Conrad Black, The Swamp Must Be Drained

Conrad Black

The Democrats are increasingly desperate as the return of Donald Trump becomes more likely each week.

They are muddling the sequence of events that got us to the present impasse: Trump ran against the corrupt back-scratching, log-rolling society of the OBushintons—the Clinton pay-to-play schemes, the Biden sales of influence and access, the semi-disguised socialist racism elitism of the Obamas, and the flabby sameness and ineffectuality of the Bush–McCain–Romney–McConnell–Ryan Republicans. Trump sensed the people were dissatisfied with the bipartisan Swamp, and he ran as strenuously against the Bushes and McCain and Romney in 2016 as he did against the Clintons and Obamas.

The anti-Trumpers of both parties, in the most legally questionable presidential election in U.S. history, eased Trump out in 2020 with the aid of 4.8 million harvested ballots, 95 percent of the national political media, and 70 percent of the campaign money, to bring in (unintentionally, one assumes, although there was plenty of warning) the most incompetent regime in the country’s history.

In 2020, the Washington establishment demonstrated the accuracy of Trump’s claims of how corrupt and unscrupulous it was, and Biden has demonstrated that it’s even more incompetent at government than Trump alleged.

The Swamp must be drained, and distasteful though he might be in some ways, probably no one less formidable in his egocentricity and demagogic talents than Trump could drain the Swamp. The Republicans between Reagan and Trump were all inducted into it themselves, and the Republican “Never-Trumpers” are as fierce in their animosity toward the former president as toward the Democrats, and as the Democrats are toward Trump. Only Trump can finish the job.

This is why the latest anti-Trump wheeze is to send Biden and Trump out to pasture together, as if it were an even trade: The Democrats get rid of their two biggest problems, and the Republicans return to being doormats, awarded the White House and the speaker’s chair at times as long as they don’t interrupt the majestic slide into the Democratic socialist paradise (with a permanent free tax-lunch for their rich friends in Wall Street, Silicon Valley, and Hollywood).

Biden is irrelevant and Trump has the stamina of a 40-year-old; the call for joint retirement is bunk on all counts.

Pennsylvania illustrates the political polarization of the country and also provides the solution. The Democrats will nominate a Sandersite leftist for U.S. senator and the Republicans will almost certainly win with a Trumpite—a description that fits all four of their front-runners, and all four are more or less carpetbaggers. The Republican nominee will be another senator whose loyalty is to Trump, if he returns as president, and not to Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell.

The walls are closing in on the Democrats, to use one of their favorite, completely dishonest phrases about Trump when they were trying to sell the gigantic fraud that he had colluded with the Russians in the 2016 election.

The Democrats hid their innocuous candidate in 2020 in his basement on grounds of COVID-19, while using the same justification for drastic changes in key states of voting and vote-counting rules, changes that were often effected illegally, and the judiciary abdicated and refused to judge any of the serious complaints on their merits. It was the most dangerously illegal assault on the integrity of the election process and on the constitutional balance of powers in the country’s history.

The problem is not that both 2020 candidates are now too elderly. The problem is that 2020 and the run-up to it demonstrated that the Swamp is as venal and self-interested and corrupt as Trump said in 2016, and they are back. If we go back to business as usual—a stronger Democrat than Biden and a compliant consensus Republican—the rot of 2016 accelerates.

When the congressional Republicans, though most of them weren’t really supporters of his, appreciated his program, and between the Republican majority in Congress in the first two years and the prerogatives of executive action, Trump got much of his program through, despite unprecedented harassment. The authors of the perfidious fraud of the 2020 election were rescued by Trump’s inept response and the abdication of the judiciary.

Trump inadvertently collaborated with his enemies by bungling the daily COVID-19 briefings, bungling the first debate by his belligerency, and warning about ballot harvesting but not challenging it legally from the outset, comprehensively, and only sending poor Rudy Giuliani out on a trick or treat show when the battle was over.

These were the circumstances that caused Trump to call 250,000 of his supporters to the Ellipse adjacent to the White House on Jan. 6, 2021. He enumerated his grievances against the electoral process and the courts’ failure to try the important cases, and having unsuccessfully urged the mayor of Washington and the speaker of the House of Representatives to provide enhanced security for the Capitol on that day, he urged the crowd to demonstrate at the Capitol but to do so “peacefully and patriotically.” This provoked the second asinine stab at impeachment, now ostensibly to remove Trump from an office that he had already vacated.

Trump thus provoked in four years a 100 percent increase in the number of presidential impeachments that had occurred in the previous 228 years of its history—the march of the criminalization of policy differences. (None of the four was justified.)

The House of Representatives committee to investigate Jan. 6, stuffed with pathological Trump-haters of both parties and from which Nancy Pelosi barred a couple of Trump’s more prominent defenders, will excavate a new low in malicious partisanship and will televise its hearings in June. No one believes them and no one cares; Jan. 6 isn’t the point and wasn’t an insurrection.

There were many months of arrests and interrogations in which it must be assumed that prosecutors resorted extensively to their widespread practice of grossly abusing the plea-bargain rules to suborn and extort perjured inculpatory evidence against their real target, Trump and his organization, with promises of minimal sentences and immunity from prosecution for perjury. This has not turned up anything, and the last thing Trump wanted was anything that could be imputed to him as an attack on constitutional government. That charge is a bit rich coming from this gang of Democrats.

The Democrats have tried to distract the country with the abortion question, but it isn’t working any more than the country believes that Russian leader Vladimir Putin and the oil companies are responsible for the highest gasoline price in American history. Their latest gambit is to try to whip up hysteria one more time on COVID-19, but that won’t fly either. The only person who had anything right about COVID-19 was Trump with his imaginative and determined pursuit of a vaccine.

The Trump-haters of both parties who rattled the windows of Washington when they heaved a sigh of relief at Trump’s departure are only now emerging from denial that he’s about to run over them with a steamroller much larger and more fueled by righteousness than the one they drove over him.

Woke, 1619 revisionism, racist disinformation, and violent protest: All have to be torn up, root and branch. But if Trump does return, he must give less ammunition to his enemies. American history and public policy are not all about him, and the presidency of the United States is such a great office it requires its occupants to behave with a higher level of civility and dignity than Donald Trump often did when he was president.

He will return to that office and do better in it if he’s less needlessly abrasive and self-obsessed.

The country can start again in 2028 with new leaders, a fully house-trained post-Trump Republican Party, and a rebuilt Democratic Party over the Ozymandian wreckage of Biden–Sanders–Harris–Schumer–Pelosi.

Views expressed in this article are the opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of The Epoch Times.

Conrad Black
Conrad Black has been one of Canada’s most prominent financiers for 40 years and was one of the leading newspaper publishers in the world. He’s the author of authoritative biographies of Franklin D. Roosevelt and Richard Nixon, and, most recently, “Donald J. Trump: A President Like No Other,” which has been republished in updated form. Please follow Conrad Black with Bill Bennett and Victor Davis Hanson on their podcast Scholars and Sense.
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20 thoughts on “Conrad Black, The Swamp Must Be Drained”

  1. Jack_Ewing, I quite agree. Trump is Controlled Opposition, bribed, blackmailed, and bought off. (Except not necessarily working for Israel as working for the Rothschilds/New World Order cabal that owns Israel.) I strongly, strongly urge all patriots not to support Trump in any way, shape, or form, now or ever. He’s only good for throwing fights to the chosen winners, in other words, stooges for the New World Order, like Biden, etc. He’s a good wrestling villain (he lays down well) and nation-divider, that’s all. A leadership vacuum not occupied by him would draw forth actual leaders like, yes, DeSantis or Rand Paul or possibly Robert Kennedy, Jr. They would be much better candidates, raising the intelligence of the electorate and mobilizing them with common sense, rather than stupefying them with macho crudity and empty slogans like Trumpty Dumpty.

  2. On today’s Raw Deal, Jim presents an incredible summary and reading of his case on the SCOTUS docket. …not to be missed to clear up any questions one may have. As I listened, I started to feel that if a classic case was presented which would be very difficult for them to pass by, this would be the one. It’s a remarkable document. God speed, Jim….seems we’ll know something by the 21st of June.

    1. Here’s the timeline: Response must be received by 21 June as well as any amicus briefs in support or opposition. Then the docs are turned over to the Court’s 40 law clerks, who evaluate them and summarize for the Justices. If 4 or more want to hear the case, a writ is issued. The time from 21 June would probably be between 30-60 days. The Court hears 80 of some 10,000 petitions submitted each year. But I believe this case will resonate with them. During a conversation with a retired professor of law this morning, he observed the major source of corruption in the American judicial system is the abuse of summary judgment. This might be the very case to set things right!

      1. Would you know of any amicus briefs in favor or opposition coming forward?

  3. Quoted from above: “Trump inadvertently collaborated with his enemies by bungling the daily COVID-19 briefings, bungling the first debate by his belligerency, and warning about ballot harvesting but not challenging it legally from the outset, comprehensively, and only sending poor Rudy Giuliani out on a trick or treat show when the battle was over.” Quite accurate except for the word “inadvertently.” Trump has always been in the pockets of the New World Order plutocrats the Rothschilds, who bailed out his failed casino. He drained no swamp, indeed, with his divisiveness and inaction, helped tilt our ship of state into the swamp. He is controlled opposition who dances to NWO tune, giving us the illusion of choice. Until we print our own money, the plutocrats will continue to use it to bribe and blackmail our “leaders” including Trump and his Trumpettes. Wake up, America! Our salvation is up to us, not the well-paid stooges of the New World Order in both parties.

    1. JFT, I’ve rolled this over in my thick skull a hundred times. Unfortunately, we are stuck in the lesser of two evils paradigm. …very likely planned that way since the US became a corporation.
      Trump is not perfect, but that flack he gets now and during the four years of his presidency is not part of some script. They “ain’t” that good. We sure as hell do not want another Dem in there and nobody has the machine Trump has built on the red side.

  4. A good commentary, but how could Black get it so wrong about the ‘vaccine’ (actually: genetic modifier/bioweapon)? Best to leave that accolade out, Conrad. Yes, people are brainwashed about the efficacy of vaccines, and so forth. But that business is part of the scam, as the NWO-WEF crowd attempt to herd us into their totalitarian Great Reset. And as for the injections: At least Trump drew attention to hydroxychloroquine, and then monoclonal antibody treatment. At some point, The People have to think for themselves. That’s part of the purpose of the whole Exercise.

  5. So I don’t know what to make of this essay but D.C. is not a swamp but a cesspool. And then there is this statement. “ Woke, 1619 revisionism, racist disinformation, and violent protest: All have to be torn up, root and branch. But if Trump does return, he must give less ammunition to his enemies. American history and public policy are not all about him, and the presidency of the United States is such a great office it requires its occupants to behave with a higher level of civility and dignity than Donald Trump often did when he was president.“
    And what last President in the past 10 years have behave with civility and dignity ? Donal J Trump was just the Eurocentric MI6/CIA twin of his predecessor the Indonesian trust fund baby. Just read his first book ‘ The Art of the Deal’ and you’ll know how self obsessed he really is.

  6. Could this be a start?

    BIG ARIZONA FRAUD UPDATE: Law Enforcement Raids Nonprofits In ‘2000 Mules’ Ballot Trafficking Investigation – “Like Tweety Birds, They Sang”

    And this:

    EXCLUSIVE: Man Who Discovered Ballot Trafficking Operation In Yuma County Handed Evidence To Attorney General Brnovich BEFORE 2020 General Election: “They Could Have Stopped This.” (AUDIO)

  7. If you believe Dark Outpost, Trump has been eliminated and replaced. Not saying I buy it or not. Just that nothing is off the table as far as I’m concerned. There is high strangeness everywhere. We know Jo’Bama got replaced; McCartney and others. If you look at these people like a product name instead of an actual person, it makes sense. That’s the point made by Faul in his book. I think that’s why the radical change in look for all the Beatles on Sgt. Pepper, to make Faul less noticeable.

    People that say they support Ukraine and none of them realize they are backing actual swastika wearing NAZees. People that have the easiest access to research ever, don’t use it. A case in point…

    Last year I guided early season trips to Red Rocks Amphitheater for EDM shows. For you old fogies, that’s electronic dance music. You know… people that don’t play instruments or sing and call it live music. I scoff at the idea as an actual musician, but there was good money in it and pretty fun work with bus loads of hot young Betties. I would say 99% took their Vaxx without questioning it. They all have smart phones and yet they seem dumb to their own doom.

    It was a disappointing realization knowing the news was inverting the truth… the real danger was the vaccinated. I tried not to think about shedding too much because I was hell bent to return to life as we once knew it. You know when shoplifting was a crime and arson could be prosecuted as murder if anyone dies in the blaze. Now they call that mostly peaceful protesting unless it’s the January 6th crowd. Then we lock them up and toss the key.

    Last night I couldn’t get to sleep and later had nightmares about everything horrible I was researching. I think you can bet on Jo’Bama’s shit brain army to play the plague card again this summer. I put my money on mid August so they can fuck up the school year again. How many states will go along with it is my only question. Far less than last time, I’m pretty sure of that one. I think 2,000 mules is having impact and that will grow. It might not reverse the tide – sliding us into a third world shit hole – but it might put us at ebb.

    There’s a Professor from Portland State University that does a great job on the etymology of woke-ness and defining their buzz-speak. When you look at the big picture, this is a huge problem that must be dealt with and confronted. No one does it better than this guy. Check out his work. My favorite was him posting a sign “there’s only two genders” on the street below the sociology building. I thought our side came up with the idea of “triggering” snowflakes. Nope. You must listen to these femi-nazis. It’s entertaining on a bizarre level like stopping to get a better look at car crash. If you don’t you would have no clue what we are fighting. I’ve got two sisters just like these women. God help us please!

    Please watch Peter Boghossian. What I love about him is he is able to engage snowflakes in an actual debate. Without the yelling and vitriol.

    1. Superb video everyone should watch. My take is that these “gender benders” are incapable of real debate. They seem not to be able to engage in true debate, always circling back to the harm two genders are doing to those who choose to think they are other than a man or woman. They cannot and will not face it on a scientific basis…only on an emotional basis because they are victims of programming. They even all sound the same with that quirky way of speaking in questions instead of making statements in some strange attempt not to “offend” the listener. This is “cultish” behavior….I saw the same when I engaged in EST. They don’t realize it because they’re all a part of group think which dispenses with individual thought and reasoning.

  8. Democrats would love to have Trump as “opponent”, this writer has it totally backwards. Dems outsmarted Trump every step of the way during 4 years, impeached him twice and humiliated him to the point of having his supporters arrested indefinitely and the clown leave DC with his tail between his legs on January 20, 2021. Ron DeSantis and Rand Paul would be real obstacles but since Dems own the voting machines, there’s not really a reason to worry even if they run.

    Donald Trump was totally compromised from the start, flight logs revealed that Trump flew on Epstein’s jet 7 times when court documents were filed at Ghislaine Maxwell trial. Trump never denied it. “Epstein’s Boeing 727, nicknamed the Lolita Express, is outfitted with a bed where passengers had group sex with young girls.” That’s why during 4 years, we saw no end to DACA, no end to birthright citizenship, no FISA arrests, no ‘lock her up’, no ‘drain the swamp’, no voter ID, no deportations. NO WALL. But Israel got EVERYTHING, mind you: embassy in Jerusalem, Golan Heights, illegal settlements, billion$ in aid. Susan Bradford said Trump fired Sessions because Sessions wanted to prosecute Epstein and risked exposing Trump as one of the elite pedophiles. Trump hired Barr precisely to get Epstein *silenced*.

    2000 Mules confirms Trump as a clown, incompetent and easily fooled. Everyone knew the election was stolen at 11pm election night when Dems stopped the vote count in 6 swing states. We need a real leader, not an Israeli double agent like Trump in the White House.

    1. It is not the Dems that control things, it is the elite. Al Gore refused the chance to be president, he was head of the senate and they needed “one” senator to sign the petition to try and get Bush Jr ousted. Al Gore became king of CO2 causes climate change, which is a sham. The Dems ripped off Donald the second tine, But Donald never jailed Larry Silverstein, Donald posed for photo opportunites at the fake shooting victin hospital beds and never said this is fake. They are all fake,

  9. Black went to jail for some type of fraud. Trump is the “good cop” in a good cop/ bad cop system. He is better than Biden, but he never put his mate Larry in jail, even though he knows it “had to be bombs”. He is part of the system. Meanwhile in Australia Labor (left wing) beat the Liberals (right wing in Australia, started out really liberal ended up right wing). Labor locked us up (especially where I live, in Daniel Andrews electorate), but liberal didn’t stop them.

  10. Trump may have his faults……who does not?……but let’s face it, if we make it to the 2024 election, there is just no one else out there with his following. IF…HUGE IF…the balloting system is corrected by then….an unbeatable ticket would be Trump and Candace Owens. Many would prefer DeSantis, but I just do not see him taking second slot.

    Of course, none of this is valid if we lose 2022. And at the moment, I am not as confident as others here that 2022 is in the bag. I see nothing stopping the steal again, in spite of some changes in a few states. Then again, another steal may be what it takes to get the American people to a state of rage (why they are not now, is beyond my understanding) and into an offensive position.


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