John Massaro, More Proof that Israel Was Behind 9/11

by John Massaro

IN THE MONTHS AND years after September 11, 2001, there was plenty of commentary in the alternative media that implicated Israel in the events of that day. I had my doubts about that, not because I ever believed the fairy tale about nineteen Arab hijackers, or the boogeyman terrorist Osama bin Laden, much less Bush Junior’s line that “they hate our freedom,” but because there was no smoking gun, as there had been on June 8, 1967 during the six-day war, when Israeli air and naval forces strafed and torpedoed the U.S.S. Liberty, murdering 34 American sailors in cold blood and wounding 171. (They failed in their attempt to send the ship and its entire crew to the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea, an act sure to be blamed on Egypt, which would have incited hatred in America against the entire Arab world.) Nevertheless, knowing how Israel’s leaders operate and have always operated, as in the case of the Liberty, I kept an open mind on the subject.

Well, there was no smoking gun on the evening of June 12, 1994 either, when Nicole Simpson Brown, the ex-wife of pro football star O.J. Simpson, and her friend, Ronald Goldman, were found slashed to death outside her residence in a ritzy suburb of Los Angeles, but every sensible person knows who killed them. And in my mind, the evidence of Israel’s culpability in the terror attacks of September 11th has reached the same level of certainty.

There are so many anomalies connected to the events of that day, and so many Jewish fingerprints all over the crime scene — the fingerprints of both American and Israeli Jews — that if I were on a jury, I would not hesitate to convict the many criminals as accessories to mass murder and vote for the death penalty. I’m not going to write a dissertation here. I will mention, in passing, “the five dancing Israelis” who were filming themselves, amid shouts of joy and mockery, on the New Jersey side of the Hudson River, while in the background the twin towers were engulfed in smoke and flames; of building #7 in the World Trade Center suddenly collapsing late that afternoon, a fact hardly mentioned in the media and about which most Americans are still unaware; of Larry Silverstein, who had held top posts in various Jewish organizations and had leased the WTC, and did not show up for work that day, nor did his two children who worked there, and later filed an exorbitant insurance claim for the destroyed buildings.

There is so much circumstantial evidence that this attack was planned in advance in order to kick-start the phony War on Terror, meaning endless U.S. military aggression against Israel’s perceived enemies, but as I said, I can’t begin to cover all of it here. Think of that Latin phrase, Cui bono? (Who benefits?), often invoked by Cicero in the senate of ancient Rome. Who benefits — and therefore who is probably responsible? The answer is obvious: not America, not Iraq, not Afghanistan, not Libya nor Syria, nor any other Arab or Islamic country, only Israel. Indeed, one day after the terror attack, when former Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, a good friend of Silverstein’s, was asked what it meant for relations between the U.S. and Israel, he responded “It’s very good.” Then he quickly edited himself: “Well, not very good but it will generate immediate sympathy.” What kind of creature would say such a thing, right after nearly three thousand people lost their lives, without uttering a word of sorrow or sympathy? The answer is: a creature who was mightily pleased with what happened that day.


If you want the full story, the best, no-holds-barred, compact book on this subject, if you can find it on the Internet, is 911 EVIL: Israel’s Central Role in the September 11, 2001 Terrorist Attacks by Victor Thorn. Thorn, whose real name was Scott Makufka, was a fearless investigative journalist for the American Free Press and author of many books, the most famous in the truth movement being his trilogy (Sex, Drugs, and Murder) on the countless crimes of Bill and Hilary Clinton. He was found dead of a gunshot wound near his Pennsylvania home on August 1, 2016, his 54th birthday, just another one of those strange suicides we’re all familiar with. The most comprehensive detective work published, covering every aspect of September 11th to the present day, appears on, a website run by Christopher Bollyn, another brave journalist who had worked for AFP. In August 2006, despite not committing any crime, he was brutally attacked, tasered and arrested by three federalized undercover police officers outside his home in a suburb of Chicago, in front of his wife and young daughter. He had already attracted unwanted attention while researching the use of thermite, a highly reactive pyrotechnic substance, in bringing down the twin towers. These days it’s dangerous to seek out and publish the truth about anything important.

Now, the indefatigable M.S. “Mike” King, author of some excellent, controversial books once sold but now banned by Amazon (available at his website, has brought yet another intriguing fact to light. In the August 18, 2001 edition of the New York Times, a full page article appeared describing, with photographs, two small groups of Jewish “artists,” calling themselves “Gelatin” and the “E-Team,” doing some strange redecoration above the 89th floor of the North Tower (they were actually allowed to live there for a while), precisely the area that would first be struck by an airplane 24 days later. King believes they were wiring this section of the building with explosives while performing a perverse, in-your-face mockery stunt.

Take a few minutes to read what he wrote by clicking here, and also click on the link at the end of his piece which will take you to an article published on on September 13, 2001, entitled “Eerie image pulled from CD.” That article is about a CD called “Party Music” produced by a hip-hop group, The Coup, the cover of which had been designed months earlier, but is a nearly exact image, as it really happened, of the top sections of both towers billowing smoke after they were hit. I wholeheartedly agree with King’s assessment that these Jews were telegraphing their intentions well ahead of time as a kind of satanic joke, knowing how dumb most goyim are, and that their control of the mass media allows them to steer the narrative anywhere they choose. Also significant is that, as far back as 1978, a promotional advertisement of a film entitled The Medusa Touch showed a Boeing 747 slamming into the 59-story Pan Am Building (now called the MetLife Building) in New York City, an illustration of which is posted on According to Christopher Bollyn, that film was produced by one Arnon Milchan, whom he names as a senior Israeli intelligence agent.

Anyone familiar with the mentality of Jews, especially the hardcore higher-ups among them, including those in the Israeli government, knows that they regard all non-Jews as inferior beings whom they are entitled to plunder, exploit, or kill as they see fit. They have a scornful word for us, goy, or the plural goyim, that they use among themselves. I’ve come across many quotes attributed to Jews that express this contempt, and reproduced some of them in the chapter called “The Jewish Factor” in my book. They are particularly contemptuous of their primary benefactors, we Americans, regarding us as incredibly stupid and gullible, and really, you can’t blame them. One quote that always stuck in my mind, which now appears to be scrubbed from the Internet, was said to be recorded by the US Defense Intelligence Agency at Finks Bar in Jerusalem in 1990, where Benjamin Netanyahu was holding forth. While it has the ring of authenticity, I don’t believe a recording is available to the public. It may be fabricated, or it may be genuine and classified, I don’t know. Here it is:

America is a golden calf, and we will suck it dry, chop it up, and sell it off piece by piece until there is nothing left but the world’s biggest welfare state that we will create and control. Why? Because it is the will of God, and America is big enough to take the hit so we can do it again and again and again. This is what we do to countries that we hate. We destroy them very slowly and make them suffer for refusing to be our slaves.

Whether or not Netanyahu spoke these words, I have no doubt that they reflect his thinking. All Israeli prime ministers have been mass murderers, but in my estimation he is one of the most bloodcurdling, right up there with Menachem Begin and Ariel Sharon — so repulsive that he can’t conceal his inner nature. I can just imagine what went through his mind on March 3, 2015, when he addressed Congress in the Capitol Building and received 26 standing ovations, or when soy boy senator Lindsey Graham toured the Golan Heights with him, or when the insufferable Sean Hannity, who met him in Jerusalem, called him “the sole voice of moral clarity against modern evil in our time until Donald Trump got into office.” Surely something like this: “You stupid, pathetic American goyim. I could stomp on your toes and spit in your face and you’d still get down on all fours and kiss my feet, wouldn’t you?” Remember the American-born Jewish spy Jonathan Pollard, who worked for years as a US Navy intelligence analyst and was caught stealing thousands of classified documents and passing them to his Israeli handler and selling them to God knows how many other countries? Convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment in 1987, he was released on parole in 2015, and five years later was allowed to fly out of the US to his beloved Israel, where he was greeted by Netanyahu right on the tarmac and given a hero’s welcome.

9/11 SPECIAL (11 SEPTEMBER 2021): In Memoriam for Robert David Steele

September 11, 2021, the twentieth anniversary of the infamous day, fell on a Saturday, and a commemoration was held at John Burns Park, a large recreation complex in the town of Massapequa Park, near where I lived before moving off Long Island. Burns Park has long been a venue for flag-waving yahoo rallies, and as I drove past, it was depressing but not surprising to see a large turnout solemnly gathered to hear local politicians blather about terrorism, our precious freedoms, and the like. There’s a large monument here called the Towers of Freedom, and leading up to it, engraved in stone, is a timeline of what those al-Qaeda terrorists did that morning, a script that sounds like it came straight from CNN or NBC. (I believe that al-Qaeda is a make-believe organization invented by the Israelis.) The attendees were the same people, comprising the great majority, who still believe, eighty years later, that the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor out of the blue for no reason at all.

I’m sure the same kind of ceremony, attracting the same kind of dumbs___s, was held that day in thousands of towns and cities across America. I fantasized grabbing a bullhorn and busting this thing up by shouting some unpopular truths, but this wasn’t the place to do anything like that because many New York City cops and firemen live in Massapequa and nearby towns, and the events of September 11th hit close to home. My lasting memory is of the months that followed, as the remains of the valiant firemen were gradually recovered from the rubble. I was an oil truck driver, making deliveries in southeast Nassau County, and several times I came to a barricaded street where a funeral mass was being held, fire engines parked on both sides with their ladders extended, and a huge American flag draped in the middle. Not to forget those, probably a greater number, who succumbed to rare cancers years after spending much time recovering the dead as the debris was cleared, and inhaling extremely toxic microparticles every day. They too were murdered by Israel and its many Jewish operatives with American citizenship.

To make myself clear, I firmly believe that bombs secretly planted in the twin towers well in advance were what brought them down, and not any structural weakness caused by the airplanes, which served to distract from the internal explosions that occurred before and after they hit. Many witnesses who were on the scene attested as much. in 2005 I sat in an audience listening in rapt attention to William Rodriguez, the head janitor in the North Tower, who may have been the last person to make it out alive. He was in the basement when he heard a tremendous explosion, believing it to be a generator that had blown — this before he heard the softer sound of the first plane crashing through the top of the building 1,200 feet up. Assisting firemen up the stairwell, who were weighed down with heavy equipment, he heard many more explosions.

You can listen to a news reporter here interviewing two distressed firemen, injured in the lobby by falling debris, outside before the building collapsed. They too spoke of multiple explosions. Were they lying? Was this interview staged? You be the judge.

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  4. This is a cool game and if you play it with your friends, you’ll have a lot of fun. One of my close friends working at poppy playtime told me about this game and I have played this game with him quite a few times now. It’s just awesome!

  5. The article started off ok then he stated this dumb shite… “ Well, there was no smoking gun on the evening of June 12, 1994 either, when Nicole Simpson Brown, the ex-wife of pro football star O.J. Simpson, and her friend, Ronald Goldman, were found slashed to death outside her residence in a ritzy suburb of Los Angeles, but every sensible person knows who killed them.”
    Nicole brown Simpson and Ron Goldman were both Jewish and and both were actors. All football teams are owned by Jews. So those pesky Jews did everything else but not this made for TV murder/ drama. Really ?
    No it wasn’t just Israelis but a large amount of good white boys and their blacks ,Hispanic and Asian buddies that got paid to shut up and go along with this psychological operation. I personally knew four people that died at ground zero and their families knew it wasn’t 19 Arabs with box cutters.
    But I don’t expect anything of rationality coming from a writer who belongs to The National Alliance with their Neo pagan garbage wrapped up in British Israelism with a sprinkle of eugenics and the Theosophical Society ideologies.

    1. You don’t think OJ killed Nichole and Ron Goldman? I followed that case in detail. It was brutal and all-too-real. The evidence was extensive and detailed. Why are you an OJ skeptic? Inquiring minds would like to know.

      1. Inquiring minds have already made a case – based mostly on the blunt fact, which came out during the trial, that the glove found at the scene was too small for O.J. But would have fit his son; who had motive. Check it out. If the Internet will still allow such a search, for articles.

        As for this article: I appreciate John Massaro for keeping this subject alive. And you, James, for doing so as well.

        Atheists don’t believe in a larger reality, which allows for the fact that there is Justice built in to The Play. More fools them.

      2. Embarrassing. Johnny Cochran had OJ put on latex gloves before trying on the skin-tight fitting gloves. You were played. I am a bit taken aback by someone who comes on like an expert and does not know basic facts about the case. BAD on you.

      3. Well, the glove doesn’t fit was just an OJ act. OJ was trying to make sure that it didn’t fit. The idea that it fit OJ’s son is a bit delusional. That same bloody glove was found at the exact location where Kato Kaelin had seen OJ the night before. The OJ murder trial was a sick joke.

        Remember that Nicole’s blood was covering the driver’s-side floor mats. The limo driver also saw OJ enter his house and minutes later he called the limo driver. The limo driver also saw OJ drop a package into an airport trash bin. When LA police searched OJ’s bathroom, post murder, they photographed many empty knife boxes. Twenty four hours later these knife boxes were nowhere in sight.


      4. No Prof. Jim OJ did not kill Nicole or Ronald. And it was just a distraction. I was in university at the time in London and I remembered how only the Yanks who were in the pub taking about it and watching it on TV. And everyone else was talking about the President of Rwandan and Burundi being killed by a surface to air missile a couple months before. And how it sparked the Rwandan genocide that the West played the three monkeys for years to come.

        And I remember learning that F Lee Bailey was OJ’s attorney (Old friend of my uncle from the Bahamas ) I knew it was going to be a kangaroo court like when he represented Dr. Sam Shappard.
        And then the famous line ‘ If the gloves don’t fit, you must acquit’ and the manufactured racial tension of America was been beta tested again when OJ got off and white folks were vex and brown people celebrated for a made for TV crime drama. Scripted by Hollyweird best.

        An ole mate from Oxfam once joked that it was probably the Tavistock Institute playing mind games again on us again. And he may probably be correct, the world is just a stage.

      5. James: I should possibly have said that I had come across an article making that case before leaving the country to live overseas for many years, and never heard anything more on the overall case, except that O..J. had been found not guilty – very possibly because of the political dimension – until it was tried under civil proceedings, so that there was general confusion over the whole matter. I was unfamiliar with your detailed research into the matter, thought things were still in the realm of skepticism. Glad to acknowledge your contribution to getting to the actual facts.

      6. Gracious reply, Stan. The gloves fitted skin-tight. Johnny Cochran had OJ dawn a latex glove prior to trying it on to guarantee that it would not fit. It was a scam. I am surprised you missed it. Key fraud by the defense.

      7. Jim Fetzer is 100% correct, the evidence in the OJ Trial was extremely detailed. I followed it day and night.
        The glove that didn’t fit was the one police found on a walkway beside Kato’s room. Kato had heard OJ bump into a window AC and saw OJ in that walkway, walking towards his house [the limo was waiting by the gate]. That one glove was soaked with blood [Nicole’s blood] and had dried out and shrunk. It was the bloody glove that did not fit. That part of the trial was a silly sideshow. The prosecution of OJ had to be lamest, amateurish event in the history of justice. The verdict in the OJ trial was Jury Nullification…IOW it was a F/U.

        Remember that OJ was stoned on drugs when he killed his ex-wife and Ron.

        I wonder if OJ if still looking for the killer?


      8. Yes, he was high on meth. He later told Ron Goldman’s father that his son was extremely courageous (to stand up to OJ when he was being slashed to death). I was in Ann Arbor visiting a friend when the story came on of the slow-speed Bronco chase, and I said, “Oh, no. OJ could not have done it!” And my wife said (astutely), “Of course he could have. You don’t know anything about him.” I had thought I did but she was right and I was wrong. Terrible case.

  6. File: those huge explosions from the Trade Towers are not from crashing planes but are internal bombs placed there by Israeli bomb experts to fake a plane crash.

    Israel is one of the most evil nations on this planet. Their hate for the USA is monumental. [ this is all in spite of the fact that the US gives Israel $3 billion a year. I used to believe the fairy tale about planes crashing into the Towers on 911. NO planes were involved in 911. Israel is not a friend of the US.



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