18 May, 2024

Candace Owens Reconciles President Trump Vaccine Position by Saying “He’s Old” and “Doesn’t Use the Internet”…

Candace Owens likely felt some need to follow up on her interview with President Trump due to overwhelming opinion of Trump’s vaccine position.  Unfortunately, she attempts to reconcile President Trump’s position by casting aspersions toward him [Daily Mail Article].

Mrs. Owens reconciles President Trump’s support for the three COVID-19 vaccines by saying he’s too old to understand the troublesome vaccine information and doesn’t use the internet for his research.   WATCH:

President Trump’s position on the vaccines –as a tool in the arsenal to combat the pandemic– is essentially unremarkable.  Trump supports the vaccines that were developed, under the goal of providing protection for people against the SARS-CoV-2 virus, by the scientific community.  However, President Trump repeatedly insists that no one should be mandated to take the vaccine.

The essential Trump position has consistently been:

The American and international scientific and medical establishment have determined that SARS-CoV-2 represents a significant threat to public health.  In response, the United States Center for Disease Control (CDC), the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the U.S. National Institute of Health (NIH); in coordination with the World Health Organization (WHO) and various governments around the globe, have worked with scientists and pharmaceutical companies to develop vaccines to be deployed under emergency authorizations.  Those vaccines are available for the American public to consider and use, if a person is worried about their health risk.’ 

That’s it, that’s the sum total of President Trump’s position.

Trump doesn’t feel people should be pressured, forced, coerced or mandated to take a vaccine.  Nor should anyone be subject to discrimination or division based on their unique medical decision. Vaccination is an individual choice, and President Trump has said, repeatedly, he respects anyone’s decision either way, and the federal government should not be involved.   From my perspective, this is non-controversial.

Additionally, despite the proclamations of many who have even written on these comment sections, this position is not only the same as Florida Governor ¹Ron DeSantis, but also identical.

Again, position encapsulated: “Here’s what the professionals who work for your federal government have come up with, use them as you see beneficial to yourself and your family.

In addition to the vaccine development approach, in 2020 President Trump authorized the U.S. medical community to work collaboratively to immediately provide therapeutic options and antibody treatments as tools and resources for doctors and infected patients to use in treatment.

Critics of President Trump have argued that the former president should now be taking a strong position in opposition to the vaccines as a result of new information which undermines the original efficacy of them.  The vaccines now require boosters, and the vaccines do not stop the spread of infection, ergo they are useless or potentially worse, might cause harm.

Despite these issues, the position of the United States government has not changed, and all of the previous U.S. medical institutions who advised on the original approach toward vaccination against the pandemic have not reversed their position.   Those are the current decision makers for public health, not Donald Trump.

The public ire directed toward President Trump would be more appropriately targeted toward the professionals in the scientific and medical establishment who are in the current position to make a modification or reversal in their approach.

There are many people using hindsight to criticize President Trump saying: with revelations over the past two years the entire U.S. medical establishment no longer holds credibility.  However, at the time those original pandemic mitigation decisions were made, and President Trump activated a Cornavirus Taskforce led by Vice President Mike Pence, how many American people really understood the political nonsense happening deep inside the CDC, FDA and NIH?

It’s fair to say almost no one knew how corrupt those institutions of U.S. public health were at the time when the first concerns of the COVID virus were raised.   Similarly, few people knew how corrupt the FBI and U.S. intelligence apparatus was in 2016 when those institutions were spying on and targeting candidate Trump.  Most of the identified revelations of historic corruption surface only as a result of investigations after the fact.

Approximately two-thirds of the American population have taken the vaccine shot(s), and a large number of them are currently in the process of getting boosters.   We can only imagine what would happen if the U.S. government was to officially state the vaccinations are now determined to be detrimental in some manner or form.   That’s why it is certain, regardless of the danger or lack thereof from the vaccination itself, the U.S. government will never, ever, reverse course on their claims of vaccine safety, or even value.

Expecting some entity or individual in the United States to be capable of forcing the United States government, or any medical institution within it, to admit they are potentially harming the public – is an exercise in futility.   It will never happen.  Ever.  That Rubicon was crossed well over a year ago.

We are now at the point where the FDA is authorizing, under emergency use processes, just about anything the medical establishment tells them to authorize.  Which, understandably, has resulted in even fewer people participating in anything the FDA, CDC and NIH come up with.

Is the COVID-19 virus, or any iteration of a variant therein, likely no worse than a severe flu strain?  The answer to that has always been, maybe.  When you layer on sunlight showing how political the FDA, CDC & NIH institutions are, the answer shifts to ‘more than likely.’   However, we are operating now with a hindsight that was not available before, and even now data is still kept from the overwhelming majority of the American people, and Big Tech has been instructed to do exactly that.

Candace Owens reconciles President Trump’s position by saying, “he’s old” and “he doesn’t use the internet for his own research.”   To me that is not only curt and ridiculous, that position shows me Mrs. Owens does not understand the importance of the stable mindedness needed for success at the scale of a United States president.

I said at the early phase of the COVID fear and pandemic rising how we were fortunate to have Donald Trump in the White House, because his general disposition is to permit individual states and individual people to make their own decisions.

At a time, when COVID panic was at its apex, Trump could have gone full totalitarian dictator, and few would have flinched.   But he didn’t… instead he urged calm and told the American people to act prudently, but do not allow fear to overcome us.

All of the issues around vaccines are related to scientific and medical community practices.  Neither Donald Trump or Ron DeSantis is a scientist or a doctor, and they can only rely upon the opinions, suggestions and recommendations provided to them by experts in these fields.

It is one thing for you and me to have research-based opinions on vaccines that may or may not align with scientific consensus.   It is another kettle-o-fish entirely for Donald Trump to have an opinion, where his public statements are weighted toward national policy for public health.

I specifically remember when President Trump told us from the White House podium that the media-driven hype over the COVID-19 “was a hoax,” and the industrial media complex, along with both sides of the political spectrum and the total scientific medical community, blasted him for downplaying the SARS-CoV-2 risk.

From where I sit, given the scale of what has taken place, President Trump’s current position is stable and non-controversial.  Essentially, here’s the vaccine tools they say will help, decide for yourself.

[¹] It is noted there’s a strong correlation between Ted Cruz supporters 2016 and many current Ron DeSantis promoters in 2021.

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12 thoughts on “Candace Owens Reconciles President Trump Vaccine Position by Saying “He’s Old” and “Doesn’t Use the Internet”…”

  1. I totally agree with Rommel and Will II. If it talks like a duck, quacks like a duck, pimps the Jab and 5G and abandons his followers in D.C. like a duck and doesn’t even while in office convene a presidential panel to present and investigate the massive evidence of national voter fraud that actually unseated him and which totally betrayed everything that’s holy and sacrosanct in our America like a duck, then it’s Donald Duck. Anyone who trusts him at this point is a fool or a shill or both. Trump could have used his bully pulpit to tell us the truth. There’s no way he doesn’t know the truth, or at least enough to save his country if we all became aware of it. And who cares about his political career? — is it more important that the lives of millions and the future of America? Or even his life? — I would have gladly, as many other patriots, I would have gladly told the truth if in his position to save not just America but humanity, even if my life were forfeit. (Hey that’s what many of us may be doing right now and we know it!) So clearly Trump is either a coward or a dummy or a bought-off shill — or most likely, all three. As well as a pompous braggart, always a bad sign. But if you’re still in doubt as to Trump’s motives and agenda, study his financial connections to the Rothschilds (google Wilbur Ross and Trump) and look at his abysmal record of “draining the Swamp.” And don’t listen to the eternally false and flaky Q propaganda arrayed to support this controlled opposition straw dog. Wake up, Americans. Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny ain’t real. If we don’t save ourselves, no one else will!

    1. So, here’s an interesting article in that regard. Let’s face it, the US is a business and Trump is a businessman and salesman. Those qualities served him well, but as far as I am concerned, did not serve We the People. That is politics and that is business. It’s not changing anytime soon. The pharmaceutical companies are likely the biggest and most profit making businesses on earth and they are NOW RUNNING THIS PLANET. Please prove me wrong.


  2. Something else for which to thank Trump?

    Israel To Double Number Of Jewish Settlers In Golan Heights, Citing Trump Decision


    Final statement in the article: (must I actually agree with the Biden admin on this?)

    However, Biden’s State Department recently angered Israeli leaders over plans to re-open a consulate to the Palestinians in Jerusalem. Israel argues that this is a legal violation of the prior US recognition of Jerusalem as the Israeli capital, and further that there shouldn’t be two separate American representations in the same “capital”.

  3. The entire article in general, and its’ overall tone IS VOMITUS. Trump should be put up against a wall and shot by
    firing squad along with “all the others”. He’s not just AS guilty, he is FAR MORE guilty than others, even Fauci. His
    word and trust would have carried FAR MORE WEIGHT, given his popularity, than Fauci and others. Not even close.
    Yet he has been a pimp and shill for the “pandemic”, the “state of emergency”, and the vaccine manufacturers all
    along. He is STILL touting and pimping the vaccine and even TAKING CREDIT FOR IT right up to the present day,
    yammering that he got a booster. Good God, what’s it gonna take. If you wanna claim you were blind before, then
    you’d have to say you are now DEAF AS WELL. Do you NOT HEAR the words coming out of his mouth ?!! I would
    force people who still support Trump or make excuses for him to pull the trigger or be shot as well.

    1. No disagreement whatsoever from my end, Rommel. It’s time for a mea culpa ….which at this point will not do much good, but at least it’s something. OR, it’s time for Trump to jump into the dust bin of history. I should also mention i am totally disappointed in Bannon and his “War Room” failing to address this issue. I do not always support AJ, but he is absolutely on target in this short video with Dr. Malone:


  4. Very seldom do older people use the Internet in the way that younger people do. Trump is an old skool TV news addict. He has even said as much. His news is very antiquated and loaded with TV Operation Mockingbird CIA propaganda.
    Anyone who could spout the nonsense he does is sadly misinformed. He was a breath of fresh air in 2007 but that air has become very stale.

  5. Trump is a TV news addict.

    I was a Trumpian for years but no longer. He’s lost 90% of my support.

    All of the Dominion voting machines must be trashed [plus other suspect machines.] Voter ID is a must.
    Paper ballots are required.

    1. “He’s old and doesn’t use the Internet”. Even opinion needs some fact. That statement is off the wall. If “old and doesn’t use the Internet ” had any weight, more than half on this blog would be phantoms, eh?

    1. I agree with and like most of what Candace presents….but, her explanation that Trump gets most of his news from the MSM when he called out FAKE NEWS for four years just makes ZERO sense.
      So, at least I agree with Sundance in that respect. Shame, Candace…you lessened yourself. Maybe Trump put her up to it. Who knows.
      As for the rest of the article, it’s just candy for Trump supporters. DeSantis has the same stance as Trump. Agreed. To a point. BUT, DeSantis was NOT instrumental in Warp Speed. Trump was and is. Please do not tell me he presently is not aware that his Secretary of Health was/is under investigation as Dr. Martin exposed. Trump made some very bad choices of advisors and took some very bad advice from those advisors. He either knows that and is part of it or does not know it and that type of ignorance does not befit a president looking to be re-elected in ’24.
      I do agree with Sundance’s statement that the government will NEVER admit they were wrong …the same as they will never admit to their involvement in the endless false flags, illegal war, assassinations and the present genocide.
      I will not give Trump a pass until a major mea culpa to the nation, the world and his followers.


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