Jon Rappoport, Mind control achieved through the “information flicker effect”

by Jon Rappoport

[Editor’s note: Would you believe they held an “active shooter drill” two months before this event 22 March 2022 at the Uvalde High School where the shooter is supposed to have been a student?

Jon Rappoport compares it with Sandy Hook, where the shooter there is supposed to have shot his mother and then taken out 20 1st graders and 6 staff. In Uvalde, he is supposed to have shot his grandmother and 19 2nd, 3rd, and 4th graders. They seem to like the script!]

I wrote this piece in 2012, in the wake of the Sandy Hook shooting. I re-post it now, because it equally applies to the Orlando shooting.

No, I’m not talking about the flicker of the television picture. I’m talking about an on-off switch that controls information conveyed to the television audience.

The Sandy Hook school murders provide an example.

First of all, elite media coverage of this tragedy has one goal: to provide an expanding narrative of what happened. It’s a story. It has a plot.

In order to tell the story, there has to be a source of information. The topflight television anchors are getting their information from…where?

Their junior reporters? Not really. Ultimately, the information is coming from the police, and secondarily from local officials.

In other words, very little actual journalism is happening. The media anchors are absorbing, arranging, and broadcasting details given to them by the police investigators.

The anchors are PR people for the cops.

This has nothing to do with journalism. Nothing.

The law-enforcement agencies investigating the Sandy Hook shootings on the scene, in real time, were following up on leads? We don’t what leads they were following and what leads they were discarding. We don’t know what mistakes they were making. We don’t know what evidence they were overlooking or intentionally ignoring.

The police were periodically giving out information to the media. The anchors were relaying this information to the audience.

So when the police privately tell reporters, “We chased a suspect into the woods above the school,” that becomes a television fact. Until it isn’t a fact any longer.

The police, for whatever reason, decide to drop the whole “suspect in the woods” angle.

Therefore, the media anchors no longer mention it.

Instead the police are focused on Adam Lanza, who is found dead in the school. So are the television anchors, who no longer refer to the suspect in the woods.

That old thread has gone down the memory hole.

What does this do to the audience who has been following the narrative on television? It sets up a flicker effect. An hour ago, it was suspect in the woods. Now, that bit of data is gone. On-off switch. It was on, now it’s off.

This is a break in logic. It makes no sense.

Which is the whole point.

The viewer thinks: “Let’s see. There was a suspect in the woods. The cops were chasing him. Now he doesn’t exist. We don’t know his name. We don’t know why he’s off the radar. We don’t know whether he was arrested. We don’t know if he was questioned. Okay, I guess I’ll have to forget all about him. I’ll just track what the anchor is telling me. He’s telling the story. I have to follow his story.”

This was only one flicker. Others occur. The father of Adam’s brother was found dead. No, that’s gone now. The mother of Adam was found dead. Okay. Adam killed all these children with two pistols. No, that’s gone now. He used a rifle. It was a Bushmaster. No, it was a Sig Sauer. One weapon was found in the trunk of a car. No, three weapons.

At each succeeding point, a fact previously reported is jettisoned and forgotten, to be replaced with a new fact. The television viewer has to forget, along with the television anchor. The viewer wants to follow the developing narrative, so he has to forget. He has no choice if he wants to “stay in the loop.”

But this flicker effect does something to the viewer’s mind. His mind is no longer alert. It’s not generating questions. Logic has been offloaded. Obvious questions and doubts are shelved.

“How could they think it was the dead father in New Jersey when it was actually the dead mother in Connecticut?”

“Why did they say he used two handguns when it was a rifle?”

“Or was it really a rifle?”

“I heard a boy on camera say there was another man the cops caught and they had him proned out on the ground in front of the school. What happened to him? Where did he go? Why isn’t the anchor keeping track of him?”

All these obvious and reasonable questions (and many others) have to be scratched and forgotten, because the television story is moving into different territory, and the viewer wants to follow the story.

This constant flicker effect eventually produces, in the television viewer…passivity.

He surrenders to the ongoing narrative. Surrenders.

This is mind control.

The television anchor doesn’t have a problem. His job is to move seamlessly, through an ever-increasing series of contradictions and discarded details, to keep the narrative going, to keep it credible.

He knows how to do that. That’s why he is the anchor.

He can make it seem as if the story is a growing discovery of what really happened, even though his narrative is littered with abandoned clues and dead-ends and senseless non-sequiturs.

And the viewer pays the price.

Mired in passive acceptance of whatever the anchor is telling him, the viewer assumes his own grasp on logic and basic judgment is flawed.

Now, understand that this viewer has been watching television news for years. He’s watched many of these breaking events. The cumulative effect is devastating.

The possibility, for example, that Adam Lanza wasn’t the shooter, but was the patsy, is as remote to the viewer as a circus of ants doing Shakespeare on Mars.

The possibility that the cops hid evidence and were ordered to release other suspects is unthinkable.

Considering that there appears to be not one angry outraged parent in Newtown (because the network producers wouldn’t permit such a parent to be interviewed on camera) never occurs to the viewer.

Wondering why the doctor of Adam Lanza hasn’t been found and quizzed about the drugs he prescribed isn’t in the mind of the viewer.

The information flicker effect is powerful. It sweeps away independent thought and measured contemplation. It certainly rules out the possibility of imagining the murders in an alternative narrative.

Because there is only one narrative. It is delivered by Brian Williams and Scott Pelley and Diane Sawyer.

Interesting how they never disagree.

Never, in one of these horrendous events do the three kings and queens of television news end up with different versions of what happened.

What are the odds of that, if the three people are rational and inquisitive?

But these three anchors are not rational or inquisitive. They are synthetic creations of the machine that runs them.

They flicker yes and they flicker no. They edit and cut and discard and tailor as they go along. Yes, no, yes, no. On, off, on, off.

And the viewers follow, in a state of hypnosis.


Because the viewers are addicted to STORY. They are as solidly addicted as a junkie looking for his next fix.

“Tell me a story. I want a story. That was a good story, but now I’m bored. Tell me another story. Please? I need another story. I’m listening. I’m watching. Tell me a story.”

And the anchors oblige.

They deal the drug.

But to get the drug, the audience has to surrender everything they question. They have to submit to the flicker effect and go under. Actually, surrendering to the flicker effect deepens the addiction.

And the drug deal is consummated.

Welcome to television coverage.

The Matrix Revealed

Finally, while under hypnosis, the viewing audience is treated to a segue (transition) that leads to…the guns. Something has to be done about the guns. The mind-control operation that brought the passive audience to this point takes them to the next moment of surrender, as if it were part of the same overall Sandy Hook story:

Give up the guns.

In their entrained and tranced state of mind, viewers don’t ask why law-enforcement agencies are so massively armed to do police work in America, why those agencies have ordered well over a billion rounds of ammunition in the last six months, why every day the invasive surveillance of the population moves in deeper and deeper.

Viewers, in their trance, simply assume government is benevolent and should be weaponized to the teeth, because those viewers also assume the television anchors are government allies and spokespeople, and aren’t those anchors good and kind and thoughtful and intelligent and honorable?

Therefore, isn’t the government also kind and honorable?

In case you think the public is too stupid to emerge from its trance, and would never be able to follow a line of rational discourse, if by some miracle television anchors presented one, I disagree.

During my investigation of the 1995 Oklahoma City Bombing, I encountered several local citizens who were exceedingly awake, alert, and helpful. Again and again over the years, I have had help from private citizens in my research.

This is why I’ve always supported the idea of citizen grand juries, convened to investigate crimes in the area where they live. Tasked to discover the truth, wherever it leads, such people would suddenly display surprising skills. Opportunity is all that is necessary.

The media put people under, flick the on-off switches that short-circuit logic. The media practice hypnosis. The media work for surrender of the mind. The media present boggling absurdities that put the mind to sleep. The media appoint themselves as the final authorities.

This is perverse theater.

That’s all it is.

Jon Rappoport is the author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALEDEXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

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28 thoughts on “Jon Rappoport, Mind control achieved through the “information flicker effect””

  1. NOW I know America is finished!


    Isn’t that precious!

    Of course, having taken a second third and fourth look at the “revised” Smith-Mundt Act, anything posted from sources like Breitbart, Drudge (whom I never quote) and yes, even ZH and Whatfinger, could well be government produced or government supported propaganda.
    But, I continue, idiot that I am.


  2. Adding to my post of 4:15 today…here’s the entire S-M Modernization Act of 2012

    I could well be missing or not reading something correctly……governmental language is worse than legaleeze and would just love to be corrected. BUT, up until starting to read Maxwell’s book this AM, I was under the impression this act via Obama’s signing it ALLOWED for propaganda to be disseminated within the US, resulting in all these ff’s since 2012. Again, what have I and others missed? See section 208 (a).

    H. R. 5736

    To amend the United States Information and Educational Exchange Act of 1948 to authorize the domestic dissemination of information and material about the United States intended primarily for foreign audiences, and for other purposes.

    May 10, 2012
    Mr. Thornberry (for himself and Mr. Smith of Washington) introduced the following bill; which was referred to the Committee on Foreign Affairs

    A BILL
    To amend the United States Information and Educational Exchange Act of 1948 to authorize the domestic dissemination of information and material about the United States intended primarily for foreign audiences, and for other purposes.

    Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled,


    This Act may be cited as the “Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012”.


    (a) United States Information And Educational Exchange Act Of 1948.—Section 501 of the United States Information and Educational Exchange Act of 1948 (22 U.S.C. 1461) is amended to read as follows:


    “Sec. 501. (a) The Secretary and the Broadcasting Board of Governors are authorized to use funds appropriated or otherwise made available for public diplomacy information programs to provide for the preparation, dissemination, and use of information intended for foreign audiences abroad about the United States, its people, and its policies, through press, publications, radio, motion pictures, the Internet, and other information media, including social media, and through information centers, instructors, and other direct or indirect means of communication.

    “(b) (1) Except as provided in paragraph (2), the Secretary and the Broadcasting Board of Governors may, upon request and reimbursement of the reasonable costs incurred in fulfilling such a request, make available, in the United States, motion pictures, films, video, audio, and other materials prepared for dissemination abroad or disseminated abroad pursuant to this Act, the United States International Broadcasting Act of 1994 (22 U.S.C. 6201 et seq.), the Radio Broadcasting to Cuba Act (22 U.S.C. 1465 et seq.), or the Television Broadcasting to Cuba Act (22 U.S.C. 1465aa et seq.). The Secretary and the Broadcasting Board of Governors shall issue necessary regulations—

    “(A) to establish procedures to maintain such material;

    “(B) for reimbursement of the reasonable costs incurred in fulfilling requests for such material; and

    “(C) to ensure that the persons seeking release of such material have secured and paid for necessary United States rights and licenses.

    “(2) With respect to material prepared for dissemination abroad or disseminated abroad before the effective date of the Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012—

    “(A) the Secretary and the Broadcasting Board of Governors shall make available to the Archivist of the United States, for domestic distribution, motion pictures, films, videotapes, and other material 12 years after the initial dissemination of the material abroad; and

    “(B) the Archivist shall be the official custodian of the material and shall issue necessary regulations to ensure that persons seeking its release in the United States have secured and paid for necessary United States rights and licenses and that all costs associated with the provision of the material by the Archivist shall be paid by the persons seeking its release, in accordance with paragraph (3).

    “(3) The Archivist may charge fees to recover the costs described in paragraph (2), in accordance with section 2116(c) of title 44. Such fees shall be paid into, administered, and expended as part of the National Archives Trust Fund.

    “(c) Nothing in this section may be construed to require the Secretary or the Broadcasting Board of Governors to make material disseminated abroad available in any format other than in the format disseminated abroad.”.

    (b) Rule Of Construction.—Nothing in this section may be construed to affect the allocation of funds appropriated or otherwise made specifically available for public diplomacy.

    (c) Foreign Relations Authorization Act, Fiscal Years 1986 And 1987.—Section 208 of the Foreign Relations Authorization Act, Fiscal Years 1986 and 1987 (22 U.S.C. 1461–1a) is amended to read as follows:


    “(a) In General.—(((((NO FUNDS AUTHORIZED TO BE APPROPRIATED TO THE DEPARTMENT OF STATE OR THE BROADCASTING BOARD OF GOVERNORS SHALL BE USED TO INFLUENCE PUBLIC OPINION IN THE UNITED STATES)))))) This section shall apply only to programs carried out pursuant to the United States Information and Educational Exchange Act of 1948 (22 U.S.C. 1431 et seq.), the United States International Broadcasting Act of 1994 (22 U.S.C. 6201 et seq.), the Radio Broadcasting to Cuba Act (22 U.S.C. 1465 et seq.), and the Television Broadcasting to Cuba Act (22 U.S.C. 1465aa et seq.). This section shall not prohibit or delay the Department of State or the Broadcasting Board of Governors from providing information about its operations, policies, programs, or program material, or making such available, to the media, public, or Congress, in accordance with other applicable law.

    “(b) Rule Of Construction.—Nothing in this section shall be construed to prohibit the Department of State or the Broadcasting Board of Governors from engaging in any medium or form of communication, either directly or indirectly, because a United States domestic audience is or may be thereby exposed to program material, or based on a presumption of such exposure. Such material may be made available within the United States and disseminated, when appropriate, pursuant to sections 502 and 1005 of the United States Information and Educational Exchange Act of 1948 (22 U.S.C. 1462 and 1437), except that nothing in this section may be construed to authorize the Department of State or the Broadcasting Board of Governors to disseminate within the United States any program material prepared for dissemination abroad on or before the effective date of the Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012.

    “(c) Application.—The provisions of this section shall apply only to the Department of State and the Broadcasting Board of Governors and to no other department or agency of the Federal Government.”.

    (d) Conforming Amendments.—The United States Information and Educational Exchange Act of 1948 is amended—

    (1) in section 502 (22 U.S.C. 1462)—

    (A) by inserting “and the Broadcasting Board of Governors” after “Secretary”; and

    (B) by inserting “or the Broadcasting Board of Governors” after “Department”; and

    (2) in section 1005 (22 U.S.C. 1437), by inserting “and the Broadcasting Board of Governors” after “Secretary” each place it appears.

    (e) Effective Date.—This Act shall take effect and apply on the date that is 180 days after the date of the enactment of this Act.

    1. Anyone? Please. Considering we have based all these false flags on Obama “modernizing” the S-M Act, it would be of monumental importance to clarify what’s going on here. Is Ms. Maxwell correct or are all of us who have been blaming the S-M Act on all these ff’s? Again, here is her statement from her book (page 36 or so)

      In 2012, the bill called for modification of the Smith-Mundt
      Act of 1948. That law had funded US overseas broadcasts such
      as by the Voice of America and Liberty Radio. This was just
      after World War II ended, and the plan was to downsize a
      bit. Smith-Mundt forbade the stuff we send overseas from
      doubling back onto the US audience as propaganda.

      The 2012 NDA Act, incorporating the Thornberry Act, DOES
      NOT — as some have reported — suddenly allow the
      government to try to influence public opinion. It only lifts
      some of the restrictions formerly imposed on the State
      Department. Propaganda is STILL A NO-NO IN AMERICA.
      My answer to the question “Is there a license to lie?” is: Of
      course not! My answer to the question “Is it legal for the US
      government to propagandize the citizenry in any way, shape,
      or form?” is: “Surely you jest.”

      Maxwell is wrong and I am wrong for believing what she has said OR we are both somehow mis-interpreting what is actually said in the revised act and those who attribute all these ff’s to the revision are correct:


      “(a) In General.—No funds authorized to be appropriated to the Department of State or the Broadcasting Board of Governors******* shall be used to influence public opinion in the United States. *******

      Can I hear an Amen? Something? Anything?

      1. Of course, I believe that Mary is (in this instance) mistaken. Some discussions:

        SEARCH: US authorizes propaganda by nullifying the Smith-Mundt Act of 1948

        About 14,000 results (0.60 seconds)

        Facts About Smith-Mundt Modernization – USAGM › oversight › legislation › smith…
        This is due to a law that went into effect on July 2, 2013, amending the U.S. Information and Educational Exchange Act of 1948, known as the Smith-Mundt …
        Missing: nullifying ‎| Must include: nullifying

        The NDAA Legalizes The Use Of Propaganda On The US Public › … › Politics
        May 21, 2012 — and passed in the House last Friday afternoon — would effectively nullify the Smith-Mundt Act of 1948, which explicitly forbids information and psychological …

        US Domestic Propaganda Officially Aired – Business Insider › … › Politics
        Jul 16, 2013 — The reform effectively nullifies the Smith-Mundt Act of 1948, which was amended in 1985 specifically to prohibit U.S. organizations from …

        by WR Sager · 2015 · Cited by 19 — United States. A longstanding provision contained within the Information and Educational Exchange Act of 1948 (commonly known as the Smith–. Mundt Act) …
        Missing: nullifying ‎| Must include: nullifying

      2. Then the actual law itself which I quoted above (in it’s entirety as far as I can tell) and below is being misread by Maxwell, mis-followed by our masters or is a hoax?

        Jim…I am currently following the sources you present and will report back….BUT, I have presented the act itself….actual source below. …which was to go in effect 180 days after the enactment of “This Act”.

        So, I guess what I am asking is do we believe the actual act itself or secondary sources….(which I will check out ASAP)?

        “(a) In General.—No funds authorized to be appropriated to the Department of State or the Broadcasting Board of Governors******* shall be used to influence public opinion in the United States. *******

        Incidentally, have you ever discussed this with Maxwell. I would be curious to know the outcome.

        BTW, I vaguely remember going through this quite a while back, but do not recall the outcome.

        OK….the first two sources are similar and just reiterate what’s in the act itself. The third Apple Pie source with the pdf actually analyzes the original Act which I have posted and how it was stuck into the NDAA of 2013. When I have time, I’ll read that section more carefully (starts around page 17 of that pdf). But, I have to say, I still see nothing even within the analysis that would allow this government to pull off one false flag after another under the auspices of the NDAA of 2013.

        I am not trying to be contentious. I am just trying to find the truth and what allows our own government to consistently lie to We the People without repercussions.

  3. Jim…from Mary Maxwell’s “Reality” (mentioned on NTK yesterday)…what’s your take?

    Anyway, the word has passed around that the “new law” that
    okays crisis acting is contained in the 2012 NDAA, the
    National Defense Authorization Act. Every two years
    Congress authorizes all upcoming expenses for the army, navy,
    air force, and now the space force. Most Congresspersons are
    eager to vote for the passage of the bill as it contains some pork
    for their constituents. Often something gets snuck into the
    NDAA at the last minute (as an “amendment”).

    In 2012, the bill called for modification of the Smith-Mundt Act of 1948. That law had funded US overseas broadcasts such as by the Voice of America and Liberty Radio. This was just after World War II ended, and the plan was to downsize a bit. Smith-Mundt forbade the stuff we send overseas from doubling back onto the US audience as propaganda. 36 The 2012 NDA Act, incorporating the Thornberry Act, does not — as some have reported — suddenly allow the government to try to influence public opinion. IT ONLY LIFTS SOME OF THE RESTRICTIONS formerly imposed on the State Department. Propaganda is still a no-no in America. My answer to the question “Is there a license to lie?” is: Of course not! My answer to the question “Is it legal for the US government to propagandize the citizenry in any way, shape, or form?” is: “SURELY YOU JEST”.

    Me….That statement comes as quite a surprise…especially to me. What did I (we?) miss?

    1. Following up with Jim Stone’s take….and he has it right!

      “Of course everyone involved in the Trump collusion case will be acquitted!
      HA HA, what did anyone think this was? a fight to end corruption?? HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! 2000 mules will save the president, If ONLY we could bust them good enough the system will listen!!! HA. FACT: Hillary could flame throw a daycare convention, burning everyone to death and they’d find a way to blame Trump for it while hillary re-fuels for another blast. Welcome to what a banana republic looks like, Trump should DEFINITELY have been giving helicopter rides. Give everyone a VIP seat on his jet and then miss the flight himself. Autopilot takeoff. Jet disposable. ONLY THAT x50 will solve America’s problem.”

      Me….we’re tip-toeing through the tulips when it’s really poison ivy and we should be burning it down. Dankof in that top article basically says the same. Fight fire with fire….stop using knives, expecting to stop bullets….that only happens in ninja fantasy movies. It’s time for top-notch snipers to come forward.

  4. Pingback: Chilling images show students atSalvador Ramos’ HS pretending to bedead during active-shooter drill – AndronETalksNews
  5. As an exercise, go tomorrow and scream, “hey, I’m here to kill you all”. See what happens. Yet, Louse Slob, father of Justin Turdeau, pontificates continuously that “I’m here to kill you’se all” and see what happens to that oleaginous blob of esterified garbage. Nothing at all… see if any judge will give permission to wreck the stones. Doubt it. If there was any justice in the country, it would be perfectly OK to smash the stones, but most likely potential judges would have been bribed to lay off the demolition job. The Uvalde job sounds too much like Sandy Hook to me.

    1. I see the “Stones” as a written threat against the people of the world. If this had been written in the NYT, how long would it last? Would it be published to begin with? So, who or what gave permission to the entity, group or person to write the same in stone? I don’t need no “stinking” judge for permission to remove a threat to my life. I see it as self defense.

      “Tear that crap down”.

  6. This is a new live stream from the Texas “shooting” supposedly as it was happening. Those filming it and confronting the police seem authentic. It’s almost an hour long and so far, I see no breaks. Looks like they are from the neighborhood and have children in the school. But who knows. NOTHING is certain any longer. By far, if authentic, best I have seen to date.
    Could be we need PI Davidson to analyze the suns position.

    1. Well, the sun seems in the right place for the “shooting” to have started at 11:32.
      Anyway, there is something about this hour long live stream that does not ring true….either with the guy streaming or the entire atmosphere…maybe both. I sense NO URGENCY…no emergency….no panic. It feels like a Hollywood set under direction. That woman in turquoise seems to have something to do with it. Is the fellow streaming real or just there to make it feel authentic? Hard to say. One thing for sure is that he’s not a photo journalist or any kind of pro.
      He’s just there, not trying to see what’s really going on. If 19 children were killed, where are the ambulances…19 of ’em, eh? The “cops” seemed to want everyone BEHIND the buses…away from the front door on the other side. At the end, they seem to have taken children into the bus. Why? And one jumps out of the back window apparently into the arms of someone who knows him. Again, why? Finally, where are the other videos. If this was authentic, there is no way only one person would have recorded it. Again, it looks more like a controlled and staged happening. Everyone had their role…even the children.

  7. The Federal government planned and executed this massacre at the middle school in TX . Salvador was only a patsy….who they later killed. All very typical of many false flags. The Feds have no qualms about killing anyone, even little children, to achieve their fantasies about changing the Bill of Rights.


    1. QUICK.!!!! Get the bulldozers rolling, we’ve got to make that school in Uvalde disappear into the place where that school in Sandy Hook disappeared. A black hole where all of these Federal hoaxes go…..a place never to be seen again.

      File: ”dig it deep boys, make that school disappear”


  8. A letter to Benjamin Fulford and his reply with which I absolutely disagree. That question in the letter is a damn good one. Why would we allow the Georgia Guidestones to stand, private property or not, when they arrogantly profess our own demise? His application of Franklin’s famous quote is over the top. If we accept that premise, do we not also accept it’s OK to open our borders in the name of freedom? And his mention of concentration camps?
    Are they little different than Guantanamo or those from January 6th being held in deplorable conditions. Or how about the Japanese Interment Camps during WW II? And, yes, there is even a limit to freedom of speech on this very blog. If the Constitution is a “living document” than it must adapt to something like the Georgia Guidestones of which the founders would never have dreamed. Our own demise written in stone as if it’s a given and unstoppable! Give me a break! Remember, JC did say to turn the other cheek, but he also overturned the tables of the money changers. Everything and everyone has their limits.
    I say tear the damn thing down.

    May 29, 2022
    Letters to the Editor
    By Windlander Letters to the Editor
    “Thank you for another affirming report that assures we are

    I want so much to believe you, but a weakness in the white hat
    progress to victory troubles me.

    If I am a Swiss soldier we are asking to arrest the psychopaths
    assembled in Switzerland and rid the world of the very monsters
    who openly plan to kill us, I have to be sure the white hats and
    the elders will protect me and my family from the real possibility
    of torture and death, not to mention the loss of my career and

    I will have a nagging feeling I may not have the support and protection
    that would give me confidence to “do the right thing”.

    Something in the predictions of white hat victory suffer from a
    longstanding noticeable lack of real action that would inspire me to make a hero’s

    In 1980, the Georgia Guidestones were erected on a hill in Georgia
    proclaiming a set of ten guidelines inscribed on the structure in eight modern languages and a shorter message inscribed at the top of the structure in four ancient language scripts.

    And what do these inscriptions declare?

    In the briefest and boldest words possible, the guidestones tell the world exactly
    what the monsters in the Switzerland meeting took days to review and refresh.

    That they will kill all but 150 million of the people on earth and enslave the rest.

    No warplanes circle above these blatant and defiant promises of enslavement and death.

    No soldiers patrol their perimeter to protect them.

    In 42 years, other than a little graffiti, they have stood unchanged, daring
    all patriots and lovers of life to do something about it.

    As that Swiss soldier considers turning on the very leaders who are paying him well,
    I have to ask myself:

    “Why am I being asked to risk my life and my family when there is not one patriot
    or white hat in the entire United States with the conviction and courage to blow those
    19 ft tall abominations into a pile of rocks?”

    And if I am Klaus and his minions continuing our plans without interruptions to carry out
    our declared program of murder and enslavement of the entire planet, I would smile
    at those who keep announcing the white hats are winning because they can’t even remove
    our beloved Georgia Guidestones–a stationary unprotected target fearlessly declaring
    annihilation in the faces of all humanity for 42 years.” –Anon

    Destroying the Georgia Guidestones would be like destroying the concentration camps. It is better to keep them as proof of the malivolent intentions of the Khazarian mafia who seized power in the West.
    In any case, my message to the Swiss soldiers is that freedom is something worth fighting for. To paraphrase Benjamin Franklin, “if you are willing to give up your freedom for a bit of security, you deserve neither.” – Benjamin Fulford

  9. OK….One more post for today. I was going to wait until tomorrow, but this information is SO definitive as to the fraud of this Texas shooting that I had to get it up. The following info puts this recent show/play/movie in the 100% + fake category. It’s undeniable. Mistakes like this are not real errors. They are in your face saying…”So effing what…what are you going to do about it? Nothing, that’s what! We have the media by the short hairs …..they and you have no choice but to accept what we tell you happened the way we said it happened…glitches or not. And if you question it, we will deem you a domestic terrorist and you will disappear into the void.”
    The two videos will show you they have presented two fathers for one supposedly murdered child. Even the names of the child and the fathers are different, but the girl is the same. It’s not even necessary to pay that much attention. BUT, in looking closely, I also posit they have presented THREE different fathers. I could be incorrect, but after enlarging the ears on the father in the first video in the black polo and the father in the salmon colored short sleeved shirt in the second video in which they compare him to the heavy set father with a beard, he is not the same one as in the first video. It’s truly insane. It’s madness, it really is. We are dealing with a degree of cosmic arrogance that is mind altering in it’s implications. Both are short, so please take a good look.

    Video 1

    Video 2

    1. Jim Stone’s take on the same gaff, although he has apparently not seen the video with whom I think is yet another father…the guy in the black polo in the first video in my previous post. It’s no revelation that when Anderson (disappearing nose) Cooper is involved in anything, so is the CIA.


      “A MASSIVE screwup was made with the crisis actors
      Two different crisis actor dads claimed the same daughter with the same name and same honor roll certificate as their daughter, both dads claiming the same last name and were broadcast on two different networks.
      Two different dads on two different networks claimed the same daughter as theirs because there was some sort of organizational issue with which dead kids each fake parent was supposed to claim. They screwed one up and the screwup was bad enough to prove the dads were not mistaken because they both had the same script for the same girl. It appears they accidentally took two photos of the same girl with the same honor roll certificate and they forgot to delete one, so both entered the psy op system and both got mailed out to two different networks that had two different guys role play the dad. Biggest screwup ever done and they call US the “tinfoil hatters”.”

      Video from Stone’s site (same as second video I had put up)

      1. OK, here’s a comparison of the ears of the father in the black polo and the one in the salmon colored T. I do not see them as the same (is it the lighting?)….even though it’s the right ear of the salmon T shirt father and the left of the black polo father. See what you think….hope it comes through. Black polo father’s ear will come out in the next post


  10. I think I’m going to call my next band the Lone Gunmen. I am not buying the timeline provided by the “Chief” of the Texas Rangers. Apparently Police were counting on the Shooter to die of old age. What do the regulars think of the time line? The Chief said he wasn’t there to assign any blame. Then he went on to describe the hour plus spent not killing the guy.

    Crises actors playing a kid and several “grieving” parents are being trotted out. The little boy described playing dead next to his freshly killed classmate. He was far too composed to be real. I did not get any sense of trauma out of these performances.

    Trump’s speech at the NRA was pretty strong, I thought.

    1. Adding to the recent afternoon comedy show at Robb Elementary (which you can bet will not be there for long….SH Part Two…demolition derby…ndas and all those tried and true routines), here’s a comment from the “Texas Story” on Rumor Mills: (hell, if I can afford all this by working 8 hours at Big Macs, sign me up…there must be some amazing benefits)

      Texas School Shooter

      Posted By: Liberty_Lady [Send E-Mail]
      Date: Sunday, 29-May-2022 19:02:43

      A friend in Texas sent this to me. He received it from a contact who has some dealings with ‘intelligence’ people. I have not verified the points he is making. He could be right or wrong. But, he has raised some interesting points. Some I already talked about.

      Starting with Dragon’s comments:

      What follows is an e-mail I got from “John”. That is, of course, a pseudonym. He won’t let me reveal his real name. He might be a target, too. Sufficient to say that he is well connected with the “intelligence” community. The problem is bigger than the Lame Stream media is telling us.

      ‘John’s’ remarks:

      On the School shooting, a couple of problems. This was an 18 year old ILLEGAL who lived with his grandma. He had a part time job at McDonald’s (8 hours a week), at minimum wage. He liked to dress up in girl’s clothes, and had a very expensive wardrobe of these clothes. He had dropped out of school because it interfered with his video game playing. Brand new expensive game console. He had a brand new F250 pickup, with all the bells and whistles. He had 2 Brand new Daniel Defense (brand) AR15/M4 rifles, equipped with Military grade Optics. Each rifle is between 3,000 and 4,000 dollars. He had several thousand rounds of Military grade ammunition. And he had a thousand dollar bullet proof vest. All from a part time job at McDonald’s..

      Ford F250 Platinum $71,000.00
      Clothes $3000,00
      Game Console $500.00
      Rifles $6000.00/$8,000.00
      Optics $1000.00

      Ammunition $900.00
      Body Armor $1000.00
      Total $83,400.00
      On Minimum Wage
      Part Time
      At McDonald’s

      John commenting:

      And add to the fact that those rifles were EXACTLY like one of the rifles from the Las Vegas “shooter”. EXACTLY, down to the optics, AND the vertical fore-grip. And that particular configuration is only available to “Military and Law Enforcement”. As Gallagher often said, things that make you go Hmmmm. A million years ago, I was AFSOC 3rd Psyops. I KNOW a Psyop Op when I see one. And the “cops” not only hid outside like the Cowards they are, but they tasered one of the parents for trying to protect their kid (who was killed). Had it not been for an off duty Border Patrol agent, who was getting a haircut, who borrowed a shotgun from his Barber, made his way inside the school, and blew the shooter away, who knows how many more kids the cops would have helped him kill. The cops were hiding outside, in full body armor, bristling with weapons. This guy, getting a haircut, in shorts and flip flops, did their job for them. They don’t need to be fired, they need to be charged with Dereliction of Duty, and Accessory to 19 counts of intentional Homicide.

      All in all, the REALITY is simple. The Democratic Party will stop at Nothing to pursue their anti-gun agenda. I mean, there are 2,996 people, who were in New York in September a few years back who PROVE TPTBs will sacrifice ALL of us to get what they want. This was a planned Op, by an FBI/CIA Asset.

      Liberty Lady:

      Thanks, Dragon. Whether or not all of these points are correct, it should make all of us sit up and take notice. Expect more of this nonsense between now and November. I expect, as a last ditch effort, the loony tune in the White House will declare martial law to stop the election and give him the excuse he needs to come for our guns. That will be Decision Day for Americans.
      Who in the military, three letter agencies and law enforcement at all levels will decide whether or not the Constitution and Bill of Rights are worth defending and maybe dying for? What will we civilians decide to do?

      What was it Thomas Jefferson said? “The Tree of Liberty must be refreshed from time to time, with the blood of tyrants and patriots.” I would say, it’s about time.


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