William de Berg, Three Viagras and A Cloud of Deception

William de Berg

Ohio State University football in the 1960’s under the legendary coach Woody Hayes was known not only for its great success but also for its conservative play-calling, which was given the moniker “three yards and a cloud of dust” because its offense relied mostly on the same tried-and-true running plays.   But if the Ohio State playbook was well-worn, the playbook of the Western financial cabal and its political and media henchmen is nothing short of necrotic.

Late last week the western media ran wild with a story about how Russian soldiers are being provided with Viagra pills in order to rape Ukrainian women.[1] The fact that no evidence exists that Viagra increases sex drive (only erectile strength, which would hardly interest Russian soldiers way too young to suffer from erectile dysfunction) and that there are no credible accounts of actual Russian rapes didn’t deter the originator of this whopper, nor did it deter the legion of western media outlets from multiplying its impact.  This latest Viagra narrative preys upon the public’s misconception of Viagra as some sort of omnipotent aphrodisiac and is a replay of the Western media’s accusation in 2011 of Viagra-crazed Gaddafi beasts raping every female Libyan rebel supporter that could lay their eyes on—a narrative pushed by the highest levels of the U.S. State Department and the Western-dominated International Criminal Court.[2]  Even though the State Department accusation was almost immediately debunked by U.S. intelligence agencies,[3] the demonization of Colonel Gaddafi and the Libyans had already taken hold and NATO and its jihadist henchmen were well on their way to toppling yet another successful government that disobeyed the Western cabal’s diktats.  

The Viagra story is just one of several tried-and-false plays the cabal regularly trots out when it’s time to batter a recalcitrant nation.   Another notorious one was the “ripping babies out of incubators” story that plagued Saddam Hussein and the Iraqis and helped catapult  American troops into Iraq during the First Gulf War.[4]  That it was totally fabricated didn’t stop the Western media from accusing President Assad of Syria of the same heinous act in 2012—which once again was later debunked.[5]  And how about those lurid “dictator rape” stories, beginning with Saddam Hussein’s “rape rooms” and later resurrected with Gaddafi’s “rape dungeons”—promulgated incessantly by the Western media but contradicted by the fact that Iraqi and Libyan women had the most rights and opportunities of any women in the Arab world at that time.[6]  

The most widely used play by far in the cabal’s repertoire is the “civilian massacre” that horrifies the Western public for just enough time to launch another NATO intervention before it, too, is debunked.   Most of these involve fake photographs, fake survivor accounts, staged hospital and other scenes, and dubious scientific evidence.  Among the large number of such stories are the 2012 Houla, 2013 Ghouta, and 2018 Douma massacres in Syria, all supposedly ordered by the Syrian government.  While there were fatalities in all three cases, the deaths and their “investigations” were in rebel-held areas, compromising their outcome.   Following the Ghouta event there was inexplicably no exhumation of the victims’ bodies, but the likelihood that mass chemical or other Syrian Army attacks were responsible for the deaths of so many victims could be ruled out on other grounds, including the specific sarin composition and the origin of the rockets that carried the sarin.[7]  What is strange is that the alleged Ghouta attack occurred while a OPWC-UN inspector team had just arrived in Damascus at the invitation of the Syrian government to investigate a previous chemical attack.  Moreover, the Ghouta chemical attack would have violated President Obama’s previous “red line” statements concerning use of chemical weapons, with plans for massive air strikes and jihadist thrusts in Syria having already been prepared by the U.S. prior to the incident.  The Douma claim is even more suspect since the Syrian government had already disposed of all its sarin nerve agent stocks in 2014 and was clearly winning the civil war at that point.  The OPCW inspectors stated that there was evidence of chlorine exposure in that case, but its final report was repudiated by its own experts.[8]   In contrast to the dubious claims of Syrian responsibility, competing evidence exists that that Western intelligence agencies working with Syrian rebel factions may have been responsible for some of the massacres.[7]  

Alleged massacres are part and parcel of many other efforts to topple regimes, from the Srebrenica [9] and Racak [10] ones during the Balkan Wars to the purported Libyan bombing of Benghazi in 2011 [11] and the more recent Bucha massacre in Ukraine.[12]   All of these massacres have been used as a pretext for NATO military intervention or military support and all have been disputed or debunked.  In fact, the claim that Libya was about to massacre its own people was denied by none other than CIA Chief Gates even as it was supposedly occurring.[11]

It’s not just that these various false flags and other staged events are debunked or disputed; they are increasingly no longer believed by large swaths of the American public.   The vast majority of Americans no longer ascribe to the Warren Commission’s finding of Oswald as a lone assassin of President Kennedy, and a similarly large percentage of Americans dispute the official narrative of what happened on September 11, 2001.[13] Judging from the small number of Americans (<5%) having received all their COVID booster shots, few also now believe the official COVID-19 narrative.   But the one play that keeps working for the cabal over and over again is the “AR-15 school-shooting massacre” that periodically re-appears across the U.S., from Connecticut to Florida to Texas.   Even those who dispute almost every other official narrative simply cannot bring themselves to believe that most of the well-publicized school shootings are staged events, with 80% of the American public  still supporting the official narratives of these events.[14]  The lack and/or destruction of forensic evidence, the lack of bodies and first-responders on the scene, the preposterousness of the staging, and the clear evidence that drills were in place at the time have not been able to override one crucial element:  the “grieving parent”.   Most Americans can believe the CIA could assassinate a sitting president and that thousands of innocents could be sacrificed on September 11th to lead us into Mideast wars and that dangerous vaccines could be coerced on the American people.   Those are just murders, which our psyches can understand and embrace.  But to fake being a grieving parent?   Though it is trivial to pull off, to even attempt such a deed seems so depraved that the average American simply cannot accept it, even if the “grieving parents” are Robbie Parker (laughing before he went onstage to pay somber tribute to his “deceased” daughter Emily) [15] and Angel and Alfred Garza (both of whom claimed “deceased” Amerlie Garza as his child in Uvalde).[16]

One reason it’s so hard for the public to disbelieve the purported school shootings is because anyone who questions them may face severe legal or other consequences, as attested to by Jim Fetzer’s and Alex Jones’ recent show trials and James Tracy’s firing from Florida Atlantic University.   Only in the case of the “Holocaust”, where disputing the official narrative can carry long-term prison sentences in many Western European nations, are the penalties more draconian.   But the world’s changing, with the ascendancy of the Eurasian axis led by China and Russia.  Outside of Europe and North America, for instance, the majority of the world does not accept the official Holocaust narrative,[17] and failure to believe the Western COVID-19 narrative and to mass vaccinate was particular striking on the African subcontinent, where the Western medical establishment was already under suspicion.   With the inevitable Russian victory in Ukraine unfolding, the fraudulence of the Western news media will be even harder to conceal in the future.    For example, the six-month-long drumbeat of the western media that Russia is “running out of missiles” was eviscerated by the massive Russian missile attacks earlier this month on Ukrainian energy and other infrastructure—with more to come.[18]   Will this latest prevarication finally lead the Western public to embrace the old aphorism “once a liar, always a liar?”  and start treating every mainstream western media story as a hoax until proven otherwise?  

If it doesn’t, be prepared for a lot more “three Viagras and a cloud of deception” plays.

William de Berg is the pen name of an American scientist and author of four conspiracy/truther fiction novels: Serpent and Savior, White Spiritual Boy, Divided We Stand, and Shield Down. 



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  1. Like the Kenedy nuclear standoff with Cuba involved. They say the real result was that USA and Russia both backed down, but it was agreed Kennedy could appear to have won, but not really. How many IRA bombs were done by the British not the Irish, as false flags. The gyro anti gravity., something I saw a university video in 1973 it has been covered up. A modern version https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BeO91URF7dM. The scientiufic cover ups include monopolar magnets https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FFgM7vofFaU&t=5s and the motors https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xR6Qait2JGY. I have noticed Richard D Hall on richplanet.net now thinks UFOs may be manmade.


  2. The media are liars, liar liar pants on fire. Putin is no angel, he killed his own people in a false flag that blamed the muslim Cechians. Putin will jail a haulicost denier like Germany. Putin may be ulfruistic or just the standard bad cop in a good cop bad copp scenario, like Trump with Biden.


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