More Vaccines, More Covid: Why are Case Rates Exploding in Areas with High Levels of Vaccination?

by Kyle Becker

As the Covid pandemic continues to defy predictions about when it will finally be ‘over,’ there is a curious phenomenon taking place across the United States and around the globe: Covid-19 case rates increasing alongside vaccination rates.

The textbook examples of this disturbing trend are the nations of Israel, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Israel is now experiencing its fourth wave, which is being accompanied by another round of ‘booster shots.’ Israel has 61.5% of all adults “fully vaccinated” (although the use of ‘booster shots’ throws the term into question.)

The United Kingdom is experiencing another wave despite 66.5% being “fully vaccinated.”

The United States is seeing a wave that is now even larger than the first big wave in terms of cases. The U.S. has a 55% ‘fully vaccinated’ rate, which encompasses all adults, but skews older.

U.S. states vary greatly in terms of vaccination rates. Two prime examples of high case rate and high vaccination rate states are California and Washington. California has strict Covid rules, such as mask mandates and even mandatory vaccination in L.A. County.

Despite vaccination rates of 68% in the 12 and up demographic and 80% in the critical 65 and up demographic, California has experienced yet another wave in August. This has been accompanied by an increasing reported death rate.

Washington state is similar in that it has 73% ‘fully vaccinated’ in the 12 and up demographic, as well 89% in the 65 and up. Like California, these rates will be much higher within weeks. And like California, it is reporting soaring case and mortality rates.


In the midst of these remarkable trends is a brewing controversy: How much immunity is enough? As a baseline, there are two forms of immunity: Vaccinated and natural immunity. It was recently reported that the CDC estimated that 83% of the U.S. population had some form of Covid immunity, based on antibodies detected in blood samples. The CDC study showed that the estimation of those who had contracted Covid and recovered without knowing they had the illness was 120 million people – far higher than then 42 million currently being reported. That was in May. Once one factors in the ongoing Delta wave, that number could be upwards of 150 million people.

Amid this massive spread of natural immunity and vaccinated immunity, the goalposts on what constitutes “herd immunity” has shifted dramatically. “Since the start of the pandemic, the figure that many epidemiologists have offered has been 60 to 70 percent,” the NY Times originally reported in December. “That range is still cited by the World Health Organization and is often repeated during discussions of the future course of the disease.”

“In the pandemic’s early days, Dr. Fauci tended to cite the same 60 to 70 percent estimate that most experts did,” the Times went on. “About a month ago, he began saying ’70, 75 percent’ in television interviews. And last week, in an interview with CNBC News, he said ’75, 80, 85 percent’ and ’75 to 80-plus percent’.”

It is important to note that Dr. Fauci is acting as if natural immunity doesn’t even exist, when we know from the CDC’s studies that it could be as high as 40% in the United States. Regardless, the NIAID Director wants a vaccination target above 80 percent, while knowing that 98% of Covid deaths are among those age 40 and above. What is going on here?

One blogger, under the pseudonym el gato malo, has shown the spotlight on one possible explanation, while admitting that the author suspects “a fair few folks are not going to like hearing it.” In the interest of readability, I will select relevant passages and capitalize them appropriately (the author has chosen a peculiar style than shuns capitalization). The following is a “hypothesis” that represents what the author argues is the “best fit” of the current data in a number of cases under observation.

The current surge in Covid deaths is caused by the vaccinated.

The Covid vaccines are extremely leaky and may well accelerate contracting and carrying Covid.

They allow for very high viral loads to go unnoticed and generate a new and severe asymptomatic spread vector to where none existed before.

The high viral loads lead to greater contagion. they may lead to greater severity (but this data is iffy and contested).

Vaccine campaigns cause superspread events because vaccination leads to a 2 week window of 40-100% more covid risk that then gets counted as “unvaccinated” because the definitions are bad.

This combination makes those vaccinated with one dose or more into superspread bombs.

One might recall the case of the Texas Democrats or the Barack Obama’s birthday party at Martha’s Vineyard, where ‘fully vaccinated’ people gathered and nonetheless spurred ostensible ‘superspreader events.’ In August, CDC Director Rochelle Walensky changed her story and admitted that the vaccinated can indeed spread the Delta variant.

El gato malo presents evidence about why this explanation appears to fit the data in areas where there are case rates exploding despite presumably high levels of vaccinated and natural immunity.


You get a surge of spread… and then you get the later breakthrough cases (because the vaccines do not stop infection and just mitigate severity).

These BT [breakthrough] cases have massively high VL [viral loads] in often asymptomatic superspreaders that pass on high loading doses to the unvaccinated and greatly worsen the overall pandemic.

This further inflates apparent VE  [vaccine efficacy] by subjecting the unvaccinated to a more profligate and severe disease vector than they would have been had no vaccination campaign ever been undertaken.

It moves the whole system to a a different valence.

Perversely, if the vaccinated comprise a spread vector that accelerates deaths in the unvaccinated, that would make it look like vaccines work.

Ouch. (Told you you weren’t going to like it).

The researcher then adds the appropriate disclaimer to the argument.

I want to stress, this is a hypothesis and a work in progress. It’s just the best fit to the facts I can find right now and I REALLY hope it’s wrong because if it’s right, this vaccination campaign is probably the worst health blunder in human history and the epidemiology and politics of that will get stunningly, surreally bad.

But if this hypothesis proves out, then calling this an ‘epidemic of the unvaccinated’ is 180 degrees wrong.

Indeed, it would be generous to call it “the worst health blunder in human history.” It would give rise to a diabolical scenario where two opposing camps – the vaccinated and the unvaccinated – would be clashing incessantly over who is killing whom.

The only plausible solution: More vaccines, forever.

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11 thoughts on “More Vaccines, More Covid: Why are Case Rates Exploding in Areas with High Levels of Vaccination?”

  1. A question to Fulford with a very interesting answer. See what you think of the reply:

    Sept 18 2021
    By Windlander Letters to the Editor 12 Comments
    Mr. Fulford:

    You’ve mentioned the Trump connection to the Rothschilds in your articles.
    In your report, you are concerned that Trump was offered a chance to act by the Military and he turned it down. You’ve heard the argument that if he had used the military then, nothing would have changed. Trump would be in office but the Deep State would still be in power. Worse still, it would look like a coup. All the Biden supporters would have believed the effort was indeed a coup . Instead he’s shown Biden’s supporters what life would be like under a totalitarian regime. As for the vaccines, he was between a rock and a hard place. If he hadn’t pushed a vaccine we’d still be under a lockdown. The fact that he’s still endorsing the idea tells me he may know more about the vaccine than we do. As you say, this is war. He may believe he’d lose less people from the Vaccine than the lockdown. General Flynn has said Trump is only one man. He can’t do it all. He can take care of the Federal level. However, we have to work from the ground up and change the local, and state political landscape.
    Trump may be trying to avoid a kinetic war.

    Thank You,
    Jeff Osler

    Hi Jeff,

    “Much as I wanted to believe in Trump, It is a matter of public record that Donald Trump was bailed out multiple times by the Rothschilds during his business career.
    My understanding is that he was offered protection from blackmail if he agreed to go along with a military move against Hillary Rockefeller Clinton.
    At first he seemed to be “draining the swamp” but something happened. My understanding is that he was unable to stop the US default on international payments that took place on February 16th 2020.
    After that the Rockefellers offered ASEAN, Japan, Australia and New Zealand to China in exchange for money to keep the USA Corporation afloat.
    What Trump should have done is formally declare bankruptcy and negotiate a restructuring of debt. He did not do that. Now the US is a dystopian failed state controlled by Satanic gangsters.
    The US military offered Trump the chance to overturn the stolen election. He failed to do that. He also strongly pushed vaccines for a disease that does not even exist.
    That is why the military needs to stand behind someone like general Mike Flynn who does not have skeletons in his closet.” – Benjamin Fulford

  2. “There are no Covid deaths” said the Government Man in charge of compiling the numbers. “Never seen anything like the numbers of dead after the vaccine campaign started” said the funeral director. 23 year old dies 1.5 hours after receiving jab “Pattern of death directly related to the vaccine” says the funeral director who owns his own parlor.

    I consider this interview the most important Kung Flu interview I have seen this year. Please watch and comment.

  3. Melbourne Australia is in lockdown. The prime minister wanted vax mandated. The man picture, Mr Smirk Andrews is making some jobe vax mandatory. What mongrels.


  4. There is a saying “consistent from first to last.” Consistently from first to last, everything about the CV Scamdemic reeks of fraud, duplicity, bribery, blackmail, and coercion. In short, pure evil. The only thing to do is to resist it all, all of it, all of the time. The courageous patriots who have integrity will get it, the cowardly security-driven sheep won’t. Remember, the people who resist the evil all over the world are doing so because their overall emotion is one of anger, doubt, and revulsion, not because of any one piece of logical evidence per se. Any good salesman will tell you people buy because of emotion, not logic. I wouldn’t worry too much about any one thing. The best we can do is fight the b.s. every way we can all the time. It is better to post than to think; better to demonstrate than sulk; better to talk than to suffer in silence. “A closed mouth does not get fed.” Starting with the lions, then now and then talking a little bit to the sheep, unless they bring you down, which is one of their few skills. We must share the truth with everyone starting with our fellow actvists, and have fun doing it. And leave the rest up to God and the People. Sooner or later the truth always triumphs. And it’s on our side — if we champion it properly.

  5. Since all bets are off on what information is correct at this point, mass confusion leads to a desire to disconnect from the information firehose to catch your breath between gulps. I think Clif High has some great stuff in his latest. He diagramed 4th generation warfare. Fought without bullets or bombs beyond tactical, operational and strategic. The beings pushing the vaxx agenda don’t understand they have reached a wall, a barrier they don’t see. That all the people that decided to take it have already taken it. All of us that decided years ago to never take another, won’t change their minds to save their job because the dead don’t need work. Since the barrier is invisible to these creatures, the powers that be still believe they can change our minds with more propaganda, more social pressure and telling Biden to issue edicts.

    There are some friends that think Colorado has actually achieved a 75% vaccination rate. I don’t buy it. I think it’s a lie to put the refusers in a minority that does not exist. It’s as convincing as 4 out of 5 dentists choose Trident Chewing gum. It’s hollow puffery for snake oil salesmen like Jared Polis. I saw the empty parking lot with zero people waiting in line. And i wasn’t even looking, I was only there because I wanted the sad bar at Whole Foods that does not exist anymore.

    You might think Clif High is full of shit. I don’t care. It’s a fascinating take on the Kung Flu. It’s a war on humanity unlike any war ever fault because the victims have no clue a cross hair is on them.

  6. I notice that the VA has stopped its biweekly email campaign begging vets to get vaccinated.

    Nothing is going to convince me to take the jab.


    1. I am not sure what thectruth about all this is. But they have no right to lock us up. They act like “rulers” not lije “elected officials”.
      They had negative interest rates. They ramped up spending on this thing. Now there is big debt paying lrnty of interest. That might be at least a major part. As they say, folliw the money.

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