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  1. Well, here we go again. Until we come up with a verified multi-copy paper ballot system and mail in ONLY under very specified and authenticated conditions, just forget about election integrity. It’s just not happening.



    Another Virginia Election, Another Election Steal – Virginia’s Fairfax County Reportedly Not Requiring Last Four Digits of SSN’s on Absentee Ballots

    To no one’s surprise, the state of Virginia is being stolen again. We saw it in the 2020 Election and we are seeing it again.


    1. More info for this post. I tried saving the image and for the first time I have ever seen, some security notice popped up from the webmaster and it would not post. I removed the attachment and the above post went through…but his is just a copy and paste of the tweet that was censored. Man, this is getting weird. If I can go back and get a screen shot of that notice, I will post it.

      John Cardillo
      The Fairfax County election registrar is not requiring the last four digits of SSNs on absentee ballots.

      They are stealing another election through the mail.

      Yet the @GOP is sitting on their hands again, doing nothing.

      1. Apologies, could not find it…..but here’s something new. I did not realize that KKK farce also happened in Charlottesville IN 2017…just goes to show how far down the tubes my former home has gone…really disgusting. As I said when I returned from Charlottesville in 2018, I had never seen a place change so much for the bad since I had lived there and left in 1998.


        Lincoln Project Says It Was Behind ‘White Supremacist’ Stunt Against Glenn Youngkin

        “Today’s demonstration was our way of reminding Virginians what happened in Charlottesville four years ago, the Republican Party’s embrace of those values, and Glenn Youngkin’s failure to condemn it,” the group said in a statement.


  2. Here we have minors giving lap dances at a HS drag queen party. How is this at all possible?

    SHOCKING High School ‘Drag’ Event Hosted By TEACHERS Goes Viral, It’s INSANE

    Tim and Lydia host friends Seamus of FreedomToons and Libby Emmons, editor of the Post Millennial to express disgust at the horrendous high school drag lap dance fest that took place in Kentucky.


  3. Any Twix fans here? It’s not a bad candy bar. That old Seinfeld show gave it a boost in one episode. But, this commercial is worthy of a boycott imo. What is it about lefties that cannot leave our children alone? Do they detest their innocence? Are they jealous of their youth? Beats me. Just more food for the transgender table of perversion.


  4. Some darn good news. It looks like they are going to free Rittenhouse. Finally a judge that see through the hype.
    Watch the first vid and the one that follows is by far the best exposure of what happened and the best pics of the actual event. In that second vid, I believe toward the end, the damage done by the rioters is hard to believe….especially all the burned cars…..and from what I understand, Rittenhouse was the only one prosecuted from the events that night. Wow! (just watch the top with Turley vid and the one that follows. The second vid from the top is age restricted and since I do not register with goggle, I have no idea what it’s about)


  5. Will Biden and his Chinese buddies stop at nothing to make our lives miserable? F em all! Let’s Go Brandon. Sue me you A-holes…Get a gander at this…Unbelievable!!

    Lets Go Brandon Trademarked – Biden’s Allies in China move to stop all use of the term. Better get loud on it folks… Tell the U.S. Trademark Office this is BS – Ebola Site


  6. Kung Flu shots killed my best pal Mavrik, who died last Monday. I am more convinced of it than ever, now after my little brother came down with Kung Flu after his second dose of vaccine. Mavrik at age 58 was in the elite fitness and health category prior to his vaccination. He could climb 10,000 vertical feet per day with ease “skinning” uphill on telemark skis. That would be equivalent to hiking up Vail or Aspen Mountain three times and skiing down. Mavrik was almost never sick his entire life. A few months after his shots, he began having abdominal pains. Within a week or two it was stage 4 pancreatic cancer that spread to lungs and liver. He went for the big artillery of chemo and radiation “therapy” and it finished the job the vaccines started. From healthy to dead in 5 months. I am heart broken and tearing up writing about this.

    Now we hear that some hospitals are filled to the gills with organ failure patients many of whom presented with severe abdominal pain. Just like Mavrik. And the hospitals have turned into Euthanasia centers and we have recordings to prove it. They are preventing relatives from advocating for or even visiting patients and refusing to fill prescriptions written by their personal doctors. It’s a world turned on its ear. One man in the hospital was deprived of food for six days and his advocate was stone walled and hauled off in handcuffs.


  7. Yes, the people are becoming awakened, but does that stop the catastrophe that’s unfolding? Did Macron in France lift all of his discriminatory COVID policies, did Draghi lift his, did anyone else in the EU? And, what about the USA–yes, “Let’s Go Brandon” chants are everywhere, the leading song is a rap song about the same, but are we going to have free and fair elections in most states with unrestricted mail-in balloting, Dominion voting machines, etc.? What state AG has prosecuted anyone yet for the voting crimes of 2020? THEY control everything–the politicians, the media, the intelligence agencies, the corporations, the medical authorities, the courts, etc. THEY have infiltrated every single institution in American society. The only way to get THEM out is by voting in freedom-loving patriots who are willing to break up, prosecute, and litigate the elites out of power. But first, one needs free elections!

      1. He sure isn’t, Dave. We have to give him credit for his perseverance. If SCOTUS refuses to hear the case now, considering at least twenty state AG’s filing, something is way off course…justice is dead. It’s similar to Jim’s case in that the facts are all there IF someone who can make a difference will listen.

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