GoFundMe Says All Donations to Trucker Convoy Will Be Automatically Refunded; Florida to Investigate

[Editor’s note: Calling out the blatant theft of funds from donors to the truckers’ protest has led GoFundMe to reverse course and (now) declare it will automatically refund those donations, but they have exposed their hand as grotesquely corrupt and politically biased. I have added the “Truckers’ Declaration” just published by State of the Nation.] 

The GoFundMe fundraising platform said Feb. 5 it will automatically refund donations made to a trucker convoy in Canada protesting COVID-19 vaccine mandates after backlash.

GoFundMe said Friday it was preventing the funds from going to organizers of the Freedom Convoy and would instead send the money to “established charities verified by GoFundMe.”

The justification for the unusual move? “We now have evidence from law enforcement that the previously peaceful demonstration has become an occupation, with police reports of violence and other unlawful activity,” GoFundMe said.

The website didn’t provide any evidence of the alleged violence or unlawful activity.

Jon Carpay, president of Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedom, a legal group representing the convoy organizers, told The Epoch Times that the fundraising company “has no credibility” without making the evidence public. Organizers told a briefing that police officers were using measures typically utilized by “oppressive regimes” to try to take away the truckers’ “right of peaceful assembly and freedom of expression” and media reports and officials were falsely linking crimes committed by outsiders with the protesters.

Truckers’ Declaration

We, the Truckers Of America, declare that whereas:

The “killer virus” is a mild flu

The Covid “vaccine” is a gene-modification treatment,
harmful, often deadly, and damaging
to the immune system

The Covid “vaccine” is unnecessary because cheap, effective
remedies exist; administering these
dangerous experimental jabs to children is
especially evil and violates the Nuremberg
code of 1947

The PCR test is totally fraudulent and can’t
differentiate between COVID-19
and the seasonal flu, as the CDC and
WHO now admit after two years; The
tests mostly give false-positives and were
rigged to do so

The PCR swabs are invasive, potentially damaging to the
olfactory nerve, and contain toxic

The case data generated is meaningless junk, as the authorities now

The masks are totally useless, increase the risks of
disease, and can damage children’s brains
by cutting off the supply of oxygen

The vaccine mandates are illegal, unconstitutional, and violate
our fundamental human rights and the
Nuremberg code of 1947

The vaccine “passports” are illegal, unconstitutional, discriminatory,
go against science, and violate the
Nuremberg code

The news media is the PR agency of Big Pharma,
purveying disinformation and lies about this
plandemic 24/7

The “Fact Checkers” are the paid mouthpieces of Big Pharma,
disseminating untruths and misinformation

WE HEREBY DECLARE that we are not leaving this city until our demands are met, as follows:

* No more mandates

* No more gene-based “vaccines”

* No more bogus diagnostic tests

* No more masks

* No more health passports

* No more censorship by the lying News Media and Social Media—
All the scientific findings by truth-telling doctors
and researchers must be fully presented to the public.

* Full compensation by the vaccine manufacturers
and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to every person
injured by the COVID-19 “vaccines” or their bereaved families.

Our demonstration is totally peaceful and lawful. If any disturbance occurs it is the result of FBI dirty-tricks as occurred at the so-called “Capitol riot” of January 6, 2021.


In its update on Saturday, GoFundMe, which hasn’t responded to requests for comment, claimed it had already enabled donors to get a refund and only the remaining funds would have been distributed to charities.

“However, due to donor feedback, we are simplifying the process. We will automatically refund all contributions directly—donors do not need to submit a request. You can expect to see your refund within 7–10 business days,” the company said.

GoFundMe’s actions have drawn scrutiny, particularly in light of the platform allowing campaigns for people linked to violence before.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, a Republican, said it was “a fraud” for GoFundMe “to commandeer $9 [million] in donations sent to support truckers and give it to causes of their own choosing.”

DeSantis said he will work with Florida’s attorney general, Ashley Moody, “to investigate these deceptive practices—these donors should be given a refund.”

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), the top Republican on the House Judiciary Committee, also indicated the panel may probe what unfolded.

“GoFundMe promoted the ANTIFA-occupied CHOP zone in Seattle. But they shut down fundraisers for truckers protesting #COVID mandates. We’ve got questions,” he wrote on Twitter, referring to the autonomous zone, known as the Capitol Hill Organized Protect, that was shut down in Washington state in 2020 after several shootings.

Convoy organizers have recently turned to GiveSendGo, a GoFundMe competitor, to raise funds. GiveSendGo was down Saturday due to “bot cyber-attacks,” a spokeswoman told The Epoch Times via email. She said the company was “working as fast/hard as we can” to restore the website.

Omid Ghoreishi contributed to this report.

Zachary Stieber

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12 thoughts on “GoFundMe Says All Donations to Trucker Convoy Will Be Automatically Refunded; Florida to Investigate”

  1. Holy keericed all mighty Peter, Paul and Mary…..the average price of a Super Bowl ticket is $10K…where the hell have I been? Now I know why I stopped watching sports when the Dodgers left Ebbets Field! How much are hot dogs? Fifty bucks or what? Hey, you with the peanuts….I have a nice watch here….huh? you only accept Rolexes?


    Anyway, Jim Stone presents a good idea…..

    …dot dashdot dashdot dash…..and so on………………………………………

    EVEN PEOPLE WHO ONLY HAVE CARS COULD DO ONE HELL OF A JOB ON THAT GIG. Traffic jam the sh*t out of the event so bad no one can make it. Take that day and devote it to destroying the game by simply parking in the middle of the road. That times 100,000 or so will not be possible to manage even if it is only cars. Any place traffic is moving, block it. Hell, go with a buddy and fake a damage free accident just so you can park where you are.
    If you are mechanically inclined well enough to not get hurt, pop the radiator cap and fake an overheat. How could that be argued with? WTH would the cops be able to do about it? Meanwhile, your car has something wrong (tighten the parking brake to drag just enough to prevent it from being pushed out of the way) or something similar. JAM THAT GAME TO OBLVION.
    Since it’s practically all lefties, this is a bona fide PERFECT way to send a clear message and fight an actual war without being violent. Truckers and anyone else available should jam up everything so bad no one can access parking, OR park anywhere. Or even get close enough to consider walking while parking elsewhere. The left just got done murdering MILLIONS. Lock the bastards out for a clear NO MORE.



    1. That same approach seems to have been initiated in the UK and it looks legal. But what happens when push comes to pull…does it wind up being the police VS the military…OR, will the military join their cause and overthrow the government? Or, will the government just step down? Strangely enough, I see the stepping down scenario more likely to happen in the UK and Canada than here in the land of the free. One might conclude that we can now see why the defund the police movement is so strong here, eh? Obviously, the ‘vid hoax has gone forward by breaking one law after another, so it seems those who enforce the laws are responsible to initiate arrests. And there is also the possibility here of “citizens arrests” (I don’t know how that applies in other countries). This could become VERY interesting.

  2. From Twitchy:

    Andy Ngo has the ‘thread of the year’ showing GoFundMe doesn’t seem to take issue with fundraising for leftist ‘occupations’

    As we told you earlier, GoFundMe backpedaled after a lot of blowback and will now return money to Freedom Convoy donors without having to submit a request. GoFundMe had previously said that money from donors who didn’t request a refund would be distributed to other “credible charities.”

    GoFundMe has said the Freedom Convoy is in violation of their terms because their “peaceful demonstration has become an occupation.”

    Andy Ngo reminds us that GoFundMe didn’t seem to have a problem with allowing fundraising for left-wing activism on their platform:

    Read Ngo’s thread here… https://twitchy.com/dougp-3137/2022/02/05/andy-ngo-has-the-thread-of-the-year-showing-gofundme-doesnt-seem-to-take-issue-with-fundraising-for-leftist-occupations/

    Also, Andy Ngo just tweeted this about the car-ramming attack at Ottawa:


  3. Jonathan Turley pegs GoFundMe’s deceit to its political agenda…


    GoFundMe and the Nag’s Head Light: How Crowdfunding Has Become The Latest Battleground Over Free Speech

    GoFundMe’s suspension of millions to support protesting truckers in Canada shocked many, particularly when the company initially announced its intention to distribute the money to other charities. It was less of a surprise for those of us who have criticized the company for years over its use of the platform to target and block funds for conservative and libertarian causes. Indeed, the company has revised an old practice known as the “Nag’s Head light” in luring the unsuspecting into what has become a liberal lockbox on funds.

    In the Carolinas, locals would sometimes tie a lantern under the head of a horse to lure ships to their doom. Thinking the light was a ship in deep water, the ships would unwittingly sail into the shore rocks where they would be stripped of their cargo. That is how the resort town Nag’s Head, North Carolina got its name.

    GoFundMe is the ultimate Nag’s Head operation. It draws conservative and libertarian causes to its shore with promise of being a neutral crowdfunding site. At its creation, the founders pledged to change the world by “disrupting giving” by handing control to average people in supporting others with common values and views.

    The easy-to-use technology and need for crowdfunding services quickly expanded the company into a multibillion enterprise. However, it soon became clear that the company was using its control of funds to advance its own political agenda. Worse yet, the company effectively coaxing groups into fundraising campaigns on its site, only to freeze accounts before the money could be used.

    Read more…

    Also, from 13 days ago, this photo headline: Trudeau Labels Truck Convoy as Terrorists and Is Trying To Freeze Their GoFundMe Account


    1. Great stuff, Toni….I really like Turley. No doubt GFM is a political organization under the guise of a helpful charity, eh? The Fetz know for sure. Where have we seen that before….? Here’s my short list of companies with similar tactics that need to be broken into a million pieces and force fed to the dems at their Last Supper.

      GFM, Amazon, YouTube, Twitter, Google and Facebook…..feel free to add more.

    2. Here’s Rappoport at his best re the truckers and what WE can do.


      To contribute:


      From his article:

      “If serious violence breaks out in Ottawa, the government will be behind it.

      Violence shouldn’t make people back away from supporting the truckers.

      Perhaps you noticed that the George Floyd protests and riots and the looting and burning and violence in many US cities didn’t make anyone on the political Left back away from supporting the rioters.

      Did the government call those supporters insurrectionists or terrorists?

      You might hear this from people “who are really in the know”: “You see, the whole convoy was a PLAN to cause violence, and then anyone who’s against the mandates and supports the truckers would be labeled a terrorist…”

      Without real evidence, that formulation could be used to reject ANY form of mass protest on ANY issue. You may as well say ALL OF LIFE IS A FALSE FLAG, and therefore, we should do nothing and support nothing.”

  4. Ottawa Police determined to make it ugly; parrot hysterical propaganda just like Jan. 6.

    Canada, Canadian Freedom Convoy 2022

    Freedom Convoy Attorney Has ‘Disturbing’ Update on Canadian Government Activity

    Source: Kyle Becker

    On Friday, the crowdsourcing platform GoFundMe, at the behest of the Ottawa Police, seized over $10 million in charitable contributions that were meant for the Freedom Convoy 2022 organizers.

    Later that day, an attorney working with the Freedom Convoy organizers named Keith Wilson delivered a chilling statement about what they were up against.

    “It’s Friday, February 4th,” Wilson said. “And I’m speaking to you from the hotel at the center of the truckers freedom convoy in downtown Ottawa.”

    “Over the past year, the federal government in Canada or prime minister, Trudeau has taken away Canadians’ charter rights, constitutional rights to travel freely, has taken away truckers’ rights to travel, their mobility rights, their ability to make a living under the constitution for those who’ve chosen to be unvaccinated,” he continued.

    “This afternoon, the chief of the city police for Ottawa made announcements that are disturbing and should trouble Canadians and those around the world who support this trucker protest for freedom,” the lawyer added. “The police chief essentially announced an assault on the protestors. He announced that very specific measures that we normally only see instituted by oppressive regimes around the world would be initiated. He effectively announced that he is going to be taking away Canadian’s charter right of peaceful assembly and freedom of expression.”

    “We are being censored,” he said. “Please get this out to the world.”

    TRENDING: Trucker Movement Goes Global: Convoy to Canberra

    On Friday, Ottawa police said they are “stepping up measures to protect downtown neighbourhoods,” according to CTV News Ottawa.

    “Chief Peter Sloly announced a new ‘surge and contain strategy’ Friday that he said would ‘restore order, hold offenders to account and protect our neighbourhoods’,” CTV News Ottawa added.

    “The strategy includes sending 150 more officers to affected neighbourhoods to target unlawful behaviour connected to the ongoing occupation, which is a protest against COVID-19 mandates,” the report noted.

    “The surge will deliver a clear message to the demonstrators: the lawlessness must end,” Chief Sloly said.

    “The new measures also include barricading the protest ‘red zone’ using hundreds of concrete and heavy-equipment barricades, cutting off access to the downtown core for more vehicles,” CTV Ottawa continued. “Sloly said this will further isolate and contain the demonstration.”

    “Incoming vehicles will be directed to designated parking zones outside the downtown core, and vehicles parked illegally will be ticketed and towed,” the report said. “Police said they may close highways, interprovincial bridges and major roadways to keep vehicles out of downtown. The city released a full list of road closures Friday afternoon.”

    “Deputy Chief Steve Bell said police are expecting 300 to 400 trucks to try to enter the downtown core throughout the weekend, along with up to 2,000 people on foot,” the report added. “He also said police are expecting about 1,000 counter-protesters.”

    “Bell said he understands residents’ frustration, but asked counter-protesters not to come downtown this weekend,” the report noted.

    “We would like to not have that to be another dynamic we have to manage,” he said. “Let us successfully work to restore the trust and confidence in the police, restore feelings of safety and security in the neighbourhood, by being able to deploy our resources.”

    ‘There are about 200 to 250 trucks parked in the city right now,’ he said.

    “Police say they have also increased efforts to identify protesters who are funding and enabling unlawful activity,” CTV Ottawa reported.

    “The hatred, violence, and illegal acts that Ottawa residents and businesses have endured over the last week is unacceptable in any circumstance,” Sloly said.

    “The current occupation of the Parliamentary Precinct remains unresolved despite significant success in reducing the number of trucks/demonstrators while preventing riots, injuries and death. We take no solace in these operational successes,” he added.

    Read more… https://nworeport.me/2022/02/06/freedom-convoy-attorney-has-disturbing-update-on-canadian-government-activity/


  5. “The way of the world is not the way of God; you cannot serve God and Mammon.” Wherever and whenever Big Money is involved, theft, corruption, and exploitation are not far behind. I took at GoFundMe class once and was told that the key to making it work is to have a lot of salesmen on commission. The only thing working in the Anti-Scamdemic Movement is the motivation to help humanity without any thought of compensation in return; in fact, most activists lose time and money and social station through engaging in this fight. They are the effective ones. We are all being tested, and the wheat is being separated from the chaff. GoFundMe has chosen the path that leads to Hell, accompanied by the CDC, WHO, the United Nations, Biden, Harris, Gates, Fauci, Boris Johnson, et al. “There shall be great wailing and gnashing of teeth; but the pure in heart shall see God.”


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