Stephen Lendman, No Joy This Holiday Season

by stephenlendman

There’s no joy at a time of permanent US war on humanity at home and abroad on multiple fronts with mass-extermination and social control tyranny in mind worldwide.

What continues with no end of it in prospect negated what’s supposed to be “the most wonderful time of the year” — with attribution to songwriters Edward Pola and George Wyle.

Popularized by vocalist Andy Williams as part of his 1963 Christmas album, it became one of Billboard’s top 100 most popular songs.

It became the theme song for Christmas Seals in 1968, 1976, 2009 and 2012.

It remains popular each holiday season — even when joy to the world is long gone, especially for the past two years.

The “happiest season of all” is more a time for mourning, not celebrating the holiday period that culminates on New Year’s day.

“(M)isoltoing (and) hearts…glowing” were lost to all things flu/covid, along with permanent hot and cold wars abroad with no end of what was made-in-the-USA.

The most wonderful time of the year is on pause indefinitely.

Will what’s absent return one day?

What’s promoted to be wonderful is a mirage — during the holiday season and throughout the year.

What’s joyful about countless millions irreparably harmed by kill shots since around this time last year, hundreds of thousands dead in the US alone from their health-destroying toxins?

What’s joyful about unemployment for one in four working-age Americans and poverty-wage underemployment for most others at “the most wonderful time of the year?”

What’s joyful about 14.9% CPI inflation — the highest level since June 1947?

What’s joyful about millions of low-income US households unable to cope with rising prices of essential goods becoming increasingly unaffordable?

What’s joyful about soaring food insecurity, about over 60 million Americans needing food banks and community programs to feed their families in the world’s wealthiest country?

What’s joyful about millions of US children experiencing hunger as a way of life?

What’s joyful about increasingly unaffordable healthcare, about underinsurance as the new normal, about tens of millions uninsured, about the high cost of what should be a mandated human right, about what’s the main reason for personal bankruptcies?

Why is Medicare for all — everyone in, no one left out — a nonstarter in the US?

What’s joyful about the greatest wealth gap been haves and have-nots since the late 19th/early 20th century robber baron age?

What’s joyful about nearly 750 US billionaires hell bent for increasing their super-wealth by stealing it from ordinary Americans — in cahoots with the nation’s ruling regimes that permit and encourage it?

What’s joyful about a plandemic, not a pandemic, about toxic kill shots, about growing tyranny over governance of, by and for everyone equitably, about US/Western nations unsafe and unfit to live in?

What’s joyful about growing misery throughout the West?

What joyful about ruling regimes that are mortal enemies of the vast majority of their people — serving privileged interests alone at their expense?

What’s joyful about contempt in high places for their rights and welfare of ordinary people, for militarism, war-making, corporate handouts, and tax breaks for the rich at their expense?

What’s joyful about a let’em eat cake mentality for the most disadvantaged in the US/West?

What’s joyful about US/Western nation that are worlds apart from the one I grew up in long ago?

What’s joyful about ordinary kids — like I was — with nothing special going for them no longer able to advance to higher education and benefits it once brought because the affordable cost I enjoyed no longer exists?

What’s joyful about millions of US students entrapped by debt bondage — at a time when career opportunities are a shadow of what they were post-WW II?

What’s joyful about fast-eroding social America at a time of growing poverty, deprivation, despair and tyrannical rule?

What’s joyful about waging a losing battle for peace, equity, justice and governance as it should be?

What’s joyful about no good holiday season tidings for most Americans and others worldwide?

What’s joyful for millions of homeless on US mean streets in winter?

What’s joyful about untreated illnesses because of high cost, for pain, torment and misery?

What’s joyful about the US ruling class Grinch that stole Christmas and all other times of the year?

A Final Comment

My post-graduate journey from marketing analysis to small family business led me unexpectedly to becoming a pro bono writer in retirement at age-71 over 16 years ago.

At what should be “the most wonderful time of the year,” I sincerely thank my readers and supporters.

My best wishes to all for the holidays and new year — with a final thought.

A better world is possible by believing it’s so and working to achieve the best of what’s possible.

Believing it drives what I do and hope to continue as long as my health and remaining energy hold up.

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13 thoughts on “Stephen Lendman, No Joy This Holiday Season”

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  2. Through the hundreds and maybe thousands of interviews with the Rat Fauci, WHY oh WHY has no one asked the question…..WHY ARE THOSE ON THE FOLLOWING LIST EXEMPT? I’ll tell you why, because they have no logical answer. This is just another example of how they control the narrative. Short of the Rat Fauci drowning under the weight of his endless lies, this will not change.


  3. As I have said many times on this blog “the USA is the most corrupt nation on the planet. It has descended into a type of hell unknown in human history on this planet.”. I wonder how many more times I will say it.

    The USA is a great nation? Sure, its great at making hoaxes and now medical frauds. Its a nonstop horror show.

    On another note, it would be good to get some news and updates from this blog but have never received even one. Is this some kind of humor or what? This has been going on for many weeks.


      1. I’m about half way through. At 36:51 or so, Martin said Trump was duped by allowing the appointment of Alex Lazar as the Secretary of Health and Human Services who was actually under investigation for criminal anti-trust violations from the past. But, what’s the excuse NOW?
        Are we all so naive to believe he is still unaware? This may well be explained later in the vid, but right now, I see no vindication for Trump’s CONTINUING to push the poison.

        BUT, all in all, this is an amazingly revealing video. Dr. Martin is absolutely on target with everything. Do not miss this video, please!

      2. Sorry, Jim…stick a fork in Trump…he’s done.
        It’s time to admit it.
        DeSantis comin’ on!

      3. Thanks for that, Jim. I posted the actual text here and discussed it on other sites quite a while back.
        It could be argued successfully the terms “significant morbidity or mortality” do not apply to the present faked virus. Of course, that may be moot, since our masters seem to be the ones making that determination…certainly not reasoning and real science. Further, who knows what new plague will be invented to satisfy those conditions, eh?
        Regardless, from certain moves DeSantis has made, Florida remains about the safest place to be at the moment. Do I trust ANY politician? Absolutely not. But at least he did not invent Warp Speed and urge everyone to get the vax and a booster to boot.
        As I said before, without serious election reform, I doubt I will be voting again….even here in Florida.
        Look at the possible lineup….Biden VS Trump VS DesSantis…..with election reform, my choice would be obvious, even though it would as always be the lesser of evils.
        Dr. Martin said it’s broken beyond fixing…paraphrased. Who can argue?
        But WHO has a better idea THAT CAN BE IMPLEMENTED?…CERTAINLY NOT ONE WITHOUT BLOOD SHED…..Given that they are trying to exterminate most of the human race, I don’t see how we reach significant reform without revolution. And at this point, revolution sounds like self defense.

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