Jim Fetzer, SCOTUS Petition for Rehearing DENIED: The Story as Told via Twitter

Jim Fetzer

As it happens, I filed a Petition for Rehearing on the Court’s Denial of my Petition for a Writ of Certiorari, which is supported by new legal arguments and new factual evidence. Click here to download the Petition for Rehearing. Click here for Appendices A-D (which includes the FEMA Manual for the Sandy Hook Exercise and the CT FEMA Bridgeport Scheduling of that Exercise}. Click here for Appendix E (which is an Affidavit by Texas Licensed Private Investigator, Brian Davidson, of crime scene photos from the CT Stater Police Archive but which not only do not show indications of a mass murder but do not even show classrooms with student desks and chairs}. Ron Avery has an archive of the whole case: http://postwtc.com/frame-pvf.html. Yesterday I learned that SCOTUS had denied my Petition. Here’s the story in a few tweets @jimfetzer.


Jim Fetzer, Ph.D., is a former Marine Corps officer and McKnight University Professor Emeritus on the Duluth Campus of the University of Minnesota. He has published 24+ books in traditional academic areas (on the nature of scientific knowledge and on the foundations of computer science, AI, cognitive science, and evolution and mentality) and another 12+ in the area of conspiracy research (including on JFK, 9/11, Sandy Hook, the Boston bombing, and more). Six of his books have been banned by amazon.com, five of which are still available via moonrockbooks.com.

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16 thoughts on “Jim Fetzer, SCOTUS Petition for Rehearing DENIED: The Story as Told via Twitter”

  1. How much more evidence is needed??
    STOLEN! Provable in court – 300K FAKE BALLOTS discovered – Kurt Olsen On The Tens Of Thousands Mismatched Signature On Arizona Ballots. They front-loaded hundreds of thousands of fake ballots that cannot be verified, and then did that Maricopa voting location scam on top of it. Lake won with well over 60% of the vote low end.



  2. Thank the universe for Tucker….telling it like it is. Biden chose to bring home a lesbian (or tranny…take your pick) over an American marine Iraq war veteran, Paul Whelan. He chose a celebrity sports weirdo over a patriot who was set-up. …and that thing was referred to as a “his” in KJP’s recent conference (did anyone else catch that at around 1:44 second in this video..”treated “his” situation” …top video…..

    https://choiceclips.whatfinger.com/2022/12/09/kjp-storms-out-of-briefing-room-after-throwing-temper-tantrum/ Freudian slip…hard to say…



    1. More from ZH…seems I’m not the only one who thinks that thing is NOT a biological woman.


      Funniest comment:
      Even Brandon cannot sniff the hair of a 6’9″ man.

      Another comment:
      That she is a he, adam’s apple and all. Don’t know what he’s got in his pants, but it ain’t OEM girl parts.

      Acquiescing to these derangements is supporting the destruction of rationality in Western society.

  3. Jim, It did not surprise me either but only because the corruption is so up against the truth. There are stacks upon stacks of evidence leading up to the SH event as well as the stacks collected during and after. America thought we had great leaders at the time. That was the coup to link mental illness to gun control, and then initiate another “if you see something say something” hit immediately following the Tucson Safeway operation in 2011. Fema was the headquarters. Looking down the road now, we can see all the other events tying together now with the mad science, mass mental illness, genocide, mass genocide… perhaps we just need one grand jury.. 🙂

  4. Hoagland was a property appraiser in Newtown and areas around Newtown , Interesting.
    His wife Lori, a culinary arts teacher at Newtown High School, 2013 and earlier.

    Missing Newtown man Robert Hoagland found dead in NY after living under new name for years, Dec. 7, 2022


    On the morning of July 28, 2013, security footage at a Mobil gas station in Newtown, Connecticut, United States, captured Robert Hoagland (1963 – December 5, 2022), a local chef and property appraiser, buying a map along with fuel for his wife’s car. He was last seen by anyone who knew him later that morning, when his son bid goodbye as Robert was mowing the lawn of the family home, a conversation also witnessed by a neighbor. Hoagland failed to show up for work the next morning or pick up his wife when she returned home from an overseas trip that afternoon. He was reported missing.

    Police investigated several sightings of Hoagland over the next year, mostly nearby.[1] Tips also placed him in southern California[2] and South Carolina;[3] neither they nor the alleged sightings yielded any trace of him. Theories about his disappearance range from foul play possibly connected to his son’s drug problems to an attempt to start a new life. The case has been featured on an episode of the Investigation Discovery series Disappeared.[4][5]

    Hoagland’s disappearance was resolved almost a decade later when his body was found by a roommate in a Rock Hill, New York, apartment December 5, 2022, where he had been living under the name Richard King. Deputies from the Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office found paperwork with his real name on it, and notified


  5. Here’s a photo of one of the DEAD kids attending their own funeral. Please tell us how a DEAD child can attend their own funeral?
    The SCOTUS is terrified to let the world know that the Sandy Hook massacre was a total fraud. Absolutely mortifying.


  6. I’m interrupting my sabbatical since this post is too important to pass up. The effort Jim has put into this case is legion. It deserves recognition from each and all of us at the least and satisfaction at the most. The recognition is the easiest part. The satisfaction will NOT be forthcoming anytime soon. I do my best to keep a positive attitude re the issues that confront us…..positive, but realistic. Realistically. we no longer live in a country of laws. The United States has dissolved. I have no proof of such, but it would seem Ron Avery agreed with me on yesterday’s Raw Deal. “it’s a wonderful document (speaking of the Constitution) at 1:07:44 https://www.bitchute.com/video/fJ42JmWXop34/ ….So, until we have a new states convention or SOMEHOW, the military intervenes as it has in Brazil, and forces obedience to that document (how they could legally accomplish that since it’s dissolved leaves me perplexed) or possibly a re-assertion of the Constitution. I agree with Fetz in that the document itself is amazingly constructed, but again, if dissolved those wonderful words have little value. We are now being ruled under a series of corrupted courts and political influence via social media and the MSM. It has come down to who has the loudest voice and the biggest stick….rationale and laws be damned. It may change with the new House and possibly at least a lesser Democrat influenced Senate IF that Georgia senate race goes for Walker today. And that does not look very promising. As I type, the radio is in the background and all I hear is Warnock (since I am located about 50 miles south of Ga). That’s my input for now…..back to hydroponics and growing my own food.

  7. I’m very sorry for you, Jim, and even sorrier for our nation, that your travesty has occurred. But let this be a warning to all–the illusion that we live in a free nation with an honest judicial system is completely shattered not only by yours but a legion of other such abominations in recent American history. Since it is manfest that the highest levels of our political and societal establishment are not only ignoring but actively suppressing the truth, all we in the Truther community can be are testaments and repositories of the truth–a la “Fahrenheit 486”. We need to collate, save, and comprehensively document the evidence in every one of these despicable actions of our government and secure the Truth for such a time when it will be able to set future generations free.

  8. It’s a travesty of justice but not a surprise.

    The Sandy Hook fraud is one of the most protected acts of government terrorism in the history of the USA. Concurrently, the US is being choked to death. The enemy is in every vital power position; the checks and balances system is overrun.

    * Vaccinations are an accepted form of genocide – the big box retailers are free to murder with impunity via opioid and fentanyl poisons sold in their pharmacies and shipped out the backdoor.

    * Schools are managed and programmed by the mentally ill seeking revenge for being born. Food and water supplies are poisoned or deliberately destroyed, and war is being framed in Europe.

    * Lies are the bread and butter of media, with censorship guarding the doors. Medicine is poison, healthcare is deadly, and the wheels have been deliberately loosened and ready to fall off the financial system.

    It would appear to most of us that can think that Zionists/Communists finally have total control, and another “revolution” is already well underway.

    Thank you for trying – but you are no match for all the stolen wealth available to defend the acts of terrorism at Sandy Hook. No crack in that defense can be allowed – no justice coming forth. Sandy Hook justice will be tasked to future historians to note the massive scale of corruption and the extent and enormity of the power marshaled to maintain such an egregious lie.

    Since we are in December and the Christmas ritual is upon us again, it might be worth re-watching “It’s A Wonderful Life,” as it would seem we are now living in the Dark Side of this Wonderful Life.

    Happy Holidays All –

      1. …Not that I expected an answer….since Jack Mullen rarely comments on the blog and Jim is just too busy, but I persist because I’m a stubborn sob.

        Anyway, here’s Tucker’s latest ….what better example the Zionists control this “war”and our CONgress (including Republican, of course), eh? Zelensky, the circumcised penis piano playing prick attempting to destroy Christianity in Ukraine. Time to replace Russia! Russia! Russia! with Zionists! Zionists! Zionists!!!!
        …never happen…just a dream….and it’s fading now, fading away. And you can bet they’ll be coming after those dreams soon, too.


        Then we have that Jordan Peterson…. so caught up in his own intellect that it’s a wonder he doesn’t swallow himself……advocating censorship and digital ID.


        And here, we have another example of Republicans embarrassing themselves (not that I give a crap about McConnell…but he is, unfortunately, a Republican) in an obviously Pelosi set-up as the J6th cops pass him by and refuse to shake his hand. He could have been ready, but he’s such a tool and just loves being used to degrade MAGA. Rot in hell, Mitch.


  9. Dr. Fetzer has taught me that it is always valuable and profitable to shed facts and evidence regrading the absurdities of the official narratives of false (flag) events.

    It looks bad for the USA and the world that these absurdities have become the bases of false lawsuits and the adulteration of principles of USA law,

    but I always remember…

    “You thought evil against me: but God turned it into good, that he might exalt me, as at present you see, and might save many people.”

    Genesis 50:20

    Happy Birthday, Dr. Fetzer


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