Kevin Barrett, Why I’m Voting Republican for the First Time Ever

Kevin Barrett

[Editor’s note: Kevin and I go way back. Mike Palecek even published a book about us as “The Dynamic Duo”, where you can track it down at I am extremely pleased to see he’s voting Republican for the first time–and wanted to share it with you.]

The “left” has abandoned peace, freedom, and working folks—they’re now warmongers, censors, and corporate shills

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A few years ago, if you’d told me I would ever vote for a Republican not named Ron Paul, I’d have said you were out of your mind. For most of my lifetime the Republicans seemed the more obnoxious wing of the two-party duopoly. They were sanctimonious hypocrites preaching family values while banging interns; smug phonies who’d do and say anything for corporate money; rabid militarists who incited hatred of Communists during the Cold War, then Muslims during the 9/11-triggered War on Islam; mass murder profiteers whose mission in life was to drench the military-industrial complex in blood money and lap up the leftovers. My overall impression was that Republicans were either socioopaths (the smart ones) or simple-minded gullible fools (the rest). Compared to them, Democrats often seemed at least slightly more honest, reasonable, sophisticated, and genuinely concerned with ordinary folks.
But today I’ll be voting for a bunch of Republicans, starting with Senator Ron Johnson,* in the midterm elections. I even knocked on doors for Johnson—the first time I ever did that for any mainstream party candidate.
What happened?
My Democrat friends and family members undoubtedly think I’m nuts. But I think it’s the Democrats who’ve gone crazy.
When I was young, the left stood for peace and freedom. That was actually the name of the left-wing third party I often voted for: the Peace and Freedom Party. The Democrats, who stood to the left of the Republicans, were the natural home of mainstream voters who didn’t like the Vietnam War, didn’t like the Cold War, didn’t like the wars on Nicaragua and El Salvador and Panama and Grenada and Angola and so many other countries, not least of all Iraq and Afghanistan.And Democrats, more than Republicans tended to oppose any attempts to censor criticism of the rich and powerful. Even in the most controversial cases of free speech vs. censorship—such as Nazis marching through the Jewish town of Skokie, Illinois—liberals, leftists, and Democrats stood up for free speech. Conservatives and Republicans mostly didn’t.
The Democratic Party probably would have ended the Cold War, and with it the American Empire, in the 1960s, if Republicans like James Jesus Angleton and Allan Dulles (and at least one treasonous Democrat, Lyndon Baines Johnson) hadn’t helped Israel murder the Kennedy brothers. Though the pro-peace faction of the Democratic Party never managed to force a real investigation of the JFK and RFK killings, it took down Johnson and contributed to ending the Vietnam debacle. Many Democrats, and few Republicans, have been murdered by the national security state—not just JFK, RFK, and JFK Jr., but also Dorothy Kilgallen, Hale Boggs, Mel Carnahan, and Paul Wellstone. Dennis Kucinich, one of my favorite progressive Democrats, was nearly assassinated, as he recounted during our interview last year, and one or more of his family members may have been targeted to scare him away from his pledge to investigate the 9/11 put options.
Terrible, unspeakable truths about the almost unbelievable corruption infesting the highest echelons of the American Empire have, until recently, been spoken more by leftists and Democrats than by rightists and Republicans. If, back in the 1960s and 1970s, you wanted at least some of the truth about the JFK assassination, you had to read left-wing magazines like Ramparts or your local (leftist) underground newspaper. Left-leaning Democratic columnists like Warren Hinckle in San Francisco were the only people breathing a word of truth about the JFK coup to mainstream audiences.Fast-forward to 2022, and suddenly, somehow, the Democrats have become the war party, the censorship party, the “anti-conspiracy theories” (i.e. anti-hard-truths) party.
The Democrats, more than the Republicans, launched the current War on Russia Through Ukraine. Obama presided over the overthrow of the legitimate Ukrainian government in 2014 and the installation of a rabidly anti-Russia neo-Nazi regime. Biden, for his part, shredded the Minsk Accords, approved the continuing UkroNazi genocide of Donbass, and cleared the path for Ukraine to be absorbed by NATO—a euphemism for “US military occupation.” Clearly Biden’s policy, supported by essentially the entire Democratic Party, is to use the Ukraine war to bleed, break up, and loot Russia.Republicans, for their part, are far less unanimous in their anti-Russia warmongering. Some of them, like Marjorie Taylor Greene, are promising that a Republican victory in the midterms will stop the rush to nuclear apocalypse.
Since war and censorship tend to go together, it isn’t surprising that the Democratic warmongers are now rabidly pro-censorship. Stealing a line from Henry Kissinger, the Democrats reacted to Trump’s rise by saying, in essence, “I don’t see why we need to stand by and watch a country go fascist because of the irresponsibility of its own people.” From the Democrats’ perspective, the American people had become too irresponsible to be trusted with free speech. A wave of social media censorship, mostly targeting Republicans and conservatives, arose in 2016 and grew larger every year. Then when COVID-19 hit in 2020 the wave crested and broke, washing away the last remnants of pre-2016 internet freedom.
Not satisfied with merely becoming the party of war and unfreedom, the Democrats have also decided to one-up the Republicans in shilling for corporate greed and corruption. By far the most extreme example of systemic corruption in the American corporate sector is Big Pharma, whose tentacles are wrapped around the academic and scientific segments of the public health sector—distorting research through systematic bribery, reaping multi-billion-dollar profits on toxic products, killing hundreds of thousands, and working closely with the $100 billion biological warfare industry. (For an introduction, read or watch The Real Anthony Fauci and check out Ron Unz’s e-book on public health scandals.)Prior to the capture of health and medicine by Big Pharma, the Democrats were the voice of relative sanity on public health issues.
Today, the Democrats, with the lone exception of RFK Jr., are the rabidly mindless shills of the Big Pharma billionaires.Some of my friends, including Allan at No Lies Radio, object that despite the Democrats’ newfound status as warmongering censorship-loving corporate shills, they are at least better on economic issues. Republican Ron Johnson, for example, wants to put Social Security on the table for funding and benefit cuts. Given that skyrocketing inequality is the root cause of much of the destruction of American society, Allan suggests, shouldn’t we view Democrats as the lesser evil?One of Allan’s favorite economists, Michael Hudson, says “no.” Ron Unz just sent me the following quote from Hudson’s recent interview:

DLJ: Economies are interdependent. I.e., it would still be a question of the Chinese working class and the American working class building bonds across nations.

MH: The Democratic Party has produced such an anti-Asian, hate-filled racism, that I don’t think that can be. The Democratic Party has done everything it could to spur an ethnic war between the black and Asian populations. You see that here in New York by the attacks on the subways, on the street, mainly by blacks against Asians. The Democratic Party, by pushing this ethnic identity, has pushed ethnic hatred. That’s why the Democrats are surprised that the Hispanics and Asians are moving towards the Republicans. The Hispanics and Asians realize that the Democrats have a race-hatred policy, much like the Nazis. I don’t believe that any political progress can be made in the U.S. until the Democratic Party, certainly the current leadership, is swept away. There cannot be any progress in America today led by the Democratic Party, which is today the ideologically Right-wing party that has turned what should be an economic problem into an ethnic and non-economic problem. It’s like the old industrial capitalist was supposed to have said, “if I can get half the working class fighting against the rest of the working class, then we have won.” That’s the Democratic Party. They asked, “how do we do it?” We divide the working class into ethnicities, ethnic identity, gender identity.

DLJ: You can have the working class cancel each other.

MH: Yes.

Hudson is right: The billionaire oligarchs’ most effective weapon against ordinary working Americans is the madness of identity politics. And the ID politics weapon is being wielded by the Democratic wing, far more than the Republican wing, of the oligarchs’ two-party duopoly. By framing the wars on Russia and the Islamic world as crusades to make the world safe for drag queens to groom children and biological men to crush women in female athletics, they’re inviting a whole lot of Americans to cheer for the other side.So I am voting for Republicans today not because I am thrilled with all of their policies and positions—I definitely am not—but because they have somehow become marginally better than the Democrats…which admittedly isn’t saying much. By participating in a likely Red Wave, I hope to help deliver a stinging rebuke to the Democrats’ warmongering, censorship, shilling for Big Pharma, and promotion of identity-politics-based mass psychosis whose only beneficiaries are the billionaires.

*I don’t agree with Ron Johnson on all the issues, but I admire his courage and integrity. Sen. Johnson is taking on Big Pharma and the allied biowar industry by vowing to investigate COVID scandals including the mega-scandal of COVID origins.

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14 thoughts on “Kevin Barrett, Why I’m Voting Republican for the First Time Ever”

  1. As much as I support Trump, Candace Owens makes a valid point here (but I do not agree with her giving up on our only hope):

    ‘Trump needs to take a good look in the mirror’: Now former Trump supporter Candace Owens turns on him – and tells former president to stop attacking Ron DeSantis, says ‘he’s too old’ and reveals he was ‘rude’ to her.

    “She said Trump reached out to her after a she claimed she the ex-president was in favor of the COVID vaccine and was ‘out of touch’ with his base
    Candace said that Trump was ‘mad’ and then had someone ‘egging this on’ to express how mad he was at Candace
    She said that ‘this is not being a leader’ and that he refused to understand that his BASE WAS NOT IN FAVOR OF THE COVID-19 VACCINE.

    1. Yeah, lots of people are using this election to dump on Trump. I don’t believe them. As Fletch Daniels writes in his article for American Thinker titled “With This Obstacle in Place, Republicans Can’t Get the White House”:

      “James Carville said his party would have lost 57 seats but was saved by Donald Trump. Nonsense. They were saved by mass mail-in voting and ballot-harvesting. That is the fundamental difference between today and 2010, when Republicans won 63 seats during Obama’s first midterm.

      “The other narrative that is being tossed around is that Republicans had poor candidates. Again, this is to be expected, since many people are using the election to attack former President Trump. But it’s a foolish take. You will never have perfect candidates in every race. But, across the board, Republican candidates were far superior to those the Democrats put up, with only a couple of exceptions.”

      Daniels succinctly describes the problem this way:

      “While I’ve seen plenty of postmortems already, the single biggest issue that wrecked the wave was mail-in voting combined with ballot-harvesting, which all but eliminated Republican hopes in states where Democrats control the voting rules.”

      1. “They” really tapped into Americans love (I could say “need” as that’s what it really is…am I one of the few who still pays by check?) when they came up with this mail in ballot crap as a result of the fake virus. Except under limited circumstances, if you cannot cast your ballot in person, you don’t deserve to vote. This country was not built on convenience. It was built on sweat and tears.
        Meanwhile, things are not looking good for Lake…we’ll see.

      2. Here’s how they did it in Maricopa County:

        “Swinick says that the tabulators all worked “perfectly” during the test the night before the election. The problem with scanning began immediately with the first ballots. Voters scanned their ballots between 4 and 12 times with very minimal success. Poll workers estimated about 1 in 10 ballots were being read for the first three hours of voting.

        Voters were given options to either spoil their ballots and try again or drop them into a different section called “Door 3.” As per Swinick, their inspector had to empty the ballots from “Door 3” three times throughout the early afternoon because of the volume of ballots. Typically, ballots aren’t supposed to be removed from that box until polls close, but they made an exception because the box was jamming and became too full.”

  2. We knew the fix was in. For two years WE THE PEOPLE did nothing to stop it (I include myself). Now we will get what we deserve.
    I intend to live outside this madness.
    God bless us all.

  3. Reports are already appearing on social media of massive cheating by Democrats in today’s election. I read of election workers have been seen delivering boxes of blank ballots to low-income apartments in New Jersey and reports about Dominion tabulation machines not working.

    I have reported here several times that the Dems will be cheating 100X more than the previous election that cheated Biden into the WH. Here we go again folks. People on this blog laughed at me then….will they be laughing now???
    The Dems have learned that the election authorities will DO NOTHING if they observe Democrats cheating.

  4. William…..that was also my first question after reading Barrett’ article. Why? Why did it change and how?
    One thing I can say for sure is that it was not organic. Someone and something (HUGE!) was behind it. It was not gradual. Suddenly, I turned around and the party I once supported was encouraging children to change their sex, lying their collective butts off, stealing elections (again?), bending a knee, supporting violence (at the same time denying it was happening). It’s almost like a possession. Maybe that’s what it is.

  5. Who did not see this coming? Was there an intense effort in the past two years to stop the steal? All drips and drabs. One thing to say for the Dems is they are damn good at thievery.

    “The Absentee Ballot situation in Detroit is REALLY BAD. People are showing up to Vote only to be told, “sorry, you have already voted,” Trump wrote on Truth social. “This is happening in large numbers, elsewhere as well. Protest, Protest, Protest!”

    Let us have hope and pray it’s not enough to stop the tsunami.

  6. Don’t worry, Kevin, there are a lot of us ex-Democrats who are voting with the GOP because it is the only major party (mostly) demanding transparency, accountability, and moral decency. As a psychologist, the Democratic Party’s push to allow teenagers under 17–who cannot vote, cannot marry, cannot drive, cannot smoke or drink legally, cannot join the military, etc.–the right to castrate themselves and irreversibly damage their hormonal balances is sick, sick, sick. It was the last straw for me. I used to respect Democrats like Amy Klobuchar and Richard Durbin and Patrick Leahy but it seems they are all goose-stepping now to the same diseased dogmas. What I still can’t figure out is WHY????

    1. It’s the Democrat Party, not the democratic party. Do you call the Republicans the Republicanism Party? In any case neither major party represents me. The bases of both parties are largely uninformed. I carefully went through the alternative candidates on the Colorado ballot, only to learn that only a very few have a website that outlines their positions on any issue. All the while a long time Republicon never heard the term “RINO,” and certain liberal women (probably Trump hating Democrat voters) pride themselves on knowing very little about politics, and get their political advice from “The View.”

      Republicons did not pull off much of an upset in the mid-terms. We’re still stuck with illegitimate Joe and a computerized voting system that is most likely completely rigged. The latest tactic is to use machines that don’t even accept actual legitimate ballots for counting. The Republicon response is complete pathetic; something like, “We will be filing a protest.” At the same time the non-democratic Democrats say, “Rejected ballots will be invalid.”


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