Biden Abolishes Office of President and Names Self Supreme Fuhrer

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BERLIN — During his speech last night, Biden abolished the office of the president and named himself Supreme Fuhrer. “It is with great reluctance that I have agreed to accept this new authority I have given myself”, said the benevolent. ruler. “I love democracy. Once this crisis has abated, I will lay down the powers I have given myself. No, I’m serious. Think about it. Not a joke!” Political dissidents were then rounded up and imprisoned in order to save democracy. The whereabouts of Senator Ted Cruz are currently unknown.

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7 thoughts on “Biden Abolishes Office of President and Names Self Supreme Fuhrer”

  1. My aunt obtained 5 acres [one city block] of desert Federal land for $50 as a ”homestead” in the 1950s. The only requirement was that you had to erect a house. The provided utility was electricity. Roads were dirt. Many years ago I sold this land for $7K because I had just found out that the water utility was about to cost me $10K. The Feds practically give land away but YOU have to pay to make it livable. Trying to live on raw desert land is more of a challenge than one might imagine. Many of the new ”homesteaders” had no idea where their 5 acres was located…all the Feds gave you were coordinates.


  2. Great comment, Dave. Thank you. Checking out Cliff High shortly. I take what I need and leave the rest, eh?
    One of the guys early on on the sovereign movement is Kurt Kallenbach. Last I heard, he had totally disappeared from the system…that was quite a while ago. The following is one of his original videos. How it’s still up on YT makes me wonder. I will say, that for about a year, I actually owned my capitalized name….but could not afford to renew it at the time it came up. In Florida, it’s a fairly easy process. I never really figured out if it served any purpose….but at least I did it, so I know it’s possible. Apparently it can come in handy in certain kinds of court cases.

  3. I am familiar with the Bee’s schtick. The actual speech Brandon made has back fired and blown up in his face. He already back pedaled on some of his jive. Why is the pretender in chief and Pelosi’s Tribe acting so weird? When they talk about Trump being a threat to “our democracy” it goes right over people’s heads. Most of this here tribe knows we are a Republic. The Proletariat tolerate this conflation in the same vein as pre-owned and used cars to mean the same thing and they don’t at all.

    Most of us here in our little pond have come across Clif High and his work. I agree with a good portion of his world, reject a swath of it while still fascinated with the parts that make sense to me. His latest lecture of the changing structure of our governments has some interesting points like interpreting the threat to “our democracy” jive and how they have been able to hold the j6 people in horrible conditions without due process. The mistake they made was ever setting foot in DC since it’s a foreign country that does whatever it wants in “their democracy”. If accurate, I learned a few new things. Here’s Clif’s latest…

    I came across another intriguing fellow that’s a lawyer specializing in land patents. Land patents are the best way to squash bank foreclosures. It’s another hidden secret the powers that be don’t want you to know about. Warranty Deed ownership is always in peril while a land patent is the Hercules of all forms of land ownership including mineral rights to land. It’s another one of those areas where when you first hear about it sounds crackpot. Like in the 80s when I picked up a hitchhiker who started spouting off about the all capital letters of my name on my Driver’s License. It sounded so “out there” that I dismissed it. Now I know he was more in the know than anyone I had ever come across. It was another 35 years before I really understood what he was talking about when Jordan revealed the truth of why we have birth certificates and that our original social security cards had a stock certificate number on the back and we were a collateral and commodity traded like cattle. It’s sounds so “out there” you can’t believe it’s true like the first time you heard the truth about 911, the Clinton body count, adrenachrome or the elite being sadistic murdering pedo-freaks guilty of the most depraved and despicable acts any psychopath could dream up.

    I first learned about land patents when my pal lived on a patented mining claim on Aspen Mountain. I had no clue just how powerful land patents were and why the establishment worked so hard to discredit the Aspen lawyer who specialized in them. They just don’t want you to know about them much like anything really important.

    1. Superb and clear Cliff High video. Do not miss it please. The legislature controls the federal territories (for this purpose, DC)….so now we know WHY they can arbitrarily hold those from Jan 6th with NO constitutional rights. That explains a lot. Great find, Dave. See my other comment above that went in the wrong place because I had my script blocker on……one of the glitches in this comment system.

      1. If you passed on that vid, you missed a bunch….and that goes for Jim, too.

        Clif presents some incredible info and I disagree with only one aspect. Americans do actually not have full, unattached title to their property. That would be allodial title and as far as I know no one has that type of title except possibly Native Americans (but I have zip to back up the Native American part up right now). “Yeah, I said it” in the comment section under that vid imparts some remarkable info….mind blowing to be honest:

        Yeah, I said it:
        Clif is usually precise about clauses.
        There was a man, that showed a clause in the Constitution that allowed a foreigner, like Obama, to be President of “their” United States, and it was just the placement of a comma, or a missing comma.

        So unless you know how to break down the language to see the subtleties of the meaning; it may be best to let his analysis of where the problem in the Constitution is, stand.

        I’m not knocking your intelligence, I’m just saying, he may have noticed something in that article, section, clause, because he re-stated it as 1.317 on the board, as if, someone connected the other levels he says exist, they’d figure out how they tie in.

        I don’t have the law of war book, but if there is a chapter 1 containing a section 3 with some clause or numbered writing to match 1.317, then that may be another level.

        The statutes are written in levels like that, if clause whatever is met, then this clause applies.
        The bible is written in levels like that, you read something in a chapter and it’s connecting something from a different chapter.

        I haven’t found anyone that understood how Obama could be President, while most were demanding to see a birth certificate, no one went to the Constitution, which is “the law of the land” to find out how this could happen.

        Even during Covid, the Constitution was not suspended, and Texas stated that when they had a woman who was arrested for opening her hair salon services during Covid, release from jail. The Texas Supreme Court stated the Constitution is not suspended.

        That means state Constitutions are not suspended.
        The people’s power will be in their state constitution, while the Democrats power will be in their United States Constitution.
        This explains why some judges have an oath of office, and why some judges, take the oath but we don’t see it.
        Like when Roberts took the Supreme Court post, he purportedly misquoted the oath, and then we got news later that he retook it, but we did not “hear” him speak the oath publicly like we heard him speak it incorrectly.
        Trump is demanding to be seated in their government.

        These are the things you should be poking a stick at.
        He was kicked out of their government.
        He’s demanding to be at the head of their government.
        They refuse, and we may already be in the Law of War where at his election, the election was stolen and over.
        All the talking head ‘deep intel’ people are telling you there will be no November election.

        For me, that’s a good thing, because you can tell a people their government is taken over by a foreign power, and they’ll keep going to the polls and electing the foreign power
        That makes them an enemy of the state.
        The state that created the government they keep electing foreign powers to.

        A real people would ignore those elections, not go to the polls on election day, and have withdrawn their registration to elect in that election.

        So many want to be ‘state citizens’ or ‘state nationals’ and have their hand in the elections of a foreign power.

        It’s called Washington DC for a reason, it’s a district, of United States, NO, District of Columbia.
        We have no state called Columbia, so it’s a district of something.
        10 square miles.
        Our military are arrested for coming through there carrying guns.
        As for them owning title to land in any state, that’s not fact.
        They have right of use, like those people in Europe, but they don’t own it.
        If you remember when the protesters were protesting outside of federal buildings, and then setting up shelter and sleeping there, and the Feds did nothing. It was because they couldn’t do anything.
        Their building is the only thing they could protect the land was open to the public, there were no fences from the street to the sidewalk, to the land. There was no trespass on their property.
        Now they had put up a barricade at the House on Jan 6th, and they are prosecuting people for going through that barricade.
        Most of them probably are registered to vote, any that weren’t were probably released, who knows the semantics, I don’t.
        The states did not give title to the lands, and when Timothy McVeigh blew up a federal building in Oklahoma and was tried in Colorado, and executed in Terra Haute Indiana. That’s when an attorney learned we were under Admiralty Law, and theses United States are all just one big state, when it comes to federal issues and federal questions (at law).

      2. Taking my comment of 9:07 a bit further:

        “True allodial title is rare, with most property ownership in the common law world—primarily, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealandand the Republic of Ireland—described more properly as being in fee simple. In particular, land is said to be “held of the Crown” in England and Wales and theCommonwealth realms. In England, there is no allodial land, all land being held of the Crown; in the United States, all land is subject to eminent domain by the federal government, and there is thus no true allodial land. Some states within the US (notably Nevada and Texas) have provisions for considering land allodial under state law, but such land remains rare. Some of the Commonwealth realms (particularly Australia) recognize native title, a form of allodial title that does not originate from a Crown grant.”

        “All land within the United States is subject to Taking upon payment of Just Compensation by operation of eminent domain”.

      3. And further yet:

        Rights to Native American Land and Natural Resources
        Land has held deep significance for Native American communities. The federal government holds 56 million acres of land in trust for Native American tribes and individuals. (Tracts of land held in trust for individuals are called allotments.) This means that the government holds title to the land, but the Native American tribe or individual holds the beneficial interest. Some smaller tracts of Native American land consist of fee land, which is land bought by a tribe under statutory authority. The tribe holds title to this land.

        Natural resources on trust land are held in trust for the Native American tribe or individual who benefits from the land. Meanwhile, natural resources on fee land are directly owned by the tribe. The rules for developing natural resources on trust land vary depending on whether a tribe or an individual benefits from them. Generally, either a tribe or an individual must get approval from the federal government before developing their natural resources. Restrictions on tribal authority over natural resources have loosened over time, though.

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