Yoichi Shimatsu, Major media, NGOs and online fakers push a fake Ukraine narrative

By Yoichi Shimatsu

The third part of this Ukraine series examines the underlying issues, political, military and ethnic, involved in the long-simmering clash with Russia, an avoidable crisis that corrupt Ukrainian politicians rejected due to the siren song of serving as a NATO front-line state. The limited Russian operations in the easternmost Donetsk region and annexation of Crimea, as territorial concessions had the effect of lulling the Ukrainian population toward the larger unresolved issue of NATO membership.

Before delving into the geopolitical issues, some attention needs to be focused on the plight of uninformed Ukrainian civilians seeking refuge among their NATO neighbors. Packed trainloads of panicked mothers and children are venturing unprotected and without awareness of the far greater risks to their children in Eastern European havens of pedophile abduction rings, which earlier in the 1980s packed the whorehouses and basements of sadistic sexual predators during the Clinton-Blair assault on Yugoslavia. The main culprit enticing innocents to their doom are the self-serving NGOs, so-called charities complicit in every recent war, exploiting the Ukrainian crisis in order to embezzle millions of dollars and euros from gullible donors and in profiting from “foster homes”, the usual suspects International Rescue Committee (IRC), Save the Children, UNICEF and similar paragons of child abuse.

NATO Militarism at Fault

Instead of giving credence to propagandistic disinformation from the Western propaganda organs aka news organizations, the conflict should be put into a geopolitical context. The Kremlin is certainly not waging this war for the sadistic pleasure of watching the demolition of Kiev. Denunciations of Vladimir Putin only muddle one’s own ability to discern the strategic motivations of a Russia and Belarus confronted by a seriously flawed NATO militaristic strategy of Eastward Expansion. The Kremlin’s preemptive moves against a pro-NATO political establishment in Kiev has called the bluff, throwing Western European governments into policy chaos and exposing their strategic posturing as a empty promise. On grounds of national security, Moscow and Minsk had no realistic choice other than to nip Kiev’s bid for EU and NATO status in the bud

Contrary to hysterical fear-mongering from the West, the present Russian military campaign does not aimed at massacres or large-scale destruction but is based on tactics of narrowing the target in avoidance of  civilian casualties and harm to Ukrainian industry, agriculture and transport systems. Nearly all the targeted structures have been government buildings, command-and-control centers and other military facilities. The ratcheting up of pressure has been calibrated and aimed at a low number of casualties to lessen the toll in lives, with deaths still in the lower hundreds and certainly nowhere close to approaching the civilian death count in U.S. airstrikes in Iraq, Afghanistan or earlier in Vietnam. These estimates are not apologetic for Russia’s surgical tactics but simple comparison with the utterly reckless American martial conduct since and before before atomic bombs were dropped in World War II.  Instead of prescribing military “aid”, Doctor America, heal thyself!

The deliberately slow rate of Russian military advance on Ukraine’s relatively undefended civilian population centers indicates a Kremlin priority of convincing the Ukrainian military command and its officer corps to recognize that their national integrity depends on cooperation in a joint defense strategy with fellow Slavic-majority nations Belarus and Russia against EU subversion and NATO aggression. This gradual ramping up of political and military pressure explains the deliberately slow pace of Russian inroads into the Ukrainian interior and its capital Kiev.

The art of persuasion toward open-minded Ukrainian officers is reinforced by relentless air-strikes and artillery shelling against pro-NATO die-hards. The bombardment of Kharkiv, the northeastern base for waging warfare against pro-Russian nationalists in the breakaway Donetsk region, is being pummeled in a historic grudge match to be resolved by blood on the ground. Few combatants guilty of war crimes against the Russian-majority region will escape unscathed.

Pseudo-Jewish Khazar agenda

Another early target for the Russian assault is Odessa, starting with its now-fallen gateway Kerson, since these Black Sea ports are potential landing sites for NATO naval forces. Another key reason for focusing on Odessa is the long-standing Israeli attempt to dominate the homeland of the Khazar convert “Jews”, descendants of a barbaric demon-worshiping Turkic tribe, which has origins in western China and possesses no biological connections with the historical Jewish people in the Holy Land. The barbaric Khazars were ancestors of Odessa “Jewry” allied with Catholic Poland-Lithuania and Austro-Hungarian Empire. More recently NATO and Israel under Rothschild influencea have mentored the Khazarian Odessa. No country in the world would tolerate this sort of treason and betrayal by a minority group with a multiple-count record of betrayal of their Slavic neighbors.

The Chinese role in this Eastern European crisis is complex in bilateral relations shaped by many factors, including energy cooperation, increasing financial interdependence and an intense dislike of the Western superiority complex and consequent coercion and bullying. Despite their flaunted rhetoric, most NATO member-states are hardly models of democratic consensus, honest business practices and any approaching moral behavior. As a consequence, when Western banks froze the overseas funds of Russians regardless of whether that private individual or company backs the Ukraine affair, the super-wealthy Chinese banking system has come to the rescue of Russian depositors in need of conducting international financial transactions. The seizure of funds based on nationality stands in gross violation of global financial rules, therefore self-dooming the European monetary system’s role for international payments.

Another less mentioned reason for Chinese cooperation with Moscow is the suspicious death of the former Chinese ambassador to Ukraine soon after his transfer to Israel, as examined by this investigative journalist in ” https://rense.com/general96/ china-envoys-death-in-israel- mink-cov-leeching-clots-part- 24.php “. Israeli skulduggery is certainly a factor in illicit weapons transfers to Khazar nationalists in Ukraine, also shown in the withdrawal from petroleum partnerships of the Rothschild-owned Shell and BP in Russian oil fields.

Tel Aviv’s break with Moscow again shows the unethical dominance of Khazar usurpers over authentic Sephardic Jews who are native to the Holy Land. Khazar or Ashkenazi highhandedness in Israel’s political and defense affairs has been galling for real Jews, since the prewar years of the modern Khazarian “Exodus” from Poland. Clearly, Ukraine is not Israeli in any way, geographically or geopolitically, but remains a Slav-majority Christian nation of Eastern Europe with a minor Turkic minority. Israel should desist from further secret military intervention. For those interested in Khazarian barbarism in their China homeland, the remnants of demon worship is on display in the Nuo theater legacy from the Turkic Tang Dynasty era. Unsurprisingly, only a small minority of these descendants of pagans chose to adopt Christianity due to their preference for Judiac blood sacrifice of pastoral animals. History is often dark and ugly despite the cover-ups by scholarly multiculturalism

Treason verges into comedy with the proliferation of fake news reports from the online media’s pseudo-Jew Khazar subversives among the major Western news networks spewing war-mongering propaganda through Disney’s ABC, NBC, CBS, BBC and PBS. As stated by the honest Biblical prophet Isaiah to his morally fallen countrymen: “Woe to the sinful nation, the  people heavy with error, an evildoing seed, ruinous sons!”.

Needless to say, the deposed Ukraine president, Volodymyr Zelensky, is of Khazarian origin and, in the Catskills tradition, a pathos-oozing comedian much like Woody Allen and reminiscent of Chauncey Gardiner in “Being There”. For Zelensky to urge armed resistance by civilians to the overwhelming firepower of the Russian Army and its specialized forces including Spetznas snipers is foolhardy and ethically reprehensible, when the only option at this point is surrender to overwhelming force to prevent further destruction and unacceptable casualties.

From tragedy to the absurd

Suicidal civilian resistance is being deceptively promoted on social media, which is then picked up by an exploitative Western news media. Fictional scenes from war movies and online games are being presented as examples of courageous heroism. No distinction is being made by the news media between bombed military quarters and government complexes and unharmed civilian apartment blocks. The specific locations of combat on video are usually not correctly identified, if at all. Scenes of burnt-out “Russian” vehicles could just as well be Ukrainian equipment hit by Russian airstrikes. The numbers of military casualties and civilian deaths cannot be confirmed, and therefore not credible. To the contrary of screaming denunciations of Russian-inflicted atrocities, every claim upon closer examination seems to be either highly exaggerated or pure fiction made for television.

Let’s look, for instance, to that oft-broadcast scene of supposed “cluster bombs” over the parking lot of an apartment complex, shown on social media without a street address and repeatedly broadcast on mainstream media. The giveaway is that the “bomblets” spun wildly in a mid-air descent without inflicting any damage to the parked cars. Actual cluster munitions would have shattered windshields, burned through the sheet metal and plastic of vehicle bodies and set gas tanks afire. Real cluster bomblets are shot out of a descending canister in a volley, similar to pellets out of a shotgun. The fakes, however, were spinning along different trajectories, emitting smoke and sparks.

So what was this faked video really about? Chinese fireworks, with the leading candidate being the mini-version of the Ladybug Helicopter from Liuyang Champion Fireworks, along with variants of the spinning flyer from competing manufacturers. Here is publicity blurb from that city in Hunan Province. “Liuyang fireworks have been in the global market for more than 100 years, and they were sold to Hong Kong, Macao and the Southeast Asia in the Guangxu period of the Qing dynasty, and fireworks became an important brand and pillar industry of Liuyang.” There are many videos of these fiery spinners on YouTube.

Given my background as a journalism professor with expertise on countering propaganda, I suggest major Western media issue a retraction of the spurious claim of a Russian cluster bomb attack on a civilian target. It is up to the fireworks producers of Liuyang to sue ABC, CBS and rest in U.S. court for libel and slander of their fine product, which is sold to celebrate the Fourth of July and therefore a tribute to Francis Scott Key’s “by the rockets’ red glare and bombs bursting in air”.

Refugees without Luggage

So now, let’s look at those war victims packed to the doors Ukrainian trains carrying “refugees to safety and shelter in Western Europe.” Question: Why are all passengers children and women? Many of those fleeing peace-loving “victims” (that politically correct word of liberals to cover over harsh social reality they created) may not be fleeing to NATO havens, not when so few are carrying suitcases, large backpacks, bundled babushkas, containers of water and baskets of travel food. Presumably their route is not lined by McDonalds, Wendy’s or Domino’s Pizza shops. These poor downtrodden masses of women and children are nearly all unfamiliar with English, French, German or nonnative tongue other than Russian. Why would the parents risk abduction of their vulnerable children in NATO-region Eastern Europe crawling with pedophiles and child-porn producers?

Geography 101 shows Ukraine to be as large as Germany, having more territory than France or Spain. It relatively flat land mass is 3,550 square kilometers (233,030 sq miles). Its population of 40 million is subdivided into 30 million urban dwellers and 13 million rural residents, a ratio of 2.3. This shift fpr a once agrarian society transpired after the Russian Revolution due to civil war and collectivization . However most families, especially from western Ukraine still have living roots in the countryside, making it difficult and easily deceptive to determine how many women and children evading the three-pronged Russian offensive are seeking shelter with relatives or friends living in rural towns and villages at long distance from the hostilities. This information can be gleaned by journalists, as opposed to media propagandists, outside of  western-region train stations by asking bus drivers, taxis and relatives waiting for their kin.  Real journalism is based in nitty-gritty conversations and nuggets of information in the field and not tip sheets from the CIA or NATO spies.

 A Silent Majority

The majority of Orthodox Ukrainians, who do not see eye-to-eye with their Catholic and Jewish overlords, have yet to be heard from. Something similar is happening in the American “news” media with the disenfranchisement of white Protestants. As an Asia-based journalist, I am certainly do not have on-the-ground experience and expertise on Eastern Europe, but can cite how asking locals the right questions without preconceived or programmed bias begins to assemble an accurate picture in a theater of war. By avoiding bias, I gained a reputation at the incipient phase of Afghan war for fairness in coverage as the only non-Muslim reporter in a foreign press pool that swelled to 2,500 reporters to oppose George W. Bush’s approaching bombing campaign and invasion of Afghanistan.

Based on hundreds of conversations with ordinary Afghans and Pakistanis, and even exiled Chechen fighters, it became clear that Western occupation was untenable and that the U.S. intervention would ultimately fail. That very early assessment before the October bombing campaign that began on October 7, 2001 proved to be correct with the American pullout on  August 26, 2021, after nearly 20 years and more than 2,400 Americans killed in combat and 176,000 Afghan dead.

A fact-based methodology in news reporting stands vindicated after the Biden White House pulled out of Kabul with its tail between its legs without any attempt at apology to Afghans, Pakistanis, U.S. allied forces and the American public. A divided NATO and EU, in business with Moscow and shedding crocodile tears over the fate of Ukrainians, does not deserve one penny in military aid or a single life of an American soldier.

It is not enough to disengage from U.S. covert operations in Ukraine when a long-overdue American withdrawal from the North Atlantic Treaty Alliance should now begin. In truth, European elites have self-serving agendas whereas the USA is still in values and character a grassroots-based republic. If Europe is divided between West and East, that has always been the case, and there is nothing that the outside world can do to change European attitudes, political limits and lifestyles. The rising military challenge for Americans is along the four border states and the Gulf Coast, confronted by multiple challenges and demographic expansionism from an increasingly hostile Latin America.

Even the slightest amounts of foreign aid, manpower assignments and financial expenditures for Europe are not only a complete waste of taxes and national resources, meddling overseas is in violation of the letter and spirit of George Washington’ farewell address: “It is our true policy to steer clear of permanent alliance with any portion of the foreign world.”

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  3. I thought it was a good read. I figured if any atrocities were being carried out, it was an attempt to frame the Roo-skis as evil and to galvanize the well orchestrated demonizing of Russia into a unified hatred.

  4. How preposterous is it that we have to hear from an Asian reporter to get the truth of Ukraine and expose the cosmic hypocrisy of the US, INC. Rhetorical. Has one American reporter from the MSM or one american politician attempted to tell us the truth? None of which I know….how about you? Since Israel’s involvement here is obvious to anyone who takes a second look, never expect any of that to change.

    I have a small issue with the pathos of Zelenzky compared to the pathos of the fictional character Chauncey Gardiner as much as I have the greatest of respect for Sellers role in Being There. Zelensky is well aware of his pathos and uses it to his advantage. It may be that’s why he was chosen for this role. Chauncey absolutely brilliantly played by Peter Sellers (arguably his finest role…Jim may disagree) has no awareness whatsoever. He’s totally innocent and a victim of having worked for one man all his life and never having left that fold. Do not miss that movie. It could be interesting to compare Biden to Chauncey. It works to the degree that Chauncey is basically an imbecile thrust into a position of possible power simply because he was “there”…thus the title. But Biden has been in politics for a half century and no longer has any idea what he is doing…which is likely a result of dementia or some form of MK Ultra since the evidence is preponderant that he’s a doppelganger.

    1. A doppelganger would be identical. The many playing Joe Biden is far from identical to Joe Biden, Senator from Delaware.
      The man with blacked eyes, no earlobes, narrow jaw and skull, is an imposter who has appeared as as “Joe Biden” since the the debates with Trump during the last election. The real Joe Biden has a wider jaw and skull, a big toothy smile, blue eyes, and earlobes. Those things don’t change. Just look at photos of the two side by side if you have not done so and you will quickly realize they are two different people. Also, the original Joe tied his tie with a double Windsor knot, the imposter uses a single Windsor. The man playing Joe Biden is an actor, not a politician with 50 years experience. He simply is an actor who wears an earpiece and is told what to say by his handlers. For example, on inauguration day, as he was entering the White House he was told the salute the marines, and being a very ignorant or poor actor, rather than follow the instruction he was given, he said the same line out loud, as he assumed he was being told to say the line, he did not understand that was being instructed to return a salute.

      1. Simon….I guess I could add that in the common usage of the term doppelganger, look-alike is a fair synonym….but I won’t…it’s not that important.

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