Anonymous D.C., The Nashville Shooter: Girl Playing a Boy or a Boy Playing a Girl?

Anonymous D.C.

I am a Doctor of Chiropractic, and I would like to share my observations about the Nashville shooter (but anonymously). 

We are told that she was Audrey Hale, age 28, and that she was in transition to becoming male. But, how far along was she? We’re told that she lived with her parents, and that they forbade her from dressing as, or presenting as, a male in their home. So, within the confines of the home, she was still “Audrey” and presenting as female. 

But, think about the practicality of it. It means that she had to leave the home as Audrey and go somewhere to change her clothes and her look. And then before going home, she had to change back to being Audrey. Was she doing that? It seems like an awful lot of trouble. 

Let’s look at the images. 

She obviously looks very feminine and attractive in the above image.


In the above image, she is dressed in male clothes, but otherwise, there are no clear signs of masculinity. The shirt is too loose-fitting to ascertain her figure. It’s been reported that she was on testosterone, but can we be sure? Testosterone is a prescription drug. So, what doctor prescribed it? I’d have to see her medical records before I could accept it. 

The above image was presumably taken at the same time. Notice that she had a rather long neck. Observe the distance between her chin and the knot of the tie. 

So, she had a rather long neck, agreed? Now, let’s look at the collage below. 

We see the long neck again on the right. But, what about on the left? There is nothing long about that neck. And what about the lips? Look how prominent the lower lip is on the left, which we don’t see on the right. She may have been pouting on the left, but even if so, I don’t know that that alone could account for it. Some people have a lot of disparity in the size of their lips. And it looks like the upper lip was tampered with on the right. It looks like someone took a Sharpie to it, and it does not have an anatomical contour. It’s too straight. 

So, there is some monkey business going on there. Now, let’s look at the very masculine shooter.

We certainly don’t see a long neck on the right. The bulky shoulders and thick arms scream male. I would even use the word “burly” to describe the person on the right. Short and burly. Audrey certainly wasn’t burly. But, was she short? 

We can’t judge her height without knowing his. But, I just noticed something: they messed with her upper lip there, as well.

It’s darker, and there is weird patch that’s out of place. It looks drawn. Now, let’s return to the shooter.

How old is that person? He obviously appears to be a male, but how old does he look? He looks like a teenager. He looks like a boy, not a man. He does not look like a fully mature adult. That is a young face, an immature face. In youth, the face is rounder because the skin cells are plump with water, and because there is abundant sub-dermal fat. As we get older, the skin cells dry out, and we lose that sub-dermal fat, and thus, we acquire the angularity of an adult face. I say that is the face of a teenager. But, if I’m wrong, how wrong can I be? Maybe the person is 20, 21, 22? That’s pushing it–but to take it to 28 is out of the question. 

We have the footage of Audrey breaking into the school. Since she just arrived there, nobody was hiding yet, right? Doesn’t it seem odd that no one was around? That we never see anyone except her? If you’ve been to schools, you know that people are coming and going all the time on a school day. We see her aiming and being prepared to shoot several times, but we don’t know what triggered it. Did she hear something? Did she see something? Or was that just staged action? But, I will point out that her handling of the assault rifle and her movements in general seemed very male. 

Men and women move around differently. Men are more lumbering in their movements. They transfer their weight more coarsely. You might say that they are King-Kong-ish, compared to women. They hold more tension in their muscles, and they react faster and more bluntly. They oscillate more around their center of gravity, whereas women are more graceful. Everything about the movements of the school shooter look male to me. 


The tautness, the wide stance, the intensity of the grip; it all looks very, very male to me; biologically male.

Now keep in mind: I don’t have an agenda. I’m just looking at this honestly and objectively, based on my experience as a doctor. And based on that, I cannot believe that these two are the same person.

ADDENDUM (3 April 2023)

So I think I figured it out. These two are the same person, and he is a boy. 

Round face, pug nose, short neck; it’s the same kid. I’d call it a boy’s expression too. Girls, even at a young age, tend to be more camera-savvy. They’re quick to pose nicely for the camera. They want to look good in photos. It was certainly true of Audrey. And on the right, he is nowhere near 28. It’s a wonder if he’s even 18, and if you told me he was 16, I wouldn’t question it.


Audrey Hale is a different person and the opposite gender. They had to conflate a teenage boy with a 28 year old woman, and that’s why they needed the transgender story. 
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12 thoughts on “Anonymous D.C., The Nashville Shooter: Girl Playing a Boy or a Boy Playing a Girl?”

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    1. So she compressed her long neck for her role in the school? Egad, Don. They look nothing like the same age. And he nails the way the perp walks as male rather than female. What’s up?

      1. I believe she lied about her age and that so-called male-walk is her style. The long neck she achieved by a neck scarf.

      2. This is a joke, right? The difference in neck length is real. The difference in age is real. Do you also think the PENS black-and-white sneakers are the same as the VANS colored sneakers? or that the empty parking lot is the same as a packed one? or that guns that do not eject shell casings or exhibit recoil are the same as guns that eject shell casings and exhibit recoil? Tell you you’re being satirical.

      3. Mr Anon. is overthinking this entire hoax.
        Audrey, the school, the staff and the police are up to their eyeballs in this hoax scenario. Yes, blanks were used and no one was killed. The school was closed for the two days of filming.
        The two days were edited to make it appear to be ONE day….hence the different shoes.

  3. File photo:

    This woodenhead will regret his action against Trump for the remainder of his life. Word is that there will be NO mugshot that millions were slathering for.


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  5. The Internet talk flying around is that the video of Audrey roaming the school halls was filmed on TWO days and that’s the reason she is seen wearing two different shoes.

    There’s more to this story than a trans on a hunt for victims. Its also been deemed a hoax from the get go and that no one was killed in the school including Audrey and all of the co-called ”6 victims”. The entire event is a HOAX.


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