Patrick J. McShay, As Biden Sinks in the Polls, Leftist Politicians are Losing All Over Europe

      “The Right Wing agenda today is just the centrist agenda of 20 years ago.

       The Left has become an extinctionist movement.”

                                                                                    — Elon Musk

      “Five dangerous months await us because of this lunatic”

                                                                                   — Donald Trump

       speaking about Joe Biden at a Minnesota rally


In a not-so-shocking new YouGov Presidential poll, 84% of Americans believe they will be worse off under a second Joe Biden term in office. Only 29% think Biden is fit to serve another term and 76% say his fitness and age are problematic. A new CBS poll showed 62% of those polled wanted Trump to start his deportation agenda. The media hates to admit that the majority of Americans have always been against illegal immigrantion.

So just who and where are the people that we are told still support this braindead president and his leftist and extreme policies? I saw one of those “Man on the Street” bits the other day, and the interviewer was trying to find someone in New York City to admit they supported Biden, and he couldn’t find anyone.

I think the Right has 75% of the population’s support on everything but abortion and sexualizing 5-year-olds, so who is out of touch here?  Remember this if the left is successful in stealing the 2024 election. These aren’t Democrats, they have been taken over by foreign interests. This election is about Patriots Vs Communists.

*When Biden brings up Trump’s recent felony in their upcoming debate, Trump should ask “Can you articulate for everyone watching exactly what I was found guilty of?” Biden would mumble, fumble, melt down, and would never recover. End of debate.

Hunter Biden’s gun conviction is just a distraction from the $20 million illegal Pay-to-Play scheme involving 9 members of Joe Biden’s family who received funds from China, Russia, Ukraine, and other countries. The media can’t be bothered to report on the Biden’s treachery. Because of Joe Biden’s age and dementia, he will never pay for his betrayal of his country, but he wants 4 more years.

Americans aren’t the only ones who are sick and tired of these far-left leaders who serve as puppets for the globalists who control the UN, the World Economic Forum (WEF), and the World Health Organization (WHO) which is currently attempting to coerce UN member countries into signing up for their “Pandemic Treaty” that is nothing but a New World order dictatorship. Member countries would be forced to cede their nation’s sovereignty and citizenship and would be forced to take all vaccines mandated by the WHO.

The Green Party is dying all over Europe as people are waking up and rejecting these leftist policies. Far-right candidates in the EU are winning elections all over Europe for many of the same reasons Americans are done with Joe Biden.

The absurd spending on climate change and forced immigration of so-called refugees from 3rd world countries is a long-planned globalist Jewish plan written over a hundred years ago called the Kalergi Plan. Europeans are as sick of this agenda as Americans.

Marine Le Pen’s popularity in France is surging while the unpopular globalist toadie Emmanuel Macron watches helplessly as his grip on power in that country slips from his slimy hands. Macron is licking his wounds after his centrist alliance was soundly defeated by Le Pen’s far-right national party. Immigration, the economy, and foreign wars are the three top reasons for the public’s ire, sound familiar?

In Italy, conservative far-right Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni has doubled her support in the election this past weekend.  As she prepares for the G-7 meetings this week, she said she is “extraordinarily proud” and that they will present their strongest government at the G-7. Italians are tired of the woke agenda

Victor Orban is a far-right leader in Hungary, a model country that refused to allow immigrants to be forced on them by the EU, and has withheld support for the globalist’s war in Ukraine.

The right just made big gains in Germany, and Belgium’s liberal Prime Minister Alexander De Croo was voted out in a right-wing wave with the right winning 44 Representative seats and the Liberals just 19. It turns out the Europeans hate the same things freedom-loving Americans hate and don’t want them shoved down their throats.

Our neighbors in Canada are fed up with Klaus Schwab’s favorite pretty boy puppet Justin Trudeau, who turned into a Canadian WEF cheerleader to push their globalist agenda.

Trudeau has allowed tens of thousands of illegals to be forced into Canadian cities, he is bankrupting the country by paying for this absurd green agenda to serve the climate hoax, he is pushing the LGBTQ agenda, and he is forcing vaccines on the population in service of Big Pharma. The majority of Canadians can’t stand him!

*Every one of these puppet leaders has the same detestable globalist resume.

These globalists have brought a wrecking ball to order in the US and other Western countries with a Communist/Marxist plan to bankrupt them with their absurd climate hoax, increased taxes and regulations, flooding the border with 3rd world, low-IQ invaders, protests led by paid agent provocateurs rioting in the streets, and collapsing the system.

Once the US system collapses Social Security checks stop coming, businesses start closing, pension funds collapse, welfare and food cards stop, and free healthcare ends. People without resources are easily controlled and Americans, armed to the teeth, will have to be dealt with.

The phony COVID pandemic and vaccine agenda was a step in that direction. The long-planned DARPA-funded sterilization and depopulation program has killed and wounded millions of naive and trusting people.

Joe Biden’s decision to mandate the experimental, unapproved, and dangerous vaccine for Federal employees, including the military, long after they knew it was harming and killing people, was criminal and someone should pay. The COVID-19 vaccine death cover-up will be remembered as a great crime against the public if the good guys write the history.

It has been revealed that Dr. Anthony Fauci’s National Institute of Health (NIH) received $690 million from Big Pharma during the pandemic psyop. He perjured himself in a Congressional hearing just last week which was mostly ignored by our complicit media. Fauci also refused to answer Rand Paul when he asked him in a Senate hearing how much he made from the vaccines during the pandemic. Hmm…

Dr. Evil err… Fauci banned every effective therapeutic for the SARS-CoV-2 viruses, ordered doctors not to prescribe them, and threatened pharmacies not to fill any of these prescriptions. This was all done in order to get the emergency use vaccine approved. Fauci has patents in use in these vaccines and he won’t say how much he made. Someone should make him tell us!

Some truths are being revealed about the vaccines that could help the vaccine-injured. The COVID-19 Vaccine never qualified as a vaccine according to the World Health Organization (WHO), this was the subject of a mandatory vaccine case last week in the 9th Circut Court of Appeals which ruled that these weren’t vaccines at all, something I wrote about 3 years ago.

Big Pharma has long had immunity from lawsuits from the vaccine-injured, but this ruling could open up the vaccine companies to lawsuits from the millions of injured and killed as a result of being forced to take the poisonous
“gene therapy” jabs known as the COVID-19 vaccines. See this:

The Western countries that forced these experimental vaccines have lost the trust of their populations, and a formal investigation should be done. People like Fauci should pay the price for this massive deception and betrayal of the trust of the people, as the complicit media continues to cover up millions of vaccine-induced injuries and deaths.

The media is also complicit with those who interfered in the 2020 election. Joe Biden could never have gotten 81 million votes without a corrupt Democrat registration operation like GBI Strategies, which operated in 20 states and there is much evidence that Chris Wray’s FBI has been covering this scandal up.

Biden is now using Federal agencies to collect registrations and has met with far-left voters’ rights groups at the White House. It’s also been reported that writers for “Saturday Night Live” and “Parks and Recreation” are working with a Biden Political Action Committee to create propaganda to prop up Dementia Joe among young voters. Why are these people so invested in creepy Joe, isn’t that a red flag to you? See this:

Biden couldn’t have gotten to 81 million without sending out millions of mail-in ballots in every state. Whistleblowers in every swing state came forward after the 2020 election and said they were finding 50 to over 100 ballots from a single address. They also reported stacks of ballots filled out in the same handwriting. These ballots were all counted.

Since the rules were thrown out and most of the state’s election laws were broken in 2020, with no chain of custody of ballots and no signature verification, it’s no secret how they stole it.

*They filled the voter rolls with millions of fraudulent registrations, then mailed in the ballots of the fraudulent registrations. Once these fraudulent ballots pass through the doors of a counting center they are considered legitimate, and no recount would find that they’re not. See this:

An election with online registrations, mail-in ballots, no voter ID, organized ballot harvesting, no chain of custody of ballots, and no signature verification, cannot be considered a legitimate election. Why was the election in 2020 ever considered legitimate?

Powerful people from both parties took part in stealing that election, including deep state criminal and Trump’s Attorney General Bill Barr who lied about investigating the accusations of fraud in the 2020 election.

Whistleblowers in Fulton County Georgia identified 150,000 mail-in ballots as fraudulent, as they were filled out, but had never been mailed. These ballots were counted, and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger refused to allow the suspicious ballots to be inspected despite a court order. Trump lost Georgia by under 12000 votes after holding a 100,000 vote lead late on election night. 

What steps are being taken to make certain the election laws are obeyed and poll workers in key precincts aren’t biased Democrat, liberal, and Marxist activists that run every election in the urban cities as they did in 2020?

Black, angry, Trump-hating, failed gubernatorial candidate Stacy Abrams’ temporary agency hired all of the Fulton County poll workers in 2020, and they didn’t didn’t hire a single White person. Will these rogue Democrat counties that broke the law in 2020 verify signatures, and will the chain of custody of ballots be handled properly?

This election is likely our last chance to save this republic. We now exist in a post-Constitutional police state where you must accept these tainted elections or you are targeted. You can be targeted by the government for the color of your skin, your religious beliefs, or if you believe in free speech.

If you don’t want your child to receive hormone blockers or unnecessary surgeries, if you don’t want their experimental vaccines, and if you don’t want your 6-year-old sexualized and taking advice from their 28-year-old male-to-female transgender teacher, you will be targeted. Why aren’t people demanding a return to decency? The Left has been hijacked by Satanists and racists.

*Trump’s margin of victory will hopefully blow up their cheating algorithm.  

Trump is right to be concerned about the next five months under Biden and his team of lunatics who are destroying our once great country, as should every American. It may already be too late, but this country can’t withstand 5 more months, much less four more years of this braindead Biden insanity.

Patrick J. McShay is a writer, researcher, and activist whose articles have appeared on over 200 news sites worldwide. Mr. McShay is a retired mortgage broker and uncredentialed historian specializing in real history and uncomfortable truths. He has appeared on the Power Of Prophecy Podcast with Jerry Barrett, the Chuck Baldwin Show, the Jeff Rense Show, the Raw Deal with Jim Fetzer, TNT Radio with Joe Olson, and the SGT Report. His articles have been translated into over a dozen languages including French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Polish, Italian, Japanese, Russian, and Dutch.

If you’d like to support my work, any contribution no matter how small would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks, Pat.


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  1. Leftists may be losing”…..but illegals are not. Personally, I am now quite seriously looking for elsewhere to live…even at 79 years old. I never thought I would be saying that at this point in my life Now, Charlie Kirk is also stating (apparently from a NYT article) that over 90% of boomers will be voting for the demented one. Why he is using the NYT as a source befuddles me….he’s a pretty smart guy. I’m not a boomer….born in ’45 puts me in the “silent” generation.(along with the Fetz)..whatever the hell that means.


  2. The left are crazy and rigged the last US election. The lockdown was illegal.Trump ordered the US agencies to propagandise the west against china. Trump said to kill the paelestinians quicker. Trump said Biden didn’t give israel enough weapons to kill more palestestinanas. Turmp is a right wing shill and biden is a left wing shill. The right rigged the election that got Bush elected to do 911 etc. Al Gore shoukd have been president but but became the oord of the climate change shit. Wake up they are all crooks.

    1. The left are crazy and rigged the last US election. The lockdown was illegal.Trump ordered the US agencies to propagandise the west against china. Trump said to kill the paelestinians quicker. Trump said Biden didn’t give israel enough weapons to kill more palestestinanas. Turmp is a right wing shill and biden is a left wing shill. The right rigged the election that got Bush elected to do 911 etc. Al Gore shoukd have been president but but became the oord of the climate change shit. Wake up they are all crooks.

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