Russ Winter, Bird-Dogging Cutout Operations at Charlottesville Ambush

Russ Winter 

‘The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.’ ― Lenin

Jason Kessler was the organizer of the Charlottesville ambush and is one of the defendants in what is called United the Right damage trial.

Jury awards $26 million in Charlottesville “Unite the Right” rally civil case

The SPLC describes Mr. Kessler as a late comer to “Alt-Right” activism. Indeed, a thinking person looking at his resume might give real pause before attending a rally that he organized. For example, how does an individual who was an assignment editor for faux news CNN suddenly emerge as the leader of the Charlottesville (C-ville) fiasco?

In addition, Kessler was a big President Obama supporter throughout his term. He received $1,320 as a consultant for assisting a Democrat running for Senate in 2012. He started his blog, called “Jason Kessler, American Author,” in late 2015 and spent the majority of the following year dispensing mindset and lifestyle advice and promoting two books authored during a period of “worldwide travel.”

In November 2016, Kessler “suddenly emerged” in the spotlight during a publicized WWE bruhaha with Charlottesville’s sleazy, anti-white vice mayor and cutout Wes Bellamy. Kessler unearthed Bellamy’s sexist and bigoted anti-white tweets. It’s hard to imagine how this unlikely cutout actor Bellamy could have managed to get elected, let alone have a voice on the national stage. And to highlight one’s political career with a highly divisive effort to remove Robert E. Lee’s statue in C-ville seems highly contrived on its face.

After Kessler had his sudden red-pill “epiphany” in November 2016, he established his group, “Unity & Security For America,” in January 2017. Kessler quickly organized this rally around free speech and to counter the Lee monument removal. The hash tag used was #UniteTheRight. Like mushrooms in a forest, somehow money and publicity materialized.

The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history. — George Orwell

Another day, another statue at the hands of hysterics: Durham, North Carolina. The monument, about 15 feet in height, depicts an armed and uniformed soldier.

“In memory of the boys who wore the gray,” reads the inscription on its granite base, which also bears the Confederate seal.

Even yours truly, as a descendant of Confederate soldiers and quite sensitive about historical replacement, decided to roll the dice in support. I sometimes have a weakness for the glass half full.

The True History of the Confederate Memorials: It Was a Women’s Movement

But after recruiting as many mainstream conservatives, monument and historical preservationists and Trump supporters as possible, Kessler decided to pollute this movement by inviting so-called neo-Nazi and KKK cutouts and controlled-opposition groups to smear everyone attending.

This psyops is the modus operandi of Scott Foval and Bob Creamer, Democratic operatives who organized and coordinated with mainstream media “bird-dogging” at Trump rallies to smear regular Trump supporters as racist and violent. The use of shadow language such as white supremacy exploded after C-ville.

Now that C-ville crashed and burned, Kessler is fundraising for a supposed now lost legal defense and lawsuits against C-ville.

After January 6th, more people are waking up to these psyops operations and to the risk of attending cointelpro influenced set-up events.

Among the jaw-dropping, in-your-face attendees was a contingent from The Right Stuff and Daily Stormer. They showed up just long enough to present the worst possible optics and face to the movement with a contrived and toxic theme of white sharia. White sharia is another cutout meme that holds that white women need to be put back in their place with a program resembling extreme Muslim sharia law.

With this two-fer, the cutouts can both smear Islam and look juvenile and mentally ill to “normal people.” Then, as if by script, a member of this sharia-chant nutwing element — one James Fields — is soon involved in surreal, terroristic vehicular homicide.

In the Wake of the Series of Hate Hoaxes: Time to Reexamine the Charlottesville ‘Car Assault’. Was it a Staged Deception?

After the vehicular attack, Daily Stormer engaged in stupid, highly distasteful grave dancing on the alleged dead woman in the C-ville vehicle incident.

Some involved in the shitstorm were operatives, other were easily manipulated.  “Somehow” these actors often get regular exposure and voice. Most of them are intellectual lightweights. People like Richard Spencer, for example, has always struck me as an empty suit at best and a cutout Judas Goat at worst. Meanwhile true voices are censored and ignored to an extreme.

C-ville and the vehicle staged deception have allowed the lugenpresse and their cognoscenti to unload and smear anybody and everybody who opposes the sleazy white replacement tactics of cutouts like Wes Bellamy and his fellow Anti-Fa travelers. They can now engage in one-sided framing of what transpired at C-ville.

Finally, We Know What Really Happened at the Robert E. Lee Statue in Charlottesville

For those who care, the time has come to scrutinize who you listen to within what’s left of the movement. Be very skeptical of those who are given easy platforms and a spotlight. We are on the defensive, but this is an opportunity to purge, clean house and reinvent.

To Daily Stormer: good riddance, don’t let the door hit you on the ass on the way out. Maybe some of this younger cohort will grow up and mature enough to get back in the game, perhaps wiser for the experience. We all need to constantly observe and learn. I propose targeted economic boycotts. Be aware of who you support economically.

[Editor’s note: This brilliant piece complements previous research I have published on Charlottesville at

Political Theater in Charlottesville

Political Theater in Charlottesville

Faux Terrorism in Three Acts Produced by Leftist Zealots

“The strongest reason for the people to retain their right to keep and bear arms is as a last resort to protect themselves against tyranny in government.”
—Thomas Jefferson

Act I: A torch-lit protest around the statue of Thomas Jefferson on the campus of the University of Virginia, designed to draw the attention of the nation for the events the following day;

Act II: Local police stand down so VA State Police and National Guard could channel peaceful protesters of the removal of a statue of Robert E. Lee into a violent confrontation with Antifa and Black Lives Matter;

Act III: At an intersection several blocks away, the actors were set and the vehicles in place to film dramatic—and carefully contrived—video footage.

The objective was to transform Donald Trump (who wants to reallocate American resources from the Middle East to benefit the American people by putting “America First!”)—by successive stages in a semantic sleight-of-hand—into a White Nationalist, into a White Supremacist, into a neo-Nazi, and to promote the unraveling of American culture by an assault upon our history through the removal of icons of the past and an excess of “political correctness.”

The key players in this staged event turned out to be George Soros, who financed the event, Executive Producer; Terry McAuliffe, Governor of Virginia, Director, who controlled the National Guard and the VA State Police; Michael Signer, Mayor of Charlottesville, Assistant Director, who ordered the local police to stand down; Richard Spencer and Jason Kessler, who impersonated White Nationalist leaders to give the event a neo-Nazi flavor; Brennan Gilmore, a U.S. State Department operative who appears to have served with the CIA in Africa, Witness; Ford Fischer, as the On-scene Videographer; with Antifa, Black Lives Matter and stuntmen as Extras.

Left-wing zealots not only produced the Charlottesville event but others, such as Angela Rye, a former executive with the Black Congressional Caucus, has called for the removal of all monuments—from George Washington to Thomas Jefferson to Robert E. Lee—which would disfigure our nation’s capital. Even the United Nations has called for the suppression of freedom of speech under the First Amendment, claiming that America must not allow Constitutional Rights to be “misused” to promote “hate speech.” Charlottesville was designed and continues to be promoted to change what it means to be an American and to subvert our rights under the United States Constitution. We had better be paying attention!

Kevin Barrett, Ph.D. * Scott Bennett * Ole Dammegard * Dr. Eowyn, Ph.D. * Greg Felton * Jim Fetzer, Ph.D. * Dave Gahary * Matthew Raphael Johnson, Ph.D. * Nick Kollerstrom, Ph.D. * Dave Martin * Jack Mullen * Mike Palecek * Michael Thomas * Paul Craig Roberts, Ph.D. * Jacob Tyler

It has been edited by Jim Fetzer, former Marine Corps officer and Distinguished McKnight Professor Emeritus at UMD, and Mike Palecek, who has committed his life to the search for truth and justice.]

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2 thoughts on “Russ Winter, Bird-Dogging Cutout Operations at Charlottesville Ambush”

  1. I lived in Charlottesville for 20 years….1978-1998. I opened the Roasted Bean, which was the first true coffee house in that town….and possibly Albemarle County. At that time it was a beautiful eclectic college town that housed an incredible collection of musicians. Dave Mathews was a bartender at Millers on the downtown mall. His friend, Tim Reynolds got him into the music business. The DMB became legend. Boyd Tinsley played at my cafe on Market Street in an AA group called Swept Away.
    Life was good and and Charlottesville was a wonderful place for entrepreneurs. I returned in 2017 and the place had become unrecognizable, flooded with techies and yuppies. The black community, especially those in the old Belmont neighborhood were on the warpath. because property taxes were killin’ ’em!.
    The Robert E Lee statue was still there in 2017…I’m fairly sure it’s gone now.
    The homeless are sleeping and lurking in business entrances on the downtown mall.
    Take me back to 1979 when it was possible to open a cafe on a shoestring and a prayer. The Dems have made damn sure you cannot take that path any longer.

    1. Yes, indeed,.the statue was removed in July of 2021 (along with the statue of Stonewall Jackson)

      ….Here’s Wiki’s take….

      (tell ya one thing for damn sure….even though my oldest friend lives there, I’ll never go back),_Virginia)

      In February 2017, as part of the movement for the removal of Confederate monuments and memorials, the Charlottesville City Council voted 3–2 for the statue’s removal, along with the Stonewall Jackson statue, and for the Lee Park to be renamed. The removal proposal generated controversy. A lawsuit was filed on March 20, 2017, and in May 2017 a temporary injunction against its removal was granted by a judge, citing a Virginia state law that blocked the removal. White supremacists organized the Unite the Right rally for August 2017 to protest the proposed removal that drew numerous far-right groups from across the United States; this rally in turn caused counterdemonstrations, which in turn caused serious clashes; the event took a deadly turn when a white supremacist rammed a car into a crowd of counterdemonstrators, killing one and wounding 35. On August 23, 2017, the council had the statue shrouded in black, which in February 2018 a judge ordered removed. In July 2019 a permanent injunction was granted and in July 2020 the state law was amended to remove the grounds for objection raised by the judge. The Virginia Supreme Court lifted the injunction in April 2021, holding that the state law thought to restrict the removal did not apply retroactively to statutes passed before its effect (the law was applied to Virginia cities in 1997, but the statue had been erected in 1924).[4] However, rather than immediately remove the statute, the city opted to employ the new removal process authorized under the law’s 2020 amendments, which entails public notice, a public hearing after thirty days, and thirty days to field offers for relocation of the statue.[5] On July 9, 2021, the City Council announced that the Lee Monument would be removed the following day,[6] and, on July 10, 2021, both the Lee and Stonewall Jackson statues were removed by the city.[7]

      Here it is before the commies stole it and destroyed history.



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