Could Juan O Savin be a highly sophisticated black hat psy-op? How about Dave at the X22 Report?  


[Editor’s note: Published at the suggestion of Joachim Hagopian, who thinks Max has said it even better than he has himself.]

A person called “Juan O Savin” has become the de facto ultimate information source for the alternative media when it comes to the goings on with respect to the “white hats” and the exiled Trump Administration which is supposed to still be in control of the U.S. military…at least the Cheyenne Mountain nuclear forces control site, the twelve top combat commanders, and the base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Whoever Juan is, he seems to be quite an impressive guy…he constantly regals us with his inside conversations with Trump intimates at Mar-a-Lago, his amazing stories about his super wealthy friends, his really expensive cars from which he is interviewed while driving to consummate big deals and see super important people, and of course his knowledge of exactly what is going on in the global war for control of humanity that is now being waged full scale. As an international man of mystery, we (the public) have only seen Juan’s face one time when he gave a speech at a patriot conference in Texas, otherwise we are only allowed to look at his very nice cowboy boots while giving static (non-driving) interviews from a grand hotel suite somewhere very special.

Juan is supposed to be firmly on the side of We The People and God in the titanic battle between the forces of good led by Trump and the Patriots (of X22 Report fame), aka the “white hats,” and the forces of evil led by the globalists (Klaus Schwab, George Soros, Bill Gates, the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds, etc.), the Democrats, the ubiquitous Deep State, the Khazarian Mafia, the Vatican, the UN, WHO, and various other global bad actors all of whom want to enslave those of We The People that they do not kill (see “The Great Reset”), aka the “black hats.” Juan tells us that these forces of good and evil are locked in a 5D chess match being played by grand masters on both sides for whom losing is a real death sentence…Casino Royale with guns.

Juan tells us that although the evil side is waging an all out kinetic war with millions and possibly billions of us We The People being killed or maimed from manufactured pathogens, gruesome vaccines, and/or starvation, all while our country, our society, and our way of life are being utterly destroyed…that We The People must remain calm and detached from it all while the war plays out as waged by the white and black hats…that the most that We The People can do is pray for God to intervene on our and the white hats’ behalf. Juan tells us that if we dare to take any kinetic action on behalf of our own interests in this war that we would somehow be playing right into the hands of the black hats and that we must put our complete trust and faith in the hands of the white hats who will not actually win this war until they (the white hats) are sure that at least 80% of We The People are with them. Juan tells us that if the white hats are not assured that 80% of We The People get with “the plan,” that the white hats will not even try to win the war but will simply engage in holding actions against the black hats until We The People get in line. Apparently Juan is telling us that if We The People do not get sufficiently in line according to their metrics, that any failure of the white hats’ plan will be our fault, not theirs…that’s convenient.

Juan tells us that if We The People dare ask what the hell is going on and when will this death and destruction stop, we are told we must endure the death and destruction being set upon us by the black hats as part of “the plan” to save the country and the world. Juan tells us to stop acting like petulant little children and sit down and shut up and eat our vegetables if we want dessert (the return of control of our country to We The People). Juan tells us that We The People are ungrateful snits who have no idea how hard it is for the white hats who are battling for us to save us and the world from the forces of evil. Juan tells us that we must pray to God for divine intervention on the side of the white hats because the white hats probably won’t win unless God intervenes with a supernatural act to cause the ultimate victory as envisioned in “the plan.” So now if “the plan” fails it will not be the fault of the white hats but the fault of We The People for not sufficiently supporting “the plan” and the fault of God for not intervening supernaturally on behalf of the white hats’ execution of “the plan”…that’s really convenient.

Juan tells us that the white hats have made some great moves in the chess game and that although the black hats have made effective counter moves, that there are very few moves left in this ultimate chess game on which our lives at this point hinge…and most of the winning moves are on the white hat side. Juan tells us that the white hats’ winning moves to this point have been primarily in terms of the exposure of how evil the black hats are in grand jury testimony and in general exposure in the alternative media, even though this exposure seems to have had zero impact on the black hats’ execution of their plan, aka “The Great Reset.”

I think the two boldface inserts below are from Jim Stone:

Let me expand on this…so far the black hats have done the following:

  1. They have subjected us to a fake pandemic which has allowed them to totally destroy the human rights as citizens of “free” countries across the globe to freedom of movement, freedom of speech, freedom of employment, freedom of association, freedom of religion, freedom of just about everything that are supposed to be our God given rights;
  2. They have demanded and coerced billions of us to take an experimental group of drugs to ostensibly fight their fake pandemic, which drugs are not only completely unsafe and ineffective, but are in many cases either permanently disabling and/or deadly;
  3. In their quest to reduce the population of the planet to 500 million people from the approximately 7 billion that live today, they are now augmenting their deadly vaccine program with something called Holodomor which is the genocide of a population by starvation…accomplishing this RIGHT NOW by breaking down the global food chain and producing shortages of basic foodstuffs in formerly abundant world markets;
  4. They have caused a European hot war that is disrupting energy, food, and trade relationships across the world and may ultimately lead to a global nuclear war which could cost the lives of billions of people and the destruction of societies across the globe;
  5. Through subversion of electoral systems, they have overthrown the government of the United States and essentially taken over and subverted the government of not only of the United States but of all of our allies including all of those of Western Europe, the UK, Canada, and Australia and placed them under their fascist style control along with all of the instrumentalities of those governments;
  6. They have subverted and now control virtually all of the major global corporations who provide for our food, shelter, energy, transportation, and information and are now using that corporate control to control every aspect of the day to day lives of the world population directly and to depopulate the world through starvation;
  7. They have destroyed the power of our military through death jabs, wokeness, and traitorous mismanagement;
  8. They have turned our federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies against the citizens of the country, declaring patriots as domestic terrorists and aiding and abetting the globalist enemies of our country;
  9. They have allowed our country to be invaded by millions of aliens and are increasing their efforts to aid and abet this invasion so as to destroy the fabric of our society;
  10. They are engaging in massive human trafficking and drug trafficking in cahoots with international criminal cartels to cause death and chaos; 11. They are systematically destroying the value of our earnings and savings by debasing our currencies and thereby causing massive inflation that is rapidly thrusting hundreds of millions of middle class families into third world poverty and privation; and,
  11. Among many other monstrous acts, they are systematically destroying the underlying cores of western civilization, the nuclear family of one man, one woman, and children born of that adult couple, and the judeo-christian moral ethic.

That’s all that the black hats have done and are continuing to do without any evidence of resistance except for what Juan is telling us the white hats are doing which is exposing the black hats’ evil actions enumerated above before some grand juries and in the alternative media. Doesn’t sound like the white hats are anywhere close to winning the chess game or even being in the game at all, but Juan is telling us that we have the black hats on the ropes and there are only a few more moves before the black hats are in checkmate.

I don’t know about you, but to me it almost seems like Juan is an extremely sophisticated black hat psy-op. Juan’s purpose seems to be intended to keep you and me, We The People, who happen to have the means to defend ourselves at the ready to take action against these megalomaniacal psychopaths who are literally killing us every day, sitting on the sidelines doing nothing in our own interest while we and our country are destroyed. Juan keeps saying that the United States must have a “near death experience” and suffer through an era reminiscent of the Great Depression of the 1930’s AT THE HANDS OF THE BLACK HATS in order to emerge in a condition that restores the country to its former state of greatness. Really? Why is that?

It seems that everyone knows the names and addresses of the people who are the “black hats” and that everyone knows exactly how the black hats are waging war against We The People…we know how they have planned for this moment, we know their strengths and weaknesses, we know their short, medium, and long term war plans, we understand their logistics, and we understand their goals and how they specifically plan to achieve them. We apparently know everything there is to know about these people in order to defeat them NOW. Yet we are told by Juan that we must sit back and allow these evil people to succeed in all their plans…to bring us and our country to a true “near death experience” and then, if the conditions are right and God helps, the white hats will all of a sudden defeat the black hats and we will all live happily ever after. That sounds like a modern CIA written fairy tale to me, one that Juan O Savin is telling masterfully to a largely unsuspecting audience desperate for hope that they and their country might be saved by the remnants of patriots still left in our government working within the “system.” Do you really believe this story?

Let’s be honest, these people that we collectively call the “black hats” are clearly decisively winning this war for humanity. There is no evidence that any remaining societal or governmental institution in the United States, Canada, Western Europe, India, and or Australia, alone or in concert, is capable of defeating the new world order/world government/globalist alliance in their quest to institute the Great Reset that will utterly crush western civilization and reduce great nations like the United States of America to techno-fascist-feudal dystopian tyrannies. Whatever power Trump and his people thought they could wield to stop all of this from happening after he recklessly and inexplicably surrendered control to the black hats after the clearly stolen 2020 election, has clearly dissipated. There is no one coming to save us now and “Trump and the patriots” are NOT in complete control, not even close to being in any kind of control as Dave Nazipsode of the X22 Report breathlessly asserts in just about every one of his podcasts.

Stu Cvrk of the RedState website informs us of the Bolsheviks “Operation Trust” in the 1920s that sounds a lot like the “Q plan” as follows:

“Operation Trust” was a Bolshevik counterintelligence operation run from 1921 to 1926 aimed at neutralizing opposition [to the Soviet communists] by creating the false impression that a powerful group of military leaders had organized to stop the communists’ takeover.

Sound familiar? Could Juan and Dave and the other “hopium” purveyor’s be black hat collaborators getting us to lay down our arms at the very time when we should be picking them up and saving our own skins and that of our country? All I know is that nothing that these people are saying now adds up. Everything that we see around us makes it obvious that we are totally, completely, and utterly screwed, and yet we are told by these people who claim to be on our side that this is good…this is the way that it has to be in order for it to get better…but they never explain how this is going to work out, and when you ask them how and when it’s going to work out they get mad at you for being petulant and unappreciative. Who would tell us such a thing and why? Who would act like this when challenged?

Do all near death experiences end in life? Most of them end in death. Anyone who would tell you that you must nearly die in order to live must be held in the highest state of distrust. It is probably long past the time that we have to stop listening to these people who claim to have our best interests at heart and take matters into our own hands, whatever that could mean.


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35 thoughts on “Could Juan O Savin be a highly sophisticated black hat psy-op? How about Dave at the X22 Report?  ”

  1. Just a quick inquiry to all here…IF for some reason, Trump was not to run in 2024 (assuming we make it that far), who would you like to see as the Republican candidate?

      1. Thanks, Jim….would you check a recent email for a post I tried to get up…please.

    1. Bless those truckers. The right thing would be for all of us to join them. I truly believe that is all that has a chance of bringing back this country. It’s also what they fear the most.

    2. Max doesn’t seem to have consulted Ms Kerry Cassidy about Mr Juan O (?) Savin, because she objects to Max creating the impression Mr Savin hasn’t spoken live in Las Vegas. However, Ms Cassidy – like Mrs Kimberly Ann Goguen and Mr Leo Lyon Zagami – often present histories for which their own physical bodies did not yet exist. Ms Cassidy is convinced that the “download” presented by an American woman who I believe changed her name is true. Ms Cassidy, if I understand correctly, now ascertains Mr Savin awaits the 2nd Coming. I don’t have the impression Ms Cassidy knows Rudolf Steiner might differ in regard to the 2nd Coming, as Steiner specifies this requires spiritual organs of perception for what he calls etheric. Presumably Ms Cassidy presumes Mr Savin expects the PHYSICAL reappearance of Jesus Christ, which is the usual interpretation of the Biblical “clouds” and even the Theosophic Alice Bailey “telepathic message” from her Tibetan Master.

      1. Peter, what has this to do with the truckers in LA? You might at least consider placing your over-intellectualized and esoteric comments in the correct place.

  2. Dave, while Juan, Dave and the like (include RFB) are obviously controlled opposition, doing what you are doing….enjoying your life, playing your music….is likely he best move presently. Until enough of the masses wake up and decide they have had enough (very unlikely), you may as well enjoy what freedoms you have left. I see that as a logical and fair approach; whereas allowing oneself to be used as controlled opposition is simply pure evil.


    I cannot believe I got back on. Someone hacked my Ebay account and I had to redo everything. I was lucky to find my password to this blog, OTHERWISE, THERE IS NO WAY TO REGISTER FOR A NEW ACCOUNT. I hope you read this, Jim (I sent several emails)….no one can register for a new account. It just does not go through. I have sent many folks to this blog and now I know why I never see them. It’s very hard to understand why this is, but I know from what Mona said several days ago, it’s not just me.

    Anyway, that all aside, here’s a video that supports if you are sending your child to a public school, you are using VERY bad judgment. Until these CRT idiots (must be related to covidiots) are out of the system (they have found many ways around new anti-CRT “laws”), teach your child at home. Please listen to this expose’:

    1. Jim, I really would appreciate a response as to why your registration process does not seem to function.
      ..As I said, even Mona Pressley had the same problem.

      “If you are not getting any new subscribers it is because your site is not letting new subscribers on. I am not able to sign into my old account or create a new one. So, to answer that person’s question,”

      1. Jim, You might at least respond out of respect to those who have been loyal to this blog for years AND who have promoted this blog countless times. I KNOW you are busy. We all are. Thank you.

      2. Will, This weekend is crucial to my WRIT to the Supreme Court. What have I missed? I reached out to my webmaster about the problem registering and he thinks he has fixed it. What else am I missing?

      3. Jim, I understand and will not pursue further any issue that involves your time. BUT, the registration issue has not been corrected. I just tried to register under a variation of my username and a different email (Will 2) just to test it….and I received no notification. Just for your info…maybe it’s something your webmaster can handle.

      4. This is Toni. I registered as Register Test to see if I could log on and comment as a new subscriber. I’m having no problems.

      5. Well, Toni….I am…and so was Mona….maybe she can now, I have no idea….I am just attempting to make sure new subs can register.

      6. I’ll say a bit more and leave it at that. When I try to register, it says a notice will be sent to whatever email address I have entered. I have never received a notice under any email. It could be something peculiar to my Linux OS or the Brave browser. I just have no idea.

      7. Webmaster checked and it’s not working. Suspects it’s because we reached our free limit and may need to secure Mail Chimp. Thanks for keeping after me about this. Need to get this fixed!

      8. Jim, if you’ve reached your limit, why was I able to register a new profile, log in and comment this morning?

        I did the Register Test for your webmaster. Please tell him it went ok for me today.

      9. Toni…Apologies for the interruption twixt you and Fetz, but I think you have a valid point. If a limit was reached, you would not have been able to register. As we all know here, I am low tech, but it could have more to do with whatever browser we are using or the settings. Might be a good idea to ask Mona what she uses. I’ve been having this problem for quite a while, so if a limit had been reached, it would have been reached a while back. Since I changed my email AND placed my new email in the notification place, I have yet to receive any notifications of new articles. I just tried again to register under a different name and email and it did not go through. Could it be this system does not support ProtonMail or Mailfence?
        I just hope it’s fixed soon, as we may be losing some folks who could be “waking up”.

  4. The voice of “Dave” from X22 drips with deception. He never fooled me. Another Jewish grifter. Q is Israeli intelligence. A psy-op created to keep patriots inoperative while Operation Warp Speed (“The Storm”) & The Great Reset were being implemented. Trump = another compromised elite pedophile like Joe Biden. DJT flew on Epstein’s Lolita Express 7 times, never denied it. There was no plan, no indictments, no arrests. But the deception isn’t over, it’ll come back even stronger in 2023/24 when Deep Snake crisis actor Donald Trump runs for president again. #WWG1WGNowhere

    1. Dear Mr Ewing,

      You seem to share information on which VT Senior Editor Gordon Duff asserts his judgment, whereas psychic Sloan Bella has her own atavistic clairvoyant perception.

      What about Mrs Kimberly Ann Goguen, who says Trump died of cancer over a year ago and has been replaced with some kind of double?

      1. Since he’s a classic Gemini, there have always been two Donald Trumps anyway: Faux Patriot and Craven Conman.

    2. Dear Jack,
      Do you know and would you please state what were the seven destinations of the private jets Epstein hired or owned on which you say Trump flew as passenger?
      To which airports did Trump fly with Epstein, whom I presume was also aboard as passenger, correct? It would be helful if you presented the dates of each flight, too.
      Thank you.

    3. Jack_Ewing,

      I thought Trump went to Epstein Island one time and he barred Epstein from his country club (Mara Lago, I suppose).

      By the way, I lean 95% Trump is deep state, but allow that he may not be.

  5. It took me a while to read all the failed comments, but I really enjoyed this post poppy playtime. It proved to be very helpful for me and I am sure to everyone who comments here! It’s great that you’re not only informed but entertained!

  6. The sky is falling ! Once said a little chicken in a story I’ve heard so long ago. But I’m not buying it. My wife and I took matters in our hand two years ago and sold our 1/4 million dollar home in northern Virginia and I walk away from a mid-level GS position at a federal agency in Washington D.C. and she did the same at a state government agency and we sold mostly everything we owned and brought an RV and is now traveling around the country with two young children and non-stop smiles.
    Life is very short my friends and last October my older sister who was 55 years old died suddenly. She told no one she had cancer and lived life to the fullest up to her last day on this earth. I say all of this because we have no idea when this country will end, but dying with freedom and honor out weigh the opposite.

    Here is the 59 pages federal judge decision on that stupid public travel mask mandate . Very interesting read and thoughts on etymology in the American language and how our education system has been dumbed down for many years to facilitate this scamdemic.

  7. This is indeed one way of looking at ‘it’ – at what is going on, in our Time. And I have wondered as much, more than once, especially as the correction of the stolen election has been taking so long. But there is another way, of looking at ALL of it. And that is that an Alliance, particularly of military patriots and with advanced technology, are letting the citizenry have as much Opportunity as possible, out of this Crisis, for as many incarnate souls to get as many credits as they can muster, in this grand Morality Play of Life, and via this Graduation Exercise thereof. Before a New Order of Things kicks in. And not of the kind that the Dark side is expecting, in this Play.

    But then, I’m an optimist. But based on the premise, from deep observation, that Life has Purpose. And that purpose is Good. Now, we ‘spiritual beings having a human experience’ can, indeed, blow it. As it would appear, from such as glass shards in the desert sands of the Middle East, when it was turned to such under an application of immense heat, that we have in the past. But if Life is about anything, it is about learning from it. So, I would think that we are well ready for Graduation, to our next level of consciousness, this time around. Call it moving out of the shadow of a Kali Yuga, if you will. Which, regardless of one’s ‘religious’ beliefs, is not a bad way of looking at things. In the way of a Harvesting, of souls.

  8. Who is friend and who is foe? You never really know. I think the thing called normalcy bias is a MO-FO. As the world seems to be falling on it’s ass, people are out playing golf and going fishing without a seeming care in the world. I have to agree a bit that guys like Dave and Juan stay on message without wavering. With Dave you could just change the date and reuse his schtick from two weeks ago or two years ago. Juan ain’t much different. They both feed the normalcy bias and our desire to feel all is well like the proverbial Nero playing the fiddle as walls came tumbling down. It matters not that the violin had yet to be invented, the image this paints in the mind’s eye is heavy duty. Perhaps everyone you see on the web is there to lull us straight into a FEMA camp without a shot being fired.

    When you look at the arc of Alex Jones you could say the same thing. If he doesn’t attack our perceived foes or is soft on the Zionists and whatever, he’s immediately labeled controlled opposition. Perhaps or perhaps not. I personally think he really was Bill Hicks and became one of his characters, the rage and rant against the machine psycho he becomes every 10 minutes like an alarm clock going off again on snooze mode.

    There are small victories here and there and I can’t wait to see 2,000 Mules. I think this will bore a sizable hole in the dam holding back election reality from reaching the average slack jawed schlep on the street. By the way, I’m packing up a six pack and my guitar and going skiing today as Rome burns to ashes. It’s gorgeous and all seems right with the World



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