetronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society…dominated by an elite, unrestrained by traditional values.
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    A good question to gently ask normies…

    What are the odds of a “deadly” virus with “flu like” symptoms showing up mid flu season with no significant mortality rate compared to the past 20 years and is so severe that one has to be tested to determine if they even have it??

    1. EJ, none of the prominent dissident scientists mentioned in the article has questioned whether the SARS-COVID 2 virus exists or has been sequenced. What they do question is almost everything else: the putative origin of the virus, the quality of the COVID tests, the lethality of the virus, the advisability of masks and lockdowns, the success of well-established anti-viral drugs, the risks and efficacy of the new COVID vaccines, etc.

    1. Ironically, I really like James Files, but after interviewing him (twice via zoom, once in person), I have been forced to conclude that he has been assigned the role of being the 2nd shooter on the grassy knoll, where (as he explained to me), once the government lies, it’s locked in and can never change! But he and I had great personal chemistry. I REALLY LIKE HIM!

      1. He came across as quite legitimate and seemed to be convinced he made the kill shot.
        Keeping him behind bars all those years likely served their purpose.

      2. I studied James Files extensively. He seemed legit to me. I asked my gun expert older brother about File’s weapon….he said it was 100% true. Files is bullet proof. If he was arrested, the fake FBI story would unravel like a bad nightmare of official lies.

        File: James at the north of Dallas motel with his personal stereo at the left. That motel is still operating.


      3. Well, you obviously don’t have to agree with me. I like the guy tremendously. But, in the end, his story was not consistent with the medical evidence and what else we know about the assassination. Glad you like him for this. I was disappointed.

      4. As sincere and likable as Files (and his wife) come across, what’s the possibility that Files was set up as a diversion and as much a patsy as Oswald and Ruby.

  10. William, I may have asked a similar question from one of your previous articles, but in a bit of a different form. How is it these scientists supporting this covid hoax are never asked how a could have possibly been developed for a virus that has never been isolated. That question seems so elemental and so essential IF we are to believe there is any legitimacy at all those who could and should ask.

    1. I’m not sure what you’re getting at, Will. The SARS-COV2 genome has been sequenced; I’m not a geneticist, but it would seem to me that this constitutes isolation, no?

  11. Jim … get this guy on your program. Stew Peters has even better interview with Patent Underwriter than the German Lawyer. This is just devastating news, interview is called Patented Genocide. Eustace Mullins called vaccines murder by injection. Decades ago one Doctor said he never saw a case of cancer in the unvaccinated; a curious observation. Underwriter says proof is plentiful and undeniable that the death injection was built before the plannedemic. It’s patented !!!!!!!!!!!!
    This guy is going to single handedly take down the Kung Flu scam is my prediction. Please watch this video friends



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