Baxter Dmitry, NASA Finally Reveals the Truth About Fake Moon Landings

[Editor’s note: If you have any doubts about whether or not we went to the moon, check out “The Moon Landing Hoax: How We Know We Didn’t Go” (31 May 2020), which ought to resolve them. This appears to be on the up-and-up. And listen closely to Buzz with the little girl. If you want more proof beyond what I have provided, check this out as well:
And listen closely to Buzz with the little girl. One of the greatest mass illusions of all!]

Did you know NASA has finally revealed the truth about the fake moon landings?

Mainstream media barely reported on the astonishing revelations, so most people remain none the wiser about what NASA has admitted in the last 12 months.

The truth of the matter is NASA has all but admitted the landings were fake, and anybody who works in the space industry or has any knowledge about rocket science has quietly accepted that the whole thing was a charade. So why the hell is nobody talking about this?

We literally didn’t go to the moon in 1969 and, to this day, no human being — American, Russian, Chinese or ancient Egyptian — has been past lower earth orbit which is about 1000 miles above sea level.

That’s right, no human being has ever been higher than 1000 miles above sea level… Except for those times we “went to the moon” which is 240,000 miles away. And guess what, we did that in 1969! When a computer with the computing power of a TI-89 graphing calculator was the size of a house. We didn’t even have the technology for VCRs yet. We didn’t even have tape recorders.

Fast forward to today, over 50 years later, when an iPhone 12 has more computing power than every single computer on Earth in 1969 COMBINED.

And yet…. NASA claims that we can’t go back to the moon because we have “lost the technology” to go to the moon. Apparently it was “destroyed” but they won’t tell us how or why.

Hmm… Seems legit.

But it gets even worse.

Tired of people asking to analyze the original moon landing tapes, NASA had to admit they had LOST them. Then the story changed and they claimed they had TAPED OVER THE ORIGINAL MOON LANDING TAPES because of budget cuts.

Apparently they have since found the original tapes in a suburban garden shed in Las Vegas. Conveniently for NASA, they weren’t found in a Hollywood basement used by Stanley Kubrick.

Because let’s face it, how likely is it that NASA would actually tape over the original footage of mankind’s greatest achievement? Because of budget cuts, really?

And the fact that the TV broadcast, watched by hundreds of millions, was not sent directly to TV stations but was rather a projection of the broadcast off a wall which was then recorded and sent out, doesn’t sound like NASA are covering their tracks or anything.

Let’s face facts. Everything that was done 50 years ago is a thousand times cheaper and easier to do today. Are we actually expected to believe that we went to the moon in this piece of shit 50 years ago? I’ve seen homeless encampments on Skid Row that have more insulation. I’ve seen Met Gala costumes that look sturdier than that.

It’s all so implausible. Who shot the event from outside the capsule? How is the American flag waving? Why do the shadows look like they are the result of multiple light sources? Why is the letter C visible on one of the rocks? (which happens to look like a prop on a film set)?

And don’t forget about the time NASA astronaut Alan Shepard supposedly snuck a golf club and some balls onto Apollo 14 and played golf on the moon. Hold on, how do you sneak a golf club onto a spacecraft when every cubic inch and ounce is accounted for?

He snuck it up his ass, obviously.

Really, let’s think about this rationally. In 1969 we sent a tiny homeless tent covered in aluminum foil 250,000 miles away to a precise location, when even being 1/10000 of an inch off in any part of the launch would have caused the ship to miss the moon by thousands of miles…. And yet, we landed it, we played golf… And now we can’t even get humans past 1000 miles above sea level.

Perhaps the final word should go to Buzz Aldrin. According to Buzz, we didn’t go to the moon at all! But he didn’t stop there. Listen to what he says about the hundreds of millions of people around the world who were affected by the moon landing. It’s called mass formation psychosis. The elite have been using this technique to brainwash the masses since 1969.


Baxter Dmitry
Baxter Dmitry is a writer at News Punch. He covers politics, business and entertainment. Speaking truth to power since he learned to talk, Baxter has travelled in over 80 countries and won arguments in every single one. Live without fear.
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43 thoughts on “Baxter Dmitry, NASA Finally Reveals the Truth About Fake Moon Landings”

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  2. One helluva report from Fulford this morning:

    A taste:

    “To understand why this is, we need to review a little bit of background material. First, the BIS, or central bank of central banks, was founded in 1930 using Asian gold. This gold was lent to the Germans to help them pay their obligations under the Treaty of Versailles signed at the end of World War I. In exchange, the Asians were promised the United Nations would be set up as a world parliament with the ancient royal families of East and West (the dragon family) acting as background supervisors.

    However, at the end of World War II the victorious allies reneged on their promise to spend the gold that was lent to them to develop the entire planet, Instead, their Marshall Plan only developed the countries they controlled (now known as the G7).

    In retaliation, the Asians cut off any further access to their gold. When the US ran out of gold, we had the “Nixon shock” of 1971. That is when the dollar was decoupled from gold. Instead, the countries of the world had to use dollars to buy oil.

    This was a giant sugar high to the US. The countries of the world had to have a trade surplus with the US in order to buy oil. This led to a strong dollar and free money for the Americans. However, the result was US industry lost its competitiveness and over 50 years of trade deficits turned the US into the most indebted country in world history.

    Then finally the rest of the world decided to stop lending money to the US in 2008, leading to the “Lehman shock.”

    The Americans were able to buy time then by promising to put a black communist in as president. At this point, readers need to know that communism was created by the Vatican or should I say the P2 freemasons who control the Vatican and that Obama was/is their house slave.

    In any case, the Obama ruse convinced the Asians to hand over 700 tons of gold to the Federal Reserve Board under Alan Greenspan. This was leveraged over a thousand-fold to create $23 trillion that kept the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CORPORATION going until 2020.

    When the money ran out in January of 2020 the Khazarian Mafia-controlled West responded with a massive bio-weapons and vaccine attack. They hoped to murder enough people so that they could stay in power. This effort has failed.

    They also managed to get some funding for the US CORPORATION by promising to bring back Barack Obama with Joe Biden acting as his front man.”

    1. I’m on the fence about Aldrin’s interview, although there are many other more clear-cut examples of NASA letting out that it never went to the moon. In addition to the physical evidence, the speech that convinced me most was Neil Armstrong’s at the 25th moon landing anniversary before the President and Vice-President and members of Congress and students along with a worldwide audience in which he never mentioned we went to the moon! The important anniversary of the supposedly greatest achievement in human history and his cryptic speech actually implies in several parts that we didn’t go there!

      The confusion lies in Aldrin’s response to the girl’s question as to “Why has nobody been to the moon in a such a long time?”. Aldrin replied simply that “we didn’t go there”, not “we haven’t gone”. Was the tense change merely irrelevant or simply an error or was it a slip?

      1. See the other stuff I posted. He is saying it stopped not it didn’t happen. He says we did what the president wanted, that was go to the moon.

    Mindchop do a good job disproving the moon landing.
    I remember watching Buz Aldrin talking to the little girl.
    He does not admit he didn’t to the moon.
    He admits they didn’t go “again”.
    It is just wishful thinking he told the truth.

    1. BillAu…You might consider watching it again at 7:49…he tells the little girl we didn’t go there…Now, I do not believe using Aldrin’s testimony as the final truth. He’s not very clear and vacillates during that very conversation.

      1. I watched it many times in the past. He says he did go but they they haven’t gone back (recently).
        I am right and you are wrong. But we both agree they never went to the moon.
        Fact Checks
        Viral Phenomena
        Did Buzz Aldrin Admit That He Never Went to the Moon?
        Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin’s answer to a question posed by a child was misrepresented as an admission that he didn’t set foot on the moon.
        Dan Evon
        Published 27 July 2018
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        Buzz Aldrin admitted in an exchange captured on video that he never went to the moon.
        About this rating


        In July 2018, a video hit social media that purportedly captured Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin, the second man in history to set foot on the lunar surface, admitting to a young child that he never actually went to the moon:

        Many of the video-based rumors that we investigate require us to keep a keen eye out for deceptive edits or altered audio. In this case, however, all we had to do to debunk this one was listen to the question asked by the young child and the answer given by Buzz Aldrin.

        The child didn’t ask Buzz Aldrin if he ever went to the moon. Rather, she posted the question “Why has nobody been to the moon in such a long time?” to the astronaut. When Aldrin said in reply that “we didn’t go there” and “that’s the way it happened,” he was referring to the fact that the U.S. has sent no missions back to the moon since the final Apollo spaceflight took place in December 1972, not asserting that he had never been to the moon in the first place.

        We’ve transcribed this portion of the video below (emphasis ours):

        Child: Why has nobody been to the moon in such a long time?

        Aldrin: That’s not an 8-year-old’s question. That’s my question. I want to know. But I think I know. Because we didn’t go there. That’s the way it happened. And if it didn’t happen it’s nice to know why it didn’t happen so in the future if we want to keep doing something we need to know why something stopped in the past if we want to keep it going.

        The wording of Aldrin’s answer may have been confusing to children and adults alike, but he was talking about “why something (i.e., going to the moon) stopped in the past,” not about how it never happened in the first place.

        This viral video also cut off Aldrin’s full answer. In the complete version of Aldrin’s interview with this child (identified as Zoey), the astronaut went on to state the primary reason we didn’t return to the moon: money.

        Once again, Aldrin’s message was a little garbled, but the second part of his answer (not included in the viral video) offered two more instances in which he talked about our indeed having been to the moon. Aldrin said that he “achieved what the President wanted us to do” (i.e., go to the moon), and that the world was proud of what he had accomplished.

        We’ve transcribed that potion of the interview below (and the full video can be viewed at the end of this article):

        Money. It’s a good thing. If you want to buy new things, new rockets, instead of keep doing the same thing over and over, then it’s going to cost more money. And other things need more money too. So having achieved what the president wanted us to do … and then what thousands, millions of people in America, and millions of people around the world … You know when we toured around the world after we came back [from the moon] the most fascinating observation was signs that said “WE did it.” Not just us. But we, the world. They felt like they were part of what we were able to do. And that made us feel very good.

        This footage was taken during the 2015 National Book Fest at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington D.C. Aldrin was at the fest to promote his book Welcome to Mars: Making a Home on the Red Planet, but he was also interviewed by numerous children about space exploration while he was there.

        Here’s Zoey’s full interview with Buzz Aldrin. The viral excerpt starts at the 7:10 mark:

        It should also be noted that while Buzz Aldrin was part of the Apollo 11 mission which landed the first two people on the moon, he wasn’t the last astronaut to touch the lunar surface. A total of 12 astronauts have visited the moon since Aldrin’s historic July 1969 spaceflight, but no one has ventured to the lunar surface since the end of 1972:

      2. BillAu…I comment on this blog to discuss matters intelligently and present my opinion. That’s why blogs exist…in my opinion. I do not come here to makes anyone right or wrong. There have been numerous examples of the “truth” slipping from scientists and astronauts mouths which have had to be justified by NASA in an attempt to cover up facts that occasionally slip out. The current occupant of POTUS is a prime example of this same phenomena. As I said in my original comment, depending upon anything Aldrin has said as fact is a mistake. He’s as confused and likely has been drugged just like Biden. So, I prefer to believe the truth slipped out. You do not. I have no problem with that. It’s your opinion. If you care to believe my opinion is incorrect, that’s your prerogative.

      3. Will 2, there is truth and lies. To say we went to the moon is a lie. To say Aldrin said he did not go to the moon is a lie. He said they had stopped going. I am right and you are wrong. 911 was an inside job. The Titanic was the Olympic. Etc, etc.

      4. Snopes – David Mikkelson, Barbara Mikkelson, the two drunks from San Diego…..LOL

    2. Will 2, in this case they are right. I go on facts, whereas you seem to not. The little girl asks why nobody hasn’t been BACK in such a long time, not did they go at all. You see he says other things like how they did what the president wanted, that was go to the moon. If you open your senses to reality you will see the truth. Snopes poited out that bidens’ right ear is now attached, but the left ear is still not, like the right used to be. They wre right about that, too.

      1. Once again, I see it as a matter of interpretation. I choose to interpret in a matter that makes sense based on my knowledge. Snopes interpretation fits their usual agenda of promoting the common narrative. I think we have taken this far enough. I gave you this reply out of courtesy, but I choose to waste no more electrons on this particular exchange.

      2. This website says James Fetzer “exposing falsehoods and revealing truths”. So Don and Will2 , when someone is expressing truth I give credit , and when people think they are right but are expressing falsehoods, I expose it. Snopes are right to say Aldrin never admited he was a fake moon lander, and they are right to say Biden only has had one ear attached. Even a broken clock is right twice a day.


  4. Lies and blatant deception for a black budget for the military industrial complex. Some of you may know that my place of birth was the beautiful islands of the Bahamas. But those breathtaking views hide many dark secrets. I knew from a child that we never went to the moon and many of my relatives swore an oath never to tell a soul.

    If NASA was so interested in their ‘ADVANCED’ technology why would they let the Liberty Bell 7 capsule sit at the bottom of the ocean for 30 plus years.

    And for those that don’t know about AUTEC take a closer look at their timeline regarding the so call space program. Yes there is underwater bases that connects to Florida. I’ve seen the blueprints when I was stationed at the Naval Academy when I had my security clearance. And the British Navy has access to this base too. The Bahamas is the second oldest British colony in the Western Hemisphere after Barbados where the 13th President of the United State George Washington spent some time.
    And off course they had to close down all of those useless Naval Bases that contributed to the space program deception.
    And in closing let’s not forget good ole Scott Kelly the other half of Mark with his superwoman wife Gabriel. Whom had to pay homage to the islands of his deception and his Naval co-conspirators.

    Just my five cent for the blue hole (rabbit hole).

  5. I know Will one and two are with me on this. We both go beyond the moon landings being fake. The space shuttle and station are all part of the grand illusion. Just take as close a look as you’ll have done with the moon missions. Examine the whacky antics on the space station for example. The green screen drop outs are numerous. Technically known as chroma key, green screen fails are a tell tale sign the space station broadcasts are just as fake as the moon missions. Then look at the shit eating grins on their faces. They are so artificially happy it makes me want to hurl. Then there’s the impossible speed of 17,000 mph for the space station. Why would they find the need to claim this impossible velocity? It’s right up there with the moon missions being so routine they had time for golfing. Simply not believable. They went a bridge too far with taking a car to the moon. Let’s just say for argument’s sake they got the rover there and it actually fired up. What would happen if they had a breakdown at the out limit of the rover’s range? Just how fucked would they be?

    The audacity to say the space shuttle is a glider is just one more example of why you should believe nothing NASA belches forth. Just take a look at every glider in history. Do they look anything like the space shuttle? Of course not and you can clearly see the jet engines out the six. Why would they claim the shuttle is a glider? Because all they do is lie. They have lost any metric for beleivability.

    1. I disagree with you on the shuttle and other low-Earth orbiting. First of all, something took all those photos of the Earth from low-Earth orbit. One can readily see from certain parts of the Earth the shuttle in its trajectory. Yes, it has engines but only for orbital entry and docking and guidance and the like. Basically, it is indeed like a glider , free-falling at such a rate that keeps it circling the Earth as it curves around. It doesn’t matter what its velocity is–if you’re in constant velocity in essentially a near-vacuum, you don’t know you are even moving. Can you feel the motion (as opposed) to vibrations in a plane?

      Apollo, on the other hand …

      1. But does it really matter in the grand scheme of things William ? No it doesn’t. Regardless of what Buzz stated no one went to the moon and NASA is a black budget scam. Hence my previous rant about the Liberty Bell 7 and Gus Grissom near death experience.

        About ten years ago I was in Reykjavik hanging out with my buddy Olaf at his family bar and we were talking about his his dad working for the US Navy when there was a base there as a chemical engineer on a project in Greenland to melt the icecaps using laser or as we know it now a DEW.
        An American nearby was eavesdropping and turn to us and said we’ve full of it and speaking about things that don’t exist. We both turn and looked at him and burst out laughing and spoke at the same time that he was such a f%£king Yank and go on and believe in fairies and pixie dust. He stormed out of the bar cursing to himself.
        Moral of my story is too many of my fellow Americans are living in a fantasy world created by their own government and will never realize nothing is real for them.

  6. Very intriguing clip with Aldrin, indeed.

    J. Edgar Hoover once said that if he told everyone the truth about the JFK assassination, it would destroy AmerIca’s democracy. Ditto for 911, Sandy Hook, Parkland, Boston, COVID,-19, etc. Unfortunately, it may be that the current American democracy will have to be destroyed BEFORE any of the truths come out.

    1. America is actually a republic and the resent admins have tried every which-way to destroy it. Its like cutting down a huge tree…it all starts with one cut.

  7. It’s plausible that we could have made it to the moon; however, landing the LLM upright would have been extremely tricky. Returning the LLM to rondezvous with the Lunar orbiter is completely impossible. The timing of the launch from the moon’s surface would require more precision than would be possible. Once you look into it, there are many things wrong, not the least of which is hauling a stripped down jeep up to the moon for a joy ride. The full sized astronaut model on display at the Denver International Airport is wearing leather boots with shoe laces, not “moon boots.”

    1. The goofy moon rover is a total giveaway that the entire moon landing was completely fake. Oh sure, lets drive a car all over the moon’s surface without a survey of the surface….sure…LOL…real safe. What if it got stuck and they had to WALK miles back to the craft? Hey guys, were on the moon, just call AAA, LOL.

  8. So, where was the NASA admission? Not in this video!

    There were definitely tape recorders in 1969. My parents had a big Roberts tape recorder as of 1965, which we listened to tapes on, and my friend Marilyn had a little one which we played with, also in 1965.

    1. I’m fairly sure he’s referring to video tape recorders which were not in common use around that time; although, I would think NASA would have had access to at least a primitive form. He could have been more precise. Data tape via magnetic technology was most certainly in use.

    2. NASA didn’t admit it, but Aldrin certainly did. And there are other instances of NASA officials admitting we didn’t go: Every argument in favor of a moon landing has been demolished. Sadly, we probably will never be able to get off this increasingly ruined planet for anything more than a quick trip to nearby orbs.

      1. NASA is desperate about finding a way for a moonwalker to get into space suit outside a lander and then get back inside lander with NO moon dust on him. Moon dust can kill the inside of a moon lander craft. There needs to be a serious inside clean-room chamber[s]. Hollywood had them in their movies but dumbbell NASA didn’t think they were a must-do. The Hollywood movies about ”landing on the moon” were the stupidest things on film.
        Oh well, it was just entertainment….who cares.
        Actually landing on the moon and walking around on it is extremely serious business. Joke time is over for NASA.


      2. Don…maybe you are being facetious. I can’t tell. If so, ignore the following. If (and I am sure you agree) no one has ever been to the moon and back how do we know anything about “moon dust”.

      3. No human has ever set foot on the moon. The landing and walking on the moon has to be THE most technically challenging item EVER thought about in world history.
        The original moon excursion was done in the North London MGM Studio moon set. This location is near where Kubrick lived. It was the same set used for the 1968 film, 2001: A Space Odyssey.
        Nixon was very impressed by the film and called Kubrick to ask him to do a ”moon landing” film.


      4. So, William, if manned flight are obviously not possible, did we really send craft to Mars , Saturn, Pluto etc. or were those faked, also? After all, would not the radiation destroy any possibility of sending back pictures? It would certainly seem that if we have/had the technology to beam back pictures from Mars, that same craft could have taken some pics of earth from quite a distance. I have never seen any. You?

      5. The US allegedly practiced the Mars Rover on Devon Island, Canada. Truth Researchers say that the photos NASA said were Mars were actually taken on Devon Island.


    3. I was told that NASA used Ampex tape recorders. They were quite sophisticated for their time, but when we were using them in the lab for data recording in the early ’80’s they were always breaking down. Ampex took the lead in the ’60’s but moved into other areas and no longer supports recorders.


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