Clare Kuehn, Was Paul McCartney Murdered for Opposing the Deep State?

Clare Kuehn

[Editor’s note. Clare was the first to suggest to me that Paul had died and been replaced (by someone I now regard as an even better musician. I became convinced when I discovered the research of two Italian forensic scientists, who started out in the expectation of refuting the claim but instead confirmed it.

The the current “Paul”–often referred to as “Faul” for “False (or Fake) Paul”–is not the original James Paul McCartney is not in doubt. They have different heights and shapes of head and different teeth and palates, where Paul had bad teeth and a narrow palate, but Faul has good teeth and a normal palate:

There are other theories of the case, including those of Richard Balducci (that Paul was killed as punishment for John’s claim that the Beatles were more popular than Jesus) and of Mona Alexis Pressley (who believes that Paul lives on as the caretaker of his own home).]

Henry Makow Intro:

It’s the weekend. As a change of pace, I present an article by a reader, Clare Kuehn, that casts Paul McCartney’s murder and replacement in a new light.


“Mark Lane said Paul was convinced “Oswald couldn’t have done it,” and wanted to write his very first film score for Lane’s upcoming film of his book, Rush to Judgment.


Had Paul written his first film score and backed such a film, in the heady days for the Beatles, in 1966, and only three-and-a-half years after the assassination of JFK, the dam against JFK-assassination conspiracy case-making would have broken.”


By Clare Kuehn

In mid-September, 1966, something happened with the Beatles that would rewrite the history of music forever. JPM was missing from media coverage for months.


When he supposedly appeared again in mid-December, he appeared in all ways to be very different than he had been just seven or eight weeks before. Photos now and then are often doctored, films stretched, and music pitch altered.


Back then, when the film of the Beatles “Hello Goodbye” aired in 1967 on the Ed Sullivan TV show, the figure of Paul was extremely awkward and lanky. And why did they send a film instead of doing an in-person appearance, as before? He moved awkwardly, not with the effortless fluid movements of Paul. Numerous fake and distorted films began to appear; music was altered in pitch, during remastering; cryptic comments were made. What had happened to the “beautiful boy”?


The rumor that Paul died started almost immediately, we now know. Most sources say it was created in late 1969, but it was in print in early 1967 and others heard it before.


Beyond the fact that if Paul was replaced in the public eye, some powerful people had to manage passports and legalities, and the powerful economic export the Beatles represented had to be continued. Some people now are considering that he was murdered, instead of dying in a natural accident. If he was murdered, some common suggestions follow.


Mark Lane’s “Rush To Judgment” Book and Movie on the JFK Assassination


One of the big theories of murder centers around the JFK assassination.


If he was murdered, the JFK assassination links may not have been the sole reason for Paul’s death, but were, perhaps the final “nail in the coffin”, making more people willing to “sign off” on killing the immensely popular British “cash cow”, Paul McCartney.


The evidence comes from two books. Mark Lane, the Washington lawyer who wrote the first bestseller on basic legal evidence and arguments surrounding Lee Harvey Oswald’s defense, wrote later that Paul and he met in early 1966 and Paul read his manuscript for “Rush To Judgment” book (published summer 1966). He said Paul was convinced “Oswald couldn’t have done it,” and wanted to write his very first film  

It started filming in Dallas, in 1966, showing eyewitnesses and legal arguments. It was released in 1967, to far less fanfare than Paul’s version would surely have been. PID theory says that Paul did not quite live to see the filming start.


The relevant sections from “Citizen Lane” are online at Note: Lane makes an error in “Citizen Lane”: the early 1966 events he describes were when Paul was 23 years old in early 1966, not 22 years of age.


Lane discussed his experiences with Paul (and the JFK movie musical score plans) in several interviews and two books:
“A Citizen’s Dissent” (Lawrence Hill Books, 1968, pp. 56-7); “Citizen Lane” (Hill Books, 2012, pp. 162-4, 174-6).


Had Paul written his first film score and backed such a film, in the heady days for the Beatles, in 1966, and only three-and-a-half years after the assassination of JFK, the dam against JFK-assassination conspiracy case-making would have broken.


A beating (fake moped accident) seems to have happened before Paul met Mark Lane, however, in December, 1965. Although the exact timing of the first Lane meeting is unknown, it was likely in early 1966.


Other options for murder exist, as we will see below, perhaps in combination with the JFK movie situation. All reasons to murder Paul could have played some role.

Mind Control: Sexual Liberation as a Form of Social Control


There are other plausible theories of Paul’s murder if he was murdered. Moreover, if he was, it may have been with many purposes in mind, depending upon the particular group signing off on the plot.


After Paul died, the members of the band, Sir Paul especially, became pawns in a more direct promotion of wild lifestyles. Paul had been loose, personally, but was not given to public extremes. In fact, although counter-cultural with longer hair and clever music, the Beatles were not publicly well-known for drug and sex escapades, until after Paul died.


It may be that he was “in the way” of a more sinister destruction of society planned by social scientists, using the replacement.


In this theory of the death, a Freemasonic, “Enlightenment Liberal Atheism” agenda, along with politically weaponized social scientists and psychologists, were set to push a liberalized, false Christianity, especially a false Roman Catholic church, to promote sex and drugs more than Paul himself really wanted to.


A replacement, instead of an announcement would be to keep the money flow and the social power of the Beatles going, for promoting social liberalism. Other bands have been implicated in being spies or affiliates, as well.




David McGowan, “Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon: Laurel Canyon, Covert Ops & The Dark Heart of The Hippie Dream” (Headpress, 2014).
Dr. E. Michael Jones, “Libido Dominandi: Sexual Liberation And Political Control” (Fidelity Press, 1999).
Catholics debate modern church and End Times Apocalypse: .


Satanism, Crowley, Lennon, Satanic Backwards Music Clues?


The Beatles, as British subjects, were somewhat proud of their status as cultural changers. They might have dabbled in Freemasonry and been so upset at Christianity as an institution, that they temporarily became “anti-Christ”, as their press agent remarked above. Their feelings adjusted back and forth over the years, but they did not hang out upside-down crosses; the following is a doctored photo. The quotation is accurate, however.


They actually held out their Masters of the British Empire (MBE) awards in the original photo.


Others have said that the Beatles added hidden backward phrases to their music. These were all done after Paul supposedly died. Because of their secret and creepy aspect, some called them Satanic.


It is a regular historical fact that the Beatles said they were inspired by Aleister Crowley, at some point, and that they were part of the counterculture of the time. The hype around the Beatles also links to some evidence that they were especially promoted when they were, to the USA, to distract from the assassination of JFK.


Sacrificial symbology present in the case evidence has also suggested to some, that Paul died partly in Satanic style, gangland style.


Crowley, possibly a British agent and spy, created his own branch of Masonry with thaumaturgy (supposedly real magic), called the Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO). Indeed, Crowley promoted backward messages, to create mastery of nature and control of others. They are also used by intelligence apparatuses, in cryptography.



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