IT’S WAR! A Zio-Anglo-American War Against Russia

Zio-Anglo-American Axis Determined
to Push Russia into Regional War as
the Penultimate Move of their
Great Game that ends
with World War 3

POTUS Imposter Joe Biden Brings the Whole World to the Brink of War on Behalf of His NWO Globalist Masters in Order to Distract the Entire Planetary Civilization from the Following Cataclysmic Events and Conspiratorial Plots:

(1) Free-Fall Collapse of the Worldwide Covid Tyranny

(2) Replacement of COVID-19 Pandemic with the
“War on Climate Change”

(3) Controlled Demolition of the Global Economic and
Financial System

(4) Acceleration of the Great Reset via Digital Crypto-

(5) Expeditious Implementation of UN Agendas 21 and

(6) Establishment of a One World Government &
Global Security Superstate

(7) Creation of a New World Order via Ordo Ab Chao
in the Wake of World War III

The preceding list is obviously an abridged version of the numerous goals and objectives, aims and purposes, ambitions and missions of the New World Order globalist cabal.

There is no greater game-changer than war, especially World War.  Although the world community of nations has been quite preoccupied with the cold phase of World War III since the false flag 9/11 terror attacks were staged by the US Federal Government, it’s the long-planned hot phase of WW3 that really matters here.

This is exactly why POTUS pretender Joe Biden was criminally installed in the White House—to aggressively prosecute World War III after he helped set the stage — IN THE UKRAINE — as Obama’s Jesuit-controlled VP.

As a matter of historical fact, whenever Democrats are shoehorned into the Oval Office, a major war is on the horizon.  As follows:

World War I — Democrat T. Woodrow Wilson

Bolshevik Revolution — Democrat T. Woodrow Wilson

World War II — Democrat Franklin Delano Roosevelt

World War II (2 Atom Bombs) — Democrat Harry S. Truman

Korean War — Democrat Harry S. Truman

Vietnam War — Democrat John F. Kennedy*

Vietnam War — Democrat Lyndon B. Johnson

The Balkan Wars — Democrat Bill Clinton

Ukraine War in Donbas — Democrat Barack Obama

Russo-Ukrainian War  — Democrat Joe Biden

“Predicted” World War III — Democrat Joe Biden


Whether it’s a European regional war or world war remains to be seen during Biden’s presidency; however, a major armed conflict of great consequence to the global order is all but guaranteed.

Both the Biden administration and NATO have worked over time to provoke Russia into war in such a transparently belligerent manner that it’s clear the globalists will not relent.  Biden even hastily ended the war Afghanistan in preparation for the war in Ukraine.

The US military deliberately ended their occupation of Afghanistan in 2021, ahead of an armed conflict in the Ukraine; and purposefully left billions of dollars of weaponry and tons of armaments and other supplies there to be used for the coming war against Russia.  Afghanistan is the closest nation to southern Russia that can still be used as a NATO-based weapons depot, staging area and launchpad to support a regional armed conflict.


The ongoing war in the Ukraine represents just one [PIVOTAL] piece on the current global geopolitical chessboard.  It is a particularly BIG piece because the Ukraine occupies a highly geostrategic location where it concerns the multi-century Great Game played over centuries to conquer Russia.  The distance from the center of Moscow to the Russian-Ukrainian border is only 450 km or 280 miles.

KEY POINT: It’s not the Ukraine that’s being targeted by the NWO warmongers; it’s Germany.  The Powers That Be have been on a serious mission, since the various revolutions and wars that were deliberately staged during the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries, to keep Russia and Germany apart—FAR APART — forever.

The Zio-Anglo-American Axis knows that a close political/economic alliance between Germany and Russia would spell the final end of the dying US-UK Empire.  The Western political establishment will simply not tolerate this; nor will the wealthy elites of US-UK-EU accept the ascendancy of a Russian-German power structure built around the most powerful economic engine the world has ever seen.

What the elites are really afraid of is the natural marriage of German capital, technology, market monopolies and industrial efficiency with Russian natural resources, manpower, scientific knowhow and industrial capacity.  Such an economic and financial union scares the living daylights out of London and Washington.


There are several other purely geopolitical reasons for Biden’s naked warmongering in the Ukraine as he blindly attempts to lead the West into World War III.  All of them serve to advance the New World Order agenda while maintaining Zio-Anglo-American domination of the world AT ALL COSTS.

It’s entirely true that POTUS Imposter Biden has many compelling reasons to “wag the dog” (read: start a distracting war) during this extraordinarily decisive year that’s especially distinguished by the monumental midterm elections.

The Democrats cannot lose the House or the Senate this election cycle.  Biden knows that. Hence, he will follow any orders that ensure electoral chaos in November.  Because only in that prevailing climate of chaos and confusion will the Democrat Party brazenly attempt to steal every election in sight—AGAIN!

Much more significantly, the many traitorous Democrats and Republicans, at all levels of government, will desperately need a HUGE distraction from the collapsing Covid narrative.  Because the vast and profound repercussions of the Plandemic are only now coming to light, both sides of the political aisle will direly need cover.  Which is why only one member of Congress to date has spoken against US involvement in a Ukraine war.

BOTTOM LINE: The world community of nations has never seen such an unrelenting campaign of warmongering prevarication and propaganda directed at Russia.  The West is literally pushing every button and pulling every string to trigger war between Russia and the Ukraine.  In view of the powder keg that the Ukraine has become since the the CIA-coordinated color revolution in Kiev in 2014, it’s inconceivable that the Kremlin has been able to avert war up to this critical point.  Because right now Moscow is facing existential threats that are far greater than any others in Russia’s long and storied history.  In other words, Russia knows that it has no choice but to wage war for the sake of survival.  The preservation of the nation-state can only be guaranteed by armed conflict; and a very destructive one it will have to be.

State of the Nation
February 13, 2022

SOTN Editor’s Note: Who has not witnessed the never-ending schemes carried out by the US, UK and allies to sabotage the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project between Russia and Germany?  For example, the Oil&Gas Industry and energy market manipulators are colluding more than ever to drive the price of LNG (liquefied natural gas) to an all-time high in order to jump-start the American LNG producers that went belly up during the Covid-induced global economic downturn.  In this way, American LNG suppliers can profitably sell their much-needed natural gas to Germany thereby precluding their dependence on Russian exports.

Remember: It’s all about preventing Germany and Russia from collaborating in any sphere of life.

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19 thoughts on “IT’S WAR! A Zio-Anglo-American War Against Russia”

    1. Salty, behind curtain one is the ‘vid and all the BS that goes with it…mandates etc.. Behind curtain two is WWIII and all that goes with that. Behind curtain three is freedom through methods like the truckers are using. Which do you choose?

      1. Of course, Salty…my point is they can threat and cajole and publish all the fear mongering they wish, but to folks like us the choice will always be obvious and no amount of nonsense they do will ever change that choice. Just like those truckers…they will never step down willingly.

    2. The silly goofy hoaxes have been wildly believed by 99% of the US population. Twenty little kids killed, planes flying into and through concrete and steel buildings…no problem, sure they can do that. LOL Every person on my block who comes down with a sneeze and runny nose if SURE SURE SURE they have covid 19 and they rush to the ER.

      The 330 million people of the US are some of the most stupid people on this planet. They will fall for anything. Hemorrhagic fever is the next scare-all.

      File:………That’s the ”actor” Biden with his mother. I guess she’s in on it also…..she doesn’t know her own son.


      1. That photo I posted was taken on Election night 2008….I got it from Getty Images. Biden is now 14 years older. Is that the real Biden or actor Biden? If its the actor, I can’t tell the difference as they both look identical to me.

      2. The imposter that has played the role since the debates is easy tell apart from the real Joe Biden. This old man in the photo looks like the original Joe to me. It’s hard to be sure from just that angle, but I think I see earlobes, and the characteristic wide, toothy grin, of the real Joe in this photo. The imposter Joe has a much narrower jaw and mouth, and could not produce a big smile like that.

      3. Cmon, Don…The point is you presented the picture of Brandon with his dead mother (which you now say is from 2008) as an example of how could the CURRENT Biden be a doppleganger if his own mother did not know the difference. Put the shovel down and stop digging a deeper hole. Geez!

      4. Will[2]…..your comment of 6:55 AM makes no sense…..its just disconnected random words.
        You asked the date of my photo. I told you and you’re still unhappy and confused.

        This simondemontfort? This a new person here? I don’t remember him.

      5. Don, you are just looking for excuses because you screwed up. Similar to the other day when you failed to reply to my showing you in your own words that you had stopped supporting Trump (90%). I showed the evidence and you could not confront it, so you ignored it.
        I’ll attempt to simplify my words to help you understand.
        You posted a picture of Biden and his mother. The obvious implication from your words is how could his own mother not recognize him as a double. His mother died in 2010, long before the Biden double became POTUS. So, using her as an example is simply erroneous since she was dead by the time he became president. If that’s not clear enough, I cannot be of any further assistance.

      6. I was simply using the 2008 photo as an example of Biden’s identical looks then and now, his mother is irrelevant. I did not ”screw up” .
        Your idea that the current Biden is some actor is so farfetched as to be comical in the extreme.
        Your anger is showing.

        I’ve said many things about Trump….that doesn’t mean I can’t support him. OK? According to you, I don’t have any 1st Amendment rights.

      7. Don…Do YOU know the meaning of BS….? There is NO resemblance between that Biden and the one in office now. If you cannot see that, something is amiss. And no, I am not angry whatsoever. You conflate anger with frustration because you consistently ignore the facts I present and present only opinion. Where did I say you have no right to speak? Show me that. When someone say they are 90% done with Trump, I think a fair and logical assumption is they would not support him. If you care to support Trump, what care I? Just do not say you never trashed him. You did it constantly. I only presented one example and will not waste any more time finding the others.
        I’m done with it. Care to reply, go right ahead. My time is more valuable.

      8. For reasons I cannot begin to fathom, Don is COMMITTED–absolutely CONVINCED–that this “Joe” is the real Joe. I have no idea. No persons with different shapes and size of skull can be one and the same. I, like you, am bewildered. I just don’t get it.

      9. Jim…good to see I am not the only one frustrated. Years take there toll, but they do not change the shape of a persons skull.

      10. Is this the imposter skull or the original skull? They all look the same to me, depending on the lens, lighting and angle. Remember that SNL has used almost a dozen actors to portray Biden and their photos often confuse the issue.

        The idea that the goofy CIA would offer up an actor as Biden is even beyond the CIA’s silly ideas. Can you imagine the cost and logistics of such a decades-long spoof and the number of people involved? The number would be in the thousands. The danger of such a switcharoo is beyond comprehension in the real world. The number of people who believe this scenario is inestimably small.


  1. Franklin:…”It’s a Republic if you can keep it”. Maybe he said that, maybe not. It really does not matter, because we obviously could not and did not keep it. It’s now a corporatocracy ruled a demented puppet-in-chief with the strings pulled by the World Economic Cirque du Soleil. I should have moved to Uruguay 20 years ago.


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