Joachim Hagopian, Deep State Elite Stepping Up Its Failing Human Genocide Agenda

Joachim Hagopian

Dozens of suspicious fires at food processing plants and warehouses are increasingly sweeping across America and world as both an ominous symbolic and concrete sign indicating that humanity’s common enemy appears determined to deliver famine and starvation to ravage America and entire planet.

Additionally, the US already has about 23 million birds slaughtered after allegedly contracting avian bird flu, resulting in skyrocketing prices and shortages of eggs, chicken and turkey. China declared the world’s very first case of a human acquiring the H3N8 strain of the avian bird flu after a 4-year old Chinese boy was reported in serious condition. And now just like clockwork, the latest breaking story of a bird flu case reaching US has infected a Colorado prison inmate who allegedly was killing infected poultry. Of course, health experts in both China and America are quick to add that the accidental cross-species transmission of bird flu infection is extremely rare. Tell that to the pandemic architects Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci having funded China’s Wuhan Institute of Virology to spawn the COVID pandemic, constantly reminding and promising us deadlier viruses are soon coming to a neighborhood near you.

For the first time ever in Southern California officials on this past Tuesday declared a water shortage emergency, imposing unprecedented outdoor water usage restrictions on 6 million residents due to the worsening drought. Water wars are now underway. Years of California’s unnatural drought, along with a rise in floods, hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanos and forest fires are all spiking across the globe, increasingly triggered by manmade directed energy weather warfare. Thus, the same culprits behind the fake COVID but all too real genocidal kill shots, the fake climate change hoax but all too real global pedophilia network have been systematically poisoning and harming us really for many, many decades through aerosol geoengineering, intentionally terraforming our earth to degrade our living habitat. All this is yet more evidence of the virtually unlimited arsenal of lethal weapons our planetary controllers are homicidally deploying against us – to kill us. The geoengineering expert, a full decade ago on longtime California activist Dane Wiggington’s website, he writes:

Nanoparticles are widely used in cosmetics, electronics, optical devices, medicine, and in food packaging materials.

Add medical genocide to the list as nanoparticles like graphene oxide have been detected as toxic, self-assembling, parasitic ingredients found in both Pfizer and Moderna’s mRNA bioweapon injections.

Speaking of California’s mounting woes, Deep State Governor Gavin Newsom is set to raise the gas tax on top of his state residents already paying the highest prices at the gas pump in all of America. How much can you squeeze the people dry before they either crack or strike back? Newsom’s partner-in-crime Joe Biden and their open border policy has also invited predatory drug cartels and their criminal gangs to enjoy an unprecedented boom for both drug and child sex trafficking, now opening up California for criminal tourism in a notorious state already reeling from out-of-control lawlessness, hit with a proliferation of brazen smash-and-grab robberies at retail stores as well as increasing burglaries in affluent residential communities.

How many ways can our genocidal enemy deploy its countless Weapons of Mass Destruction against us? Let us count the seemingly infinite ways. Elites are now working overtime to depopulate our planet through any and all means necessary, for the specific purpose of trying to desperately retain what’s left of their crumbling power. Between a button push away from a nuclear war, more holocaust by death jab, engineered global famine and starvation, we are entering the last stand of a dying, desperate control grid system. The evildoers behind it all cannot have all their long buried horrific crimes perpetrated against innocent children and humanity emerge as common knowledge under full public exposure. Hence, the renewed efforts to censor what they call “fake news,” echoed by US traitors Obama and Hillary on the eve of the EU passing the Digital Services Act and Biden manufacturing a new DHS position appointing a disinformation propaganda ministry straight out of the 1984 Orwellian playbook. The elite enemy is frantically trying to suppress the public’s growing awareness among the awakening global masses realizing that the elite frantically using its myriad of WMDs to murder at least 90% of us.

That’s why the international crime cabal cannot allow the dark ugly truth to emerge out of Ukraine’s Deep State playground unable to hide its sick, twisted perversions currently being unearthed by Putin’s clean-up operation – specifically the underworld bioweapon labs and deep underground military bases (DUMBs). The insanely demented, evil controllers would seemingly rather blow up life at this planet’s surface first than be held to account and sent to roast in hell for eternity for all their ghastly sins currently being uncovered, seeping out to the masses and disseminated as public knowledge. The sleeping giant of humanity is finally waking up now from centuries of slumber and the perps know it all too well, so they’re trying to hurry up and kill us in order to sidestep their own long overdue karmic justice. But as hard as they try, they will never succeed. While such horrific truth can set us humans free, they know their incriminating truth will lock them up in hell for eternity. Hence, they’ve stepped up their longtime plan to drastically cull the human herd down to an easily controllable half billion out of the current 7.9 per their sacrificial alter their Georgia Guidestones. This also explains the elites’ OCD obsession for the transhumanist cyborg to meld genetically modified humans once poisoned with mRNA kill shots with machines for AI mind control.

Another of Klaus Schwab’s Young Leaders graduates, former Rothschild bankster-agent Emmanuel Macron, won another term in office this week after yet another flagrantly rigged election in France, stolen to prevent another populist conservative Marine Le Pen from rousting increasingly aware, rebellious French citizenry into another French Revolution. In view of the proven beyond all shadow of a doubt stolen US election in 2020, the slow wheels over the last two and a half years in America, have yet to overturn that travesty. But with ongoing, albeit snail’s pace movement among US states exposing the voter fraud and now the documentary release of “2000 Mules,” the overt truth is coming out further. The vast majority of Americans already know and accept it was a stolen election. The fact that imposter Joe is the most unpopular, hated White House occupant in US history, feebly following his masters’ orders to destroy America as soon as possible appears to be culminating with the shit about ready to hit the fan, now six months away from the November midterm. Flip-voting electronic machines, foreign national tampering in China, UK, Italy all notwithstanding, this time around they will be unable to spin the outcome, that is unless the Deep State stages deadly false flags justifying an excuse to declare martial law and cancel the November election. Predictably, panicking controllers may do everything in their power to sabotage and abort the election.

The latest soap opera internet saga is Elon Musk’s $44 billion purchase of Twitter providing yet more bread and circus, wag-the-dog misdirection from the converging “perfect storm.” Musk’s escapades have already captured the gullible within the truth movement, busily embracing him as our next savior, just in time for the long-promised return of Trump via his and his “white hats” invisible continuity of government devolution to suddenly emerge hand in hand. Or is this all more popcorn producing hopium delusion and wishful thinking? Fooled and enamored by this latest controlled opposition icon, the world’s richest human is currently being touted by his followers as the false hope savior of free speech.

Musk’s public rise has been co-timed with the crime cabal’s desperately insidious attempt to establish a Biden Truth Ministry czar, the insidious Ukrainian American drama queen Nina Jankowitz, poised to join MSM and Big Tech to jollily push their empire of lies down our throats even more. But this latest fascist Biden tool, fresh on the scene to cash in on her 15-minutes of infamy, appears to be going over like a lead balloon, sparking immediate calls for her dismissal. Notice how her grand entrance arrived so closely on the heels of Musk’s victorious Twitter buyout? Even bread and circus entertainment gets plotted and schemed months, if not years in advance. The leftist, Marxist, cancel culture aficionados, 400,000-patron strong at Twitter, are feeling betrayed, reportedly leaving the social media giant now in droves, perhaps just in time to move to Nina’s disinfo corner. In the meantime, over the last couple years cabal stooge Elon has been littering our atmosphere with 2,388 orbiting Starlink satellites, otherwise known as space junk, as part of his ambitious SpaceX venture, aspiring to launch up to 42,000 more eventually, while flooding our planet with 5G radiation, thus far it seems he is hardly our friend.

Similarly since 2016, populist Trump has been elevated to idol worship status riding his white horse pedestal, after being bailed out of bankruptcy court six times, repeatedly by Rothschild crime syndicate agent Wilbur Ross turned Trump Commerce Secretary, not unlike the Epstein sweetheart deal-making prosecutor rewarded as Trump Labor Secretary. Additionally, President Trump made a known pedophile traitor his Vice President in Mike Pence while proceeding to surround himself with a bunch of New World Order parasites working for Deep State Wall Street, Deep State Pentagon and Deep State neocon swamp rats like John Bolton, or pedophile overlord George Bush senior’s re-sendup, Attorney General lackey William Barr, sent by his overlord to Arkansas back in the late 1980s to deliver the White House promise to the Deep State Clinton crime family. As total card-carrying cabal scripted order-followers to a man, all these turncoats took their turns publicly backstabbing Trump. Was Trump ever really in charge?

With the Donald actually winning by a landslide, in that stolen 2020 election capturing an estimated 80 million votes, more than any other incumbent president in US history, makes it virtually impossible to believe that Trump had set up an elaborate sting operation to allow the steal to go forward just to purportedly avoid a second American civil war, which would have never happened. Yet that was the benignly lame excuse Trump voluntarily left the White House. So now we’re supposed to buy into the rationale that it was all an ingenious chessboard sting operation to allow and scare America to have to endure its near death experience first according to hopium crowd, witnessing our nation’s rapid destruction with killer non-vaccines taking out millions that Trump still brags about delivering in “warp speed,” rather than prior to January 20, 2021, simply exposing the overwhelming evidence of both criminal election fraud on top of the coordinated global depopulation agenda committed by the Deep State cabal’s conspired medical genocide.

After the bulk of normies would have recovered from their initial red-pilled shockwaves, with so much irrefutable evidence of premeditated murder and treason presented properly before the American public, it would have easily persuaded America of the dire criminal truth. The corporate media whores had already proven to be liars with zero credibility and the exposed Soros bought and paid for Antifa and BLM could never have caused a civil war. That rationale again used by the Trump apoligists just doesn’t hold any water. The public has been truth-starved forever, and would be far better off realizing the evil crime cabal out to kill us was being systematically brought to justice by the legal authorities, be they through criminal or military courts. The huge percentage of humanity would have been appreciative with a rare honest and direct truthful approach by a prominent national leader, regardless of how shocking, it would have truly shown Trump to be a champion of the people, determined to help heal and unify our divided nation and world. With the already awakening masses across the globe, by now we would have emerged as the triumphant victors in this war between good and evil, and mercifully spared our near-death experience and horror endured ever since.

As original, heroic NSA whistleblower Bill Binney has repeatedly said, “We have it all [criminal evidence].” Combined with Truth and Reconciliation Commissions, if this course of events had been pursued by President Trump in a forthright, honest and competent way, by now we would have already witnessed the arrest, prosecution and public execution of all the worst Satanic offenders within the earth controlling crime cabal, and by now have had every reason to sit back with our popcorn enjoying the show. It never had to go down this painful, regrettably destructive path that many less than honest Trump apologists in defense always insist that it had to be this way. No, it didn’t.

Instead, like the corrupt, paid off prizefighter, Trump appears to have chosen to take the dive, certainly not to our benefit, but only the international crime cabal’s, permitting the CCP blackmail takeover coup against America to proceed unobstructed, installing the fake Biden show embraced and propped up by the treasonous Democrat and RINO-saturated Marxist left, with only thoroughly compromised and controlled megalomaniacs left in charge of the asylum, obeying their masters’ strict marching orders to demonically destroy our constitutional republic at breakneck speed. Handpicked billionaire insider Trump appears to have simply been paid off as yet another compromised and controlled opposition actor, catapulted by the cabal masters onto the world stage to merely pretend to be the people’s true savior and champion. But instead, it appears Donald J. Drumpf chose the darker path embedded in his family history.

In the last century, an American expatriate poet named Ezra Pound once insightfully said:

A slave is one who waits for someone to come and free him.

That seems to describe to the T exactly what the discombobulated so-called patriot Q-Anon movement’s been about over the last nearly five years. Ever hear of Operation Trust? During the years after the London and NYC bankers led by Rothschild agents Jacob Schiff, JP Morgan and Max Warfield, all funded the 1917 Bolshevik Russian Revolution to place into power fellow Zionist Marxist Jews Vladimir Lenin and Leon Trotsky, once the murdered Czar Nicolas II and his family were removed, leaving Russia’s predominant Christian population to be lulled asleep by what was dubbed a covert operation codenamed Trust, falsely believing that Russian military intelligence, posing as the so-called good guys, were busily plotting a counterrevolution, that any day, week or month would overthrow the bloodthirsty Bolshevik Communists led by Lenin then Stalin. But instead during the years to follow, according to Gulag inmate and author Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, the Lenin-Stalin regime’s brutal secret police purged 66 million of its own Russian citizens, while per the “Black Book of Communism,” Mao Zedong’s Cultural Revolution killed nearly the same amount of Chinese.”

66 million is a night and day difference from the major damage caused by another notorious despot named Adolf Hitler, who’s been commonly presented as history’s most murderous dictator ever, with his allegedly killing 6 million in his Jewish Holocaust. Yet Hitler’s number pales in comparison with the Communist madmen, each murdering up to around 66 million of their own, juxtaposing 6 and 66 side by side turns into the Mark of the Beast number 666. That’s what the Communist killers bring us.

In the meantime, Operation Trust should be today’s shocking cautionary tale and sobering history lesson that far too many people are complacently ignoring, particularly the Q-crowd’s “trust the plan, bro.” Instead of heeding the current version of “Operation Trust,” they’d simply rather “trust” the so-called “sting operation” alleged by the Trumpsters and his white hats that in the end, will save America and world from all the doom and gloom being hurled at us by our known killers. As the cabal rapidly rolls out its Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), ushering in its cashless, social credit scored, digital biometric ID, its smart cities and super-surveillance control grid enslavement, too many are still pathetically waiting for the so-called good guys to finally show up and save us. Rather than count on an external force likely to be pure fiction, going forward it seems prudent to act on the supposition that no one will save us but ourselves. We are the ones who hold the key to a brighter future if we wisely utilize our time, energy and resources to decentralize, resist, oppose the enemy.

When informed, educated, empowered, freedom loving citizens unite within a massive worldwide grassroots movement, committed to exercising 2nd Amendment rights fighting in self-defense against our common enemy, that We the People outnumber a million to one, we are then courageously acting on the rational choice to save ourselves. All those US servicemen and women in the armed forces who wisely chose to refuse the shameful Joe Biden/Lloyd Austin mandated kill shots, they should urgently join up with fellow American patriots to come together to fight the 2nd American Revolution against our recognized foe. We can no longer afford to waste any more time sitting idly by, waiting for our “saviors” who may not show up at all. Nor can we allow fear, passivity, ignorance and confusion feed us right into our enemy’s waiting hands for slaughter, keeping us from mounting the potent formidable force that can righteously save both our species and planet.

Our Founding Fathers repeatedly warned us to remain hypervigilant citizens, standing at the ready always on guard to recognize and oppose overreaching federal government tyranny. The Founding Father who authored much of our US Constitution, also our 3rd President, Thomas Jefferson, once wrote:

When once a Republic is corrupted, there is no possibility of remedying any of the growing evils but by removing the corruption and restoring its lost principles; every other correction is either useless or a new evil.

Before it’s too late, it’s time to step up and fight our 2nd American Revolution to restore both our Founding Fathers’ constitutional principles that the modern traitors within our midst have all betrayed, as well as God’s natural laws ingeniously embedded and crafted into our United States Constitution. Victory is ours if we act now.

Joachim Hagopian is a West Point graduate, former Army officer and author of “Don’t Let the Bastards Getcha Down,” exposing a faulty US military leadership system based on ticket punching up the seniority ladder, invariably weeding out the best and brightest, leaving mediocrity and order followers rising to the top as politician-bureaucrat generals designated to lose every modern US war by elite design. After the military, Joachim earned a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and worked as a licensed therapist in the mental health field with abused youth and adolescents for more than a quarter century. In Los Angeles he found himself battling the largest county child protective services in the nation within America’s thoroughly broken and corrupt child welfare system.

The experience in both the military and child welfare system prepared him well as a researcher and independent journalist, exposing the evils of Big Pharma and how the Rockefeller controlled medical and psychiatric system inflict more harm than good, case in point the current diabolical pandemic hoax and genocide. As an independent journalist for over 8 years, Joachim has written hundreds of articles for many news sites, like Global Research, and currently As a published author of a 5-book volume series entitled Pedophilia & Empire: Satan, Sodomy & the Deep State, Joachim’s books and chapters are Amazon bestsellers in child advocacy and human rights categories. His A-Z sourcebook series fully documents and exposes the global pedophilia scourge and remains available for free at the late Robert David Steele’s website To compensate Google recently deplatforming Joachim’s empireexposed blogsite after 7 years, attempting to silence another cancel culture victim, Joachim responded by becoming a Revolution Radio host on the weekly show “Cabal Empire Exposed,” heard every Friday morning at 6AM EST (ID: revradio, password: rocks!)

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  4. I doubt Trump would “know better” whom to hire for the various positions in his administration. We all know the Big Jews run the White House and the orange clown, too. Trump is financially beholden to these big jews, he’s captive. From my purview, Trump needs to hit the road and call it a day. Of course, DeSantis is love struck for the Israelis, his main detriment. I see no effective opening gambit to free the WH from the jews, can’t even guess.

  5. It really is this simple IF there was any law, justice or a normal human outcry from the populace of a world that’s asleep (except for India). This “thing” who thinks he’s a doctor and owns the planet at the very least belongs in prison and then, ultimately executed for infanticide, crimes against humanity and human experimentation. And I will tell you, friends, you have better get your self expression and free speech out in the open now, because it will not be long before this site and many other will not exist.

    “That the Board will be run by such a preposterous and laughable figure as Nina Jankowicz — a liberal cartoon, a caricature of a #Resistance Twitter fanatic who spent 2016 posting adolescent partisan tripe such as: “Maybe @HillaryClinton’s most important point so far: ‘A @realDonaldTrump presidency would embolden ISIS.’ #ImWithHer” — has, in some sense, made this board seem more benign and harmless.


    1. Why can’t this country arrest the likes of Gates, Fauci, etc etc and other WEF traitors and bring ’em before the courts?

      1. A “country” cannot arrest anyone; if there is really a country left and if by country you mean “government”. It’s up to the people. But for that to happen, we need to unite and have a common goal and some form of organization outside our masters. I just don’t see that happening at the moment considering how we’ve been torn apart over one thing or another. How they did it in India requires some research.

  6. This “reality” has now reached a level of absurdity comparable to something depicted in a Dali or Magritte painting….but even more preposterous. Clocks may melt and men may float, but I have yet to see any paining depicting a birth through a mans penis. Please give me a big fat break! We’re starting to make the reign of Caligula look like a temperance bash.

    SAY WHAT? Western perversion: British midwives now being taught how to deliver babies through “male genitalia”

    (Natural News) Students enrolled at Edinburgh Napier University (ENU) are now being taught that men can get pregnant and deliver babies through their “male genitalia.”

    Yes, the transgender delusion has become so ingrained in the minds of some that they think a human baby can pass through a man’s penis.

  7. Just curious here. If a whack job governor like Newsom of Kalifornia decides to bump off 500 of his state’s citizens, why can’t anybody stop him? Look around and you see lots of Democratic (dumb plus autocratic) governors wreaking unadulterated hell in their states and nothing is done! What am I missing? And yet, most/all of these governors are protected by often bizarro immunity laws. Likewise for the buffoon in the White House. One ridiculous “law” after another is thrown at the public and there is virtually no discussion on these issues. Immunity is one thing but wanton horse whippings are another. Is this country that far gone already?

  8. While there is much truth in this article, there is also hyperbole–Mao’s China murders (33 million) + Stalin’s Soviet Union murders (33 million, another apocryphal) number, + Hitler’s 6 million Jews (what about nonJews?) adds up to 666 (the supposed mark of the beast) in a very strange mathematical manner.

    In reality, anyone and everyone can be challenged on their devotion to the anti-globalism cause. It reminds me of the Saturday Night Live skit with John Belushi, in the good old days of SNL. Supposedly, German spies with perfect American accents were outed because they didn’t know who played 3rd base for the Cincinnati Redlegs in 1942, but all of Belushi’s platoon (including himself) arrested each other when none of them knew who played 3rd base for the Redlegs, either!

    Yes, there is controlled opposition, but Trump isn’t one of them. In reality, if Trump hadn’t appeared on the scene who what major politician would have raised the anti-globalist flag at all? No one. And, if Trump would have declared martial law to seize all the voti8ng machines, who would have carried out his orders? Not the military, not the Department of Justice, not the courts (not one of which even bothered to hear over 60 voter fraud lawsuits filed on behalf of Trump), not the GOP-controlled Senate (which fell only 10 votes south of impeaching him anyways over the phony “insurrection” on January 6th), certainly not the governors of the states where illegal voting occurred (who won’t even investigate the fraud at all).

    What I question is why, with the Democrats in desperate shape and people starting to awaken, would a supposed draft of a SCOTUS ruling to overturn a 60-old opinion backed by centuries of common law be leaked to the press today if it weren’t designed to stir up support for the beleaguered Dems. And why would SCOTUS be handing down this ruling now unless they themselves were controlled opposition? The elites ruled, just as the European imperialists, by divide and conquer, and SCOTUS is playing right into the hands of the elites if they overthrow Roe v. Wade.

    1. I’ll tell you, William….I have re-thought my Trump position. Come 2024 (IF we make it that far), I would be a fool not to vote for Trump over Biden (IF HE makes it that far). …even though I cannot find an excuse for a few of his moves during his tenure…especially the vax (and still no recision). Would the military have backed Trump to seize machines? What choice would they have had. He was the Commander-in-Chief, no?

      1. Will, Trump ordered a lot of things that never happened (removal of troops from Syria, declassification of documents, etc.). Yes, he should have fired his DoD chief and the Joint Chiefs, but how would that have gone down in the rabidly anti-Trump establishment? The reality is he had so many fires to put out … an almost impossible task.

        If I were Trump and were re-elected, I would ask for the resignation of every political (i.e., non civil-service protected) employee of the Federal government at the outset and then gradually rehire only true patriots back. I would fire every member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the outset and replace them with those who have proven themselves to be true patriots. I would nominate whoever I wanted to be cabinet heads and, if not approved by Congress, appoint acting heads for the duration. Get the dirty work done up front.

        At least the 2nd time around Trump would have a better knowledge who he could trust and not trust.

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