Scott Bennett: Israel, Gaza, Ukraine, and The End of Empire

Scott Bennett

GTI-There is a very close relationship between the Ukraine and Gaza wars. US-Nato and Israel are one unit. Both want to weaken Russia and Palestine. The US used neo-Nazi terror groups to replace the rulers in Ukraine with US puppets in 2014. The Russian-speaking Ukrainian community was persecuted and terrorized, such as in the Donbash region.

US-Nato is using Ukraine and creating conditions (which will make Ukraine a member of Nato) that will seriously threaten Russia’s security. However, this effort actually weakens the US and Nato.

Meanwhile, in other places, the US also facilitated Israel in carrying out genocide against the Palestinian residents of Gaza. The US has supported Israel since 1948 and made Palestine stateless. Israel and the US want to steal Palestine’s natural resources by eliminating the Palestinian people. That’s what Scott Bannett said to GTI, March 23 2024.

Scott Bennett, Urkaine-Gaza War: Towards a Multipolar World (24 March 2024)

Scott Bennett is a former US government military official, during the Bush era, 2003-2008. According to him, both Bush and Biden used the same tactics to conquer other countries, by operating color revolutions and replacing legitimate rulers. It seems successful at first, but after that it will create an increase in militant groups and acts of violence. The only solution is diplomacy and soft power.

Just like Russia and China have succeeded in taking a diplomatic approach, strengthening sovereignty, respect for Africa, India and Asia. On the other hand, the US still uses arrogant, violent and careless language. The legitimacy of military power as a language of diplomacy will create enemies, not friends. The US for 20 years has not won the hearts of other nations. Hamid Karzai was funded by the US in Afghanistan, but ended up leaving the country with the money.

Scott suggested that in order to form a multipolar world in the Islamic world, it must use the issue of saving Palestine as a common issue. I hear a lot of complaints, but no real action. Countries like Turkey, Emirates, Qatar, Jordan, Egypt, Iran, Malaysia, Syria, Muslim Africa must form a bloc against Israel-US. Must narrow the space for Israeli diplomacy and trade. Yemen is a real example that helps the Palestinian-Gaza people.

Nato has always carried out defense, not offensive, against former communist countries. The US has betrayed its own alliance countries. Destroying the Nord Stream, destroying the economy of Germany and western European countries. Lessons for Indonesia, Scott suggested that Indonesia maintain its dignity, not become a slave to the West, not be afraid of sanctions, and be free to choose who will be its friends and enemies. Remember the lessons of Imran Khan in Pakistan, Hamid Karzai in Afghanistan. Every country has the same opportunity to become an independent country. We must avoid a third world war by strengthening the Multipolar world, BRICS and other balancing powers.

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13 thoughts on “Scott Bennett: Israel, Gaza, Ukraine, and The End of Empire”


        In other words, fuck the “Baby Boomer”s (1946-1964) and the “Silent Generation” (1928-1945) who sacrificed spilled their blood for this country, Build the new government on electrons and smart phones SO ONE ONE HAS TO THINK…. ADD 2 + 2 OR EVEN GET OFF THE COUCH.

        Happy to be older and not have to suffer through this shit too much longer.

        Deus benedicat realis Americae

      2. Please see Whitney Webb’s deep research on RFK Jr.’s VP pick.

        RFKjr went left when he should have gone right and thus reduced his voter pool. Here are two twitter comments that explain the disappointment.

        Erin Elizabeth Health Nut News: “I have Thousands of comments across platforms & 40% said they will still vote for him but now 60% at this point say they won’t bc of his VP choice. People have to understand he asked many other people first who publicly and headline news said they couldn’t do it at this time.”

        I’m not convinced about his other choices. I don’t remember any public refusals of the position.

        Then there’s this, especially this: “I’m disheartened by what seems to be coming out regarding her political views. Gascon, for example, is one of the primary reasons LA is in the toilet these days and to learn she was one of his biggest supporters is incredibly disillusioning.”

        Gascon is not from LA and many people mistook him for this veteran LA cop with the same name. But with Soros’ money, and Shanahan’s too, he got elected under this false assumption and that was a big part of the demise of Los Angeles.


      3. Thank you, Toni…..anyone else…as with those running this blog…..have any addition or comment? Sure as hell would be a boost to hear from them.

      4. The New York Post has an article about RFKJr’s VP pick with the title:
        “Robert F. Kennedy Jr. VP pick Nicole Shanahan helped route millions to pro-migrant, anti-cop groups”

        “Nicole Shanahan — independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s running mate — has a long history of donating to soft-on-crime causes, including leading a foundation that splashed out on groups opposed to mandatory minimum prison sentences and supporting the removal of police from schools.”

        “Shanahan’s funding history aligns with the opinions of Kennedy, who has advocated eliminating prison sentences for non-violent drug crimes and diverting addicts to rehabilitation centers or farms.“

        Kennedy: “Prisons are now the biggest industry in rural areas in our country, and I want to develop, instead, a string of farm drug rehabs, healing farms, in those same rural communities where people can go if they get involved in drugs, if they’re debilitated by depression or dependence on psychiatric drugs.”

        Rural communities?!? Why doesn’t Kennedy keep criminals in the same areas to which Shanahan directed her cash, and where these criminals were hatched and groomed?

        “Kennedy said he chose Shanahan partly due to her age, since she could connect with younger generations.”

        Lord help us.

        The article does not mention the other affinity that Kennedy has with Shanahan. She has been married three times to very rich jews, including Sergey Brin, founder of Google. Brin, a Russian born jew who professes his continual wonderment with Israel, divorced Shanahan, whom he met a Burning Man, after she had an “affair” with Elon Musk, lately of Auschwitz.

        Shanahan will get along fine with the pro-Israel Kennedy.


      5. I doubt it we be any great surprise that RFK got caught in some honey pot scheme. Knowing their past history with their little head ruling the big head, it’s not a startling revelation. Too bad, I had respect for his ability to win those cases against the pharmaceutical industry.

      1. Is there any life left on this effing blog?
        Thanks, Jim for “doing better”. For keericed sakes someone who wishes to comment cannot even get on…That is not a blog….it’s an old members only club without the mahogany. . Hell, why not put up a paywall here?

  1. Mr. Bennett….The grapevine from information behind the paywall has said you, Fetz and Mullen intend to throw support to RFK Jr. . I could easily be off course here, but is not RFK Jr. a strong supporter of
    of Israel?

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