Edward Hendrie, Shooter’s Video Reveals That the Buffalo Shooting Was Fake


Below is a video of the May 14, 2022, Buffalo, NY, shooting taken by a camera apparently attached to the headgear worn by the alleged shooter. We can see his view of the alleged shooting. But the video shows that the shooting is fake. BitChute took the video down from its video streaming website, stating: “This video is blocked under the following Community Guideline: Abhorrent Violence.”

Of course, former Vice President Biden would never let a good tragedy go to waste, especially when orchestrated by his friends at the CIA. He has used the shooting to whip up racial hatred and call for new gun control measures.

To watch Brian Davidson’s dissection, click here: Buffalo Shooting Video Fake Special Repor

Watch closely in the video at the man standing near the trunk as the alleged shooter exits his car. The shooter allegedly shoots a lady, but the person standing near the trunk falls over as though he is shot also. The problem is that he could not have been shot. The shooter was using what appeared to be an AR15. That weapon shoots a .223 caliber bullet on a very precise trajectory. It was impossible for the gun pointed at the woman to shoot the man.

The script called for the gunman to shoot the lady and the man near the car trunk. It appears that the man near the trunk followed the script and fell to that ground as though being shot. The gunman realized he forgot to shoot the man at the trunk and panned the mussel of his gun back to him to shoot him. But the man had already fallen to the ground as he was instructed according to the script. The gunman had to improvise and shot the man as he was on the ground.

Full Video of Buffalo NY Alleged Shooting.

Since posting this blog a number of people have noted the convincing fall by the woman in the blue dress. Her fall is not convincing to those familiar with wound ballistics. Indeed, it is rather suspicious and yet another reason to disbelieve the authenticity of the shooting.


A person would only fall as that woman fell if she were shot in the head. It is obvious that the woman was not shot in the head because of the complete lack of blood. A head wound would cause an explosive amount of blood to be extruded from the massive exit wound.


In a case where a gunshot strikes the heart causing it to stop immediately, there is enough residual oxygen in the blood to allow a person with a stopped heart to continue to function for 10 to 15 seconds before incapacitation. See Urey Patrick & John Hall, In Defense of Self and Others (2004). For instance in a case where a knife attacker is charging at a victim “[t]he harsh reality in such circumstance is that unless the shot happens to hit the attacker in the central nervous system, the attack will succeed.” Id. at 109. The woman in the video was not shot in the head.


Assume that the person is not shot directly in the heart but is shot and is bleeding profusely. Total incapacitation by blood loss does not begin to occur until the shooting victim loses approximately 20%-25% of her blood.  Such blood loss in an average healthy adult would take approximately 5 seconds assuming the largest artery in the human body (thoracic artery) was severed. It is notable that in the Buffalo shooting scenario there was no visible blood flowing from the woman’s body. There is simply no way to explain her immediate incapacitation.


A number of anecdotal cases were presented in which the victims of the gunshots, including those shot through the heart, continued to engage in strenuous physical activity before they finally died.  Patrick & Hall at 64 (citing Levy, V., et al., Survival Time in Gunshot and Stab Wound Victims, The American Journal of Forensic Medicine and Pathology 1988; 9(3)).  Washington v. Starke, 855 F.2d 346 (6th Cir. 1988) (after being shot in the back of the head by an officer with a .38 caliber handgun, the subject ran for a distance of 298 feet, before collapsing and dying from the wound); Jones v. Wittenberg University, 534 F.2d 1203 (6th Cir. 1976) (after being shot in the chest by a security guard, the subject kept running for a distance of 30 to 40 yards, before he collapsed and died); Amato v. United States, 549 F. Supp. 863 (D.N.J. 1982), aff’d, 729 F.2d 1445 (3d Cir. 1984) (A perimeter was set up in order to arrest the robbers as they exited the bank.  As the robbers ran from the bank one of the bank robbers fired on the agents who were converging on them.  The chain reaction caused by that shot was described by the court as equivalent to the splitting of an atom.  Eleven agents fired 39 rounds which included 281 bullets and buckshot pellets.  The bank robber who fired on the agents was killed.  However, it is notable that the other bank robber survived the shooting, even though he suffered 65 bullet wounds); Goold v. Saunders, 194 N.W. 227 (Iowa 1923) (plaintiff survives after being shot with 125 bullets).


In the April 11, 1986, FBI Miami Shootout, bank robbers William Matix and Michael Platt were each wounded with several rounds, but were able to continue to shoot at FBI Agents for over 4 minutes killing two FBI Agents and wounding an additional five agents before Matix and Platt were finally killed.  Matix was shot 6 times and Platt was shot 12 times during the shootout.  Greg Solano, Knife verses Gun, Police Shootings, Sheriff Greg Solano Blog, (September 06, 2006).  Dr. W. French Anderson analyzed the FBI Miami Shootout in detail.  His analysis revealed that the first wound suffered by Michael Platt to his right upper arm and chest was unsurvivable and was the primary injury responsible for Platt’s death.  However, after receiving that fatal wound, Platt continued to engage the FBI Agents in the gun battle and suffered 5 more gunshot wounds in the minutes before he shot and killed two FBI Agents and seriously wounded at least one other agent.  At the beginning of the gun battle, William Matix was shot in his arm and head and fell unconscious.  After several minutes, he regained consciousness and rejoined the gun battle, firing his gun at the FBI Agents and local police officers who arrived at the scene before he was finally shot and killed by an FBI Agent.  W. French Anderson, M.D., Forensic Analysis of the April 11, 1986, FBI Firefight, Firearms Tactical Institute.


The woman’s fall in the video was certainly an amazing piece of stunt work. which was obviously well-practiced in order to sell the shooting. But keep in mind that her fall like that after being shot in the torso sells the shooting to most people who are not aware of the effect of bullets on the human body. Knowledgeable persons know that a torso shot is NOT immediately incapacitating where the person loses all function within a millisecond. Her fall impeaches the authenticity of the shooting.


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14 thoughts on “Edward Hendrie, Shooter’s Video Reveals That the Buffalo Shooting Was Fake”

  1. Holy Insurrection, Batfolk. It’s the Stephen Colbert Army being allowed to raid Republican offices with “shit”…er I mean Schiff’s permission. Imagine that! Who put that shoe on the other foot? Hold them for a couple of years without charges. The precedent has been set.
    A production team from “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” was arrested on Thursday night at the US Capitol and charged with unlawful entry, according to The Wrap.


    Colbert Crew Arrested At US Capitol


    🚨 #BREAKING: On the 50th anniversary of the Watergate break-in, @RepAdamSchiff’s cronies sneak in Stephen Colbert’s staffers and provide unauthorized reconnaissance tours of Republican offices throughout Capitol Hill. pic.twitter.com/XHbLdGKRka

    — House Judiciary GOP (@JudiciaryGOP) June 18, 2022

    On Thursday night, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson joked that the Colbert staffers “committed insurrection,” adding “Adam Schiff gave producers from CBS access to the Capitol. And then the group remained in the Longworth House Office Building after hours.”

    “It is likely that some members of Stephen Colbert’s team will be held in solitary confinement for a year and a half without being charged” Carlson asked, rhetorically. “Because this is an insurrection. Joking aside, how could they not be held? – The precedent is in place.”

  2. Its easy to see why old Joe fell down. His legs are not as responsive and strong as a young person. His extended leg collapsed when he tried to support his weight/& bike. We can also see this aging in the way he walks. His walk is not smooth and agile as a younger persons’.
    His ditzy wife loves the glamour of the White House and is desperate to remain there as long as Joe is breathing.


    1. Don, if you look carefully at this 8 second video, you will notice his foot was stuck in the toe clip, so as he tried to remove it to get his support with his right leg, he could not and his weight carried him to his right and the ground. I doubt he’s used to toe clips. This seems to be a failed photo op. His handlers were more than dumb to have him use toe clips for recreational biking. As a long distance biker, I can tell you there was no need.

      1. He was too slow and unagile to quickly remove his toe from the clip, hence, old Joe fell to the ground.
        This is a perfect way to break a hip and be handicapped for the rest of your life.

        “Joe, stop with the bikes.”

      1. That’s a Biden lie…..again.

        A fraction of a second can mean a lot in bike riding. When riding a bike, your reactions must be instantaneous.

      2. Don, Biden is going on 80 years old, but that is no reason not to be riding a bike. This was more than obviously a photo op (as I have mentioned) to attempt to show his physical health. It failed because his handlers gave him a bike that had toe clips. He’s probably never used them before and was therefore inept at getting off the bike with the clips on his toes. When I first started using them on long trips…in my 20’s, I was the same way. It takes some practice. There is little doubt Biden is frail and awkward, but this was a result of his handlers idiocy, not his as far as I can tell Fair is fair.
        Could he have refused to ride with the clips? Sure. But Biden is an unthinking puppet and does what he is told.

  3. An excellent article from ZH including some superb vids and links. Short and to the point.

    Me…They will NEVER get our weapons. But in a strange way, I hope they try. It may be the only way we regain our power as WE THE PEOPLE!

    If ‘Gun Control’ Doesn’t Disarm the Government, It Is Authoritarian Propaganda


    “Mass murder isn’t restricted to so-called “communist” or “fascist” dictators. The “liberal” US government is historically murderous itself. As Martin Luther King Jr. noted, the US government is indisputably the biggest purveyor of violence in the post-WWII world.”

    “Sitting ducks: the corporate state’s wet dream
    The central point can’t be emphasized strongly enough: the government doesn’t want to protect anyone but the elites who pull the strings behind the scenes. They want a submissive, complacent, defanged populace.

    What they want is a pack of sitting ducks, unable to defend themselves, kept in a state of continual terror via the Permanent Emergency, waiting to be herded to and fro from crisis to crisis via trauma-based conditioning.”

    “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by an endless series of hobgoblins, most of them imaginary.”
    -H.L. Mencken

    1. Thanks for the link Will. I think one of the most poignant paragraph in that article was this one. “ The grassroots right, which unfortunately has traditionally licked the boots of the police, is slowly waking up to that reality as the national security state trains its sights on “domestic extremists” (code for “anyone not on board with the neoliberal multinational WEF model of governance”).

      Back here in God’s back of South Dakota I’ve seen quite a few back the blue license plates and signs. I’ve always said to my super conservative Christians Anglo Americans friends that their belief in that Policeman are their friends and protectors is delusional and childlike. And it will be the death of this country.

      1. Salty, we need law enforcement, but not in its present form. On a federal and big city level, it’s corrupt to the marrow. Even on local levels the same is true, but not to the degree as in larger cities. A former sheriff here in Suwannee county was the biggest dealer (little smoke) in the area. But for the most part, I stay clear of the law, so I cannot say much. I did have the DEA give me a visit about ten years ago. I’ll leave it at that.

        I’ve posted an email address here several times per your request, but things get lost easily, but that one is now defunct, so if you still wish to contact me, Jim has permission to give you my regular email.

  4. They’re not blocking the video (even on Jim’s BitChute) because it’s “graphic”. Where’s the blood, eh? Where’s the gore, eh? There’s more of that in those damn video games….way the hell more. They’re blocking it to create the illusion of fear and because it’s so badly done. And it’s not poorly done (as with most others) out of negligence. It’s poorly done out of hubris and a power play. “Yeah, so what are you going to do about it?” Nothing….they control the media and the narrative. They care not if you know it’s staged. So, a woman gets shot in the head from three feet at the most and her hair blows around when her head should be coming off. Another woman gets shot in the parking lot and instead of being blown back, she falls forward. Kinda like JFK in the limo, eh? Hey, that’s their new reality. Take it or leave it. It is what WE say it is. YOU have no input. It’s a chess game and most of the populace is playing checkers. They have yet to realize (and likely never will) how powerful the pawn can be. AND, they own the chessboard. We the People have NO or very little ACCESS. We need a new game that we control to which THEY have little access. This world is driven by corporate power. And all that corporation wants to do is sell us something….anything….
    Stop buying what they have to sell. Game over.
    But we don’t want solutions.
    …seems we like the game MORE than we want solutions.
    At least that’s what I get.

  5. Jill and Joe play the role of stooge like professionals. Obama and his gang were the same. Obama was always in a huge hurry to rush to his fake shootings and cry fake tears while talking about gun control.

    Like I have said before, if you see Anderson Cooper on site consoling the bereaved, its a guaranteed FAKE.
    Even President Trump went to Shanksville to act in the silliness.
    I like to see movies and all of the Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah action but it gets very sad and boring when we realize that the highest office in the land is occupied by nothing but crisis actors… one after the other.



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