Brian Davidson, Google Earth Image: Sandy Hook (the night before)

Brian Davidson

[Editor’s note: In Nobody Died at Sandy Hook (2015; 2nd ed., 2016), we published an image of a SCI vehicle at Sandy Hook Elementary School before the (purported) mass shooting had taken place. In the 1st edition, we reported it having been taken the morning of 14 December 2012, the day of the event. 
In the 2nd, we corrected that to having been taken the night before. We knew it was before the event had taken place, because the string of windows in Classroom 10 have not been shot out, as they were presented in the aftermath. Here’s what we included in the book to make that point on page 149:
I recently learned of the private investigator, Brian Davidson, who has mastered internet tools for research and sent him the photo but without explaining the background or the context. He did his thing using the photo I sent and this is what I have just heard back. No wonder they banned the book!]
[UPDATE: Editor’s note updated (23 March 2021 at 8 AM/CT): Brian has just contacted me to explain that, based upon other photos to which he has had access, the date was the 14th, after all. But the proof of fraud remains because the windows in Classroom 10 are still intact rather than shot out as they would be presented. Stunning stuff! Stand by! More to come.]


I am assuming that you sent me the photo the try to determine the approximate time it was taken. This analysis is a little sloppy and I don’t hold myself out as a pro in this particular area. I simply claimed that it could be done not that I am an expert in this type of analysis. (Again I am a generalist)

First thing I did was find the original source here (notice I can read the plates in the original high res image):

I am guessing that image is very close to the original.

Second thing I did was travel back in time to the location and pull satellite images of the structure bearing due north around the time of the event. I took a satellite image from March of 2012.

Then I went to the and traveled back in time to December 14th 2012 and found the exact (pretty close) placement of the camera.,-73.2783,17/2012.12.14/14:40/1/0

I then overlayed that on Google Maps using the Dickinson Dr. in Sandy Hook Connecticut as my alignment tool.

I was unable to figure out who took the photo. And I can’t seem to access anything else in the file where the photo exists. The metadata on the image is gone from my earliest and most reliable image. (Strange). And I cannot even access the server without a better skillset.

Anyway still more work that can be done… including the plates which I don’t want to bust out because it could be considered a violation of the DPPA.

It is evening sun. Probably the day before (Not likely day of). Therefore my estimate puts this on December 13th Perhaps 4:45pm give or take 20 or 30 minutes.

Brian Davidson
Panoramic Investigations – A17936
(832) 304 3577

If you want to support my efforts to expose the Sandy Hook Hoax and the court rulings that have had the effect of covering it up, check out This one is for all the marbles!

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7 thoughts on “Brian Davidson, Google Earth Image: Sandy Hook (the night before)”

  1. Jim, This is great stuff with this photo. Suggestion with any of the weather data prior to 12.14 and a few days after, PLEASE save all that data, screenshots , links etc. Save the weather data, just in case any of these hoax nuts go back and change it on you. Keep the faith.

  2. Jim, I hope all this adds to your case when you get to SCOTUS. it’s remarkable this info can be dug up. Just one edit in your notes at the top…” taken the morning of 14 December 2021, the day of the event.”..obviously s/b 2012.

      1. Don…excellent to hear. Can you share anything re SH that you have discovered?
        It may be of some use to Jim, eh?

    1. With my knowledge of celestial navigation, I’ve been Date & time stamping on several old SH photos [many were corrected]. I’ve posted the results on other Truther Blogs years ago. Jim Fetzer is about the 5th truther blog I’ve been on since 2002.


      1. Repeating this as it wound up in the incorrect place:

        Don…excellent to hear. Can you share anything re SH that you have discovered?
        It may be of some use to Jim, eh?

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