$61 Billion Was Just The Beginning – Ukrainian President Zelensky Announces 10 Year Funding Agreement with U.S.: “GLORY TO UKRAINE”

By Jordan Conradson

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, after speaking with Democrat House Leader Hakeem Jeffries, announced on Sunday the U.S. and Ukraine are “working on fixing specific levels of support for this year and for the next ten years.”

This will likely supersede President Trump’s authority on the matter if passed.

As The Gateway Pundit reported, Congress recently passed three bills to hand out $95 Billion in “foreign aid” to Ukraine, Israel, Gaza, and other non-U.S.-involved conflict zones around the world. Of the $95 Billion, over $60 Billion was allocated for Ukraine.

The handout to Ukraine was sold to the American people as a “loan.” However, as The Gateway Pundit reported, the package Johnson announced Wednesday includes terms that will allow the President to cancel 50% of Ukraine’s debt after November 15, 2024, and the remaining 50% after January 1, 2024. It’s no wonder Joe Biden came out “strongly” in support of the package, urging the House and Senate to pass it.

This means after President Trump wins the 2024 election, as expected, Joe Biden can cancel 50% of Ukraine’s debt before his term ends in January. However, if Biden and the Democrats pull off another stolen election, they can forgive 100% of Ukraine’s debt a little over one year later. This isn’t a loan. It’s a handout.

Additionally, as The Gateway Pundit reported, Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) revealed that only $44 to $47 billion–40%–of the $113 billion that the United States has handed out to Ukraine is lethal aid.” So what was the other 66 to $69 billion for?” Roy asked on Bannon’s War Room.

Two bills from the latest handout package, the Indo-Pacific Security Supplemental Appropriations Act, 2024 and the Ukraine Security Supplemental Appropriations Act, 2024, both passed the House with more support from Democrats than Republicans. This comes after Republicans under Mike Johnson’s leadership gave up a $1.2 trillion spending bill, also with more support from Democrats than Republicans, and reauthorization for warrantless searches of Americans under FISA Section 702.

All 112 “Nay” votes on a bill to send $60 billion to Ukraine came from Republicans, with 101 Republicans voting “AYE” with 210 Democrats. Every single Democrat voted in favor of sending additional taxpayer money to secure a foreign border, more than doubling the number of Republican votes in favor.

Speaker Johnson arrogantly declared himself a “wartime speaker” before announcing the massive foreign aid package to fund multiple countries oceans away — but not the United States. The United States is not even at war with anyone!

Johnson’s surrender and betrayal of the conservative agenda could be explained by the fact that one of his top handlers aides, Policy Director Dan Ziegler, is a former lobbyist with clients who have a financial interest in Ukraine aid.

In a more recent development, the Pentagon confirmed on Wednesday that the US secretly sent long-range Army Tactical Missile System to Ukraine as part of the $61 billion dollar package passed by Democrats, RINOs, Speaker Johnson and signed by Joe Biden.

Obviously, Americans did not know about these long-range missiles being part of the $61 billion deal. Did Mike Johnson know about this? Did the RINOs? Why did they hide this from American taxpayers? Why would they send these offensive weapons to war-torn Ukraine?

In an X post this past Thursday, Zelenskyy said, “I spoke with @SpeakerJohnson to express my sincere gratitude for his leadership that ensured true bipartisan support for aid to Ukraine. I specifically highlighted the inclusion of long-range ATACMS systems in the bill, which are greatly needed on the battlefield.”

Steve Bannon on Saturday told Ben Harnwell he is “very disturbed about Johnson,” calling the latest move a “criminal conspiracy.”

Zelenskyy followed up on the money this morning, announcing that “Ukraine and the United States, are currently working on a bilateral security agreement,” and they are “working on fixing specific levels of support for this year and for the next ten years.”

This comes after Zelenskyy announced that he invited Johnson and Jeffries to visit Ukraine:

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10 thoughts on “$61 Billion Was Just The Beginning – Ukrainian President Zelensky Announces 10 Year Funding Agreement with U.S.: “GLORY TO UKRAINE””

  1. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, after speaking with Democrat House Leader Hakeem Jeffries, announced on Sunday the U.S. and Ukraine are “working on fixing specific levels of support for this year and for the next ten years.”
    Ten years? This is a growth industry. A good way to market weapons of human destruction. Now all we get is Ukrainian women seeking men on the website ads. They have to get a man from overseas because Zelensky is getting all the Ukranian men killed.

      1. Yeah, Greg Reese at Infowars. Pretty good for that site. One of their homeruns. But we know Alex Jones is a limited hangout, so what does this cover-up? It does help the divide and conquer crowd who will insist on a difference between zionists and jews. That could be the whole point of the piece. In fact, the way any protest on behalf of Palestine is equated with calling for the extermination of jews by both publications and the random jew on the street, it seems the most likely reason.

        Also, I guess 9/11 is safe for Infowars now because it’s receding in the past, and they were just made to kowtow on Sandy Hook again with that HBO special, “The Truth vs Alex Jones.” The perps are stilled scared of that one coming out.

        But I wonder if they should be, because I just read on X this morning, in a deprecating thread, that boomers are still obsessed with Michelle Obama’s penis! That’s news to me. But you can see how fast younger people move on.

    1. How can you expect anyone to respond to your comments when you are so derogatory?

      I don’t even know what your last comment means.

      What if I told you that you often miss the underlying meaning in the posts you quote as you get carried away by the tenor of the writing, especially if it is patriotic?

      Yes, Kunstler is a jew and here’s how you can tell. He equates the phrase Free Palestine with jewish extermination. How ludicrous is it that sympathy for Palestinians in Gaza must mean you want to genocide all jews?

      Even young children want this! After a drag queen at a library got children to chant Free Palestine, Kunslter says, and I quote, “You’re watching drag queens importune young children to shove all the Jews into the sea.” Kunstler conveniently forgets that the normalization of sexualized fetishes that brought us drag queen storytime in the first place is a decades-long jewish project.

      I could go on with the impact of the jewish hand in the degradation of our national life, but I would be here all day, and anyway, it seems to enlighten no one.

      1. Got someone’s attention, eh?

        Why aren’t YOU derogatory on what’s left of this blog. If the blog owner has basically given up on the blog, what does it matter what’s said.

        But you are right, Toni…I am far past my sell-by date on this blog.

        As Fetz said, keep em coming….I’m done.

        BillAU will straighten it all out.

  2. Another splendid article from Kunstler to which I expect another UNDERWHELMING response:


    You realize, don’t you, that what’s going on in our country is the collapse not just of an empire, or an economy, but a comprehensive paradigm of human progress. The hallmark of post-war life in Western Civ was supposed to be a return to sanity after the mid-twentieth century fugue of mass psychotic violence. The wish for just and rational order was not entirely pretense. But that was then. Now that we are going medieval on ourselves, the not-so-ironic result will be our literally going medieval, sinking back into a pre-modern existence of darkness, superstition, and penury, grubbing for a mere subsistence in the shadow of scuffling hobgoblins, our achievements lost and forgotten.

    What’s most appalling is that our governing apparatus is visibly willing that to happen. When Barack Obama warned America to not underestimate Joe Biden’s ability to fuck things up, was that some kind of joke? After all, it was Mr. Obama and his fellow blobsters — the cabal of Intel spooks, covert Marxist bureaucrats, lawfare ninjas, globalist megalomaniacs, post-liberal think tankers, weapons grifters, degenerate billionaires, and assorted mentally-ill camp followers — who inflicted Joe Biden on the body politic. And then ran him on the country like some demon algorithm designed to wreck the USA as fast as possible.

    The source of anguish in all that is the struggle to understand why they would want that to happen. What debauched sense of history would drive anyone to such lunatic desperation? It’s a cliché now to say that the Democratic Party has turned its traditional moral scaffold upside down and inside out. It acts against the kitchen table interests of the working and middle classes. It’s against civil liberties. It demands mental obedience to patently insane policy. It’s avid for war, no matter how cruelly pointless. It’s deliberately stirring up racial hatred. It despises personal privacy. It feeds a rogue bureaucracy that has become a veritable Moloch, an all-devouring malevolent deity. And now, rather suddenly, it aligns itself with a faction that seeks to exterminate the Jews.

    And how did the opposition to that epic divergence into bad faith turn so flabby? How did the Republican Party roll over and wheeze so feebly while the FBI ran amok swatting grandmothers in dawn raids, and the US attorney general made justice a whore, and a Republican Congress allowed the Frankenstein agency of Homeland Security to flood the country with its enemies and give them gobs of operational cash? If Mr. Trump was unappetizing to them as a leader, why were they unable to produce an alternative figure of standing and stature at least equally resolute? They look like traitors and cowards.

    For the moment, the country lies mired, inert, and demoralized in the face of in those terrible mysteries. But events are still tending and the hidden hand of emergence still operates backstage, preparing surprises for us. You are necessarily aware that the center did not hold. It’s even hard to locate where the center used to be with the action so heavy on the far-out margins. You’re watching drag queens importune young children to shove all the Jews into the sea. And the kids are sitting next to their mommies. What happened to the mommies’ brains that permits them to think this spectacle is okay? How will the mommies ever get their minds right?

    In some quarters, a great rage is building. Not a few resent the overthrow of common sense, common law, and common decency. You better believe they will be aiming to do something about it. They will stand up for their dignity, their culture, their history. Virtue isn’t dead; it’s just broke down on a lonely highway waiting to hitch a ride back to where the lights are still on. Don’t forget that this really is the land of the free and the home of the brave.

    Meanwhile, prepare for action. It’s obvious that the enemies of the people don’t intend to rest. They are going to try to play out this string to the last move because otherwise a lot of them will be going to jail, or might even hang for their wickedness. Once they turned criminal, there was no turning back. They have dishonored themselves and they’re trying to dishonor their country.

    It’s true nonetheless that we’re moving into a new disposition of the human project. It’s going to be smaller and leaner, and not nearly as complex as the tottering Rube Goldberg apparatus we’re currently trapped in. We don’t know yet what the shape and texture of that America is going to be. As the sage Yogi Berra observed, our whole future is ahead of us. If you’re not among the insane, have faith. We’ll get there and everything is going to be all right.

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